Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 1/13/16

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 1/13/16


Written By Joseph
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Marlena finishes a call and tells John that her schedule is cleared for the week. They talk about Eric showing improvement. Marlena asks how long John thinks it will be before the police press charges. John is surprised they haven't already but suggests Roman can pull some strings. Marlena worries about Eric being hard on himself.

Jennifer visits Eric in his hospital room with flowers. Jennifer asks how he's feeling but Eric says the accident is something he will have to live with for the rest of his life.

Maggie cries at home looking at a photo of Daniel. Theresa enters and says she just wanted to tell her again how sorry she is about Daniel. Maggie thanks her. Theresa can't imagine and says she's so heartbroken for her. Victor enters and asks what the hell Theresa is doing there.

Nicole sits with Parker, who asks why nobody could fix his dad.

Fynn checks on Brady at the hospital and tells him he will get him up and out of bed tomorrow to avoid risk of blood clots. Fynn wants to push Brady to his fullest potential. Brady agrees that he owes this to Daniel who was like a brother to him. Fynn feels the same.

Maggie tells Victor that Theresa came by to pay her respects. Victor doesn't want to look at her and accuses her of trying to make it all about her. Victor then blames Theresa for Brady quitting Titan. Victor then brings up that Brady was going back for Theresa's gift when he was in the accident. Victor blames Theresa for Brady being in the hospital and Daniel's death. Theresa runs out of the room crying. Victor shouts for her to not come back. Maggie asks if that made him feel better. Maggie cries that it won't change a thing.

Jennifer tells Eric that she's there if he needs to talk. Eric thanks her as Roman enters. Roman asks how Jennifer is doing. She says she's good and thanks him. Roman tells her to take care of herself as she exits. Roman tells Eric that it was nice of Jennifer to come by. Eric tells Roman to take the flowers to someone who deserves them. Roman thinks he needs some cheering up. Eric says he needs to atone and tells Roman not to feel bad for what he has to do. Eric wants to pay for taking a life. Roman tells Eric to just focus on getting better and they will talk about things another day. Roman says he will do everything possible when it comes time to deal with this but Eric doesn't want his favors, feeling he doesn't deserve them.

John gives Marlena a rosary to give to Eric. Marlena calls it an incredible act of love that John offered to give his heart to Brady and it made her realize that she doesn't want to live without him. John feels the same about her as they hug and then they go to leave for the hospital as Eduardo shows up at the door. John asks if he has news. John tells Marlena it won't take long so he'll meet her at the hospital soon. Marlena tells John that she loves him and kisses him goodbye as she exits. Eduardo enters and tells John that he's sorry about Brady's accident. John says they are hopeful for a full recovery. Eduardo doesn't want to take up much of his time and informs him that he was able to neutralize the threat for the time being. Eduardo reveals to John that he has some information that he's been looking for a long time. Eduardo declares that he knows who John's mother is.

Theresa runs in to Eve in the town square, who asks her what's wrong.

Victor apologizes to Maggie for upsetting her further. Victor invites her to the hospital to see Brady but Maggie says she's waiting for Nicole to start planning Daniel's funeral. Victor offers to do that for her but Maggie calls it maybe the last thing she needs to do for her son. Maggie adds that she needs to spend some time with Melanie.

Nicole talks to Parker about Daniel fixing other people and how he gave his heart to save someone else so he's still with them. Melanie then returns to Salem, arriving at the door. Parker runs up and hugs her.

Marlena goes to the hospital. Roman tells her that Eric just fell asleep. Marlena wants to talk with Roman so they step aside. Marlena asks what the charges against Eric will be when he gets out of the hospital. Roman assumes he will be charged with vehicular manslaughter. Roman wishes there was something he could do but he has to uphold the law. Justin arrives and says he does as well. Justin says his heart goes out to everyone involved in the tragedy but they have to avoid any appearance of special treatment. Roman clarifies that nobody is asking for special treatment. Justin asks if he's made Eric understand that he will be facing jail time. Marlena informs Justin that Eric is months away from recovering from his infection. Marlena hoped Eric's past service to the community would mitigate his sentence. Justin thinks Eric should be prepared for the maximum penalty given Daniel's service to the community. Marlena points out that there was other cars involved and suggests that someone else could be to blame but Roman confirms the accident was caused by Eric so he will have to answer for Daniel's death.

Chloe joins Nicole and Melanie at Daniel's apartment. Nicole and Melanie tell Chloe that they are there for Parker. Chloe reminds Nicole that she needs to get to Maggie's. Nicole cries about going from planning their wedding to now Daniel's funeral.

Theresa tells Eve about the accident. Eve can't believe she hadn't heard about it. Theresa feels bad that she gave Daniel a hard time since Brady would be dead by now if not for Daniel's heart. Eve encourages that everything will be okay. Theresa tells Eve about Victor blaming her. Eve tells her not to let him get to her. Theresa worries about Victor coming between she and Brady. Theresa informs Eve that Brady had just told her that he loves her. Eve encourages her more and says Victor is no match for her. Theresa asks Eve how things are going with Justin. Eve believes Justin is not close to being over Adrienne and never will be.

Justin calls Adrienne, leaving a message about Sonny needing legal documents for his club and also asks about her latest test results.

Eduardo gives John his mother's name and number. John asks how he's sure. Eduardo says he put a price on it. Eduardo says he convinced the people that were after John that he would stop asking questions if they gave him contact information. Eduardo hopes he got John enough time to figure out what he really needs to know.

Justin walks through the town square and finds Eve. Eve mentions just reading the article about the accident and calls it unbelievably sad. Justin offers her a drink. Eve declines but says she would love to not be alone right now so Justin sits with her.

John asks Eduardo what he means by buying them time. Eduardo reminds him that they wanted him to kill John so they probably gave up a name to appease John. John says they will have to watch their backs but he's not convinced the name is real. Eduardo is confident somehow that it is but suggests calling her. Eduardo says he'll let John get to the hospital and he hopes his son gets better soon. John thanks him for everything as Eduardo exits.

Melanie sits with Maggie, who tells her proud Daniel was of her. Melanie cries remembering that Daniel planned to visit her the last time they talked. Melanie cries that she should've never left. Maggie tells her to have no regrets or guilt and just focus on the memories and love they shared. Nicole enters and apologizes for interrupting. They invite her to sit with them. Nicole cries about planning the funeral. They try to plan the reception. Nicole wants to keep it small but Maggie wants everyone to have the opportunity to pay tribute. Nicole gets upset and shouts about being unable to pretend to be happy. Nicole cries that she can't do this and rushes out of the room. Maggie breaks down crying as well as Melanie holds her.

Eduardo interrupts Eve and Justin to let Eve know that he's back in town. Eve has questions about the music program. Justin says he has to get back to work so they can talk now. Justin tells Eve that he will call her for dinner later as he exits. Eduardo asks if things are getting serious between Eve and Justin. Eve wants to keep their personal lives out of it. Eduardo agrees and sits down to talk business.

Nicole goes to the club where Fynn sees her so she joins his table. Nicole apologizes for being unable to keep it together. Fynn offers to keep her company. Nicole asks him to talk to her about Daniel as she wants to hear about the life he lived before she met him instead of thinking about his death.

Eve talks to Eduardo about singing. Eduardo comments on loving hearing her sing. Eve is happy and excited to help kids learn music. Eve adds that music was the one thing that connected her and Paige. Eve tells Eduardo about her new protege, Claire Brady, who Eve wants to help make her dreams come true. Eduardo feels it's nice to see her happy again. Eve says it's nice to have something to look forward to again. Eve thanks Eduardo for giving her something to invest in and making her feel useful. They touch hands as Kate appears nearby and sees them.

Fynn talks to Nicole about Daniel and how he always pushed him to be a better person. Nicole feels he made her a better person too. Fynn talks about knowing Daniel better than anyone and never seeing him as head over heels as he was for Nicole since he truly loved her. Nicole thanks him.

Victor visits Brady in the hospital and comments on his very good progress. Victor looks forward to his discharge and wants him to move back in to the Kiriakis Mansion. Victor points out that Brady will need extensive rehab so he asks him to please come home. Brady is unsure as it's not his home anymore. Victor thinks it's time to bury the hatchet. Victor tells Brady that he loves him and will do anything to help him get his life back. Brady asks if he means a life without Theresa.

Theresa sits outside with the nameplate gift that she had gotten Brady. Jennifer finds her and asks if she's okay. She says she is and asks why wouldn't she be since Brady's going to be fine and she's the lucky one. Theresa points out that Daniel was Jennifer's friend and everyone loved him but her and a few others. Theresa says now Daniel's gone and it's her fault.

Kate interrupts Eve and Eduardo. Eve decides to get going and walks away. Kate asks about Eduardo's trip. Eduardo apologizes for missing the Basic Black launch since he heard it was an epic success. Eduardo offers to take her out for dinner. Kate says maybe. Eduardo guesses she's going to make him work for it. Eve looks back at them from a distance.

Nicole returns to Daniel's apartment and asks Chloe what's going on. Chloe tells Nicole that she told Parker that he's coming back to Chicago with her and he threw a fit, saying he wants to stay with Nicole in Salem.

John calls the phone number he was given for the woman said to be his mother.

Theresa explains to Jennifer why she blames herself for Daniel's death since Brady had turned the car around to get her gift for him and if he hadn't, they wouldn't have been on the road. Jennifer tells Theresa that she was in the accident too and isn't to blame so she should be kind to herself. Jennifer knows they aren't friends but she wants her to hear her. Jennifer encourages Theresa to never waste time with the one she loves. Jennifer then exits as Theresa is left crying.

Victor tells Brady that this is about his recovery but Brady feels it's really about Victor getting him away from Theresa. Brady asks if he's even thinking about Tate. Victor argues that Tate would be better off. Brady asks why he can't give Theresa a chance. Victor blames Theresa for Daniel's death. Brady knows they are grieving so he'll excuse his twisted logic. Brady says the road was slick, it was dark and if he wants to point the finger, they all know who is to blame.

Eric breaks down crying in his hospital bed.

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