Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/11/16

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/11/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Chad and Abigail fell asleep on the couch until Thomas starts crying. Chad calls it one of the best nights of his life and talks about loving her and their son as they kiss until Jennifer and JJ enter. JJ asks what the hell.

Fynn talks with Victor at the hospital and says Brady should make a full recovery if things stay the same. Victor thanks him for saving Brady's life and says he's his guy if he ever needs anything. Fynn responds that it's funny he says that because there is something he wants.

Chloe and Nicole talk at Daniel's after putting Parker to sleep about how Parker doesn't fully understand that he won't be seeing his dad again. Chloe mentioned how Daniel still saved Brady's life. Chloe tells her that they need to get with Maggie and Melanie to plan the funeral but Nicole shouts no word about a funeral.

Stefano stands up laughing at Hope, telling her that she's embarrassing herself as they both know she doesn't have the guts to pull the trigger. Hope aims the gun at Stefano, shaking, but then puts it down. Stefano calls her predictable to the very end and a coward at heart just like her now dead husband. Hope then screams , turns back around and shoots Stefano twice in the chest. Stefano falls down into his chair, knocking over the chess pieces. Hope screams that he will never hurt her family again as she then fires a third shot in to Stefano. Hope drops to the floor crying as Rafe busts in to the room and questions what Hope has done.

JJ confronts Chad as he tries to explain what André and Stefano did but JJ believes Chad's still a DiMera like them. Chad declares that Thomas and Abigail are his family now and swears he won't hurt Abigail. JJ doesn't believe him. Jennifer doesn't want them to argue as she just got out of the hospital. Abigail asks if she's okay. JJ says she's great and walks out with her. Abigail apologizes to Chad but he feels he had it coming. Abigail suggests he should go. Chad says it's okay and asks her to meet him in the town square in half an hour as there is something he wants to do. Abigail tells him that she can't leave Thomas but Chad doesn't want to do anything without him so he wants her to take him. Abigail agrees and they kiss as Chad then exits. Abigail sits down upset as JJ returns to the room and warns her to be damn careful.

Chloe tells Nicole that she doesn't have to help plan the service. Nicole screams that it's just a stupid ritual that won't bring Daniel back. Nicole breaks down crying and storms out.

Fynn tells Victor that the hospital could become one of the foremost children's units if the pediatrics were updated. Victor says he'll fund the whole thing, mentioning Tate and how Brady will be around to raise him thanks to Fynn. Victor's only condition is that the new unit has Daniel's name on it. Victor knows it must be very difficult for Fynn being old friends with Daniel. Fynn feels the same for Victor.

Kayla tells Roman, John and Marlena that Eric's treatment is kicking in fast and promises to do everything they can as she exits. John tells Marlena that he's so happy for her as they hug.

Hope asks Rafe what happened. Rafe helps Hope up and sits her down as he goes to check Stefano's pulse. Rafe confirms that Stefano is dead. Hope asks if she did this.

Abigail knows JJ thinks she's an idiot for getting back with Chad. JJ responds that he doesn't and understands she just wants to believe in him. JJ brings up Chad setting her up in the past but Abigail insists that he's not. JJ hopes not since Thomas is in the picture now. Abigail tells JJ that she didn't go to Chad to ask him to take her back but because she found out that Thomas is Chad's son so she needed to give him the opportunity to do the right thing. Abigail declares that she knows she's doing the right thing and she's happy. Thomas wakes up crying so she goes to check on him.

Eric dreams of the Basic Black launch party where he was drinking and talking to Nicole followed by the drunk driving accident then he wakes up to see Nicole standing over him to tell him that he killed Daniel.

JJ tells Abigail that he just wants her to be happy. JJ brings up an old quote from Jack and encourages her to take it slow with Chad. Abigail responds that she knows. Abigail doesn't know what to say about Daniel as she knows how close they were. JJ recalls being such a mess after Jack died and how Daniel was like a father to him. JJ tells Abigail that he's glad she's happy and leaves the room as Jennifer comes back in. Abigail asks if she hurt her back in the accident. Jennifer says she's just stiff and sore but will be alright in a couple of days. Jennifer asks Abigail what she and JJ were talking about. Abigail tells her it was Daniel and asks how she's doing. Jennifer can't believe she's never going to see him again and points out that the last thing he did on Earth was save Brady's life. Abigail thinks Daniel would find peace knowing his heart went to a friend. Jennifer prays that Eric pulls through this and maybe he can feel that same kind of peace.

Marlena returns to the chapel and thanks God for hearing her prayer since Eric is making progress and has a chance now. Marlena is afraid that Eric has been through so much that he's beginning to lose his faith. She asks God to let Eric know he's still with him in his life and to help her help him. Marlena asks God not to take him. John joins her side.

Eric tells Nicole that he's so sorry about what happened. Nicole says it isn't what happened but what Eric did, getting behind the wheel when he was loaded. Nicole declares that Eric killed Daniel and his sorry won't bring him back. Eric knows what he did and repeats that he's sorry. Nicole argues that he can't understand because he's still alive after the accident.

Rafe asks Hope what happened. Hope remembers driving to the mansion and watching people so she could memorize the security gate code. Hope says she broke in while André was there but he left to go find Chad. Rafe asks what happened then. Hope says she accused Stefano of killing Bo and he laughed at her. Rafe asks what happened but Hope doesn't know, saying she just started seeing white. Hope can't believe she killed Stefano DiMera and worries that she or her kids will be killed when this is found out. Rafe tells her to calm down as he's going to help her by taking a page out of the DiMera playbook. Hope worries about him breaking the law but Rafe tells her to let him worry about it.

Roman finds Kayla and asks when she last got some sleep. Kayla says she's just taken some naps. Roman knows she's had an unbelievable load on her shoulders, losing her brother and then had to help Maggie make an incredible difficult decision. Kayla says that's what she is trained for. Roman tells her that everything has been handled with Brady and Eric doing better. Roman knows how much Kayla cared for Daniel and suggests she take some time off to deal with the loss. Kayla tells him about finding a note in her purse from Daniel and breaks down crying as Roman hugs her.

Abigail brings Thomas to join Chad in the town square. Abigail tells him things are better with JJ after they talked. She asks what Chad's plan is. Chad thought they needed a day to themselves but didn't know where to go since neither of their homes are good choices. Chad explains that he talked to Julie and Doug at the Pub so they head to the Pub.

Hope wants to leave but Rafe tells her that they aren't going anywhere until this is taken care of. Hope worries about Rafe destroying evidence but Rafe says this isn't up for discussion as they will make it happen.

Eric continues to apologize to Nicole but she says that doesn't make it okay. Nicole blames Eric for all the destruction after she told him to wait for a cab. Nicole shouts about Eric being a priest before until Marlena interrupts. Nicole screams at Marlena that she can't order her around and tells her to leave her alone as she storms out.

Chad brings Abigail to the room he had all set up for them. Chad tells her it will take a long time to make up for how he treated her so he's going to spend his life making her and Thomas happy.

Hope insists that he has to go as André could be back any minute. Rafe argues that he won't let her go down and they will get rid of the body. Hope argues that whatever his plan is isn't going to work since André knew she was there.

Chad and Abigail watch over Thomas as he sleeps. Chad and Abigail then dance together. Abigail can't believe they are dancing after everything that's happened. Chad tells her it's all in the past as they made things right. Chad declares that he's finally happy as they begin kissing and head to the bed.

Phillip approaches Belle in the club. Belle mentions getting a text from Marlena that Eric is doing better. Phillip says he's happy for her. Belle asks about Maggie. Phillip says she's about the same. Belle can't imagine losing a child. Phillip knows it helps John and Marlena to have Belle in Salem, adding that it makes him happy too. Phillip wants her to let him help invest the DiMera money she got from Sami but Belle feels there are strings.

Marlena follows Nicole and knows she wants someone to blame but says laying in to Eric won't make her feel any better. Nicole argues that he needs to know about the lives he destroyed. Marlena insists that he's in agony and that she's delusional if she doesn't think so. Marlena encourages Nicole to find comfort in being there for Daniel's kids. Marlena asks Nicole to just think about it.

Rafe tells Hope that they can still make this work. Rafe says Hope's story will be that they argued and she left. Hope doesn't think André will buy it but Rafe insists. Hope wants Rafe out of this, saying that he can't save her. Hope says this is happening whether he likes it or not. Rafe brings up what it would do to her children for her to rot in jail and says it's not an option.

Nicole tells Marlena that she talks a good game. Marlena responds that she's not playing games. Nicole shouts that she's trying to spin it to Eric's pain and anguish. Nicole asks who is going to stand out for Daniel. Marlena doesn't think he would want her to do this. Nicole screams that no one knows what Daniel would want because Eric killed him. Nicole asks how Eric and Marlena are going to live with Melanie and Parker not having a father. Nicole continues crying.

Kayla checks on Eric and tells Roman that his progress is still the same. Roman notes that he sleeps so much. Kayla says his body needs to heal so they shouldn't disturb him. Roman tells Eric that he loves him and asks him to please stay with them. Roman then exits with Kayla and John.

Phillip admits to Belle that seeing her again after all this time has made him realize how much he missed her. Phillip clarifies that he's not making a play but he likes her company and he wants to be her friend again unless she is looking for more than friends. Belle doesn't know what she's looking for. Chloe then enters and says it's just like old times.

Chad and Abigail lay in bed together. Chad asks how things got so messed up. Abigail thinks Ben came along at a time where she needed support and she was confused. Chad recalls doing everything Stefano told him to do and made some pretty stupid choices. They agree not to do that again. Abigail tells Chad that she can't do that again as they are together and can face anything. Chad asks what they are waiting for then and suggests making it real. Chad asks Abigail to marry him.

Rafe tells Hope that she was just pushed too far. Hope wonders why she didn't listen to him tonight. Hope just wants it all to go away. Rafe assures her that it will. Rafe talks about his career of crime scenes and the DiMeras. Rafe insists that he can make the cops believe what he wants them to believe. Rafe tells Hope to trust that he will take care of this as it's the right thing to do. Hope agrees to do it. Rafe says first they have to make the body disappear where no one will ever find it.

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