Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 1/27/16

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 1/27/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Belle goes to the club where the bartender gives her an order that Phillip had waiting for her. She points Belle to Phillip's table so she joins him. Phillip talks about paying attention to her and wanting to run in to her.

Deimos enters the Kiriakis Mansion and questions Victor wanting to see him. Victor writes him a check for one million dollars to get out of Salem.

Theresa visits Brady in the hospital and wakes him with a kiss on the head. Theresa asks if he was dreaming about Nicole. She tells him that she's okay and wants him to be able to talk to her about his dreams or anything as she kisses him. Theresa goes to find out when they are releasing him.

Roman joins Marlena with Eric at the hospital and says they are finishing up the paperwork. Eric declares he is ready to go. Marlena hugs him and cries. Eric tells her not to worry about him and promises to make this tragedy count for something. Roman hugs Eric and brings over another cop who begins reading Eric his rights and arresting him. Nicole then appears and yells at Eric that the only right he has is to rot in Hell for the rest of his life. Marlena asks Nicole not to do this so she walks away. Marlena tells Eric that Nicole is just grieving and lashing out at the nearest target. Eric feels he deserved it. Roman and the cop take Eric away while Nicole goes in to see Brady. Nicole informs Brady that Eric was just taken to jail and she hopes he gets the maximum sentence. Brady knows how she feels but he doesn't think Daniel would want her to hate Eric. Nicole questions not being angry with him. Brady argues that it was an accident and not that Eric is a bad person. Brady says being angry and vindictive is not what Daniel would want. Brady adds that Daniel saved his life and made him a better person as his compassion seems to be in him now.

Deimos rips up Victor's check and goes to walk out. Victor asks if he's upset that he didn't go to bat for him all those years ago. Victor asks why he would when he slept with his fiancee and then murdered her. Deimos argues that he had nothing to do with that. Deimos wants an apology for his life being taken from him wrongfully. Deimos argues that he did not commit the crime. Victor offers a two million dollar check but Deimos refuses. Victor tells him he is not wanted here. Deimos mocks him. Victor tells him to get out of his sight.

Eve goes to see Claire and says she got her message. Claire informs her that she has decided to go to the Julliard audition. Claire confirms that she talked to her dad about it while feeling her mom doesn't care. Eve encourages her but Claire feels Belle cares more about Phillip. Eve hugs her.

Phillip tells Belle that her order has been taken care of. Belle says she might get used to it. Phillip jokes about making a bet with the bartender that she would show up. Belle reminds him of their strip blackjack game in Las Vegas. They touch hands as Shawn comes around the corner and sees them. Shawn watches as Belle then exits.

Brady gets up and walks in the hospital with Nicole, who tells him that Theresa told her about the dreams he's been having. Nicole asks Brady to describe the dreams. Brady explains that one was Nicole and Daniel kissing and another of when Nicole was helping Daniel shave and they seemed really happy. Brady recalls another of Daniel proposing to her. Nicole realizes those aren't dreams but Daniel's memories.

Shawn confronts Phillip in the club and warns him to stay away from Belle. Phillip brings up him filing for divorce which Shawn calls a mistake. Shawn brings up Phillip trying to come between them before and tells him to stop wasting his time. Phillip asks why he's telling him off if he's so confident in their love. Shawn argues that she's vulnerable right now. Phillip tells him to think about what she wants and questions Shawn being so ready to divorce her but now changing his mind. Shawn asks if he's never changed his mind. Phillip feels Shawn is doing it with unbelievable swiftness and that it's really heartless to not think harder about something so life altering. Phillip adds that this is the last time he intends to talk about Belle with him as he can take it up with her from now on. Shawn then walks away to the back.

Nicole sits Brady down in the waiting room to rest. Nicole asks Brady to tell her more about what he's seeing and feeling. Brady agrees to tell her all he can but says the memories are fleeting. Brady adds that there is one that occurs more frequently than others of Nicole in a window with the sunlight and waves in the background. Nicole says they were never on the ocean and wonders if it's possible that he's confusing different images. Brady says that's the vision that he sees coming back to him the most. Nicole asks if he's sure it's her that he is seeing as she holds his hand. Brady is pretty sure but tells Nicole she shouldn't be focused on this as she should be grieving and he shouldn't be telling her about these. Nicole reminds him that it was Theresa who told her about this and she hopes Theresa isn't upset about these dreams and memories. Brady assures her that Theresa is fine with it. Theresa walks by and sees them together.

Deimos calls Victor a heartless son of a bitch just like their father. Victor mocks his self pity and says he never cared about him. Victor calls Deimos a spoiled brat that got away with murder and questions why they are talking about ancient history. Victor tells him to get out of his house. Victor then gets a chest pain and sits on to the couch. Deimos walks away as Phillip walks in. Deimos exits while Phillip asks Victor what happened and what's wrong. Phillip starts to call in Victor having a heart attack but Victor reveals he was faking it.

Roman informs Marlena at the station that Eric is being booked now. Justin walks in and says he can only imagine how difficult this is for them. Marlena knows Eric wouldn't want her to ask Justin to be lenient but she hopes he won't use this situation for political advantage. Justin assures her that he's only in this to see justice done. Justin says he will simply present the state's case and the final call will be with the judge.

Theresa joins Brady and Nicole. She tells Nicole that she has documents to sign and the magazine proofs are ready for her. Nicole thanks her. Theresa tells Brady that Fynn promised to release him tomorrow. Theresa thinks it's best that Brady come home to her and Tate instead of Victor's. Theresa adds that Brady will be out in time for Daniel's funeral tomorrow which surprises Nicole.

Phillip questions Victor faking a heart attack. Victor says he wanted to see how far Deimos' hatred went and he just left him to die. Phillip argues that Deimos must be having a hard time getting over the 30 years spent in prison for allegedly killing Victor's fiancee. Victor points out that he never told anyone but Maggie about that so he questions how Phillip found out.

Belle calls Claire, leaving a message for her to call back. Marlena comes home and greets her. Belle asks if Eric is out of the hospital. Marlena informs Belle that Eric is in jail. Belle hugs her and can't imagine how hard it must be for her. Marlena says Eric wants to plead guilty and doesn't want a lawyer. Belle offers to be his lawyer anyways to do whatever she can to help. Marlena asks Belle about calling Claire. Belle says she still won't return her calls or texts so she feels like she's losing her as she can't get her to listen to anything she says. Marlena suggests listening to Claire. Belle is sick of everyone blaming her for everything that goes wrong when she made one mistake. Marlena says she sounds like the only one blaming herself and points out that she was talking about going to Las Vegas with Phillip.

Phillip informs Victor that he heard him talking to Maggie so he went to Deimos to get the full story. Phillip asks if what Deimos said is true. Victor says it's not and that Deimos paid for his crime. Victor reminds Phillip to stay away from Deimos. Phillip thinks they can handle him together but Victor tells him to stay out of it and keep his hands clean for Titan. Victor says tomorrow after Daniel's funeral, he will find a way to neutralize him and get him out of his life.

Deimos sits at the club drinking while Kate is on the phone with Eduardo nearby. Kate mentions that she hates drinking alone and will see him soon then hangs up. Deimos approaches Kate and says he overheard her saying she hates drinking alone so he offers to join her. Kate asks if she knows him. Deimos introduces himself as Deimos Kiriakis which gets Kate's attention as he sits with her.

Theresa apologizes to Nicole as she thought she knew about the funeral. Nicole says there is no need to be sorry as it's not her fault since Melanie and Maggie tried talking to her but she didn't want to deal with it. Nicole says she distracted herself with work to not face the fact. Nicole asks what Maggie decided to do. Theresa tells her it will be a small service at the church and then to the club for a reception. Theresa adds that Daniel will be cremated and taking donations to the children's wing at the hospital. Nicole knows that would mean a lot to him and thanks her as she cries.

Kate assumes Deimos is related to Victor. Deimos informs her that he's his brother. Kate reveals that Victor is her ex. Deimos assumes she knows him very well then. Kate guesses she knows him better than anyone and finds it surprising that Victor never mentioned him. Deimos says Victor can be very secretive while he's nothing like him. Phillip then enters the club.

Belle questions why Marlena asked about Phillip and her Las Vegas trip and what that has to do with Claire. Belle figures that Marlena doesn't approve of her relationship with Phillip. Marlena explains that Claire was very disappointed not to get their mother-daughter time together since she went to Vegas. Belle admits she knew Claire would ask about Shawn and tell her how heartbroken she was that they weren't working things out. Claire enters, having forgot her school paper, and only greets Marlena as she goes to get it. Marlena tells Belle that she will figure this out and she has faith in her. Marlena exits. Belle goes to talk to Claire but Claire says she's going to be late for class. Belle says she will write her a note as she wants to talk. Belle admits going to Las Vegas was selfish and apologizes for not thinking about Claire or her feelings. Claire forgives her and they hug. Claire says there is something Belle can do to make it up to her and that's support her decision to audition to Julliard. Claire says she has to try and adds that Shawn is okay with it so she asks her to just think about it. Shawn then shows up. Claire says she was just talking about how supportive he's been. Shawn says he just wants her to be happy. Claire thanks him and leaves for class. Belle mocks Shawn. Shawn explains that Claire knows Belle has reservations about her audition and that she's being protective. Shawn hopes they can sort that out but says he came to talk about them.

Nicole goes home to Daniel's. She looks at a photo of her and Daniel as she holds back tears. Theresa then shows up at her door and brings the papers for her to sign and the photo proofs. Nicole says she didn't have to but Theresa wanted to. Theresa says they came out really well because of Nicole's good taste and judgment. Theresa starts to ask Nicole something but Nicole realizes that Theresa is bothered by Brady's dreams about her and that she thinks their connection is even stronger.

Kate notices Phillip and tells Deimos that's her son as she calls him over to meet his uncle. Phillip comes over and informs her that they have met briefly. Kate thinks there is something she's missing here. Deimos tells her that he's running late but it was nice meeting her. Deimos exits. Phillip sits with Kate. Kate questions the dynamic between Victor and his brother. Phillip tells her that Victor says Deimos is nothing but trouble and guesses Kate is intrigued by him. Kate points out that he's his uncle. Phillip tells Kate to stay away from him but Kate's going to do whatever she wants and exits.

Belle doesn't think now is the time to talk but Shawn doesn't care. Shawn argues that she's confused and hurt because of him. Shawn says he filed for divorce but he realizes that was a mistake as he was hurt and that was his way of hurting her back. Shawn feels her being with Phillip is now her way of hurting him back. Belle mocks that idea as insulting. Shawn agrees to leave her alone then which Belle calls a great idea as Shawn exits.

Marlena returns to the station and asks Roman where Eric is. Marlena worries she was too late but tells Roman that Belle will represent Eric. Roman doesn't think Eric will change his mind about wanting a lawyer. The cop brings Eric out in handcuffs. Marlena hugs him and tells him that she's always here. Eric tells her it's okay. Roman hugs him as Eric is then escorted away while Marlena breaks down crying in Roman's arms.

Theresa knows there's nothing going on between Brady and Nicole but that she's drawn to him because he has Daniel's heart. Theresa says the old her would freak out but she's not that person anymore. Theresa asks if she's right that Nicole is drawn to Brady right now. Nicole admits that she is but not in a romantic way. Nicole adds that it's intense since they loved Daniel and would feel a connection either way. Nicole cries that she misses and loves Daniel so much as Theresa hugs her.

Brady lays back in his hospital bed and begins to have the dream he mentioned earlier about the waves in the ocean. Brady then wakes up with his heart beating loudly.

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