Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/29/16

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/29/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Hope, Ciara, Chase, and Rafe arrive at the Horton cabin. Ciara takes Chase to show him around, leaving Hope with Rafe. Rafe tells her that she seems better already. Hope says it feels like home and that nothing bad can happen here but she knows better than that. Hope admits it feels good to be away from it all.

Andre calls Chad from the DiMera Mansion, leaving a message to call him immediately as there's been a major discovery in their search and they need to discuss it right away. Andre then calls a doctor and asks him to come to the mansion immediately as it's urgent.

Theresa sits Brady down at home and reminds him not to stress his muscles yet. Theresa encourages him not to stress about anything. Brady tells her that Nicole is in his dreams but that's not him thinking about her but Daniel and his heart. Theresa knows he's right and assures him that she's not worried. Brady is glad because she has no reason to be. Brady tells Theresa that she is the one he loves as they kiss.

Nicole shuts the door and cries. Nicole sits down and thinks back to memories with Daniel until there's a knock at the door and Eric arrives. Nicole questions why he's here. Eric tells her that he can't go away with things the way they are. Nicole asks what he expects. Eric doesn't expect her to forgive him but he wants her to know how sorry he is. Eric asks her what she wants him to do. Nicole tells him that things will never be right between them again.

Hope mentions that they will need some more firewood so Rafe asks Chase to go get some with him and they go get ready. Ciara tells Hope that she's happy around Rafe. Hope responds that she's happy they are all together and tells her not to do that this weekend. Ciara says it's okay if Rafe makes her happy and tells her to just let it happen.

Dr. Tibbs visits Andre and tells him that he needs a hospital but Andre refuses and demands he treat him right here. The doctor says he will have to treat the wound on Andre's face so it doesn't get infected then he can rest while he gets other things he needs. Andre wants to get out as soon as possible and says he will rest later as there are people he has to deal with first.

Hope tells Ciara that she doesn't need a matchmaker. Ciara just wants her to be happy and safe. Hope calls Rafe a friend. Hope brings up Chase and asks how she thinks he's doing. Ciara thinks he's doing better. Hope thought he seemed happier but she wasn't sure. Ciara tells her that Chase has been more social at school. Hope asks how things are between them. Ciara says good and everything is better so things are actually looking up for their family.

The doctor patches up Andre's wound and tells him to try to rest as he exits. Andre summons one of his men to the room. He asks Andre who did this to him. Andre says he's fine and asks for an update on Hope and Rafe. The man informs Andre that they left with the two teenagers and they were tailed to the docks where they took a ferry. Andre guesses they must have took off for the weekend. The man offers to search the house but Andre says he wants to handle this one himself as he knows where to look and what he's looking for.

Fynn arrives to check on Brady. Brady reminds Theresa that she has a meeting with Nicole and Kate. Theresa says she can be late but Brady tells her he is in good hands. Theresa kisses Brady and tells him to text her if he needs anything as she then exits. Fynn notes that Brady seems to be doing great. Brady tells Fynn that he has some questions about Malibu. Fynn notes it was out of left field. Brady tells Fynn about his dream of seeing Nicole then Malibu but it means nothing to him as he's never seen it before but he feels like it means something to Daniel. Fynn notes that Daniel lived in Malibu for awhile. Brady calls it freaky and strange as he asks if Fynn has ever seen this before where a heart transplant patient sees the donor's memories. Fynn says it is possible and happens.

Nicole questions Eric thinking he could fix things and says that Eric driving drunk may as well have been having a gun. Nicole recalls seeing Eric drinking that night and they knew he was in trouble so she should've made him get in a cab. Eric argues that she had too much to handle but Nicole says none of that compares to Daniel and cries about it costing her the love of her life. Nicole cries that she hates feeling this way as she could never imagine seeing Eric as anything but one of the best men she ever met but now she's sorry he's in Hell but he put them both there so she can't even find her own way out, let alone help him. Nicole tells Eric that the only way to help her it to stay out of her sight. Nicole yells at him to never speak to her again and get away from her as she shuts the door in his face. Eric turns and sadly walks away. Nicole cries against the door.

Rafe and Chase return with firewood. Ciara decides to show Chase around outside. Hope tells her to be back in an hour. Rafe jokes with Hope. Hope then reveals her idea to go fishing for their dinner. Rafe points out that it's freezing outside but Hope says they have the fire to come back to now.

Brady asks what Fynn knows about Daniel's time in Malibu. Fynn recalls Daniel had just lost his wife Rebecca to cancer. Brady notes it was a really critical time in Daniel's life but he knew nothing about it despite being good friends. Fynn suggests this could be his way of telling him about it now.

Eric sits outside the town square where Jennifer finds him about to take a drink and questions what he's doing. Jennifer stops him from drinking and asks how he could be doing this. Eric complains that he's already lost everything and has nothing left. Jennifer makes a call for someone to meet them at the house as it's an emergency. Jennifer tells Eric that he's coming with her as she is getting him help.

Theresa meets Kate at the club and assures her that Nicole will be there, telling Kate to give her a break. Nicole arrives and asks them how things are going. Kate steps away on a call as Nicole talks to Theresa about picking her battles. Theresa encourages her not to let Kate boss them around. Nicole agrees that she's right.

Rafe informs Hope that he brought steaks as he didn't think she was serious about fishing. Rafe questions ice fishing. Hope realizes he's never been fishing.

Andre sneaks into Hope's house and looks through her drawers. Andre opens the closet and opens the lockbox with Hope's gun inside, noting the amount of bullets fired. Outside, Shawn shows up and prepares to head inside.

Nicole suggests to Theresa that they walk away and start up their own company with multiple labels. Theresa isn't sure that Brady can pull his investments. Nicole thinks he could use a new focus. Theresa likes the idea of ditching Kate. Nicole says Kate wouldn't collaborate so they should get the courage to walk away and start their own thing.

Jennifer brings Eric to her home where Lucas is waiting. Eric questions calling Lucas. Lucas brings up when he drove drunk in the past. Eric appreciates his concern but says he's going to prison so he won't have to worry about staying sober. Lucas and Jennifer encourage him to help himself.

Hope jokes about Rafe being such a city boy since he never went fishing. Rafe tells her that he never had vacations or summer camps. Hope tells Rafe that he gets people which makes him an amazing cop. Hope shows Rafe how to tie the lure. Hope asks if Rafe cut the firewood. Rafe admits they found a big pile of it as they continue to joke around.

Shawn enters Hope's house and calls out for Hope, Ciara, or Chase but they aren't home. Shawn goes in to the kitchen as Andre sneaks downstairs then hides around the corner when Shawn comes back in. Andre's phone rings. Shawn asks if anyone's there as Andre hides around the corner with Hope's gun.

Kate returns to Theresa and Nicole. Theresa says they were just waiting for her. Kate questions them not taking initiative and getting started on the list that she e-mailed. Nicole and Theresa bring out their tablets to look at it. Theresa and Nicole exchange looks and are sarcastic towards Kate as she presents her ideas. Kate says they could use the time to take care of themselves so she doesn't have to worry about anything.

Eric appreciates their concern but says it's more than he deserves. Eric knows he has a problem and shouts that he'll fix it. Eric thanks them and storms out. Jennifer asks Lucas what to do. Lucas argues that Eric is just trying to keep from having to deal with his problem. Jennifer refuses to give up on Eric and goes after him.

Ciara and Chase return to the cabin with Chase having been sprayed by a skunk. They send Chase to go take a bath while Rafe and Hope leave to go fishing.

Shawn almost approaches where Andre is hiding but hears a sound upstairs so he goes to look upstairs. Andre then sneaks out of the house.

Theresa returns home to Brady and asks what Fynn had to say. Brady tells her that all his vital signs are normal. Theresa asks what he said about Malibu and the dream. Brady says just that it was a big, sad time in Daniel's life which is probably why he's dreaming about it but it's weird. Theresa encourages that it will slow down and he needs to concentrate on getting better since she has plans for him as they kiss.

Nicole returns home to Daniel's apartment and looks at a photo of her and Daniel. Nicole says she's about to dump Kate and tell her where to go. Nicole knows if Daniel was here, he would tell her what to do and this time she's going to do it her way. Nicole promises to make Daniel proud of her.

Jennifer catches up to Eric in the town square, begging him to not give up as he still has so much to offer the world. Eric asks how she can even look at him when Daniel was her friend. Jennifer says she was lucky to know Daniel very well and she guarantees if the roles were reversed and she died then he would be here telling Eric to get help. Jennifer argues it's the only good thing that can come of this so Eric can help and inspire other people. Eric says she is pushing it. Jennifer insists that Eric deserves to live as he's just a good man with a problem who did a bad thing with that problem but it doesn't define him. Jennifer states that Eric deserves to heal. Eric wants to believe that which she calls a start.

Ciara lights candles in the cabin as Chase calls from the bathroom for her to get his jeans from his bag. Ciara gets Chase's bag and finds his phone, shocked by what she sees on it.

Shawn leaves a note for Hope that he's back in town and is sorry he missed her but will call later. Shawn then exits.

Andre returns to the DiMera Mansion. His guard asks if he found what he was looking for. Andre says he did but almost got caught in the process thanks to him texting to check on him. He apologizes. Andre rips the bandage off his face and says he'll have it tended to later as he just wants the people who killed his father to see it then they will know how much he will endure to make sure they pay for what they did.

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