Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 1/20/16

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 1/20/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Eric sleeps in his hospital bed and dreams about drinking at the party and the car accident then finding out that Daniel was killed. Eric wakes up and starts pulling the wires off of him and shuts the monitor off.

Shawn doesn't know what Claire expects him to do about Belle going to Las Vegas. Claire argues that Belle doesn't know how Shawn feels about getting back together. Shawn says he came because Claire said she needed him. Claire argues that he has to fight for her because Belle shouldn't be with Phillip.

Phillip and Belle arrive at the hotel room in Las Vegas. Phillip is glad she came. Phillip asks what she would like to do before his meeting. Belle pulls him in and they kiss. Phillip suggests distracting themselves for now since he has a meeting later and suggests playing blackjack. Belle says only if it's her rules.

Abigail goes to the hospital to see Chad and asks if Jennifer is okay. Chad tells her about what happened and how Jennifer's back has been bad since the accident. Fynn brings Jennifer out and explains Jennifer's back problems and how it's good that Chad brought her in or she could've had serious damage. Abigail questions Jennifer not saying anything. Jennifer says it was just coming and going. Abigail hugs Chad to thank him.

Roman goes to see Hope and tells her that he's glad the Seth Malcolm shooting is closed and asks when she will be back on the job. Hope isn't sure if she's coming back to the force at all.

André paces at the DiMera Mansion and sits down to look at a photo of Stefano. He picks up the statue that has blood on it and takes a picture of it.

John sits with his mother and drinks tea as she tells him that John reminds her of his father. John asks when his father died, if they were ever close and if he knew him. John apologizes for all the questions but she understands. John wants her to start from the beginning and try not to leave anything out. She informs him that he was born in Baton Rouge.

Roman knows Hope has been through Hell but says sometimes the only cure is to get right back to it. Hope feels it was too much all at once. Roman calls her the most dedicated cop and argues that they need her on the force. Hope says it's nice to be needed. Roman wants her to promise not to rule it out. Hope says she hasn't given Ciara and Chase enough as they need so it's time to focus on them. Roman questions her being a stay at home mom. Hope says she can learn to do it. Roman asks if that's all it is as he feels like something else is going on here. Roman tells her that he's here if there is anything else she needs to get off her chest.

Fynn gives Jennifer her medication and orders her to wear a back brace and take it easy. Fynn tells her to come for a check up next week. Abigail and Jennifer thank Chad. Jennifer jokes about Chad having to get her in the car and hugs him as she thanks him again which makes Abigail happy.

Shawn knows Claire wants her parents back together but they just want her to be happy. Shawn tells her that he and Belle haven't been close for awhile now. Shawn blames himself for not paying enough attention. Claire argues that Belle is just lonely and loves him. Shawn says he loves her but sometimes that isn't enough. Claire argues that he has to try and not let Phillip take her away.

Phillip and Belle play strip blackjack. Belle wins and then pushes Phillip onto the bed and starts kissing him as she says she's about to be satisfied.

André goes to the police station where Rafe asks what they can do for him today. André tells Rafe to start investigating. Rafe says they are busy. André argues that Hope is the reason that Stefano disappeared but not because of what she found but what she and her accomplice did to him. André tells Rafe that when the evidence comes out, Hope and her accomplice will pay a terrible price. Rafe questions if he just threatened someone. André argues that he won't want to throw his career away because of Hope. Rafe says he's busy and tells him to file a complaint. André informs him that he came with evidence of foul play and asks if he wants to see the picture.

Fynn goes in to check on Eric but he is no longer in his hospital room.

Eric sneaks in to the morgue and finds Daniel's body. Eric can't believe this is where he was put. Eric swears he would trade places with him if he could. Eric says there is so many people that need and love Daniel that have holes in their lives now. Eric breaks down crying. Eric says this is worse than all the times he hurt Nicole. Eric doesn't know how he became the man that got behind the wheel that night but vows to pay the price and find a way to make this right.

Shawn tells Claire that she said Belle left on business so maybe it's true and Phillip is just helping her out. Claire argues that he just doesn't want it to be true because he doesn't want her with Phillip either. Claire talks about Belle crying alone at night and says she really misses him. Shawn says she doesn't know that but admits he wishes it were true. Claire asks Shawn to call Belle, suggesting it could be his last chance.

Belle and Phillip lay in bed after having sex. Phillip talks about Belle being more fun and playful. Phillip asks if she's where she thought she would be in high school. Belle says no as she never thought about career or divorce. Phillip never thought he'd be running Titan and says he's ready but wishes Victor was more ready to let go. Belle feels Victor didn't want Phillip to bring her along. Phillip tells Belle that he wants her as they kiss.

André shows Rafe the photo of blood on the statue. Rafe asks if he's sure. André explains that he's having it analyzed to prove it's Stefano's and argues that Rafe and Hope know exactly where it came from.

John's mother gives him a box with medals from his father inside from the Korean War, where he died three weeks before John was born. She says after he died, she couldn't take care of John and had to sell him to a nice couple. John gets tears in his eyes. She argues that she did it for him so they could both survive. John doesn't understand as he has records of being in an orphanage. She explains that was much later as the couple that adopted him were killed in a car accident so he ended up in the orphanage where the Alamains found him. John states that he was with them until he died.

Phillip and Belle kiss until Belle reminds him that he has to go to his meeting so Phillip gets up and rushes to shower. Belle gets a call from Shawn. Shawn informs her that he's in Salem and needs to see her. Belle doesn't think there's anything left to say since he filed divorce papers. Shawn tells her that he made a mistake as he still loves her and he doesn't care about what happened or what she did as it was his fault too and he doesn't want them to end. Shawn tells her not to say anything and just come back to Salem so they can work this out.

Rafe tells André that maybe it is Stefano's blood but so what it's his house so his DNA is probably all over it. Rafe brings up Stefano being diabetic so he has to draw blood every day so it wouldn't be surprising for his blood to be all over the house. André questions it being on an art piece far away from the bathroom. Rafe says it doesn't prove that Hope is guilty of anything. André tells Rafe that Hope chose well if he's her co-conspirator. André tells Rafe that Hope isn't worth it. Rafe tells him he can give his statement to the front desk. André exits while Lani watches.

Roman asks Hope what the problem is but she claims she's fine. Roman offers anything he can do to help. Hope hugs him and tells him that she would trust him with anything.

Chad and Abigail bring Jennifer home. Jennifer thanks Chad for everything. Chad tells her it's no trouble. Jennifer heads inside while Abigail says she'll be right there to help her upstairs. Abigail stays outside and encourages Chad about a positive step with Jennifer as they kiss.

John tells his mother about the story that he drowned and faking his death as he was sent away to the agency's special school. She tells him that she's so sorry as she only tried to do right by him.

Belle tells Shawn that he gave up on them without a conversation and questions him wanting to talk now. Belle tells him that he wasted a trip. Shawn tells her that he will wait to see her until tomorrow. Belle tells him to do whatever he wants as it has nothing to do with him.

Roman tells Hope to trust him and whatever it is, they will figure it out, encouraging her to talk to him but they are interrupted by Rafe knocking at the door which startles Hope. Hope answers the door. Rafe stops when he sees Roman. Roman says he will talk to Hope soon and see Rafe at the station as he exits. Rafe comes inside and tells Hope that André just came to the station with evidence that Stefano was harmed. Hope questions leaving blood at the scene and starts to panic that they will never get away with this while Rafe tries to keep her calm.

Chad tells Abigail that this is good that they found a way for Jennifer to be ok with this for now. Chad says he will work on finding a home for them. Abigail trusts him to pick the perfect place. They kiss goodbye as Chad exits and Abigail heads inside.

Shawn tells Belle that she's right but he will be in Salem when she gets back. Belle decides they will talk then and hangs up. Phillip comes out of the shower and comments that it didn't sound fun so maybe she's not as over her ex as she thought.

Roman goes to the hospital and asks Fynn how long Eric needs to be in the hospital. Fynn tells Roman that it's up to Eric and how his recovery is going. Fynn informs Roman that Eric left his room so they are looking everywhere for him. Eric then comes out and says he's right here.

Shawn returns to Claire in the town square and tells her that he and Belle made a plan to talk tomorrow. Shawn asks Claire about her and school. Claire says it's fine. Claire mentions the singing program and the audition that Eve set up for her. Shawn asks why she hadn't told him about it and if she's excited. Claire isn't sure she should try out with Belle how she is. Shawn tells her not to worry about he and Belle.

Fynn gets Eric put back in his hospital bed. Eric says he didn't mean to scare them and just needed to stretch his legs. Fynn warns him and exits the room, leaving Roman with Eric. Roman guesses Eric went to see Daniel. Eric says he has to but doesn't know how to apologize to the man he killed with his stupidity as nothing can make it right. Roman tells him that he can't think like that but Eric feels he has to be honest and can't duck from what he did. Eric blames himself. Roman encourages him to just get himself well first and not push it. Eric thinks Roman would want him to stay in the hospital forever but he knows he will have to arrest him when he's released. Eric tells Roman that he's ready.

Shawn tells Claire that he and Belle can take care of themselves while this is a big opportunity for Claire if she wants it. Claire notes it is big and very scary as she worries if she can't cut it. Shawn encourages that she can do this and questions her not being excited. Claire says stuff can always go wrong as things happen. Shawn encourages that things are going to turn around for all of them.

Belle assures Phillip that she is over it but Shawn just surprised her courtesy of Claire. Belle feels there is nothing left to say and she has more important things to focus on as she kisses Phillip.

John knows his mother must have had it hard as a single mother. She felt she had found the best for him which is all she cared about. She says the couple that adopted him loved him and would've given him the best life if they lived. John appreciates her time and talks about searching for these answers for such a long time and now he finally knows. John stops and realizes that she drugged him in his tea as he then collapses.

André finishes a call, saying they will get their check soon, then runs in to Chad in the town square. Chad has nothing to say to him but André asks him for two minutes. André informs Chad that Stefano is dead and he has proof. André whispers to Chad that Hope killed Stefano so the question now is what are they going to do about it.

Rafe questions Hope wanting to quit the force. Hope argues that she's not fit to serve right now. Rafe tells her to just take a leave otherwise she will set off alarms by quitting. Hope says she can't even think about being a cop right now after what she did. Rafe reminds her that she's not in this alone. Hope is thankful for that. Rafe tells her that he's there for her through this and everything.

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