Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 2/3/16

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 2/3/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Jennifer and Lucas bring Eric to an AA meeting. Lucas encourages Eric to sit in the back. Jennifer goes to sit down but gets a pain in her back. She claims she's okay and will just stand. Lucas goes to get some coffee. Jennifer steps aside to get pain pills out of her purse which Eric sees.

Justin and Adrienne sit with Chad in the club as Chad reveals he is selling his ownership in the club and wants to know if Sonny wants it. Chad explains that he needs the cash as he's trying to buy a house for he and Abigail. Justin questions him but Chad reveals it's the DiMera Mansion they are moving in to. Adrienne thinks it's a terrible idea.

Theo goes to see Abigail and Thomas. Theo comments on how Stefano will love his new grandson but Abigail notes that he hasn't seen him yet. Theo mentions he hasn't seen him in awhile and suggests visiting him but Abigail informs him that Stefano moved and left town for good. Theo can't believe Stefano left without saying goodbye. Abigail talks about their plan to move in to the DiMera Mansion which JJ comes in and overhears, asking if she's nuts.

Chase sits alone in the dark as Hope, Ciara, and Rafe come home looking for him. Hope hugs him and tells him how worried they were. Rafe talks about how Chase can't go off like that and Ciara brings up show got kidnapped. Rafe warns Chase that there are people out there who may want to hurt Hope and anyone close to her.

Andre stands in the DiMera Mansion with Bo's gun that he took from Hope's closet and says that she used it to kill Stefano and she will pay dearly. Harold walks in and informs Andre that two agents just served an eviction notice, bringing up the back taxes not being paid by Friday then they will escort anyone off the property. Andre questions how Stefano could let this happen and says he can't be thinking about this now. Andre holds Stefano's photo and says all he can think about is how to avenge his murder.

Rafe checks out the house and says everything is ok and guards are in place. Hope informs Ciara and Chase that they have guards and will have people following them anytime they leave. Chase feels he ruins everything. Hope doesn't understand why he did what he did to Theo. Chase responds that he doesn't either. Hope never expected that from him. Chase says he'll go upstairs and pack his stuff as he knows they don't want him staying after what he did. Hope tells him to wait.

Lucas begins the AA meeting by introducing Eric and asks if he wants to say something as Jennifer watches. Eric stands and says he can't do this as he then rushes out.

Theo leaves while JJ jokes with Abigail about the DiMera Mansion. JJ thought Chad wanted to cut ties to his family. Abigail explains how Stefano won't be there and Chad is looking forward to throwing Andre out so there won't be any DiMeras in the house. JJ suggests that Chad might want to be the only DiMera in the mansion. JJ is worried if she knows what she's getting into. Abigail tells him that she's moving in and if he doesn't change his attitude, he won't be welcome there.

Justin jokes about Adrienne telling what she really thinks. She thinks the mansion will give Thomas nightmares and questions Abigail facing Stefano every morning. Chad informs them that he won't be there and Andre will move out. Chad adds that if Abigail wasn't on board, they wouldn't do it. Adrienne says she will check with Sonny but doesn't think he will mind if she agrees to buy him out. Chad thanks her. Chad gets a call from Andre but ignores it.

Andre leaves a message for Chad to stop evading him as he needs him to come to the mansion because it's imperative that they talk. Andre picks up a statue and warns Chad not to disappoint him again.

Hope tells Chase that she never wants him to leave as he is part of this family. Chase questions how after what Aiden did. Hope says they have all been through a difficult time and she wasn't there for him the way she should've been. Hope says when something is done wrong, they make it right so she tells him to go to Theo to apologize. Hope asks Rafe to help her unload the car. Chase offers to do it but Hope says he and Ciara need to talk now. Hope exits with Rafe. Chase asks Ciara about forgiving him. Ciara admits that Hope told her to say whatever it took to make sure he didn't take off. Ciara suggests maybe someday she will forgive him but first he has to tell her why he would be so cruel to Theo.

Jennifer catches up to Eric in the town square and asks if he's okay. Eric doesn't understand sharing what he did with a bunch of strangers. Jennifer argues that he can't fight this addiction on his own and needs help. Lucas joins them and agrees with Jennifer. Eric yells that they don't know what he can and can't handle. Lucas tells him about knowing more about being a drunk and how he owes it to let them help. Lucas finds it arrogant to think he can get through it on his own. Eric argues that he's not ready. Jennifer begs Eric to listen to Lucas. Lucas tells him that he can call anytime and try to stick with it because it does work. Lucas walks away as Jennifer insists that Eric needs help. Eric asks when she became such a hypocrite.

JJ brings up Abigail being locked in the cabin and if now is a good time to make a big decision. JJ asks if she's thinking clearly. Abigail thinks he's acting like an ass. JJ says he's on her side and brings up what Chad and his family have done to her before. JJ talks about what Stefano and his kids have done. Abigail calls that the past. JJ questions her being sure that Chad has changed. JJ declares that every DiMera has proclaimed to turn over a new leaf but every time it has been a lie. Abigail tells JJ that she knows he is still dealing with Daniel's death so she will forget this conversation. JJ repeats that Chad is a DiMera which is pretty much like being cursed. JJ then exits.

Chad listens to his voicemail from Andre and decides he agrees that they need to talk.

Chase tells Ciara that he really doesn't know why he sent those texts to Theo. Ciara tells him that telling her why is his only chance of getting her to forgive him. Chase talks about Ciara and Theo being so close when she and Hope took him in that he didn't want to lose her. Ciara tells him that Theo will always be her friend and questions Chase making fun of him being autistic. Chase brings up when they decorated the tree in the town square together and then Theo showed up and he felt like he didn't exist. Chase admits it was stupid and wrong but he didn't want to lose her. Chase doesn't know how Ciara can ever forgive him when he can't forgive himself. Chase sits down, calling himself just like his dad and no good.

Eric says that Jennifer told Lucas that she wasn't taking any pain pills. Eric argues that she waited until no one was around to take them and accuses her of abusing the pills. Jennifer argues that she's trying to help him and can't believe he's comparing his drinking to her medication. Jennifer says she takes the pills because of her back pain caused by him in the accident.

Ciara apologizes to Chase for ignoring him when Theo was around but says he should've come to her instead of taking it out on Theo. Chase knows he messed up but wants to make it up to her. Ciara says he needs to make it up to Theo, not her, so he needs to go apologize. Chase worries that Theo will hate him when he finds out. Ciara says he needs to own up and offers to go with him. Hope and Rafe come back in. Ciara tells Hope that they are going to talk to Theo in the town square. Hope calls the guards to let them know as they exit. Hope tells Rafe that she hates living like this and suggests maybe she should just leave town for good.

Andre removes the bandage from his face and gets a call from his guy that Hope and Rafe are back. Andre instructs him to just keep watching. Andre declares to see how they start the dance of death.

Eric apologizes to Jennifer and says he has no right. Jennifer knows the man he is and how horrible this is for him. Eric says he can't take it out on her. Jennifer encourages that he has to do something. Eric agrees to go to another AA meeting. Jennifer says she needs to get home but he will get through this one day at at time. Jennifer walks away.

Chad goes to the DiMera Mansion looking for Andre but he's gone. Chad finds his bloody bandage as Harold enters. Chad asks about the bandage and if Andre got hurt. Harold says Andre told him not to tell anyone about his condition and that he left a few minute ago. Chad calls Andre crazy since he asked him to meet. Harold adds that he hasn't heard a thing from Stefano.

Rafe tells Hope that running away won't help anything and would also mean Andre won when they can beat him. Rafe says they will figure out how to take him down. Hope compares it to Stefano. Rafe says they brought him down so they can beat Andre too. Hope argues that she only beat Stefano by breaking the law. Rafe argues that Stefano pushed her until she snapped so he brought it on himself. Rafe reminds her that she's not in this alone as he is here so they are in it together. Hope knows she wouldn't have made it this far without him and thanks him. Hope feels like she is failing Ciara and Chase at every turn. Rafe thinks she's doing her best but she doesn't feel that's good enough as she should've seen what Chase was going through. Rafe tells her that people can't be stopped from screwing up and encourages her to stop beating herself up. Rafe jokes with her about being hungry so he decides he's going to cook the fish they caught. Hope follows him in to the kitchen.

Eric goes to the club and orders a whiskey.

Chad goes to see Abigail and tells her that he's pretty close to having enough money for the DiMera Mansion but notes that she doesn't seem excited. Chad says they won't do it unless she's sure it's what she wants as it has to be a mutual decision. Chad brings up the message from Andre to see him then he wasn't there. Chad talks about seeing the mansion through Abigail's eyes. Chad encourages that they can change it all and make it their own but if it's not what she wants, they will find something else.

Ciara and Chase meet Theo in the town square. Chase admits to Theo that the texts were from him. Theo asks if Ciara knew. Chase explains that as soon as Ciara found out, she told him to apologize. Theo questions why. Chase says he was jealous of how close he and Ciara are. Theo complains that no one has ever been that mean to him before. Chase apologizes and says he didn't mean what he said. Theo calls Chase a mean coward. Chase hopes at some point he can try to forgive him. Theo says that will never happen.

Hope and Rafe finish eating. She tells him that he was right and she now feels better. Hope gets a text from the guard that Chase and Ciara made it to the town square without being followed. Rafe thinks Hope should have a guard too but Hope argues that she's a cop so she doesn't need anyone to protect her. They bump into each other and Hope accidentally spills wine on Rafe. Hope offers to wash his shirt but Rafe says it's fine and decides to go. Rafe tells her to call if she needs anything at all as he then exits.

Abigail admits it's hard to pass up the chance of throwing Andre out but if they are going to do this, he has to promise he will have no second thoughts. Abigail asks what if Stefano wants to come back. Chad says he will find another place to stay as he and Andre will never be welcome in their home. Abigail decides that if it's really what he wants then she wants it too. Chad suggests they seal the deal as he pulls out a ring and drops to one knee to officially propose. Abigail says yes and can't believe it as she calls the ring perfect and they kiss.

JJ appears at the club and sees Eric with a whiskey in his hand. Eric tells himself not to do it and to be strong. Eric pushes the drink away. The bartender questions him but Eric says he's just not in the mood for it after all and exits as JJ watches.

Jennifer goes home and looks at her bottle of pain pills as she heads inside.

Chase sits in the town square while Ciara apologizes to Theo, saying she's just as mad as he is. Ciara explains that she found the phone he was using. Ciara hugs Theo and says she's so sorry. Ciara thinks Theo should try to forgive him so he can move on. Theo agrees to think about it. Ciara asks if he wants to get something to eat but Theo just wants to be alone to think. Theo thanks Ciara and calls her such a good friend as he walks away. Ciara turns around and Chase is gone.

Hope looks out the window at home and then goes to lay on the couch as she is alone in the dark. Andre appears outside the window and watches her.

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