Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/21/16

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/21/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Rafe and Hope get close and almost kiss but they turn away from each other.

Marlena looks at a photo of John at home then goes to her phone to call him. She leaves a message saying she just wanted him to know that Eric and Brady are both doing well and she hopes he is too. Marlena tells John that his mother should feel very lucky to have him back in her life and be very proud of the man he's become.

John collapses after being drugged by his mother. A man enters and orders her to go so he can have some time alone with John. John reveals he was faking being unconscious and grabs the man, threatening him with his gun. John says he may not remember his past but he will always remember the skills he was taught. John reveals that he smelled the drug in the tea so he never put it in his mouth. John questions his mother setting him up but she cries that she had no choice. The man tells John that they just want him to come home.

Rafe apologizes to Hope and she says she's sorry as well. Rafe says she was upset and they just got caught up in the moment. Ciara comes home and asks what's going on. Rafe says he just came to check up on Hope because the charges have been dropped. Rafe then decides to go. Ciara asks Hope how the charges were dropped. Hope calls it complicated. Ciara asks if she and Rafe were celebrating since they jumped apart when she walked in. Hope says they weren't doing anything. Ciara points out again how close they were and asks Hope if she's falling for Rafe which Hope laughs off. Hope says Rafe is her partner and a good friend but that's it. Ciara asks if she's sure. Hope questions having this conversation and says she can't even think about a relationship right now as she's not ready to fall in love and isn't sure she ever will be. Ciara points out that can't always be controlled. Hope hugs her. Ciara brings up Hope and Bo hating each other at first and how that turned it out. Hope insists that she's not falling in love. Ciara comments on the look on Rafe's face when he left so she isn't sure he feels the same way.

Rafe goes to the club and orders a beer. Eduardo stands up and says to put it on his tab if that's alright with Rafe. Rafe accepts his offer as Eduardo invites him to join him so they sit together. Eduardo tells Rafe that he's a pretty good listener if he wants to talk about what's wrong.

John refuses to go anywhere with the man. He says John is hardly the first to try and leave as he always persuaded others to reconsider. John grabs him and threatens him then knocks him out with a punch as John's mother cries. John questions her really being her mother. John says she may have gave birth to him but also just gave him away. John talks about wanting to know all his life who he was and where he came from. John declares now he knows that he never needed her at all. John's mother cries as he says he won't spend another minute thinking about her. John hopes his father was a good man and will hold on to that. She tries to tell him there is so much more she could tell him but John doesn't want to hear it, telling her not to come after him because he never wants to see her again. John exits, leaving her crying.

Hope tells Ciara that she just told Rafe that she's not going back to the force because she realized her obsession with revenge was unhealthy. Hope tells her that she was right about letting it go. Hope says Ciara and Chase are her first priority. Hope suggests hanging out tonight. Ciara jokes about Hope grilling her about her grades. Hope comments on growing up without a mom and she doesn't want that for Ciara. They talk about cooking together.

Eduardo notes that Rafe hasn't told him to go to Hell. Rafe responds that it's because he's not going anywhere even if he wishes he would. Rafe decides he's not worth the fight. Rafe points out that Eduardo still hasn't told him anything about himself like what he's been doing for the past 20+ years since he ran out on their family.

Theresa talks with Kate about design ideas as Nicole enters. Theresa and Nicole direct Paul and Gabi in a photoshoot. JJ enters and watches. Theresa tells Nicole that she's really glad she's here. Nicole knows this is what Daniel would want. Gabi goes over to JJ and asks how long he's been there. JJ praises her talent and how gorgeous she is.

Eduardo tells Rafe that he doesn't talk about the past much because he's ashamed. Rafe comments on not facing his mistakes. Eduardo wishes he could change it but he has no choice other than to focus on now as Rafe, Gabi, and Arianna are what matters to him. Rafe thinks he's hiding something. Eduardo admits he's done things he's not happy about and adds that he's sure Rafe has some secrets that he needs to keep buried too. Rafe thinks back to Stefano's death and tells Eduardo that he does.

Hope sits at home and thinks back to hiding Stefano's body with Rafe until Ciara comes back in with food and says Chase will be home in an hour. Hope asks Ciara about school. Ciara talks about Chase having a hard time since Aiden's death. Ciara asks if she can invite some friends over tomorrow. Hope allows her and Ciara suggests Hope go out to do something nice for herself tomorrow. Hope jokes about trusting her.

John returns home. Marlena is surprised and hugs him, not expecting him home so soon. John asks how Eric is. Marlena tells him that Eric and Brady are both doing well. John pours some tea but Marlena notes he's shaking and sits him down to ask what happened. John tells her that he met his mother, they had some tea, and she seemed like a sweet old lady that was so sad that she had to give him up for adoption but she was working for them and tried to drug him. Marlena asks if he was sure she was his mother. John explains that he heard her while pretending to be unconscious when she had no reason to lie and his gut tells him is all true. Marlena is sorry. John says she said she had no choice but argues that they all have a choice. Marlena asks what he thinks they want. John thinks they want to kidnap him and turn him into a killer again. John hoped for the best but expected the worst. John says he's so lucky they trained him as well as they did or he wouldn't be here now. Marlena asks what they are going to do as they have come after them before. John responds that he now knows he's ready.

Theresa, Nicole, and Kate go over the photos and are all happy with them. Paul joins JJ and Gabi to ask for a favor. Paul says one of the photographers asked him out and he doesn't want to say no because he works with him so he asks them to come with in case he has to leave early. JJ and Gabi agree to go.

Rafe asks Eduardo if they drove him crazy as kids or if he didn't love his mom anymore. Eduardo assures him that it was neither and insists that he loved them. Rafe questions why he would do that to them then. Rafe wants one reason that he can believe if he ever wants a relationship with him.

John explains to Marlena that he took his name from a plaque on the wall and called himself John Black but he was named John. John wants to know who changed his identity. Marlena questions what he will gain from that. John says he's not the only one as it's been going on his whole life and he needs to be the one to stop it. Marlena asks what if they find out about it. John responds that he's already on their hit list so he might as well see it through to the end.

Kate decides she will call the magazine and tell them how it went and that the spread should be on the cover. Kate exits while Theresa goes over to Nicole and thanks her for everything. Theresa asks how she's doing. Nicole says she's okay and informs Theresa about visiting Brady before she came. Theresa says she saw them but it looked like they were having a moment so she didn't want to interrupt. Nicole calls it really intense seeing Brady knowing he has Daniel's heart. Theresa understands and says Brady feels so guilty. Nicole doesn't want him to feel guilty and doesn't know what she would do if she lost Brady. Theresa brings up them dating before and brings up that Brady has been dreaming about her.

JJ and Gabi sit with Paul and the photographer Jacob at the town square. Jacob finishes telling a story and leaves to go back to work. Gabi says they have somewhere to be and tells Paul to have a good night as they exit.

Eduardo tells Rafe that he was younger and had a sick sense of being macho. Eduardo says leaving them was the biggest mistake of his life. Rafe brings up him doing it to Eve and Paige too so that's not helping him. Eduardo asks if his mother ever talked to him about how they met. Rafe recalls her saying they met at a gallery. Eduardo compares it to a tragic love story. Rafe offers to pay for the drinks but Eduardo says it's the least he can do, hoping it's not the last time they have a beer together. Rafe says one day at a time as he exits.

Hope jokes with Ciara about her being her baby girl and not needing her anymore. Ciara says she just needs her space sometimes. Hope points out that she was over protective after her kidnapping as the world can be a scary place. Ciara adds it's also a beautiful place. Hope kisses her and they hug.

JJ asks Gabi why she said they had some place to be while they walk out of the town square. Gabi jokes about not wanting to be bored with model talk as she kisses him.

Paul tells Jacob that he should get home. Jacob knows Paul is used to the spotlight but talks about the fashion world being a whole other experience and having to stay out there. Jacob invites Paul to a party so he agrees to go.

Nicole asks Theresa what kind of dreams Brady is having about her. Theresa apologizes for bringing it up and thinks it's hard to talk about. Nicole says she has to talk about Daniel as the only memories that she has left. Nicole finds comfort in a part of Daniel still being alive in Brady.

Hope thinks back to her and Rafe getting close then grabs her phone and starts to dial Rafe's number but puts it down.

Rafe walks through the town square and stops to think about he and Hope getting close. Rafe tells himself it didn't mean anything and walks on.

John goes to the club and meets Eduardo. Eduardo asks if the lead panned out. John shows him that he got his father's military medals and reveals that his mother tried to kill him tonight. Eduardo is sorry to hear that and says he wouldn't have encouraged him to go if he knew that could happen. John shows him a photo of a man and Eduardo talks about how dangerous the man is and how he will come after him with all he's got. John says that's exactly what he's counting on.

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