Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/18/16

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/18/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

After Hope says she's come to confess to Seth Malcolm's murder, Roman decides he's going to talk to her alone. Lani feels that's not right but Rafe tells her it's not her call. Roman takes Hope to the interrogation room and asks her what the hell is going on here. Hope repeats that she killed Seth Malcolm and doesn't want a lawyer. Roman tells her not to play games and questions her confessing to a murder that she swore she didn't commit.

Belle sits at the club working where Phillip joins her with a flight plan for the Kiriakis Jet to go to Las Vegas. Phillip has business out there and invites Belle to come with him, feeling she needs to have some fun.

Eve goes to see Claire and tells her that she has amazing news for her. Eve talks about being impressed by her singing and sending a tape to a friend that got her an audition.

Caroline sits in the town square where Justin meets her. Caroline informs him that she is worried about Victor and shows her a paper where she has written down the names Damon, Damien, and Darius, asking Justin if the names mean anything to him.

Victor enters the living room at the Kiriakis Mansion and pulls his gun on someone, questioning what they are doing in his house.

Belle notes Phillip not taking things slowly and questions going to Las Vegas together. Phillip tells her there will be no strings as he promises to be a perfect gentleman. Belle says she will make sure of it but argues that Phillip doesn't know how to stop working and have fun. Belle brings up the Basic Black launch party and feels that Phillip will leave her alone so she turns him down.

Eve questions Claire not being excited for the Julliard audition. Claire notes it being in New York. Eve offers to go with her but Claire doesn't think Belle would let her go and she's not sure if she'd want to go anyways.

Justin asks Caroline if Damien could mean the saint but Caroline worries it could be the name of the kid in The Omen meaning the son of the devil. Justin asks what this means. Caroline talks about her visions of Victor being either injured or having a heart attack. Caroline explains that she then saw a vision of a man standing in Victor's doorway with a gun who called himself something like Damien. Justin argues that the visions could just be side effects of the drug but Caroline points out that her visions led Steve to Bo. Caroline insists that Victor is in danger so he better pay attention.

The man in Victor's house is identified as Deimos, who reveals himself to be Victor's brother as Victor questions how he got out. Deimos says it's been a long time and asks if they can talk or if he's just going to shoot him dead.

Hope tells Roman that she said she killed Seth Malcolm not murdered. Hope says she blocked everything out but now remembers everything and calls it self defense as he was going to kill her. Roman asks why he'd want to kill her. Hope explains that he wanted to make a deal for half a million dollars for the name of who kidnapped Bo.

Lani tells Rafe that she didn't see that coming and asks if Rafe did. Lani brings up Rafe being so sure Hope was innocent and now she confesses. Lani asks if Rafe knew all along or if he finally convinced her to confess. Lani points out that he said he'd do anything to clear her and asks what changed his mind. Rafe tells her that she did.

Eve thought this would make Claire happy. Claire suggests it would if her life wasn't so screwed up. Eve calls it a wonderful opportunity but Claire calls it such a huge decision. Eve asks if she's just going to let this slide. Eve encourages her to make tough decisions about her future. Eve tells her to talk it over with her mom and maybe she won't think it's such a crazy idea.

Phillip argues that the Las Vegas trip is what Belle needs and he won't ignore her. Belle continues to turn him down, saying she has clients and she likes to work. Belle brings up Claire and how she would have to leave her. Phillip insists that Belle needs to come with him.

Victor questions Deimos not being in prison where he was supposed to be for life. Deimos tells him that he was released early after thirty years. Victor questions why he came here. Deimos thinks he knows the answer to that.

Lani asks Rafe how she changed his mind. Rafe brings up how Lani thought he was crossing a line and he decided she was right so he went to convince Hope to turn herself in. Rafe thanks Lani for her honesty. Lani is glad it's all settled. Lani tells Rafe that she will always have his back. Rafe tells her the same.

Roman questions why Hope didn't come to him about the deal. Hope believes Seth would've known. Hope explains that they met in the park and claims he attacked her and was going to kill her until she shot him. Roman asks why she didn't call it in. Hope insists she wasn't thinking straight and didn't know what to do. Roman knows she's a smart cop but he's not sure he buys this. Hope insists it's the truth. Roman feels there's so much missing and different versions of the story. Hope goes over what she's been through. Roman gets that she wanted revenge. Hope shouts that it wasn't revenge but self-defense. Hope cries that he has to believe her. Roman responds that he wants to. Roman says she has to convince the judge or else it will go to trial. Hope insists that she can because it's the truth. Roman tells her that she needs to get a lawyer because after this, everything she says will have to go on record. Hope mentions having to make a full statement.

Phillip tells Belle that he's always right. Belle gets a call from Hope. Belle tells her that she's on her way and not to say anything. Phillip tells Belle that they can live whenever she's ready. Belle points out that she hadn't said yes yet as she exits while Claire then enters.

Justin assures Caroline that she doesn't need to worry about Victor as he's very well protected. Caroline gets mad and tells him that she warned him as she storms off. Justin turns around and sees Eve who he notes looks upset and asks what happened. Eve explains how she set up Claire's audition without asking first and now Claire is upset at the idea of leaving Belle. Justin tells her to be careful about coming between them. Eve argues that Claire is such a talent that she could go places. Justin warns her not to try to substitute Claire for Paige which Eve questions what he's talking about.

Victor asks if Deimos came for revenge. Deimos says no as he spent all those years in prison learning to forgive so he realized wanting vengeance was like cancer. Deimos hoped Victor spent that time wanting to atone for what he did. Victor is sure he came to ask for something. Deimos wants a chance to rebuild his life and to do that, he needs a job. Deimos feels Victor owes him that much but Victor tells him to get out of his house as he's not welcome here. Deimos tells Victor that he just reminds him of his past but he can't escape his past. Victor doesn't want a lecture from him and says he's as dead to him as his other brothers Alexander and Titus. Deimos comments on Victor's family photos and says they are still blood. Deimos tells Victor that he can't erase family.

Phillip tells Claire that Belle just left. Claire says she actually came to talk to him. Claire doesn't know what's going on with her parents but insists that they still love each other so she asks Phillip to stay away from Belle. Phillip is sorry for what she's going through and relates going through it with his parents. Phillip adds that he doesn't want to hurt her but if Belle wanted to be with Shawn she would be. Claire argues that Belle is pretending she doesn't want to be with Shawn. Phillip tells Claire to let Belle make her own choices and then exits.

Eve argues that she's just trying to make a young woman's dreams come true and isn't trying to replace Paige. Justin apologizes then gets a call from Roman about Hope. Justin says he'll be right there and tells Eve he has to go but he'll call her later and maybe they can have dinner. Eve stops him to ask what's going on with them. Justin asks where this is coming from. Eve felt last night that maybe things aren't over between he and Adrienne so she doesn't want to have her heart broken again.

Roman asks Rafe how long he's known that Hope killed Seth Malcolm. Rafe explains that Hope just told him this morning so he brought her in. Roman hopes that she can back up her self defense claim otherwise this could land her in prison for a very long time. Rafe asks if he thinks Justin will press charges. Roman doesn't know but hopes he's in an understanding mood.

Justin tells Eve that he is recently divorced from a woman who he raised a family with while Eve just lost a daughter who's father just showed up out of nowhere. Justin doesn't think either of them can know what they are feeling or can make a commitment. Eve says that's honest which is all she asks. Eve doesn't want to be fooled again as she is tired of searching for happiness. Justin tells her honestly that he can't make any promises right now and if she can't wait to see what happens next then that's her decision. Justin then walks away.

Phillip enters the Kiriakis Mansion and asks Victor what's going on. Deimos introduces himself to Phillip as his uncle which surprises him. Victor says he has two brothers and one that he never hoped to see again. Deimos looks forward to getting to know Phillip but feels he has to give Victor time to process this unexpected visit. Victor tells him he's not wanted here so he should go. Deimos tells him they will talk again soon as they have so much to catch up on. Deimos exits.

Belle joins Hope at the station and wishes she talked to her before doing this. Belle says she can get what she said thrown out and get her out. Hope wants to make a statement but Belle says no. Justin comes in with Rafe and Roman to take Hope's statement. Belle points out this is against her wishes. Justin asks Hope what happened the night of Dr. Seth Malcolm's death. Hope explains that she went to see him to get information on Bo's kidnapping and torture but he wanted money and she was desperate. Hope says they met in the park and he attacked her, trying to kill her. Hope says she reached her weapon and fired, killing Seth Malcolm. Justin asks what happened next. Hope says she had blocked everything out until last night. Justin asks what happened last night. Hope says she started remembering in flashes then contacted Rafe this morning. Roman asks how Justin wants to proceed. Justin wishes she had told them all this from the beginning. Hope repeats that she had blocked everything out. Belle argues for Hope's case. Justin doesn't disagree that Hope was put through hell. Justin orders Hope to be released as he is dropping all charges against her since it would be a waste of time and money to take this in front of a judge. Hope thanks him then exits with Belle. Belle reminds Hope that she should've called her as it was still risky. Hope thanks her for helping her. Belle suggests Hope talk to somebody about everything she's been through but Hope declares it's over and she's fine. Hope thanks her as they hug and Belle then exits.

Victor informs Phillip that he hasn't seen Deimos in thirty years and wishes he hadn't seen him today. Victor orders Phillip to steer clear of Deimos as he will go after his family to get what he wants. Victor adds that he's trouble and to stay away from him. Victor asks about Phillip's trip to Vegas and tells him to have a good time. Victor hopes Deimos will be history by the time he gets back.

Belle goes home and talks to Claire about Eve's offer. Claire informs Belle that she told Eve that she didn't think she should leave her right now. Belle feels she should be taking care of her not the other way around. Claire feels they haven't been talking like usual. Belle apologizes. Claire suggests they go shopping in Chicago this weekend. Belle notes it does sound like fun so Claire hugs her.

Eve sits alone in the town square looking sad. She pulls out an old drawing of Paige's from when she was a kid and cries.

Claire talks about plans with Belle but Belle points out that she didn't say yes. Belle informs her that she has to go out of town on a business trip this weekend. Claire decides some other time then when she doesn't have business. Belle thinks back to Phillip and promises Claire that she will make it up to her. Belle goes to pack. Claire calls Shawn, leaving a message to call her as Belle is in really bad trouble and he needs to get back to Salem right away.

Deimos walks out of the town square where he meets Phillip. Phillip confirms he wasn't followed. Deimos asks Phillip what he has to tell him.

Roman thanks Justin and thinks he made a good call, believing it was the right call. Justin asks Roman if he believes her. Roman responds not as much as he does.

Hope thanks Rafe for everything and hugs him. Rafe tells her that she's practically home free as Lani watches from her desk.

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