Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/15/16

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/15/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Steve stands at home, looking out the window as he holds a photo of Ava's baby. Steve puts it in his pocket as Kayla comes in and greets him. Kayla informs him that she has to go in front of the national donor society for giving Daniel's heart without consulting them first so she has to fly to Washington DC tonight. Steve thinks she can make a case. Kayla notes that he's distracted and asks if everything is alright. Steve says not really as he explains that he went to Ava's to return the photos of the baby and she claims it's his.

Joey goes to Ava's hotel room and questions her not answering his texts and if she doesn't want anything to do with him anymore. Ava brings him in and tells him that she's just been busy which Joey questions further. Ava tells him that they can't have that much contact anymore or his parents could find out that she helped him. Joey then asks her if she is dumping him, leaving her confused.

Abigail joins JJ and Jennifer in the living room where she reveals to them that Chad proposed and she said yes. JJ asks if she's nuts.

André talks on the phone at home, trying to find out if Stefano is in Paris. Chad walks in and says he's just here to pick up the rest of his stuff. André asks if he's had any contact with Stefano. Chad mentions a text saying he was going to Europe because Hope figured out what he did. André comments that it just doesn't seem like Stefano not to speak to them directly. Chad says he couldn't care less and just wants him far away from he and Abigail, then suggests André go there too.

Rafe tells Hope that she isn't thinking straight. Hope asks what if she admits to killing Seth Malcolm in self defense so no one will look in to Stefano. Rafe questions her but Hope feels it's better than having her family watch her go to prison for a crime she did commit.

Ava tells Joey that they aren't a couple but just friends. Joey argues that friends at least answer texts and he hardly ever sees her anymore which he doesn't find friendly. Ava tells him it just has to be that way for now. Joey complains that it's killing him not seeing her. Joey then declares he's in love with Ava.

Kayla can't believe Ava's claims and asks if Steve believes her. Steve doesn't know what to believe. Kayla argues it's not possible but Steve says they both know it is. Kayla questions Ava waiting this long to tell him and feels she wants something. Steve explains that Ava wants him to find their son as she wants to see him once before she dies.

Rafe warns Hope that changing her story will be weird to Roman and Justin. Hope suggests saying she plead not guilty because she was traumatized and forgot she shot Seth but now she remembers everything and wants to do what's right. Rafe agrees that Roman and Justin might buy it with what she's been through. Rafe encourages her story of self defense. Hope asks if he thinks they'll buy it and it will work. Rafe thinks she has to be 100% sure that she wants to do this because once she confesses to murder, there is no going back.

JJ asks Abigail what happened to taking things slow. Abigail says she realized they don't need to because they love each other and they have Thomas. JJ brings up how Chad treated her. Abigail says that's all in the past. Jennifer also goes over how Chad treated her. Abigail insists it's all straightened out now and they love each other so she doesn't know why they can't be happy for her. Jennifer wants to believe she's right about Chad. Abigail shouts that Chad is a good man and she wouldn't be marrying him if she didn't think so. JJ points out that she said the exact same thing about Ben.

André questions Chad turning his back on his family so easily. Chad says it's easy after what they did to him. André argues that was done for the greater good of the family. Chad tells him that Abigail broke his power over him. André mocks their love and says he's found out that DiMera men aren't capable of love that lasts as it just gets in the way. Chad informs André that he and Abigail are getting married and they picked a date so he's going to pack his things and he never wants to see André or Stefano again. André stops him and says there's something he should know before he goes.

Ava sits with Joey and tells him that he's 16 so he doesn't know what love is. Joey argues that she's beautiful, sweet, and the only person that gets him. Joey talks about being messed up after he left boarding school but she listened to him and helped him through it. Joey doesn't care that she's older than him as he wants to be with her no matter what it takes. Ava calls it impossible because she can't be with anyone. Ava then tells Joey that she has leukemia and is dying.

Steve tells Kayla about how Ava said her father sold her baby when it was born. Kayla can't believe Steve is buying this. Steve says he's not buying anything but he's just not rejecting it altogether because she could be telling the truth. Kayla asks if Steve already told her that he's going to look for her son. Steve says he wouldn't do that without talking to her first. Steve says he's been trying to make sense of this. Kayla doesn't like how this feels. Kayla brings up that they decided to believe Ava when she said she was sick but now she feels like it was just bait for her to reel Steve in. Kayla calls it the oldest trick in the book. Kayla asks Steve to tell her he's not thinking about doing what she's afraid he is. Steve wants to forget about Ava and focus on the child. Kayla thinks they are a set. Steve says it wouldn't be hard to prove she had a baby. Kayla argues that it doesn't mean he's the father. Steve worries about a possible son of his living the worst life and he couldn't live with that. Steve feels he owes it to the kid regardless. Steve brings up his own rotten childhood. Kayla argues that Ava knew a story about a mistreated kid would affect Steve. Steve says locating the boy and doing a DNA test is the one way to find out. Steve tells Kayla that she knows it's the right thing to do.

Abigail doesn't think it's fair for JJ to throw her relationship with Ben in her face. JJ explains that he's just reminding her that it hasn't been that long. Abigail argues that she just didn't listen to her instincts and doesn't know why they can't trust her. JJ brings up EJ followed by Ben. Abigail declares that she's marrying Chad and they will raise their son together as a married couple. Abigail adds that they are getting married on Valentine's Day which shocks Jennifer as it's so soon. Jennifer then remembers it was the day that Daniel and Nicole were supposed to get married. Abigail decides she'll change the date then. Jennifer tries to argue for more time to plan a wedding but Abigail says they just want close friends and family.

André tells Chad that he doesn't believe Stefano fled the country. Chad asks what he does believe. André explains that he last saw Stefano with a late night visit from Hope and she was enraged so he thinks there's a strong possibility that she did something to him because she believed he was responsible for Bo's death. André says Stefano wasn't responsible. Chad asks if he thinks she killed him. André suggests maybe she's holding him somewhere trying to get a confession. Chad argues that Hope's a cop and wouldn't get pushed to that point. Chad believes Stefano left town because Hope figured out what he did. André questions Chad. Chad says if Stefano did something to Bo then he deserves whatever he gets. André argues that Stefano is Chad's father which he calls an accident. André remarks that Chad has no compassion. Chad says he doesn't for them and tells him to leave him alone as he exits.

Hope talks to Rafe about Ciara being so fragile that she doesn't know how she would survive this. Hope is willing to do whatever it takes including pleading guilty to Seth's murder so that they don't look for Stefano. Rafe suggests maybe it'd be easier to pin it on Stefano but Hope knows Stefano never leaves a trail and that André doesn't believe he left town so he will be watching her every move. Rafe is concerned about Hope lying to Roman because he's a good cop so she will have to stay cool and be very convincing. Hope admits she's scared. Rafe encourages that she can do it as he believes in her.

Joey asks Ava if she really has leukemia which she confirms. Joey tells her he's so sorry. Joey asks how much time she has. She responds not long and says maybe now he'll understand why she was so anxious to get his parents back together. Joey recalls her saying she was sick a couple times but he had no idea. Ava calls him a great guy and she's glad they got to know each other. Ava tells Joey that he has to get over the crush on her. Joey doesn't know how. Ava encourages that he'll figure it out but Joey doesn't want to as he then suddenly kisses her.

Kayla tells Steve that she has to get to the hospital to see Eric and Brady before she leaves for DC. Kayla asks Steve not to do anything before she gets back. Steve says he just wants to confirm if Ava had a baby. Kayla regrets not running Ava out of town the second she got back. Steve promises they will figure this out together. Kayla says she has to go from the hospital to the airport. Steve kisses her goodbye and says it's ok as she then exits. Steve pulls out the baby photo from his pocket.

Abigail says she's going to see Chad and doesn't know how long she'll be out. Jennifer insists that they want her to be happy. Abigail tells them that she is happy but they don't want to believe or see it, feeling like they think she's stupid or naive. Abigail cries that she wants them both at her wedding but she's going to marry Chad either way. Abigail then exits, leaving Jennifer and JJ upset.

Chad returns to the living room of the DiMera Mansion for one last walk through, saying the house is just full of bad memories. Chad notices one of the statues on the table appears to have blood on it.

Rafe finishes a call with Lani while Hope looks at a photo of her and Ciara. Rafe informs Hope that Roman is heading to the station. Hope asks if she's really doing this which Rafe confirms. Rafe encourages her to just think about what she's going to say and he'll be right next to her. Hope hates that she got him involved in this. Rafe assures her that he's where he wants to be. Hope doesn't know what she would do without him to back her up. Rafe tells her she doesn't have to worry about that and they can go over her story on the way. Hope asks him to tell her again that she can do this so he does. Rafe asks if she's ready. Hope says let's do it so they exit together.

Abigail brings Thomas to the club to see Chad. Abigail asks how it went at the Mansion. Chad informs her that he moved out, mentioning that André gave him some grief while Stefano left town. Abigail questions if Stefano was well enough to travel but Chad wants to forget about them and focus on their own family. Steve arrives and meets Thomas. Abigail introduces Steve to Chad as well, who says it's good to meet him. Abigail lets Steve hold Thomas. Steve feels he sees Jack in Thomas's face. Steve adds that he's sorry Jack isn't here to meet his first grandbaby. Steve declares that he's back now so he'll do his best to fill in. Abigail reveals that she found out Chad is Thomas's father and not Ben so he will be raised by a wonderful father. Steve calls him a lucky boy.

Ava tells Joey that he has to let her go. Ava says they did a wonderful thing in getting his parents back together. Joey asks her about wanting that so bad because she was sick. Ava says she has to face this alone because she doesn't want him to watch her go through this. Joey wants to be there but Ava tells him there's nothing he can do. Ava tells Joey to leave and not come back. Ava opens the door for him right as Kayla arrives and questions what Joey is doing there and what Ava is doing with her son.

Abigail sits with Chad and tells him that she wants to get married next month with or without her family there but Chad argues that they would hate that and he wants her family to see how much he loves her. Chad will do his best to convince her family and wants to go talk to JJ and Jennifer now. Abigail wishes him luck as he exits.

Joey tells Kayla that nothing is going on and claims he knocked on Ava's door by mistake. Ava tells Joey that he doesn't need to lie and admits to Kayla that they worked together to get Steve and Kayla to reconcile. Kayla tells Joey to go home and they'll deal with this later so he exits. Kayla warns Ava to stay away from her son. Kayla says she gave her the benefit of the doubt and even forgave her while she was setting them up behind her back. Kayla warns Ava about telling Steve and questions her master plan. Kayla says she will do everything in her power to make sure Ava never hurts her family again.

Rafe and Hope go to the station. Lani tells them that Roman went to pick up some paper. Roman then comes out and greets Hope. Hope asks about Eric. Roman says he's a little better every day so they are all optimistic about his recovery. Roman asks Hope why she's here.

Chad goes to the Horton house where Jennifer answers the door. Chad asks if he can talk to her and JJ. Jennifer says JJ isn't there but she is. Chad asks if he can come in so she allows him. Chad says he came to tell her that he loves her daughter more than anything and would really like to spend the rest of his life trying to make her happy. Chad promises to never hurt her. Jennifer calls that just words and says he will have to prove them with actions and she doesn't know how he'll do that while thinking about getting married. Jennifer gets a pain and then collapses in to Chad's arms.

Joey cries at home as Steve comes in and asks what's going on. Joey confirms to Steve that Ava helped him get them back together. Steve points out that he lied before and asks if Ava put him up to it. Joey shouts that it wasn't her fault as she was really nice to him and got him through a really hard time. Joey cries that he can't believe she's dying. Joey asks what he's going to do without her.

Ava asks Kayla why she would make a big plan when she knows how much time she has left. Kayla argues that is part of the plan and tells her that Steve will do nothing for her while she spends the rest of her days rotting in prison. Kayla storms out but Ava chases after her with a lamp and hits her in the back of the head, knocking her out. Ava drags Kayla back in to her room, calling her a bigger pain in the ass than ever.

Roman again asks Hope why she's at the station. Hope informs him that she needs to come clean. Hope declares that she's there to confess to killing Dr. Seth Malcolm.

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