Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/22/16

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/22/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Belle returns to Phillip in their hotel room. Phillip tells her that he missed her while working. Belle informs him that she spent the last hour at the blackjack table and lost but she just charged it to the room so Victor gets the loss. Belle mentions tomorrow it's back to Salem and reality. Phillip suggests staying right here.

Abigail and Jennifer sit at home together watching TV. Jennifer realizes they have been doing this for three hours so she's ready for bed. Abigail checks on her back and suggests another pain pill. Abigail hopes Chad calls before he goes to bed.

André brings Chad to the DiMera Mansion and continues telling him about Hope coming to confront Stefano. Chad argues it doesn't make any sense for Hope to have got by the guards. André shows Chad the blood on the statue. André informs him that he had the blood tested and it's Stefano's so he wants an explanation.

Ciara and Hope sit at home. Hope is reading a murder mystery book but can't get into it. Ciara comments that she's probably had her fill of those.

André tells Chad that Stefano has vanished and they haven't heard a word in days so they owe it to themselves to find out what happened to him since he may have been murdered. André says he knows how Chad feels about family but Chad says he doesn't and points out it's not the first time Stefano's blood has been spilled. Chad questions André's panic at the first sign of blood. André accuses him of not giving a damn. André asks Chad if he'd prefer that Stefano was dead.

Belle questions Phillip wanting to stay with her in Las Vegas. Phillip says maybe not Las Vegas but they have the jet and can go anywhere to extend their trip longer. Belle reminds him of their jobs and her daughter in Salem. Phillip tells her that he hasn't felt this good in years and he knows she's had a lot of fun.

André remarks that Chad isn't behaving like Stefano is his father. Chad goes to leave but André stops him. André brings up Hope blaming Stefano for Bo's death and being hell-bent on revenge. Chad argues that Hope doesn't kill people, she arrests them. André points out that Hope is grieving the love of her life and everybody has a breaking point. André argues that nothing supports Stefano planning an escape and he's never used the flight company before. Chad argues that it doesn't mean anything but André insists, pointing out the blood on the statue. Chad stops him and yells that it doesn't prove his insane theory. Chad declares that Stefano is alive and coming back. Chad then exits.

Ciara asks Hope if she's still thinking about Rafe. Hope changes the subject to Ciara's party. Ciara goes to plan for that and heads upstairs. Hope turns on the TV then turns it back off.

Abigail gets a call from Chad and tells him that she found some good possible homes online. Abigail suggests Chad come by and see but Chad says he has to take care of something and he'll see her in the morning. Abigail asks if everything is okay. Chad responds that it will be and tells her to sleep well as they hang up.

Belle realizes Phillip is serious about them having something going here. Belle doesn't get why he thinks they need to leave Salem behind. Phillip wants her to think about a new and exciting life with him. Belle brings up how Phillip first pitched Las Vegas as something casual. Phillip says since they got there, things got less casual. Phillip goes to kiss her but Belle stops him and says she's not ready for that. Phillip guesses it's too soon.

Hope answers the door as Chad arrives and apologizes for bothering her so late. Hope tells him it's fine and invites him in. Chad tells Hope that he came to warn her that André is gunning for her because he's convinced that she killed Stefano. Hope responds that she's aware as André spoke to her about it. Chad tells her that he's willing to run interference for her if she confirms to him that she had nothing to do with Stefano's disappearance.

Belle says she'd be a hypocrite to say it's too soon after everything that happened between them. Phillip suggests making it happen again as they kiss. Phillip thinks him coming back to town at the same time that she became free could be destiny. Belle doesn't believe in destiny. Phillip suggests Shawn wasn't the one for her and maybe now she has turned to the one who is. Belle reminds him they have an early flight tomorrow back to Salem so they should pack.

Hope tells Chad that André's suspicions are baseless. Chad decides he won't take up any more of her time then and warns her to be careful as he then exits. Ciara comes back downstairs and asks what Chad was doing there. Hope questions what she heard. Ciara says enough and asks what's going on. Hope tells her that Stefano is missing and André thinks she's responsible. Ciara notes that's why she's been on edge all night and asks what André is going to do and how scared they should be. Hope hugs her and promises that nothing will happen to their family. Ciara heads back upstairs while Hope sits down to fall asleep.

André sits at the chess table in the DiMera Mansion.

Hope has a nightmare about killing Stefano then wakes up in a panic.

Chad goes to sleep and dreams about his conversations with André and Hope then his last conversation with Stefano followed by seeing the blood on the statue.

André remains seated at the chess table.

Chad gets out of bed and looks out the window.

Phillip and Belle return to Salem. Phillip brings Belle back to John and Marlena's. Belle assures him they are alone so they kiss. Belle admits she had a good time and they continue kissing. Phillip says it's to be continued as he exits, leaving Belle with a smile. Shawn then shows up and reminds her that she said they could talk. Belle tells him that she just got home and questions if he was parked outside waiting for her. Shawn says it doesn't matter as he's here now and wonders how she could go back to Phillip of all people.

Chad goes to see Abigail and greets her with a kiss. Jennifer greets him and says she's feeling a little better. Chad offers for them to get her some breakfast which she agrees to. Chad and Abigail exit while Jennifer stays with Thomas. Chad asks Abigail if they should worry about Jennifer. Abigail says they will go back to the doctor tomorrow if there's no improvement. Abigail mentions that she is worried about Chad as he felt distant on the phone. Chad assures her that he is right where he belongs with the woman he loves as they kiss.

Ciara and Chase come downstairs where Hope fell asleep in the chair. They talk quietly about party plans. Ciara tells Chase that she will catch up with him later while she has to ask Hope about the party. Chase says he'll see her at school and exits. Ciara wakes Hope up and questions her spending the night there. Hope guesses she fell asleep reading her book. Ciara notes that she's on high alert because of André. Ciara argues that they can't live like this. Hope agrees and says she was thinking about what they need to do. Hope thinks Ciara and Chase should leave town for a little while so she can get things settled. Ciara refuses to leave without her. Hope decides they'll all go then. Ciara then adds that she wants Rafe to come with them.

André meets with one of his men, who reports to him that Chad showed up at Hope's last night while Rafe has been working as usual. His men point out that Rafe has been taking the long way home as of late which André wonders why he would do.

Belle tells Shawn that he forfeited his right to ask about her personal life with the divorce papers as he gave up on them. Belle questions wanting to talk about reconciliation and thinks he has some explaining to do. Shawn admits he does and that he's as much to blame as she is for their marriage falling apart since he made her feel like it was all her fault when it wasn't. Shawn blames himself for focusing on his career and pushing her away.

Phillip returns to the Kiriakis Mansion and tells Victor about work. Victor points out that Phillip was late for meetings and assumes he was distracted by Belle which confirms taking her was a mistake. Phillip realizes he was keeping tabs on him. Phillip explains that he was late because a conference call ran long and he's killing it at work. Phillip asks if he's really upset that he brought Belle along or if he's upset with him over something. Victor responds that it has nothing to do with him but losing Bo and Daniel then having Deimos back in his life. Victor assures that he doesn't doubt Phillip at all and he knows he's loyal. Victor wants Phillip to stay focused and be extra careful with Deimos back in town. Victor alerts Phillip to a deal that he trusts him to take care of as he then exits.

Jennifer looks at her bottle of aspirin then goes in to her purse and pulls out a different bottle to take a pain pill from.

Chad and Abigail sit together at the club where Abigail talks about her home ideas but points out that Chad isn't listening. Abigail knows something is up and asks him what's going on. Chad tells her that it's André being convinced that Hope may have killed Stefano. Abigail calls it insane and suggests it could just be a ruse to pull Chad back in to the family. Chad admits he thought that but points out the timing. Chad says Stefano has disappeared before but came back.

Hope tells Ciara that Rafe can't come with them and questions why she would suggest that. Ciara feels that she is happier with him around. Hope tells Ciara that her only interest is protecting her and Chase so it will only be them three leaving town.

André uses his computer and goes over the route that Rafe was seen taking, discovering the abandoned warehouse and wonders what he's hiding.

Shawn hopes this is start for them but Belle says she can't move too quickly as she doesn't know what she wants. Shawn questions if it's Phillip and if he's wasting his time here. Belle tells him that she's just exhausted and is going to take a nap so they can talk about it later. Shawn then exits.

Phillip meets Deimos outside the town square and tells him that he wants out. Phillip refuses to betray Victor anymore and regrets starting with Deimos. Deimos informs Phillip that there is no out, he is in this to the end and they are going to take out Victor together.

Victor talks on the phone at home, saying he's stepping back and letting Phillip take charge as he has his complete faith.

With Hope out of the room, Ciara calls Rafe and asks him to come over because she and Hope have to talk to him about something.

André goes to investigate the abandoned warehouse while dressed as a construction worker.

Abigail and Chad return home to Jennifer, who informs them that Thomas just fell asleep. Abigail talks about possible homes. Jennifer gets a back pain. Jennifer says she took half a pain pill but it hasn't kicked in yet and she'll be okay. Abigail asks Chad if everything is okay. Chad tells her that he's better. Abigail goes to check on Jennifer while Chad stays with Thomas. Chad then gets a call from André, who says he needs him to get to the abandoned warehouse right away. Chad responds that it's not a good time. André asks if he doesn't want to find out how naive and idiotic he's been about Stefano and Hope. André demands he get over there and hangs up. André then approaches the spot where Stefano's body was hid.

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