Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/14/16

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/14/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Eric has nightmares about drinking and the car accident then wakes up in a panic to find Brady standing at his bed side, who sternly asks if he had a bad dream.

Victor finishes a call as Theresa comes home to find him in she and Brady's home. Theresa asks what he's doing there. Victor informs her that he's sending Brady's things back to the mansion as Brady will be doing his recovery there.

Nicole goes home to Chloe at Daniel's apartment. Chloe tells Nicole that Parker still refuses to go back to Chicago with her because he says he's not leaving where his dad is. Nicole mentions the funeral being in a few days.

Rafe sits in the police interrogation room and goes over a text he sent from Stefano's phone that he was leaving Salem.

Hope sleeps on the couch at home and has a nightmare about killing Stefano. Hope wakes up to a loud knock at the door. Hope answers the door to see André, who asks where his father is.

Eric doesn't know what to say to Brady as he apologizes. Eric talks about praying a lot as he knows what he did was horrible and he doesn't ever expect Brady to forgive him for what he's done.

Lani knocks on the door to the interrogation room so Rafe comes out and asks what's up. Lani wanted to check her schedule and notes that Rafe has been up all night. Rafe asks her to grab Seth Malcolm's case file since they still need to prove that Hope was set up. Lani comments on Rafe going at that angle. Lani feels something has changed as Rafe seems different like maybe he found out Hope is guilty but he's still going to protect her.

Hope asks André why she would know where Stefano is. André goes over Hope coming to the mansion and now both are gone. André shows Hope the text that said Stefano was leaving because she figured it out. André asks what she figured out and why it made Stefano flee the country.

Parker tells Nicole that he's not going back to Chicago. Nicole tells him that his friends there will miss him. Parker argues that his dad is here. Nicole encourages that he will always be in their hearts but Parker turns away.

Theresa tells Victor that Brady didn't say anything about moving back in to the mansion. Victor explains that he will have access to doctors and a full staff so it's the best choice for his recovery. Theresa argues that he just wants her out of his life. Victor calls that an added bonus. Theresa thinks it will add a lot of stress to Brady. Victor thinks he will be fine away from the woman who nearly cost him his life. Theresa is sick of him blaming her for an accident. Theresa thought they could let go of the hostility until he got this crazy idea. Victor calls it a fact that the accident wouldn't have happened if Brady didn't turn the car around. Theresa tells Victor that Brady won't walk away from her because he loves her and he will hate Victor for trying to do this. Victor wants Theresa out of Brady's life. Theresa kicks him out of their house.

Brady tells Eric that this could've been him that caused all of this if he was on drugs and drinking. Eric shouts that he killed somebody and caused all the pain. Eric appreciates Brady trying to be understanding but he doesn't deserve anything. Brady tells Eric that he will wake up every day knowing what he did and there's nothing he can say or do to make him feel worse. Brady advises Eric to get used to it.

Hope tells André that Stefano knew she had him dead to rights with what she found out. André questions what she found out. Hope brings up Bo being captured and tortured for over a year and having a brain tumor then died because he didn't receive treatment. André questions Stefano being behind all of it. Hope says she knows he is and that he also kidnapped Ciara to find out about the drug then framed her for Seth Malcolm's murder. André comments that Stefano must have been a busy man. Hope tells him to get out. André brings up Hope being suspended from the police force and questions why she wasn't with detectives and a warrant when she went to the mansion. André questions Stefano fleeing the country because Hope was suspicious about something she couldn't prove and doesn't believe it.

Rafe takes Lani in to the interrogation room and questions her theory. Lani says she just thought it started looking that way and will apologize if she was wrong. Lani asks if he found out Hope is guilty. Rafe assures her that Hope did not kill Seth Malcolm. Lani says ok and goes to get the file but Rafe stops her.

Brady tells Eric that he will stop shoving it in his face and goes to leave but Eric stops him to say he's glad it was him that got Daniel's heart. Eric mentions the chance that he was going to get it which he calls absurd. Brady is glad the antibiotics are working for him but Eric shouts that he doesn't deserve it and they should've just let him die. Brady yells at him to stop feeling sorry for himself. Brady tells Eric that he's been given a second chance which Daniel didn't get so he should honor Daniel's memory. Brady tells Eric to let it go. Brady adds that he should feel terrible and awful but then he gets well and earn the right to what he's been given.

Nicole tells Parker that she thinks about Daniel all the time. Nicole talks about how Daniel would always listen and never give up. Nicole thinks they should remember him by trying to be like him. Parker hugs Nicole. Nicole encourages him to be strong. Nicole tells him that Chloe needs their help too since she is sad so they will help her remember. Parker then goes to Chloe and says let's go home. Chloe thanks Nicole as they cry.

Eric tells Brady that he's right, no more self pity. Brady declares they are done. Brady stops to warn him to never drink again. Brady then exits. Eric presses the button to call for a nurse. The nurse comes in to ask if something's wrong. Eric says he needs her to make a call for him.

Brady gets back in to his hospital bed where Theresa brings Tate to visit him. Brady is happy to see Tate. Brady says there is something they need to talk about. Theresa knows Victor wants him back in the mansion and wants her gone for good. Theresa asks if that's what he wants. Brady says no but he wanted to warn her that Victor might get ugly and mean but it seems she already knows that.

Rafe apologizes to Lani for snapping as he's just frustrated about the case and has a lot on his mind along with not sleeping. Rafe encourages Lani to say any time she has something on her mind like that. Lani tells him it's all good. Rafe thanks her. Lani understands he could see it like she was crossing the line. Lani knows Rafe really cares about Hope and is trying to clear her name but she just had to ask. Lani notes it weird that it never even crossed his mind that Hope could commit a murder.

André continues questioning Hope's story. André tells her that he's going to get to the bottom of this and he will find his father. Hope wishes him luck and tells him to ask what he was thinking when he went after Bo since she never got that out of him. Hope remarks that Stefano was defiant up until the end, of their conversation. Hope claims that Stefano still claimed to have no idea when she left. Hope declares they are done and shuts the door on André.

The priest visits Eric, who wants him to hear his confession.

Theresa talks to Brady about sitting with Victor all night on the night of the accident and thinking they were fine. Brady tells her that it takes time for him to change as he's used to getting his own way. Theresa worries about Victor wanting her out of Brady's life and blaming her for the accident. Theresa asks if Brady thinks this is her fault too.

Rafe gets a call from Hope, who asks if he's alone. Rafe says he's off and asks what's up. Hope tells Rafe that André was just there and suspicious. Hope says he's not buying her story. Rafe argues that he can't prove anything since they covered their tracks. Rafe tells Hope that he's on his way and hangs up.

André returns home and re-reads the text message Rafe sent as Stefano that says not to follow him. André says there's no way in hell.

Brady assures Theresa that he doesn't believe she's to blame for a second. Brady states that Victor is wrong and just looking for someone to blame. Theresa calls it an accident. Brady agrees that accidents happen. Brady adds that Daniel would've never blamed anyone. Theresa worries about Brady being tired. Brady owes Daniel for giving him a second chance.

Eric gives his confession of driving drunk and causing all the pain. Eric feels like he's been transformed into a selfish, weak willed excuse for a man without a conscience. The priest thinks he's being hard on himself. Eric says he needs to be because he killed his best friend. Eric cries that people's lives were changed and badly injured all because of him. Eric apologizes for asking him to come but he's desperate for God's help. Eric wants to become who he's meant to be otherwise everything he's done has no meaning.

André makes a call to confirm the jet chartered on the flight to Paris. André says he just wanted to tell the company what a splendid job they did and asks for the name of the company.

Rafe goes to Hope's. She hugs him and thanks him for coming. Hope apologizes and worries. Rafe tells her not to let André scare her as he just acts like a Stefano clone. Rafe reminds Hope that they dumped Stefano's body in a building that will be demolished in two days so if there's no body, no murder. Rafe tells Hope there's another reason he came by as he's fairly certain they are safe when it comes to Stefano but there is another thing that could trip them up and that's Seth Malcolm's murder.

The priest understands Eric looking for redemption and thinks he will find it with God's help. Eric says he was given a second chance so he can't ignore it. Eric says he did something horrible so if he can prevent even one person from making the same mistake then he might be able to forgive himself.

Theresa kisses Brady on the cheek as he falls asleep and she exits with Tate. Brady has a dream about Nicole and wakes up.

Nicole shuts things down at Daniel's apartment and lays down on the couch crying.

André talks to the company about the flight chartered with Stefano, arguing that he has the right to know the information as Stefano's son. André asks if Stefano was on the plane when it took off but they hang up on him.

Rafe tells Hope that the best chance she had to beat the charge of Seth Malcolm's murder was to pin it on Stefano but now that he's gone, they are going to look to pin it on her. Hope guesses it's time to plead guilty.

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