Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/2/16

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/2/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Eve walks Claire out of the town square and encourages her to rest her voice. Claire doesn't know how to thank her for not letting her quit. Claire thanks her for believing her and hugs her as Belle comes around the corner and sees them. Eve says she should be thanking her for making her feel useful. Claire hopes she can come to New York with her for the audition. Eve encourages her as Claire says she will see her soon and walks away. Belle confronts Eve and tells her that she has overstepped her boundaries so that stops now.

A man breaks in to Eduardo's hotel room and searches but Eduardo sneaks up and knocks him out.

Nicole and Theresa talk at Theresa's about their plan to leave Basic Black. Theresa mentions how she will need to work from home a lot since Brady has to take meds every couple hours. Nicole mentions Daniel and gets emotional but insists it helps to have something to focus on. Nicole asks when they are going to tell Brady about their plan but Theresa doesn't think that's a good idea.

Ava almost believes she can trust Steve again but tells him there's nothing he can say that will convince her. Steve agrees that words don't mean anything so he kisses her. Steve says there is no reason for them to be enemies so if she lets Kayla go, there is nothing left between them. Steve asks if she wants to work together to help find their son.

Kayla tries to unscrew the vent in the room she is locked in.

Shawn arrives at the police station and asks Roman if he's okay. Roman says he's fine. Shawn says he's sorry about Eric. Roman tells him that he was released on bond. Shawn wants to see him but came to talk to Roman about something else. Shawn informs Roman that he has moved back to Salem so he's looking for a job.

Belle tells Eve that she will find Claire a new vocal coach. Eve mocks Belle not knowing Claire's talent. Eve talks about their relationship but Belle argues they don't have one. Belle tells Eve that she is sorry for her loss but she can't fill the void with Claire as she already has a mother so she doesn't need her.

Kate knocks on Eduardo's door as he holds the man down at gunpoint.

Theresa tells Nicole that she's not comfortable asking Brady since he's not working and isn't sure he will ever work again. Nicole asks how else they are supposed to get off the ground. Theresa suggests when Kate buys them out or getting loans. Nicole questions the risk while Theresa worries about there being a lot to lose. Nicole understands she's worried about Brady as she thinks she would die if anything happened to him.

Ava asks how desperate Steve thinks she is since he hated her yesterday and now she's supposed to believe he wants her. Steve asks how he could hate her after they made a child together. Ava points out that he is still all about Kayla. Steve says he's loyal to his family but this child is his family too which means so is Ava. Ava says she should be able to ask for more than one kiss as there is only one thing that could earn her trust. Ava declares that she will tell Steve where Kayla is if he makes love to her now.

Eve tells Belle that she isn't trying to take her daughter away. Eve adds that she has no idea what she's going through and prays she never does but she can't blame her for Claire feeling neglected. Eve brings up Belle choosing a fling in Las Vegas over spending time with Claire. Belle argues that she doesn't know anything about Claire and doesn't want parenting advice from her after what she did to Paige. Belle tells her to stop trying to use Claire to make up for what she did to her own daughter. Eve remarks that blaming others for failings as a mother will only push her away further. Belle hopes she never has the kind of regrets that she does. Claire returns and Eve walks away.

Eduardo tells Kate to give him a second as he puts a robe on and answers the door. Kate asks if everything is okay. Eduardo says everything is fine and asks about her. Kate says she was just going to invite him for a drink but it's obviously not the right time. Eduardo says he would love to but he has to clean up. Eduardo tells Kate that he will meet her at the club in twenty minutes and says it will be the highlight of his day. Kate agrees and exits as Eduardo goes back inside.

Steve tells Ava that he is all her's but not here and now as Joey could come home soon. Ava says it would only take a few minutes but Steve asks if she wants more than that. Steve tells her to tell him where Kayla is then he is all her's. Ava says she has something he thinks he needs while he has what she wants. Steve begs her to tell him where Kayla is and he'll do whatever she wants. Ava agrees if she gets what she wants first. Ava says she still needs his help finding her son so she won't screw him over. Ava says she will tell him where Kayla is after they make love and then he will come with her to find their son or else she will tell Kayla what he did. Ava asks if they have a deal as she begins kissing Steve.

Kayla gets the vent off the wall and tries screaming for help.

Roman tells Shawn that he's hired. Shawn notes that it was fast. Roman assures that it was based on his credentials and not his last name. Shawn promises he won't be disappointed. Roman is glad he's sticking around and hopes that means things are better with Belle.

Claire questions what was going on with Belle and Eve. Belle encourages her following her dreams but thinks it would be a great idea to find someone other than Eve. Claire refuses and asks why she doesn't like Eve. Belle says she and Shawn don't think Eve should be overly involved in her personal life. Claire says she isn't and questions her parents agreeing and if that means there is a chance they might get back together.

Eduardo holds the man at gunpoint and talks about the students defeating the master. Eduardo says the man might not be the master anymore as he failed. He tells Eduardo that he might as well just do him in now. Eduardo orders him to run away and disappear then put this all behind him like he has or else he will kill him. The man agrees that he will never see him again. Eduardo takes his picture so everyone will know what he looks like. Eduardo warns that he will no longer be able to hide. Eduardo tells him to get out so he exits.

Steve and Ava kiss onto the chair until Joey walks in and is shocked. Steve stops to try to explain while Ava has a smile on her face.

Belle tells Claire that she and Shawn are talking but she doesn't want her to get her hopes up. Claire questions why when Shawn said he wants to work things out but Belle doesn't know if that's what she wants. Claire questions Shawn forgiving her for cheating and then she doesn't even want to try. Belle doesn't want to rush into anything but Claire argues that she rushed in to things with Phillip and is just tearing their family apart so she can't even stand to look at her anymore as she then storms off.

Theresa checks on Brady being up. Brady questions Nicole working. Nicole says she could use the distraction and tells Brady that he looks great. Brady calls it progress. Nicole offers to leave but Brady tells her to stay and asks where Kate is. They look around so Brady asks what's going on. Nicole reveals that they are working on a plan to convince Kate to buy them out. Brady is confused and asks if Theresa is giving up her dream. Nicole says they both decided life is too short to put up with Kate. Theresa reveals they want to start up their own company but don't even have a name. Nicole suggests the name DJ Wear. Brady notes it stands for Daniel Jonas and he thinks it's perfect.

Joey can't believe what he's seen and says he's going to puke as he runs back out the door. Ava tells Steve that he'll be fine but she's not sure about Kayla. Ava goes to finish what they started but Steve instead starts choking her.

Eduardo unloads his gun and puts it away in a case under his bed. Eduardo then texts John that the threat has been neutralized for now. Eduardo exits his room.

Nicole knows Basic Black was John's. Brady points out that he sold the company so they aren't looking back. Brady is glad to see them working together so well. Nicole brings up needing capital so she hoped Brady would like to invest as an equal partner. Brady says he's in on one condition, that a percent of the proceeds go straight to charity for Daniel. Nicole thanks him.

Steve demands Ava tell him where Kayla is right now or he'll kill her. Ava tells him to do it as she's already almost dead but if she dies, so does Kayla.

Kayla continues screaming for help as she bangs on the walls.

Kate goes to see Nicole and Theresa, not understanding why this couldn't wait until tomorrow. Nicole says they only need five minutes. Theresa talks about their momentum and the Basic Black launch. Nicole says they realized they don't want to listen to her and offers her a buyout. Kate assumes it'd be an outrageous sum. Nicole shows her the offer. Kate tells her to give her 24 hours and she will have the cash then she will be thrilled to set them free.

Eduardo finds Eve in the town square and asks if she's okay or if there's anything he can do. Eve tells him no. Eduardo continues questioning her and says the music program is getting good reviews. Eve questions him being concerned when they aren't married anymore. Eduardo hopes she finds a way to work whatever out. Eve stops him and admits she could use his ear as they sit down. Eve talks to Eduardo about Claire and how she feels like she could lose her because of Belle. Eduardo encourages her, saying she can't change what's done but can always learn from it. Eduardo tells her that she's doing a lot of good by helping kids in the music program so Paige would be really proud and wouldn't want her to give up. Eve thanks him. Eduardo hugs her and is glad he could help.

Shawn finds Belle sitting outside the town square and asks what she's doing. Belle says she was just thinking after running in to Claire and she was so excited about New York. Shawn recalls how excited Claire was when they first took her there. Belle comments that Claire soon won't need her at all anymore. Shawn says she will always need her mom but Belle asks why when she has Eve, who she tells everything to. Shawn doesn't think the music program will last much longer and brings up how his aunt Kim can't even get along with Eve as she gets under people's skin. Belle talks about always arguing with Claire. Belle decides to get going but trips and Shawn catches her so they get close. Shawn tries to kiss her but she says it's not a good idea because she's not ready. Belle appreciates what he said but she isn't ready for this. Shawn says he'll see her later and walks away. Belle gets a call from Phillip and says she'd love to meet for a drink but she has a lot of work to do. Belle then decides work can wait and asks where he wants to meet as she walks away.

Claire meets Eve in the town square, thanking her for meeting again. Eve says she's there for her anything she needs. Claire calls that not like Belle and asks if she was giving her a hard time earlier since she asked if she wanted a new vocal coach. Claire feels like Belle doesn't mean anything she says anymore and barely has time for her. Eve encourages Claire about Belle and hopes she isn't having second thoughts about the audition. Claire doesn't care what Belle says as she is going to the audition.

Eduardo goes to the club to meet Kate, apologizing for keeping her waiting. Eduardo notes she has champagne and asks if they are celebrating something. Kate informs her that she is as she is her own boss again finally so they toast to Kate.

Nicole and Theresa celebrate being free from Kate. Theresa suggests a toast but then feels that would be so inappropriate after just burying Daniel. Nicole says this is all in Daniel's memory so he would be so happy and it feels right. Theresa agrees and they toast to better days ahead.

Brady sleeps and has the recurring dream about the beach in Malibu. Brady dreams of a woman from behind this time and wakes up in a panic.

Steve lets go of choking Ava. Ava mocks him being shamed in front of Joey. Steve tells her that he can't stand the sight of her. Ava questions now him being truthful and says she won't tell him where Kayla is after that. Ava says she has a new offer. Ava says if finding their son is his priority then he will come to Indonesia with her and once they are there, she will call Joey and tell him where Kayla is. Ava declares that is her final offer.

Kayla continues screaming for help until she passes out.

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