Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/8/16

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/8/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Nicole sadly walks through the town square and sits down on the bench. Chloe then appears with Parker.

Theresa worries about Brady not waking up. Victor says it's the drugs after surgery and goes to get the doctor but Theresa stops him as Brady wakes up. Brady asks if he's still here. Theresa tells him to rest and get better. Brady asks what happened and what he's doing in the hospital.

Marlena remains in Eric's bedroom and wishes she was the doctor. Roman reminds her that it will take time for the antibiotics to work but Marlena worries about them working at all.

Rafe reads the article about Daniel's death and the car accident. Rafe can't believe Eric's blood alcohol level. Rafe then opens his folder and sees Hope's mugshot from her arrest.

Hope storms in to the DiMera Mansion, demanding Andre get Stefano now. Andre tells her to go home but Hope insists that Stefano is going to answer her questions for what he's done. Stefano then comes in and asks what the hell she's doing there.

Victor knows Brady has a lot of questions but advises him to rest and stay calm. Theresa tells him that everything will be fine. Brady asks what happened. Victor informs him that he was in a car accident. Brady questions the feeling in his chest. Theresa explains that there was damage to his heart. Victor tells her to tell him so Theresa tells Brady that he had a heart transplant but he's going to be fine. Brady doesn't understand since people wait years for donors.

Maggie is at home and looks at a photo of Daniel. Outside the living room, Caroline explains to Julie how Maggie is doing and that Victor is at the hospital with Brady. They worry about Maggie holding things inside. They head inside where Maggie asks to be alone but Julie says she's not going anywhere nor is Caroline. Julie tells Maggie that she doesn't have to go through this alone.

Rafe finishes a call in frustration about the DiMeras. Lani notices as Rafe explains that he's trying to find a connection between the DiMeras and Seth Malcolm. Lani encourages him to go get some sleep but Rafe refuses until he's cleared Hope's name.

Hope tells Stefano that she's here for a chat as they have a lot to talk about. Stefano orders Hope to get out and then for Andre to leave and get Chad as he needs to talk to them. Andre exits then Stefano tells Hope to make this quick. Hope says it shouldn't take long as they both know what he's done. Stefano responds that she has no proof. Hope declares she's not leaving without a full confession.

Parker hugs Nicole and tells her that he missed her. Parker notices she's wearing Daniel's coat and asks where he is.

John joins Marlena and Roman in Eric's hospital room and asks if there's any news. Marlena says he's the same. Roman decides he'll leave them alone but John thinks Marlena could use a break. Marlena doesn't want to leave but Roman encourages her and says he'll call with any changes. Marlena agrees to take a walk and asks about Brady. John says they have guarded optimism. Marlena encourages him and exits the room. Roman tells John that's great news about Brady. John offers to get Roman some coffee but he says he's good. Roman tells John that he wants to talk to him. Roman says thank you isn't near enough for what he offered to do for Eric. Roman says after losing Will, he doesn't know how much more Marlena can take. John asks what could Marlena be facing next. Roman says they just have to wait to see if the drugs work. John asks Roman if Eric will be arrested if he wakes up.

Brady asks what he's not being told. Theresa says it's so hard to talk about but they were all so scared not knowing what was going to happen. Theresa tells Brady that his operation worked so he's going to be fine. Theresa jokes that she and Victor even got along since they were so scared for him. Brady is sorry she was scared. Theresa cries that he doesn't have to be sorry. Theresa tells Brady to just go to sleep.

Stefano asks Hope if they are really going to do this again. Stefano says she reminds every two months that he is bad and she is good. Stefano calls it predictable and boring. Hope says he won't talk to her after everything he's done to her. Hope brings up their history of Stefano kidnapping and brainwashing her in to being a thief. Stefano responds that it was the one time in her life that she was interesting. Hope declares that she knows he took Bo from her so this time he's going to pay.

Parker asks Nicole why she's wearing Daniel's coat. Nicole explains that it makes her feel closer to him. Parker asks where Daniel is since he wasn't at the hospital. Parker then sees one of his friends so he goes to talk to him. Chloe apologizes to Nicole and hugs her as they cry.

Roman tells John that he can't answer that and doesn't even want to talk about it because he doesn't even know if he'll still have a son. John apologizes for being out of line but Roman understands he's worried about Marlena. Marlena returns and happily informs them that Brady woke up and spoke with his prognosis looking good so that's a bit of good news.

Julie offers Maggie some tea but she declines. Maggie tells them that she appreciates this but needs to handle things her own way. Caroline says they want to keep her company. Julie asks about Melanie. Maggie says she told Melanie that Daniel saved Brady's life. Maggie wishes that could help her accept all this but it doesn't.

Fynn checks on Brady and tells him it's a good sign that he woke up so quickly. Theresa mentions not sharing the details of the transplant. Fynn checks Brady but Brady starts saying he doesn't feel good.

Lani tells Rafe that she's still trying to track the numbers from Seth Malcolm's phone. Rafe says he just can't prove it was Stefano but he needs to before Hope goes in front of the judge. Rafe thinks back to his last conversation with Hope.

Stefano tells Hope to get out of his sight or he'll call security. Hope points out that they are alone and she's armed. Stefano calls her a little bitch and says she won't get away with this. Hope tells Stefano that he won't get away with what he did to Bo. Stefano responds that he didn't do a damn thing and Bo just got what was coming to him. Hope tells Stefano that he will listen to her. Stefano calls it insanity. Hope tells Stefano that she is finally sane. Hope calls him an animal who kidnapped a child. Stefano calls her a drama queen. Hope argues that Ciara will never be safe unless he's stopped. Hope tells Stefano it's over. Stefano responds that it will never be over as long as he has breath in his body.

Fynn asks Brady what's wrong. Brady says it's too fast. Fynn encourages him to rest. Theresa tells Brady that she loves him and exits. Brady tells Fynn that they wouldn't tell him what happened but he needs to know.

Roman decides he needs to check with the station so he'll be right back and he exits. Marlena worries about this killing Roman. John suggests going home for an hour since she hasn't slept or ate but she refuses to leave. Marlena asks John for a little time alone with Eric so John exits. Marlena sits with Eric as he then wakes up.

Roman calls Rafe. Rafe asks how Eric is doing. Roman says they are still waiting to see. Rafe tells him that everyone is thinking about him. Roman asks how Hope's case is going. Rafe responds that they think maybe the DiMeras are involved. Roman agrees it's possible. Rafe asks if there's anything he can do or if he needs to come to the hospital. Roman says it's all waiting now and thanks him.

Stefano tells Hope that she leaves a lot to be desired as a person and she's an absolutely miserable cop. Stefano calls only Bo worse and mocks them dedicating their lives to pulling him down while never laying a finger on him. Stefano declares that Hope is left with empty threats. Hope responds by promising that there will be a different ending this time.

Chloe talks to Nicole about trying to tell Parker but she couldn't. Nicole understands being scared of how he will react. Chloe worries about making it worse. Nicole suggests they tell him together.

Fynn doesn't want to upset Brady with the details. Brady responds that he's remembering some of it but he needs to know if other people were hurt. Fynn confirms they were.

Marlena tells Eric that she will get the doctor but he says no. Eric asks what happened and why he's here.

Lani finishes a call and tells Rafe that it could be good news on Seth's phone calls. Lani brings up tracking to where Stefano lives in the lake district but Rafe points out that Victor lives there too. Lani is disappointed but Rafe thanks her for being there for him.

Stefano questions Hope being armed when she's not even a cop and what she's going to get him to confess with. Stefano informs Hope that there is a loaded gun in the top drawer for her to take but he doesn't believe she has it in her to take it and follow through. Stefano mocks her and Bo setting themselves against him. Stefano says sometimes he wishes he had worthy adversaries rather than them.

Marlena tells Eric that there was an accident and they found a serious problem with his heart so he's on medication to try and knock down the infection. Eric remembers drinking and asks if that caused the accident which Marlena confirms. Eric asks if anyone else was hurt. Marlena says yes.

Brady asks Fynn if Jennifer and Eric were hurt. Fynn responds that Jennifer has already been released. Brady asks about Daniel, remembering that he was in the car with him. Brady asks what happened to Daniel.

Eric can't believe Brady had a heart transplant and is glad Jennifer is okay. Eric then asks Marlena about Daniel, pointing out that she hasn't told him anything about Daniel.

Rafe goes to Hope's where Ciara answers the door and tells him that Hope's not home and she doesn't know where she is or when she left. Ciara doesn't know what's going on.

Stefano tells Hope to just go away, calling her a stupid woman. Stefano questions her not leaving without a confession. Stefano says he must lie then to get her out of his sight. Stefano then tells her he did all of it from Bo's questioning to Ciara's abduction to Hope's life sentence. Stefano calls it a bogus confession and says there's nothing she can do with it because she's powerless, defeated, and a joke. Hope then pulls out her gun and asks if she is.

Eric wants Marlena to tell him that Daniel is okay but she can't. Eric asks if he killed his best friend.

Brady asks Fynn if Daniel is dead which Fynn confirms. Brady remembers being in the car and turning around to get back to the party. Brady shouts that Daniel would be alive if he hadn't turned around. Fynn tells Brady to look out for himself for Daniel's sake. Fynn informs Brady that Daniel was his heart donor which shocks him as he cries.

Maggie talks to Julie and Caroline about finding out that Daniel was her son then breaks down crying when she thinks of Parker.

Nicole and Chloe sit with Parker in the town square. Chloe tells him it's about his dad. Chloe tells him that Daniel loved him with all his heart. Chloe tells Parker that Daniel is now in Heaven with the angels. Nicole encourages that they are all watching over him as they cry.

Ciara tells Rafe about her nightmare but she woke up and Hope wasn't here and didn't leave a note like she usually does. Rafe suggests she must be just getting breakfast and tells Ciara to tell Hope to call him when she gets back. Rafe then exits and worries about what Hope is up to.

Stefano stands up laughing at Hope, telling her that she's embarrassing herself as they both know she doesn't have the guts to pull the trigger. Hope aims the gun at Stefano, shaking, but then puts it down. Stefano calls her predictable to the very end and a coward at heart just like her now dead husband. Hope then screams , turns back around and shoots Stefano twice in the chest. Stefano falls down into his chair, knocking over the chess pieces as Hope then fires a third shot at him.

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