Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/25/16

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/25/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Steve calls Kayla, leaving another message for her while Joey prepares for school. Steve questions not hearing from Kayla. Joey says who knows why anyone does anything and walks out, leaving Steve confused.

Rafe goes to Hope's and asks Ciara where Hope is as Ciara's call sounded urgent. Ciara tells Rafe that everyone is fine but she had a question for him. Ciara asks how he feels about fishing.

Andre investigates the abandoned warehouse then hides when he hears someone coming. Chad arrives and asks one of the construction workers about the building since Andre said to meet him there. The worker informs Chad that the building is being blown up in the next few minutes. Inside, Andre continues searching.

Steve makes a call and finds out that Kayla never checked in for her meeting and asks if they know where she is instead. Steve hangs up, grabs his jacket, and rushes out of the house.

Rafe asks Ciara what she means by fishing as Hope appears at the top of the stairs and listens. Ciara explains that Hope was going to take she and Chase to the Horton cabin and says Hope wanted Rafe to come with them. Rafe questions that. Hope comes downstairs and says Ciara is putting her own spin on things. Rafe asks what the real story is.

Chad questions the construction worker about blowing up the building and wonders why Andre would tell him to meet there then. Chad guesses he heard him wrong then.

Andre finds the spot where Stefano's body was dumped and uncovers Stefano's body.

Steve goes to Ava's hotel room and knocks on the door but there's no answer so he picks the lock and breaks in.

Joey goes to school and stops to call Ava. Ava is walking through the town square and answers. Ava reminds him that they talked and that he has to let go because they can't be together so he has to stop calling and texting. Joey tells her that he can't walk away and they never even finished their talk since Kayla interrupted. Joey wants to see her again but Ava says she's sorry. Ava tells him that he did a great thing in helping her get his parents back together but that's all it can be and he has to say goodbye. Joey says he can't and asks her to meet him one more time as he'll go insane if she doesn't.

Ciara tells Rafe that the story is they are going to the Horton cabin. Rafe doesn't want to butt in on family time but Ciara considers Rafe like family so she invites him to come along. Ciara asks Rafe to think about then hugs Hope and exits. Rafe asks Hope what's going on.

Andre removes the wreckage pile covering Stefano's body.

The construction worker tells Chad that they are going to blow up the building.

Andre passes out next to Stefano's body and the building is then blown up.

Hope tells Rafe that she wanted to get Ciara and Chase out of town for awhile until the business with Andre dies down but then they wanted her to go with. Rafe brings up Ciara saying they both wanted to talk to him. Hope says that Ciara set him up as she didn't know about this. Rafe wonders why and asks what Ciara's thinking.

Chad goes back to the Horton house and tells Abigail that he went to meet Andre but it was a building being demolished. Abigail asks if he's sure he wasn't in there. Chad hopes not for his sake as he watched the building explode in seconds. Abigail suggests he stay away from Andre as they have a wedding to plan and a house to find. Abigail brings him in to the living room to start planning.

Joey walks out of the town square and meets Ava. Ava asks him about school. Joey says he couldn't stand it and has only been thinking about her, hoping she'd let him talk to her about this. Ava sits with him on the bench. Joey is really glad she came. Ava is glad he called because she realized she couldn't walk away without giving him something special. Ava gives him a gift to remember her which is season tickets for the Cubs. Ava encourages him to remember that if she could, she'd be at the games with him. Joey doesn't need a gift to be reminded of her, he wants to be with her. Joey argues that they really have something that they can't just throw away. Ava tells him that they are making an adult decision. Joey questions never seeing each other again and wants to at least be friends that hang out. Ava thinks it would be that much harder but Joey feels he would at least be able to be with her. Ava needs it to be a clean break with him living his life and forgetting about her. Joey tells her that he figured out they could run away together.

Steve searches Ava's hotel room and finds a charm from Kayla's bracelet on the floor.

Rafe asks Hope why Ciara would want him to go with them. Hope says she told her the truth about Andre thinking she was responsible for Stefano's disappearance so Ciara thinks they would be in danger and wants Rafe to come along. Hope apologizes for Rafe being put in an awkward position. Hope asks Rafe if she should go with them or stay and deal with Andre.

Ciara joins Chase at school. Ciara mentions going to the family cabin for a few days which Chase questions. Ciara calls it a safety thing and says Rafe is coming too hopefully. Chase further questions it and thinks it sounds weird so he's not going to go.

Steve calls Kayla and leaves another message for her to call or text him. Steve then calls Ava and leaves a message to call him immediately when she gets this. Steve then exits Ava's room. Steve decides he will find her through Joey.

Ava tells Joey that he's so sweet and she would love to be able to run away together. Joey insists they can and asks why not since he has no reason to stay and neither does she. Joey calls her the only good thing in his life. Joey says if they go away together, it would be like he has everything he wants. Ava says he makes her wanna cry but they can't. Joey argues they can. Ava reminds him that she doesn't have long to live. Joey suggests they can go to Mexico and find a cure. Ava calls it an incredible thought but says it won't happen. Joey argues they can make it happen as he can't be without her and he loves her. Joey hugs Ava and she says she loves him too.

Chad finishes a call with a real estate agent and tells Abigail that the agent told him that Stefano stopped making his mortgage payments about a year ago and they are closing on the mansion. Chad goes over Stefano's tax problems and Sami cleaning out his bank accounts. Chad adds that nothing Stefano has done lately has made sense. Chad notes that the bank closes on the mansion in a week. Abigail encourages him not to get sucked in to this and to stay away. Chad feels he should at least try to save the house. Abigail asks him why. Chad talks about living there for years and he could afford to save it. Abigail notes that it must be worth millions. Chad says yes and no since the bank knows no one will bid on it due to it's reputation so it could be sold to him. Chad points out that he invested all the money that Stefano put in accounts for him. Chad declares that he could save the DiMera Mansion and bets that Abigail would find it a perfect house if she didn't know it as Stefano's. Abigail asks if he's out of his mind. Chad thinks they deserve a mansion. Abigail refuses to live with Stefano or Andre. Chad says Stefano went to Europe so he's not a problem and he would love to kick Andre out. Abigail can't believe Chad is serious about it. Chad says he is but notes that she isn't. Chad decides he will find a way to change her mind and they exit together.

Ciara asks Chase why he doesn't want to go to the cabin, thinking there has to be a reason. Chase asks what they are going to do on an island in the middle of winter. Ciara suggests going fishing. Chase tells her to have fun. Ciara tells him to stop being negative. Chase admits he wouldn't feel comfortable with Rafe there after what Aiden did. Ciara encourages him to let it go and insists that Rafe is really nice and in love with Hope. Ciara wants Chase's help in making sure they get together but Chase says no way. Chase reminds her that his dad married her mom. Chase calls it so screwed up. Ciara encourages him. They talk about what they went through. Ciara tells Chase that he has to come as she can't do this alone and it will only be a few days. Chase gives in but questions how they are supposed to get them together. Chase guesses they will have to give them a lot of alone time. Ciara suggests going hiking and insists it will be fun. Ciara thanks Chase for always coming through for him. Chase reminds her about her party, which she assures him is still happening.

Rafe tells Hope that she should go to the cabin no question as there is no telling what Andre might do. Hope brings up the building being demolished today. Rafe assures her there is no chance of finding the body. Hope says she somehow made Stefano disappear. Rafe adds that he helped cover it up. Rafe tells Hope that the best thing to do is get out of town and off the grid so Hope agrees but asks what about Rafe. Rafe asks if she means is he coming with them.

Joey tells Ava that he knew she loved him and she makes him so happy. Joey calls her the best and tries to kiss her but Ava says because she loves him so much, she has to be honest with him that running away would be wrong on so many levels. Ava tells Joey that she would never ask him to leave his family after they worked so hard to get them back together. Ava says his family is happy now and if he left, they would be miserable. Joey argues that he could call them. Ava reminds him of her health and that he has his whole life to live. Ava would be heartbroken knowing he spent any of his life taking care of her. Ava tells Joey that they have to say goodbye if he loves her like he says. Ava tells him to go back to school and be himself, free and happy always. Ava adds that she's so glad she met him but it has to end now. Ava asks him to please go. Joey takes his bag and walks away. Ava gets up and picks up the gift he left. Ava says now on to her next little problem. She turns around and runs in to Steve.

Chad brings Abigail and Thomas to the DiMera Mansion. Abigail argues about the mansion being dark and outdated. Chad stops her and tells her that it's just a house but they can make it theirs. Chad imagines their life together with Thomas along with a daughter and a dog.

Ciara finds Joey at school and asks if he's coming to her party tonight. Joey doesn't think he will make it. Ciara asks what's not and what's going on as he looks like he just lost his best friend. Joey says whatever. Ciara asks if it's a problem with a teacher. Ciara hopes he comes to the party, saying it won't be the same without him.

Ava asks Steve what's with him. Steve tells her that he was tracking Joey. Ava mocks his trust and tells him that Joey is a good son. Steve accuses her of using him. Ava informs Steve that Joey wanted to run away together. Steve blames Ava doing a number on him. Ava tells him that she said no. Steve says he'll deal with Joey later but right now he wants to know where Kayla is. Ava asks if she's out of town. Steve shows her the charm from Kayla's bracelet and asks why he found it in her room. Ava threatens to call the cops for him breaking in and suggests Kayla dropped it there. Steve warns her about if she did anything to hurt Kayla. Ava argues that she got them back together and wants them to be happy. Steve doesn't want to be pulled in to one of her schemes. Steve says he's not going to find her son because he'd be better off never knowing her. Ava yells at him to never say that to her. Ava doesn't know why nothing goes as planned, first Kayla and now him.

Ciara encourages Joey to come to the party and walks on. Joey then greets a friend of his named Brian and asks him to use his fake ID to pick up some bottles for him to drink.

Rafe tells Hope that the question is, does she think he should go with them. Rafe says obviously it's what Ciara wants but he wouldn't want Hope to be uncomfortable. Hope thinks him coming would be nice so Rafe jokes with her and exits.

Steve grabs Ava and asks where Kayla is. Ava admits that Kayla stormed in to her room spewing her poison and she was sick of it. Steve asks what she did. Ava admits she knocked Kayla out cold and says it felt so good. Steve demands to know where she is and if she's alright. Ava confirms Kayla is alive but tells Steve that if he wants to know where she is, he must find her son and bring him back to her then she will tell him where Kayla is.

Abigail tells Chad that the mansion is huge. Chad argues that as a positive. Abigail realizes how serious he is about this. Chad insists that he wants it but he wants her to be happy. Chad says Abigail can redo the mansion however she wants to the point where no one will remember it and they can make their own memories. Chad asks Abigail to think about it. She agrees to think about it as they kiss.

Andre wakes up in the building remains with blood on his face.

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