Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/12/16

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/12/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Steve goes to Ava's hotel room and returns her envelope of baby pictures that she dropped. Ava thanks him. Steve goes to leave but Ava asks if he wants to know who the baby is.

Ciara talks with Theo at school about how she's worried about Hope. Theo opens his locker and finds a paper making fun of him, saying he rides the short bus. Ciara says she's going to find out who is doing this.

Chad explains to Abigail that they have been talking about being together and it just seems right so he wants to be a family officially. Chad tells Abigail that he wants to spend the rest of his life making her smile. Abigail is shocked as Chad proposes to her.

Rafe and Hope work on getting rid of Stefano's body. Hope looks at a photo of Stefano and mentions a secret tunnel to get the body out. Rafe says they need to clean up any blood stains and put everything back how it was. Rafe goes over that there is no getting around that Hope was the last person to see Stefano alive so they have to stick to that he was alive when she left. Hope recalls that Stefano told her he planned to leave Salem so Rafe says they will go with saying he did since there won't be any proof. Rafe feels it's their only plan and wants to get in and out. Hope stops Rafe and tells him that he can still walk away but he refuses. Hope asks where they are taking the body. Rafe responds that it's somewhere no one will ever find him and he thinks he knows a good spot. They then begin to push Stefano's body in the wheelchair out.

Theo tells Ciara that it's not worth fighting. Ciara argues that he's not different but unique and whoever is doing this is a coward. Ciara calls him one of the coolest people she knows. Chase shows up so Ciara shows him. Chase says it's harsh. Theo says he's used to it. Ciara asks if Chase has any idea who could be doing it. Chase claims he doesn't but offers to ask around. Theo doesn't want anyone knowing though. Ciara insists on finding out who is doing it but Theo doesn't want anyone to save him and tells her to stay out of it as he walks off.

Steve asks Ava who the baby is. Ava decides she shouldn't have said anything but Steve says she got his attention and asks again who the baby is. Steve points out that he looks like her. Ava confirms it's her baby.

Abigail gets out of bed and tells Chad that there is nothing in the world she wants more than to spend her life with him but the idea of a wedding right now is overwhelming. Chad understands because she just planned one and it could bring back bad memories. Abigail blames herself for what happened with Ben because she was blind to him. Chad says they can keep it quiet until he breaks away from Stefano and André. Abigail knows her family would hate that. Chad promises he'll take care of everything if it means being able to marry her. Chad tells her he loves her and will do anything for her. Abigail then says yes that she will marry Chad as they kiss until they are interrupted by André walking in, who calls it certainly a surprise.

Chase tells Ciara that Theo is right that he can learn to deal with it. Claire arrives and asks what's up. Ciara suggests going to the Pub but Claire has to get to the community center for the music program. Ciara notes that she doesn't sounds as excited. Claire says she's just really worried about her mom as she wishes there was a way to get her parents back together. Ciara tells her it's all on them and understands it's hard to let go. Ciara encourages Claire to sing as Chase compliments her voice. Claire thanks him and walks away. Chase offers to go to the Pub with Ciara but Ciara wants to go find Theo. Ciara tells Chase that he was right that she shouldn't find Theo's battles. Ciara walks away leaving Chase frustrated.

Rafe and Hope bring Stefano's body to a building that is being torn down. Hope remarks that it's exactly where Stefano belongs, buried in garbage. Hope doesn't regret what happened, only dragging Rafe into it. Rafe responds that he doesn't regret it at all and it's his choice. Rafe assures Hope that he's there for her and wants to protect her no matter what it takes.

Chad questions how André found him. André says he wanted to have a private family discussion with him and found out where he was but thought he would be with Belle so this is not what he expected. André questions what is going on here. Chad tells him that things have changed since he found out what is important to him. Chad then reveals to André that he has asked Abigail to marry him. André says he should welcome her to the family. Abigail reminds Chad that André has no power over him anymore.

Steve asks Ava when the baby was born. Ava says it was before she first came to Salem. Steve questions just now hearing about it. Ava explains that she didn't know there was a baby because her father convinced her otherwise. Steve asks when she found out the truth. Ava says it was just recently as she started remembering things. Ava recalls falling in love for the first time and being very happy for awhile then he vanished on their wedding day. Ava explains that she had a nervous breakdown, gave birth and then her father took away her son. Steve questions if she means their son and if she's trying to tell him that the baby in the pictures is his.

Theo walks through the town square where he finds Lani and Abe sitting together. Abe invites Theo to go to Chicago with them this weekend but he declines. Abe asks if something is wrong but Theo says nothing is. Abe gets a call and steps away. Lani talks with Theo and wants to start being there for him as his sister. Theo admits that there is a bully.

André reminds Chad that family comes first. Abigail stops him and warns André to never come near Chad again. Abigail tries to keep Chad focused as Chad stares at André. Chad assures Abigail that he could never forget about them. Chad tells André that he will never forget what he has done either. Chad declares it's over and André loses.

Ava confirms the baby is Steve's son. Ava knows he must think it's a lie but she insists it's the truth. Ava knows he has his own family now with Kayla but asks if Steve feels pulled to the baby as he looks at the pictures.

Chase sits outside the town square where Claire joins him. Chase is listening to One Direction. Claire mentions wanting to see them next month. Claire asks if something is wrong as he seems kind of down. Chase asks her about feeling invisible to certain people. Claire asks if he feels that way but Chase says it's not important and rushes off.

Theo tells Lani that he doesn't want to tell Abe about the bully because he'll try to protect him and he wants to take care of himself. Theo explains that he doesn't know who it is but just wants it to stop. Lani tells him that he can count on her if he ever needs to talk. Lani encourages him not to let it get him down.

Chad tells Abigail to take Thomas and go home but Abigail doesn't want to leave Chad alone with André. Chad assures her that André won't waste any more time trying to control him. André claims to have no idea what he's talking about. Chad convinces Abigail to trust him so she steps out of the room. Chad asks André about brainwash and hypnosis, saying he fought off his mind games due to his love of Abigail and his son. Chad reveals to André that Thomas is his son. Abigail comes back in to get Thomas while André mocks her not knowing who the father was. Abigail tells Chad that she will come look for him if she doesn't hear from him in half an hour. Chad tells her it's okay as she exits. André assumes Chad telling them that Belle knew nothing was a lie. Chad repeats that Belle doesn't know anything. Chad tells him to leave Belle alone as well as Abigail, Thomas, and him. Chad declares that he wants nothing to do with André or Stefano and to consider him dead because they are both dead to him.

Rafe wants to get out but Hope stops him to talk to Stefano's body. Hope says she can't speak for the people and families that Stefano destroyed but only for herself. Hope talks about Stefano trying to destroy her and her family. Hope screams that Stefano has no heart or soul. Hope recalls Stefano making her his prisoner and brainwashing her. Hope says taking Bo away from her and their children was the last straw. Hope says Stefano has always managed to come back but not this time. Hope declares that the phoenix shall rise no more as she exits and Rafe follows.

Abe returns to Lani and Theo. Abe says he's taking the rest of the day off. Lani says she's done for the day so she'll join him. Ciara finds Theo and apologizes for interrupting. Abe says it's okay. Ciara asks to speak with Theo alone. Abe and Lani go to see a movie. Ciara apologizes to Theo for trying to fix everything for him when it's none of her business. Theo thanks her and apologizes for getting mad since he knows she was just looking out for him. Theo assures her that he doesn't need protection as he can deal with this. Ciara doesn't know why she worries so much. Ciara advises him that telling the bully off would just give them more power. Theo agrees not to give them his attention. Ciara asks what he's doing Friday night and invites him to a party she's throwing. Theo says it sounds good.

Rafe brings Hope home. She calls out for Ciara and Chase but they are not home. Rafe says he will charter the jet then use Stefano's phone to text André and Chad that he's leaving Salem. Hope tells Rafe that she's so grateful for everything he did in sacrificing himself for her.

André suggests Chad reconsider since without the DiMeras, he is nothing. Chad responds that the DiMeras are nothing as they have no money or allies. Chad tells André that he deserves every bad thing that happens to him. André questions Chad being innocent when he's been in so many illicit endeavors. Chad says the difference is that he wants to change and be better while André and Stefano enjoy being despicable. André argues that Chad is no better and never will be. André declares Chad has DiMera blood so he will never be rid of the family. Chad tells André that this is it so he's going to leave them alone. Chad repeats that Belle doesn't know anything about Sami. Chad warns André that if he tries to hurt them, he will make him wish he was never born. André laughs and exits.

Ava tells Steve that he knows in his heart that the baby is his. Ava thanks him for believing her. Steve didn't say that he did but Ava notes he didn't say he didn't either. Ava remembers holding her baby once. Ava cries that she thinks about their baby every day. Steve asks where he is now. Ava doesn't know and says she has no idea. Steve thinks there must be some record but Ava says no. Steve asks what she's not telling him. Ava reveals that her father sold the baby on the black market. Steve can't believe it as Ava cries that the only thing she wants with her time left is to find her child. Ava asks Steve to help her find their son.

Abigail holds Thomas at home and gets her phone until there's a knock at the door and Chad arrives. Abigail asks him what happened. Chad tells her that he's free and they never have to worry about Stefano or André again. Abigail makes sure he has no regrets about walking away from his family. Chad assures her that this here is his family and he wouldn't have it any other way.

Rafe charters the jet with Stefano's credit card. Hope prays that this works and worries about if it doesn't. Rafe assures her that as long as they stay cool, no one will ever know what happened. Rafe asks Hope if she can hold it together, handle this, and live with what she's done.

André returns to the DiMera Mansion looking for Stefano. André picks up the king chess piece and notes that Stefano would never allow his king to be put in that position.

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