Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/19/16

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/19/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Maggie comes home to Victor and asks him what happened, noting that he's shaking. Victor tries to say nothing and can't believe he has to dredge this up again. Victor informs her that his brother Deimos was in his house and says he had to introduce him to Phillip as family.

Phillip tells Deimos that there's nothing he can do about the drug serum right now as Victor has him on a short leash. Deimos thinks he can figure something out. Phillip doesn't want to betray Victor. Deimos threatens to tell Victor everything he knows about Phillip.

Shawn calls Claire back and asks if she's alright. Claire is glad he called and asks him to get on a plane to come back right now. Belle walks in and asks Claire what's going on.

Kate is at the club and calls Theresa who is at the hospital. Kate tells Theresa that she knows it's a rough time but they need to capitalize on the heat from the Basic Black launch so she needs her and Nicole to meet her. Theresa agrees to get there as soon as she can but she's not sure about Nicole.

Nicole sits at home with her laptop watching an old video of her and Daniel as she drinks a bottle of wine. Nicole begins to argue with herself about being the woman that Daniel fell in love with.

Brady is asleep in his hospital bed and dreams about Daniel and Nicole kissing. Brady wakes up in a panic and says Nicole's name. Theresa is at his side and tells him it's her then asks why he's asking about Nicole.

Ava returns to her hotel room, saying this is not how it was supposed to go, complaining about Kayla. Ava goes through Kayla's purse and finds the letter from the board that Kayla was supposed to appear in front of for the organ donation. Ava laughs and calls it perfect. Ava uses Kayla's phone to text Steve and Joey that she just got in to DC and is going to bed, adding that she can't use her phone in the meeting so they won't hear from her for awhile.

Steve gets the text and tries calling Kayla. He leaves a message, wishing her luck with the board and says they will talk soon.

Marlena talks with John at the hospital about Eric being released soon and then arrested. John knows it's rough right now and asks if Marlena really wants to go around the law. Marlena thought about getting Eric out of the country but knows that was desperation and that Eric wouldn't want to do that. Marlena says Eric wants to face the charges and take responsibility for what he's done because a really good man is dead.

Brady tells Theresa that he's been having weird dreams about Nicole. Brady says the dreams are like pictures that feel like memories but aren't. Theresa jokes if she should be jealous. Brady guesses it's because he's worried about her. Brady asks if she's talked to Nicole. Theresa says she hasn't and mentions Kate wanting to meet them both but she knows how Nicole must feel. Theresa asks Brady what he thinks. Brady thinks she should give her some room.

Nicole continues arguing with herself about not wanting to get up. Nicole cries that she had total happiness with Daniel and that will never happen again.

Claire pretends her call is about school and hangs up. Claire tells Belle that she can't believe she is leaving for Vegas with Phillip. Belle calls it business and tells her to call any time. Belle then exits. Claire calls Shawn back but he doesn't answer.

Victor tells Maggie that he hadn't seen Deimos in 30 years when he was 20. Victor talks about Deimos being from his father's second marriage and wanting everything he had including seducing his fiancee Helena and the next morning she was dead as Deimos pushed her off a cliff. Victor explains how Deimos went to prison while he came to America for a fresh start. Maggie asks why Deimos came looking for Victor. Victor is sure Deimos thinks it's all his fault. Maggie asks what he's going to do. Victor plans to find some way to get rid of him.

Phillip tells Deimos that he will get the information he wants. Deimos calls him a good nephew and orders it to be tomorrow. Phillip tells him it will take more time. Phillip explains that Victor's godson just died and almost lost his grandson so all he's focused on is Brady. Deimos feels those aren't his problems and demands Phillip make it happen. Deimos says he wants action as he's waited too long for this serum.

Brady asks Theresa if she's going to meet Kate. Theresa says she will if Brady is alright. Brady encourages her to go and asks her to tell Marlena to come to see him. Theresa agrees and asks if he's sure he's alright. Brady says he is but just feels strange as his body isn't all his and he doesn't know what to make of these feelings so he thinks Marlena could help him.

John gets a text with confirmation of an address for his mother after Eduardo put them in touch. John says the jury is still out on whether it's true or not but they spoke on the phone. Marlena asks how it felt. John calls it strange but says his whole past has been like that so he can't tell. Marlena asks if they can talk face to face and where she is. John says she's in New Orleans and asks Marlena if she's alright with him going away for a few weeks.

Belle goes to the Kiriakis Mansion and tells Victor that she was just looking for Phillip. Victor says he's on his way now. Victor brings up the Las Vegas trip and asks if she's done with Shawn. Phillip comes home and stops outside the door to listen in as Belle tells Victor that Shawn is the one that's done with her.

Marlena questions John about searching for his family his entire life and suddenly Eduardo knows where they are. John explains how he bargained with the agency. Marlena says this has haunted him his whole life so he needs to go but he also needs to be careful. John hugs her and tells her she's the best. Marlena gets a text from Theresa that Brady wants to see her right away. John says he'll wait for her but Marlena tells him to do what he has to do while she takes care of this. Marlena goes to see Brady.

Nicole complains that she needs more time, crying over losing her two babies and now Daniel. Nicole doesn't think anyone needs her now. Theresa knocks on the door, asking her to please open up as they need her. Theresa knows she's grieving for Daniel but she, Kate, and Basic Black need her. Theresa says they can be a huge success or flame out and it doesn't work without her. Theresa asks for an answer to know she's alright. Theresa continues knocking on the door then gives up when Nicole doesn't answer. Theresa exits through the elevator. Nicole's conscience asks her what Daniel would do. Nicole then gets up and heads to the back.

Marlena goes to see Brady and asks about him wanting to see her. Brady thanks her for coming. Marlena asks if he wants to talk about Eric. Brady says that's not why he needs help. Marlena asks what's wrong. Brady informs her that he's been having strange dreams about Nicole that are like memories but aren't and he doesn't know how to make it stop. Marlena tells him that they will fade in time but they are a normal reaction of a transplant as he feels like he's walking around with part of Daniel inside him. Brady asks if it's possible that he's feeling his feelings. Marlena calls it more likely that he wants to because he wants to keep Daniel alive. Brady wants it to stop. Marlena tells him not to fight it and just let it go but it will take some time.

Phillip enters the living room and asks Belle if she's ready to go, apologizing for making her wait. Victor asks him for a minute before he goes so they step out. Victor questions Phillip taking Belle to Las Vegas with him, pointing out that she's still married for now. Victor asks why Phillip came back to Salem as he thought he came to focus on Titan. Phillip assures him that he will be working in Las Vegas. Victor doesn't believe him but Phillip insists. Phillip calls Belle the one that got away so if she comes back, he'll be happy at home and work. Victor encourages him to keep his eye on the ball. Phillip responds that he's not Brady so he won't forget what matters. Phillip goes back in to get Belle and they exit together.

Victor sits alone near his fireplace as he thinks back to his past with Deimos and Helena.

Deimos sits in the town square and has a drink.

Brady falls asleep in his hospital bed as Nicole comes to visit him. Nicole puts her hand on Brady's chest and cries.

Theresa returns to the hospital and asks Fynn what she needs for Brady to come home. Fynn tells her that Victor took care of that already. Theresa argues that Brady needs her and Tate more. Fynn questions it being best for Brady. Theresa tells him to do what's right for Brady and not take orders from Victor.

Steve goes to Ava's room and tells her that he knows about her and Joey, questioning what's wrong with her using a sixteen year old boy. Ava asks what he's talking about. Steve tells her to shut up as he knows and asks about Kayla coming to see her. Ava says Kayla was upset and told her to stay away then left town. Steve warns Ava to stay away from Joey. Ava responds that all they did was work to get Steve and Kayla back together, questioning what's wrong with that. Steve tells Ava not to try as he knows how she works men. Ava stops him and asks how they got here, asking him not to let one mistake ruin things. Steve calls her unbelievable. Ava looks at the candle sticks and thinks back to knocking out Kayla.

Brady wakes up and Nicole greets him. Brady tells her that he understands. Nicole asks how he's feeling. Brady says he's better. Fynn enters and asks Nicole how she's feeling. Nicole is just glad Brady is doing better. Fynn asks if Brady is ready to take a walk. He says he is. Fynn leaves to get his paper work. Nicole questions Brady being up and walking already. Brady says he has to as it's important for the heart. Brady can't imagine what she's been feeling. Brady states that he's here because of his best friend dying. Nicole assures him this is what Daniel would've wanted. Brady tells Nicole about his dreams and feelings that he doesn't know why he's having. Nicole puts her hand on Brady's chest again and cries.

Ava asks Steve what he's going to do about their son. Steve doesn't know but can't trust a word from her. Ava is sorry he feels that way but understands. Ava gives Steve an envelope of everything she could get together about the sale of their child. Ava tells him to do whatever he wants with it and she understands if he decides not to do anything.

Brady hugs Nicole as they cry. Nicole says she can hear his heart beat. Theresa walks in and sees them together.

John goes to meet the woman said to be his mother. She says it's true and she can't believe it but she would know her son anywhere. John asks if she can prove that she's his mother. She asks how. John wants something only a mother could know. She recalls a birthmark on his left leg which amazes John. John asks her to tell him everything as he wants to know who he is and where he came from.

Claire sits in the town square as Shawn returns to Salem and joins her. Claire jumps up and hugs him, saying she's so glad he's here. Shawn asks where Belle is and what's happening. Claire informs him that she went to Las Vegas with Phillip because she isn't thinking straight. Claire insists that Belle hasn't been acting like herself since Shawn left so he has to help her and save her from herself.

Phillip and Belle arrive at the hotel room in Las Vegas. Phillip is glad she came. Phillip asks what she would like to do before his meeting. Belle pulls him in and they kiss.

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