Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/1/16

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/1/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Phillip walks out of the town square on the phone with Deimos, arguing about the drug serum used on Caroline. Deimos wants the formula now but Phillip says they are still tweaking it. Deimos tells Phillip that he's waited 30 years to destroy Victor but if he disappoints him, he'll turn his attention to destroying him. Belle finds Phillip and asks what's wrong.

Steve finishes a call, thanking for a lead on finding his son while Ava is asleep on the couch behind him where she remains handcuffed to the table. Steve looks at the photo of the baby and says that Ava didn't need to kidnap Kayla but they will find the boy and he will do anything to save Kayla from Ava.

Ciara finds Chase's phone and discovers that he has been the one texting messages like "freak" and "retard" to Theo. Chase comes out and Ciara questions what the hell is wrong with him for sending those texts to Theo. Ciara throws his phone at him and storms out.

Rafe and Hope return to the cabin as Hope jokes about Rafe knowing how to fish but Rafe calls it just luck. They joke about both being terrible at cooking and they call for Chase and Ciara but don't get an answer. Rafe realizes they aren't there and that Chase's bag is gone.

Joey joins Steve and points out Ava still being there. Steve says she's holding out until he finds his son. Steve calls Ava a pathological liar. Joey asks if he thinks she will just let Kayla go if he finds her son. Steve admits he doesn't know. Joey apologizes for being stupid when he tried to warn him and he can't believe he let Ava play him. Steve understands she was working him. Steve reminds him that he lied when he asked if he was working with her. Joey didn't know what to do since Ava was helping get them back together. Steve tells him that it was just to tear them apart. Joey regrets not telling him the truth as then Kayla would be okay. Steve says they can't waste time on regrets but he hopes he learned a lesson. Steve mentions his first good lead on the kid. Joey asks if they are just going to let Ava call the shots. Steve doesn't know if the boy is his but if it is, he won't rest until he knows he's safe. Steve insists that he's calling the shots and he will bring Kayla home then Ava will answer for everything she's done to hurt their family.

Rafe tells Hope not to panic. Hope worries about Andre following them to the island. Ciara comes back in. Hope and Rafe ask where she's been and where Chase is. Ciara admits they had a fight. Rafe asks what exactly happened. Ciara explains that Theo started getting these mean texts and she just found out Chase was sending them. Hope asks why. Ciara doesn't know but says she found his burner phone. Ciara says she got mad and walked out but didn't know Chase would run away. Rafe says he couldn't have gotten far so he goes to find him as Hope hugs Ciara.

Phillip tells Belle that nothing is wrong but she tells him not to lie and hopes it's not about her. Phillip tells her it's not all about her and that he won't try to talk her out of giving her marriage another shot. Belle responds that she doesn't know what she wants. Phillip believes she always has a plan. Belle suggests she's changed. Phillip states that she broke his heart before so she isn't going to do it again. Belle tells him that she cares about him so much and had a great time in Vegas but she feels she owes it to Shawn and Claire to see if her marriage is actually over. Belle feels it's a chance to be a better parent to Claire. Belle wants Claire to know she tried. Phillip tells her not to sacrifice her happiness for Claire's. Belle declares this is what she has to do right now.

Claire sings at home for Eve. Eve coaches her as she feels like she's not letting go and is still holding on. Claire says she's doing her best but Eve thinks she can do better. Claire argues that she can't do what she's asking. Eve encourages her but Claire worries about the upcoming auditions. Eve talks about always improving as an artist. Eve tells her to have confidence and be willing to be open. Eve encourages her to loosen up as she has her sing again.

Ava wakes up and is greeted by Steve. Ava mentions hearing Joey's voice. Steve tells her that he was there but he sent him out so they could talk in private. Ava points out that Kayla has been alone without food and water for awhile so he should let her go take care of that. Steve suggests they go together. Ava says he gets what he wants when she gets what she wants. Steve reminds her that he's not letting her out of his sight. Ava asks even if it means his wife dying.

Belle questions how her asking about Phillip's problem turned into talking about her life. Phillip says he doesn't want to talk about his problem but Belle continues to question him. Belle tells him that he can tell her anything. Phillip is afraid she won't look at him the same if she knows what he's done. Belle is scared now. Phillip gives her money as a retainer. Belle questions him needing a lawyer. Phillip says he needs someone he trusts. Belle questions not just telling her as a friend. Phillip responds that she might not want to be his friend anymore when she hears the mess he's gotten into.

Ciara talks to Hope about how Theo would never say a bad word about anyone and doesn't deserve this. Hope calls Chase a troubled young man and says she can understand why but Ciara tells her not to make excuses for him. Hope feels she should've realized how much he needed help. Hope asks if he has any idea why Chase would do this. Ciara admits that Claire told her that Chase likes her and seems jealous of her close relationship with Theo. Ciara starts to blame herself but Hope stops her. Hope wishes Ciara would've told her as it could have ended badly. Ciara worries that it still might. Rafe returns, unable to find Chase.

Steve thinks Kayla will be alright for a little while longer and tells Ava about a strong lead from one of his ISA contacts. Steve brings up Ava's father having a compound near Kansas City and talks about a guy sending black market babies to Indonesia around the time of her giving birth. Ava questions him and says she won't tell him where Kayla is based off just a lead. Steve tells her that he will offer a deal. Ava hopes they come to an understanding for Kayla's sake.

Kayla wakes up on the floor of the room where she is being held. Kayla looks around and sees the snake design on the wall that Ava has a tattoo of and realizes there is no way out.

Rafe and Hope worry about not finding Chase when it gets dark and cold. They agree to put a call in to the Salem PD as Rafe assures her that everything will be fine and they will find him.

Victor and Maggie visit Daniel's memorial in the town square. Maggie reads a card that one of Daniel's patients left. Maggie tells Victor that she tries not to think about how she never got to see Daniel grow up and that now he's not going to get to see Parker grow up. Victor says few people have touched as many lives as Daniel. Maggie sees a lady bringing a flower and goes to hear her story. Deimos appears and tells Victor that he's already lost so much so one could only hope he doesn't suffer anymore.

Phillip tells Belle about Deimos. Phillip says he doesn't have a choice but to help Deimos destroy Victor. Belle questions what Deimos has on him. Phillip admits he had a fling with a girl. Belle is not surprised it's about a girl. Phillip reveals that the girl overdosed in his hotel room and her father was a police captain so he had a friend move the body to another room. Phillip adds that it turned out Deimos had someone watching him, waiting for him to do something that he could hold over him. Belle asks if Deimos has evidence and is using it to make him betray Victor. Phillip responds that he can't do that to his own father. Belle asks what he's going to do but Phillip doesn't know. Phillip doesn't think he can stall Deimos much longer.

Steve uncuffs Ava and says he's giving her freedom so she can give Kayla hers. Steve promises that if Ava lets Kayla go, he will go with her to find their son. Steve says he will do anything to keep Kayla and Joey safe so if she frees Kayla, he's her's.

Claire continues singing for Eve. Eve praises her and hugs her as she says she's so proud of her.

Deimos mocks Victor's chest pains and says he knew he was acting. Victor knows Deimos had no intention of ever reconciling. Victor feels they have nothing more to talk about but Deimos warns him not to turn his back on him. Victor asks what exactly he wants.

Ciara wants to join Rafe in the search but he instructs her to stay in case Chase comes back. Hope thanks Rafe as he exits. Ciara feels she'll be the last person Chase would want to see. Hope believes Chase ran away because he regrets what he did.

Ava asks Steve what the catch is. Steve says there is none as he's just as motivated to find their son as she is. Ava questions him being willing to sacrifice everything and doesn't believe him. Ava asks what his incentive is to hold up his end if she releases Kayla. Steve brings up growing up in an orphanage and knowing what that's like so the boy deserves to know his mother even if it's not his. Steve tells Ava that he's offering her everything she wants. Steve asks if the reward is worth the risk.

Deimos asks Victor what he would want for him if their roles were reversed. Victor says nothing but Deimos calls him a liar and says they always settle their scores. Deimos says will settle his score by taking everything from him. Victor says he tried before. Deimos brings up what Victor did to his brothers and says he doesn't deserve anyone's love. Deimos promises him it's coming. Victor calls him an utter failure that always ended up put in his place. Victor says for 30 years that was a cage and now it's a coffin. Deimos responds that goes double for him. Maggie returns and asks what's going on.

Belle asks Phillip what exactly Deimos wants him to do. Phillip informs her that he wants him to steal a business secret and he kind of threatened him for holding out on him. Belle suggests Phillip just tell Victor everything. Phillip worries that Deimos would ruin his life and Victor would hate him too. Belle says he's stuck doing what Deimos wants then. Phillip wants to think of something to turn the tables on Deimos. Belle says she won't judge and thinks she knows someone who may be able to help him, John. Phillip says no but Belle argues that John would do anything for Victor and Phillip could trust him with his life.

Steve brings up Ava saying she loved him. Ava responds that he doesn't love her. Steve says they both want the same thing and he knows she cares about finding her son. Ava calls it the most important thing to her. Steve suggests putting their differences aside and working together to find the boy before it's too late for her.

Chase returns home to Hope's and texts Ciara that he's really sorry, he can't explain and he hates what he did to Theo even more than she must hate him. Chase adds that she won't have to worry about him hurting her or anyone because this is goodbye.

Ciara gets Chase's text and tells Hope. Hope instructs her to call him now so she does. Chase is no longer in Hope's house. Hope tries to trace his phone. Ciara keeps calling and Chase answers from outside the house. Ciara asks him to please come back but Chase says he can't. Ciara asks why not and says she's not angry anymore as she knows he didn't mean it and Theo will forgive him. Chase responds that he can't forgive himself. Ciara says she's worried and people are looking all over for him. Chase informs her that he took the ferry back to Salem so she doesn't need to worry. Ciara talks about when they first met and how they became friends so they can work through this but Chase doesn't know. Ciara argues that he can't just run away and give up as they both know life is too short. Ciara cries that she wants to talk to him and asks where he is. Chase tells her that he's home but leaving now. Ciara begs him to stay and says she'll be there as soon as she can. Ciara asks him to stay for her so he agrees to. Ciara hangs up and hugs Hope as she cries.

Deimos tells Maggie that he is very sorry for her loss. Maggie thanks him. Deimos comments on one never being too prepared for the sudden loss of a loved one and walks away. Victor tells Maggie to forget about him as today is about Daniel and nothing else.

Eve walks Claire out of the town square and encourages her to rest her voice. Claire doesn't know how to thank her for not letting her quit. Claire thanks Eve for believing in her and hugs her as Belle comes around the corner and sees them together.

Kayla bangs on the walls screaming for help.

Ava almost believes she can trust Steve again but tells him there's nothing he can say that will convince her. Steve agrees that words don't mean anything so he kisses her.

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