Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/28/16

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/28/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Nicole reads an article at home about Eric being given bail and cries that it's just not fair. Nicole almost smashes her tablet but stops when Chloe arrives with Parker, who greets her with a hug.

Abigail helps Jennifer prepare for Daniel's funeral while JJ reveals he's not going as he has classes and quickly hurries out.

Melanie and Maggie get dressed for Daniel's funeral. Maggie cries that she should be taking care of Melanie. They agree to take care of each other and hug.

Fynn and Theresa get Brady ready to leave the hospital when Victor arrives and says he will take it from here as his driver is waiting. Theresa questions Victor making this day harder on Brady. Victor states that Brady needs his family and that is not her.

Abigail tells Jennifer that she will go find JJ. Jennifer hopes she can get through to him. Abigail is unsure about leaving Jennifer in pain and asks about taking her pain pills. Jennifer insists that she doesn't want to rely on pain pills and will be fine so Abigail exits to go find JJ. Jennifer then gets the pill bottle from her purse.

Victor argues that Brady will have peace and quiet at his house. Brady gets up from his wheelchair and wants them to give it a rest. Brady tells Fynn that he's fine and goes to the waiting room to talk to Victor in private. Victor says Brady made his point. Brady tells Victor that he loves him but he needs him to back off now.

Abigail finds JJ sitting outside the town square. Abigail says she called and found out he doesn't have class today. JJ tells her that she's wasting her time as he's not going to the funeral because he remembers Jack's funeral. Abigail says as painful as Jack's funeral was, she felt like she could start living again after it was over while JJ didn't. JJ remembers taking it all out on Daniel. Abigail points out that Daniel never gave up on him. JJ says he just kept screwing up. Abigail says Daniel was always in their corner. Abigail thinks JJ will regret not going as it's the first step towards letting him go. JJ asks her to show him how to let him go as he hugs her.

Nicole and Chloe talk about Parker being dressed in a suit. Chloe asks Nicole how she's holding up. Nicole responds that she's alright. Parker starts to cry so Chloe checks on him but he won't talk so Nicole asks him what's wrong. Parker cries that he's never been to a funeral before so he doesn't know what he's supposed to do there.

Theresa brings Brady home to their place. Theresa tells Brady that people will understand if he's not at the funeral but Brady says he has to be there. Brady understands if Theresa doesn't go since she and Daniel didn't have a great history. Theresa admits she did so many rotten things to Daniel and never got to apologize or tell him how much she respected him. Theresa says now she has this amazing future while Daniel is gone. Brady says he's dealing with it too so he thinks they should both go to the funeral to honor him and express their gratitude to his family. Theresa agrees to go get changed.

Nicole tells Parker that days like today aren't about what they are supposed to but about remembering loving people they lost. Chloe wipes tears away as Nicole talks to Parker about getting together with everyone who loved Daniel. Parker gets his stethoscope to take with him to remember Daniel.

Fynn walks through the town square and stops, looking at something with a confused expression.

Brady and Theresa go to the club for the funeral reception. Brady hugs Melanie. JJ and Jennifer arrive. Victor begins a speech, thanking everyone for joining them. Victor says they are here to mourn the passing of Dr. Daniel Jonas who was Maggie's son, Melanie and Parker's father, Nicole's fiance, a surgeon and a friend to everyone here. Fynn enters and takes a seat with Roman, Marlena, and John. Victor talks about being Daniel's godfather and watching him grow up. Victor still feels this doesn't make any sense as Daniel was their rock that they turned to until he was taken from them by a freak accident. Victor says now they must soldier on without him as unfair as it is. Victor hopes to find a beginning for that grim journey. Maggie speaks next about how she feels cheated out of so much time with her son Daniel. Maggie notes that he left her with the gift of beautiful grandchildren. Maggie says she sees Daniel in Melanie and Parker. Maggie believes in after life and is comforted by the knowledge that Daniel's soul is with his loving parents who raised him to be the man who made her so proud as she cries. Jennifer stands and speaks about how Daniel saved her life. Jennifer wishes she could've returned the favor when he needed it the most. Jennifer cries that as sad as the day is, she is a very lucky woman because of her friendship with Daniel. Chloe tells Maggie and Melanie that because of Parker, they will always be family and she will do everything she can to keep Daniel alive in his son's heart. Brady stands and says he is reminded with every beat of his heart that he received the greatest gift a friend could give. Brady promises Maggie, Melanie, Parker, and Nicole that he will not take for granted the gift that he's been given. Melanie talks about always thinking of what Daniel would do when she comes up against tough situations. JJ stands and talks about all the stuff Daniel did for him and says as long as he lives, he will never forget it or him. Nicole says she can't and cries that she doesn't have anything to say. Maggie tells everyone to have food and drinks and stay as long as they like. Chloe tells Nicole that she knows it's hard but she should try to say something. Nicole tells her that she can't and if she tried, she would lose it which she doesn't want to do to Parker as he's been through enough. Brady tells Melanie that it's so good to see her. Melanie assures him this is what Daniel would've wanted. Theresa comes over and tells Melanie that she's incredibly sorry about Daniel and in general. Melanie mentions Maggie saying they are really good parents. Melanie hopes they are really happy together. Brady doesn't know what to say. Parker comes over and hugs Melanie. Brady talks to Parker and lets him use his stethoscope on his heart. Melanie and Theresa watch with tears in their eyes. Brady tells Parker that Daniel was a really great man who saved his life and that's why they will always be a part of him. Brady hugs Parker. Fynn asks Maggie and Nicole if they walked through the town square but they both drove. Fynn says there is something amazing happening there that he can't describe but he thinks everyone should see it. Maggie suggests he make an announcement so he gets everyone's attention.

Fynn brings everyone to the town square where a memorial to Daniel has been set up with people leaving flowers and lighting candles. Nicole asks a woman there who's idea it was but she doesn't know. Roman asks how she heard about it. She responds that she had friends that were patients and mentions a notice at St. Luke's. Nicole notes it traveling by word of mouth. The woman says they wanted to say thank you for Daniel saving her husband's life as Maggie hugs her. Parker goes over and puts the stethoscope on Daniel's photo at the memorial setup. Nicole hugs Parker. Nicole then speaks about how this is who Daniel was and he changed people's lives. Nicole explains that she learned the real meaning of forgiveness and love from Daniel. Brady steps away as he hears a song in his head. Nicole talks about Daniel's love and it giving him a sense of what really mattered. Nicole holds Parker as everyone watches. Eric shows up behind the crowd and quickly walks away but Roman notices and follows him out of the town square. Roman guesses the memorial was Eric's idea and that he put up the notice at St. Luke's. Roman encourages Eric to grieve with his friends but he says he can't do that. Roman points out that Daniel was a forgiving man so they will accept him. Eric argues that Roman wants that to be true because he loves him but he knows what he did and asking them to accept or forgive him is asking too much. Eric then walks away.

Marlena and John leave the town square. Theresa looks around. Nicole finds Brady on a bench and says she saw him come over here and asks if he needs help. Brady tells her that he had a memory while she was talking. Nicole asks if it was one of Daniel's memories. Brady knows it's not one of his own but something new. Theresa comes around the corner and sees them together. Brady tells Nicole about hearing a song in his dream and hums the tune, asking if it means anything to her. Nicole says it doesn't. Theresa interrupts and suggests Brady get home to rest but Brady says he has a couple more questions for Nicole. Theresa points out that Chloe and Parker need to get home too. Brady says he knows but just has a couple more questions so Theresa walks away. Brady talks to Nicole about the song and the images of beaches that he's seeing. Brady says the beach in his dream is in Malibu which Nicole notes is where Daniel and Fynn had an apartment not far from in the past. Brady decides he needs to talk to Fynn and rushes off to find him.

Victor, Maggie, and Melanie return home to the Kiriakis Mansion. Maggie says she needs to lie down. Melanie says she has to tell them something first. Melanie informs them that her flight leaves this afternoon. Melanie says her mom called and her clinic is understaffed so she doesn't want to leave her without help. Maggie tells her that she understands but just thought she'd be with her a little longer. Victor says he'll have Henderson pack her things so they can have a little more time. Victor tells Melanie that she is always welcome here and hugs her. Melanie assures him that she'll be back as Victor exits. Melanie jokes that Maggie can come visit her too. Maggie cries about how proud she is of her. Melanie says she's leaving when everything is incredibly hard but cries that she will always be there for her in her heart. Maggie calls Melanie her heart as they hug and cry. Maggie assures her that she'll be alright. Melanie says goodbye and exits. Maggie sits down and looks at a photo of Daniel. She hugs it and smiles.

JJ and Jennifer go home where Abigail greets them. JJ says they were right and he's glad he went. Abigail apologizes for not making it as she couldn't find a babysitter. Jennifer decides she will take a nap. Abigail says she has to check on Thomas while JJ goes to get some reading done for school so they head upstairs. Jennifer goes back to the pill bottle from her purse and opens it but it's now empty. She can't believe she finished the whole bottle.

Chloe brings Nicole home and tells her to take care of herself. Nicole says she will do her best and tells Parker to come visit anytime. Nicole hugs Parker. Chloe is glad Nicole finally spoke as she had a lot bottled up inside. Nicole says she had to figure out what she wanted everyone to hear. Nicole hugs Chloe and says she loves them both. They say goodbye as Chloe and Parker then exit. Nicole shuts the door and cries. Nicole sits down and thinks back to memories with Daniel until there's a knock at the door and Eric arrives.

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