Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 2/4/16

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 2/4/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Deimos meets with the landlord of apartments to sign a lease. Deimos questions why he's so intent on renting this apartment. He informs Deimos that it used to belong to Ben Weston who was a serial killer. Deimos laughs it off and says it's perfect as he signs the lease.

Belle meets Phillip at the club. Phillip thinks there is something she isn't telling him and guesses that she was with Shawn earlier.

Joey goes home and thinks back to kissing Ava then walking in on Steve and Ava kissing. Joey looks at a framed photo of Steve and Kayla and smashes it against the wall.

Kayla passed out in the room she's locked up in and dreams of being rescued by Steve.

Steve talks on the phone from the hotel room he is at with Ava in Hawaii, trying to find information on the storm and when they can reschedule the flight but the airport is closed. Steve reminds Ava that she is supposed to call Joey to tell him where Kayla is right now. Ava reminds him that he knows what he has to do if he wants Kayla free and this time, Joey won't interrupt them.

Gabi and Paul walk through the town square, talking about modeling. Paul notes that she doesn't seem too excited about the work. Gabi worries about Arianna needing a routine and admits she sometimes wishes she had time for other things. Paul jokes about what she means by that.

JJ goes to the police station to return a book that Rafe lent him on forensics and talks with Lani about passing his tests. Lani jokes with him about getting his badge and adds that he got people's attention like Roman and Abe. JJ looks forward to starting at the station. Lani comments that no one makes it easy on rookies. JJ jokes about her being able to handle the competition which she assures that she can.

Belle admits to Phillip that she was talking to Shawn about Claire but they always end up talking about them. Belle doesn't think there is anything left. Belle talks about not knowing what to do with her life and calls him as messed up as she is. Phillip argues that they are great for each other because they don't have unreasonable expectations for each other. Belle responds that she expects him to be everything she needs when she needs it. Belle calls him like a drug to her and that's not healthy.

Steve tells Ava to put a robe on. Ava says he's just delaying the inevitable. Ava tells him to make love to her and then she will call Joey to tell him where Kayla is. Steve tells her it's not happening as he's not going to give her what she wants. Steve says he's here to help her find her son and that's it so that will have to be enough for her. Ava hoped he'd be unable to deny his feelings for her but she is a determined survivor. Ava tells Steve that she wants him, loves him, and is going to have him no matter what she has to do. Steve points out that she was going to say no matter how long it takes, implying that she has time to wait but she doesn't unless she's not really dying.

JJ goes home and Gabi greets him at the door. JJ asks about the photoshoot but Gabi is more interested in JJ graduating from the police academy tomorrow. Gabi heads in with JJ and asks if he's okay. She questions him holding his shoulder. JJ says self defense class just got really intense so Gabi massages his shoulder.

Belle tells Phillip that she feels drawn to him but doesn't want to be. Phillip thinks she deserves something good. Belle says Las Vegas was fun but just an escape. Belle tells him that they are back in reality now and his problems are potentially dangerous. Phillip talks to her about escape and kisses her.

Joey answers the door as Theo arrives. Joey tells him it's not a good time but Theo complains to him about what Chase did. Joey argues that Chase wouldn't do that. Theo tries to explain but Joey tells him he doesn't care and shouts that it's not a good time.

Steve asks Ava if the leukemia was just another lie like everything else and she's fine. Ava calls it an opening gamble. Steve calls her as despicable as her father. Ava argues that everything she's done has been for love. Steve questions how she did it. Ava reveals she used infected blood under fake skin on her arm. Steve calls it unbelievable that she lies about everything and guesses her son is a lie too. Ava insists that the two things that are true is that she has a son and she loves him. Steve doesn't want to hear it. Ava tells him that she wants him and will do anything to have him just like she knows he will do anything for Kayla and Joey. Ava tells him to try and relax because once he accepts the inevitable, he might realize he enjoys his sacrifice.

Paul walks through the town square where a man recognizes him as the gay baseball player. Paul informs him that he's not a baseball player anymore. The guy questions what Paul was doing with Gabi if he's gay. The guy reveals he worked at the prison and talks about how hot Gabi is. Paul says Gabi is his friend. The guy points out that Paul is gay. Paul jokes about his overreacting and walks away.

Gabi finishes massaging JJ's shoulder and he thanks her, saying it feels a lot better. JJ remembers promising her a frozen yogurt so he suggests they get going before they close and they exit together.

Phillip and Belle go to a hotel room kissing.

Kayla continues dreaming of Steve rescuing her.

Ava removes her robe and tells Steve that she has all the power and Kayla's life is in her hands. Ava tells him there is only one thing he can do to save her. Ava says she knows that once it happens, everything changes. Ava tells Steve to stop fighting it and pretending it's not happening because it is right now. Ava begins kissing Steve.

JJ and Gabi talk in the town square about JJ's graduation from the police academy. JJ gets a call and steps away. The guy that talked to Paul approaches Gabi and reminds her of prison as he flirts with her. Gabi doesn't want to talk to him. He questions her until JJ comes back and warns him. The man tries to touch Gabi so JJ grabs him and puts his hands behind his back.

Deimos signs the lease to the apartment and the landlord exits. Deimos pulls out an envelope with photos of Victor, Maggie, Caroline, Phillip, Brady, and Justin as he focuses on Phillip.

Phillip and Belle lay in bed together. She tells him he sometimes has the best ideas. Her phone rings with a text from Claire, saying she is nervous about her audition in New York tomorrow. Belle texts her that she can be there in the morning. Phillip points out that Eve is with her which Belle doesn't take comfort in. Claire texts back that she has Eve to coach her and that's all she needs so Belle decides she won't go and just wishes her luck. Phillip asks if she's ever been scared of screwing something up and assures her that Claire loves her but is trying to figure out who she is on her own. Belle comments on him saying just the right thing. She hopes she didn't ruin their escape. Phillip doesn't think anything could. Phillip then gets a call from Deimos, who says they need to talk now.

Kayla's dream continues with her reaching out to Steve but he disappears. Kayla then wakes up.

Ava comments on things done for love as Steve throws her onto the bed. She pulls him in and begins undressing him.

JJ warns the guy that he's a cop and threatens to drag him in if he doesn't leave so he walks away. JJ asks Gabi if she's okay. Gabi gets emotional and says sometimes she forgets what she did then it comes crashing down. JJ compares it to the things he did. Gabi points out that he didn't kill anyone. JJ tells her that no one pushed him like Nick pushed her as he screwed up on his own. JJ says they both need to focus on the present and future to get over their past. JJ says it's easier with someone who helps really enjoy the present.

Belle guesses Phillip was on the phone with Deimos. Phillip says he has to get out from under his thumb and hopes she can help. Belle asks how dangerous he thinks Deimos is. Phillip responds that he doesn't know yet.

Joey apologizes if he hurt Theo's feelings but says something is wrong and he has to fix it so he doesn't have time to talk. Theo points out the broken picture on the floor. Joey says he trusted someone he shouldn't have. Theo asks if it was his mom. Joey says no and he can't talk about it or it will just make it worse. Theo asks if Abe can help. Joey says no and that he needs to be alone to think. Theo is sorry he's so upset.

After having sex, Ava tells Steve that she was in his arms and that's all she wanted. Steve wants what he wants now. Ava tells him not to spoil the moment. Steve tells her to make the call and gives her the phone.

JJ and Gabi sit outside the town square. JJ tells Gabi that her modeling is going to get a lot of attention so it might not be the last time she gets harassed like that. JJ offers to show her some self defense. Gabi suggests meeting at the gym some time but JJ suggests they can do it right now. They end up getting close and kissing.

Ava calls Joey and tells him that she needs him to do something for her. Joey questions her after what she did to him and he caught her with his dad. Ava tells him to grow up as they don't have time for a tantrum and he will regret it if he hangs up. Joey says it better be about Kayla. Ava tells him that she's going to tell him where he can find her.

Belle gets dressed and checks her phone then looks through the drawers where she pulls out an envelope with photos of a woman.

Phillip goes to meet Deimos at his hotel. Deimos informs him about just renting an apartment so he's packing up his hotel room. Phillip asks what he really wants with Victor. Deimos tells him to just worry about his part of the plan and he trusts he will get the drug serum in his hands. Phillip says Victor won't let him near it. Deimos questions if it's really that difficult or if he's been playing him all along. Deimos warns that he doesn't take kindly to being played.

JJ apologizes to Gabi since he came on to her instead of teaching her self defense. Gabi assures him that she likes him. JJ reminds her they didn't want any complications so he doesn't want to push too hard and take things slow. Gabi agrees and they walk off together.

Belle looks through the photos of a woman and then puts them back in the envelope. She writes a question mark on it and then places it near the lamp and exits the hotel room.

Phillip tells Deimos that he has been nothing but loyal. Deimos questions who he's been loyal to as he feels he's been incompetent. Deimos gives him benefit of the doubt as family. Deimos says he has devised a simple test, if he passes he wins back his trust but if he fails, the cop in Chicago will find out about his daughter overdosing in Phillip's room. Phillip asks what the test is.

Joey arrives to where Kayla is locked up and breaks in to rescue her.

Steve gets dressed and tells Ava that he hopes she's happy as that's all she's going to get from him. Ava says if that's all she wanted, she wouldn't have gone through all of this so she is getting much more from him unless he wants Kayla to know what they just did.

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