Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/26/16

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/26/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Steve tells Ava this isn't a game and demands to know what she has done with Kayla. Ava responds that she will once he finds their son. Ava knows Steve wanted to kill her but realized that if he did, he would never see Kayla again. Steve calls her a bitch. Ava says she's a mother looking for her child and nobody can make her talk until she has her son back. Steve questions how he knows she will hold up her end. Ava says he'll just have to trust her.

Rafe goes to the police station and asks Roman how it's going with Eric. Roman informs him that they are releasing him from the hospital tomorrow and then he will come straight to turn himself in. Roman goes over possible sentences for vehicular manslaughter and one of them could mean Eric goes to prison for the rest of his life.

Eric remains in his hospital bed.

Hope helps Ciara prepare for her party. Ciara tells Hope that nobody will try anything with a house full of kids. Hope reminds her that they will be watched. Ciara makes sure no one will be spying on them. Hope promises it won't be forever but only until they know the DiMeras are no longer a threat.

Andre returns to the DiMera Mansion, staggering with blood on his head and hands. Andre then collapses.

Steve tells Ava that Kayla was right that they should've thrown her out the minute she showed up at their door. Ava responds that she would've come back again and again. Ava tells Steve that she will do whatever it takes to get their son back. Ava points out that it didn't have to be this way but Kayla forced her. Steve questions this being Kayla's fault. Ava says she just wanted him to find her son so she could die happy but then Kayla went ballistic. Ava declares that she won't let anyone stop her from finding her son. Ava wanted them to work together and compares it to what Kayla would do if Joey was out there alone. Steve warns Ava that he will make her wish she was dead if anything happens to Kayla. Ava calls it not a threat since she's almost dead already and tells him to just find their son. Steve responds that he will if he exists but he's not letting her out of his sight. Steve takes Ava by the wrist and walks off.

Hope tells Ciara and Chase to call if she needs anything as she exits. Hope makes a call that she's leaving now and to call if anything seems off.

Abe, Lani, and Theo have dinner at the club. Lani talks to Theo but Theo is looking at his phone, noting that he is late for Ciara's party. Abe talks about Theo and Ciara's friendship. Lani asks Theo if they are just friends. Theo says yes but admits it would be nice. Abe doesn't want him to get hurt. Theo assures him that Ciara won't ever hurt him.

Joey shows up for Ciara's party drunk. Ciara notes immediately that he smells like a brewery. Joey blows it off as just a couple of beers and doesn't want a lecture. Chase warns Joey that there are guards watching and could shut the party down. Joey bumps into a guy at the party and starts a fight. Ciara tells him to settle down but Joey remarks that it's a bunch of losers and storms out.

Roman asks Rafe if he thinks Hope meant it when she said she might quit the department. Rafe doesn't know but is glad Hope took a leave of absence to sort things out since a lot happened in a short time. Rafe mentions going to the Horton cabin with Hope, Chase, and Ciara this weekend. Roman questions what exactly Rafe expects from her.

Hope visits Eric in the hospital. Eric knows what he did and accepts it but he can't stand what he put his family and friends through. Hope suggests the judge could be lenient on his first sentence. Eric responds that it doesn't matter as he will live with what he did for the rest of his life. Eric says there are consequences for taking a life. Eric thanks Hope for coming but wants to get back to reading the bible as he looks for an answer. Hope tells him she's sorry and kisses him on the cheek. Eric tells her not to be sorry as she didn't do anything wrong. Hope then exits. Hope leaves the hospital while thinking back to Eric's words that there are consequences for taking a life as she thinks of killing Stefano.

Rafe tells Roman that Hope is just his friend and he's looking out for her. Roman compares it to how he met Marlena and getting close to someone he's protecting. Rafe relates to how he met Sami. Rafe doesn't think taking Hope to the Horton cabin is the same. Roman says he's talking as Hope's brother in law that she's been way too much so if she gets hurt in any way, that is on Rafe.

Claire tells Ciara about her Julliard audition but she doesn't know if it's a good idea to leave while her parents are splitting up. Ciara encourages her to let her parents live their lives and make their own mistakes. Claire argues that they still need her. Ciara suggests Claire could be using that as an excuse to not audition. Chase brings Ciara the last cupcake then walks away. Claire remarks about Chase not even acknowledging her and believes it's because he has a crush on Ciara.

Joey sits outside the town square finishing a bottle of whiskey as he thinks back to Ava and says that he loves her, wondering why she can't love him back.

Steve returns home with Ava and sits her down, ordering her not to move. Ava asks if she can help him. Steve says no. Ava asks where he's going to start looking. Steve says that's what he's trying to figure out. Steve goes over the documents and asks if Ava remembers the doctor. Ava says she doesn't as her father sold the baby and she had no say in the matter. Steve hopes the doctor is still alive. Ava asks if he ever thinks about their baby as she always thought he looked like Steve. Ava talks about wondering about him every night. Steve tells her not to talk and that he'll wonder when he knows it really is his son. Ava insists that she wouldn't lie about this but Steve argues that she would lie about anything to get what she wants. Steve's phone rings. Ava tells him to let it go to voicemail but Steve answers the call from Joey. Joey tells him he's screwed up. Steve notices he's been drinking. Joey says he needs to come home and can't drive. Joey tells him he's at the town square so Steve says he'll be right there. Ava asks if everything is okay. Steve tells her it's none of her business and then handcuffs her to the table. Ava jokes that she always liked it rough. Steve threatens to duct tape her mouth as he then exits.

Theo tells Abe that he hasn't heard from Stefano in a long time and asks if he went on a trip. Abe isn't sure but says he'll let him know if he sees him. Lani informs them that she paid the bill and tells Theo he can go. They thank her as Theo gets ready to leave. Theo gets a text which they ask about. Lani asks if it was another one of those anonymous texts. Theo tells her that she was supposed to keep that a secret and rushes out. Lani tells Abe about the cyber bully and they agree that they need to catch whoever it is.

Steve finds Joey outside the town square. Joey apologizes. Steve says it's okay and it's good that he called. Joey says he was going to get on the bike but thought about Eric. Joey knows it was stupid and he's sorry. Steve says he will drive them home as he screwed up big time. Steve wishes he could spare him from some of the crap life throws but actions have consequences and nobody knows that better than him.

Ciara tells Claire that Chase does not have a crush on her. Claire argues that he does. Ciara admits that Chase kissed her once but then said it was a mistake. Claire questions it but Ciara says he just wasn't thinking straight after his dad died. Claire asks if Ciara was thrilled or playing hard to get. Ciara says she wasn't thrilled. Claire encourages that Chase is really cute and not boring. Ciara tells Claire to make a move then since she obviously has a crush on him. Claire argues that he barely notices her. Ciara tells her to make him notice.

Hope goes to the police station and greets Rafe, asking if he's busy. Rafe says he's just catching up on paperwork. Hope brings him an apple pie from the Pub. Rafe asks what's happening. Hope admits she wanted to talk to him as she started to remember the night she killed Stefano. Rafe closes the windows. Hope says it was nothing specific but she sees Stefano smiling and then feels angry. Rafe tells her that he's sorry. Hope doesn't know how to deal with it. Rafe suggests getting away is a good start. Hope says at first she was kind of upset for Ciara inviting him but now she's kind of happy he's coming. Rafe responds that he is too.

Claire goes to talk to Chase and invites him to a movie on a date but Chase isn't interested and tells her that he has a lot going on so he's not really dating. Claire tells him not to worry about it. Claire then asks if he would go out with Ciara. Chase asks what made her ask that. Claire says it's the way he looks at her so he should let her know how she feels. Chase argues that she only sees him as a friend and stepbrother. Claire tells him he's totally wrong about that but Chase doesn't feel like talking about it.

Steve brings Joey home. Joey questions why Ava is handcuffed. Steve explains that Ava kidnapped Kayla and is holding her hostage. Joey questions why and argues that it doesn't make sense since Ava helped him get them back together. Steve tells Ava to tell Joey what happened. Ava says they got into a fight after he left. Ava admits things got out of control and she knocked Kayla out. Joey asks where she is and if she's okay. Ava says she's fine. Joey demands to know where she is. Ava says she's her leverage but promises to let them know when Steve finds their son. Joey questions it as Steve reveals that Ava says they have a son together.

Rafe tells Hope that he got some good news today that the building where they buried Stefano was demolished today and tomorrow they pour the new concrete foundation so the Phoenix will never rise again. Hope can't stop thinking about Andre being a wildcard and that he won't stop until he knows the truth. Rafe insists there is nothing to find after the explosion. Rafe suggests maybe he won't be a problem anymore. Hope wants to believe that.

Andre gets up from the floor of the DiMera Mansion still holding his face in pain. Andre staggers to the mirror and looks at the burns on his face.

Abe catches up with Theo in the town square, questioning him why he didn't tell him about this bully. Theo doesn't think it's a big deal and wants him to leave it alone. Abe agrees to if it's that important to him. Theo asks why people are so mean. Abe calls it not an easy question as people his age are trying to find out who they are and some pick someone to be their scapegoat. Theo thinks whoever is doing it wants him to hate them back but he doesn't want to. Abe knows it's not easy but he's proud of him for trying as they hug.

Ciara asks Claire how it went with Chase. Claire says he made it clear he's not interested. Everybody leaves the party leaving Ciara with Chase. Ciara calls it weird that Theo never showed up. Chase suggests maybe he had something to do with his family. Ciara asks Chase about talking with Claire and it seeming intense. Hope comes home and asks how it went. Ciara says it was great but she's exhausted. Hope tells her to go on to sleep and she'll clean up. They hug as Ciara thanks her and heads upstairs. Hope goes to the kitchen to clean while Chase looks back at the stairs.

Ava tells Joey that it's good news. Steve points out that he doesn't know if it's true, it could be but he needs proof. Ava argues the documents but Steve says it could be forged. Ava says the only proof is a paternity test so he should go find their child. Joey questions Ava not telling him any of this. Ava says she had to be careful and make sure everything was right before she told Steve. Steve tells Joey that he can't trust Ava on any level as she's been playing them all along. Joey asks what Steve is going to do. Steve responds that he'll do anything he has to do to bring Kayla home. Ava says she knew he would.

Roman visits Eric in his hospital room as he sleeps.

Steve tells Joey to go to his room and try to get some sleep. Joey thought Ava was his friend. Ava apologizes but says she had to do this for her son. Joey heads to his room. Ava tells Steve it's just them like old times. Steve threatens her with duct tape. Ava says all she ever wanted was his forgiveness so they could find their child but all this time together has reminded her of how much she loved him and still does. Steve sits with her and says he would rather dig out his good eye than ever be with her again. Steve tells her to forget whatever crazy idea she has as they are never getting back together.

Hope gets a call from Rafe and asks if something's wrong. Rafe just wanted to make sure she got home okay. Hope assures him and thanks him for checking. Rafe says goodnight. Hope tells him that she will see him in the morning and they hang up.

Andre tries to clean the burns and cuts from his face, looking in to the mirror as he declares "Damn you, Hope."

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