Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/7/16

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/7/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Abigail falls asleep in the hospital waiting room and dreams of life with Chad.

Andre and Stefano get up to meet Chad in the living room. Chad says he's here to let them know what he found out about Belle and Sami.

Belle goes to the hospital, surprised to see Phillip is still there.

Kayla goes home with Steve. Steve wants her to try and relax but Kayla worries about if the hospital needs to get a hold of her. Steve tells her that there's nothing more she can do as they saved Brady's life while Eric will fight too. Steve sits her down and wants to take care of her. Steve goes to see what he can get her to eat. Kayla then falls asleep on the couch.

Ava sits in her hotel room with photos of a baby and then puts them in an envelope.

Rafe tells Hope to stop. Hope argues that she's going to see this through. Rafe wants to help her but Hope tells him to stop. Hope says he shouldn't be involved. Rafe worries about something happening to her. Hope knows he won't be able to save her so she suggests saying goodbye now.

A nurse wakes Abigail up and tells her that Thomas is doing just fine. Abigail asks when he will be released. She tells her when he wakes up which Abigail is happy about. The nurse exits. Abigail wonders why Chad isn't back yet.

Chad tells Andre and Stefano that he finally pulled it off with Belle so she trusts him completely. Andre questions what he learned. Chad says that Belle told him everything about Sami disappearing and stealing money but she has no idea where Sami or the money is and neither do her parents. Chad says that Belle was completely open that she has no clue. Chad insists she wasn't lying and told her everything so she's just scared for Sami. Andre says she should be. Stefano questions Chad being positive. Chad confirms and suggests giving up on trying to get to Sami through Belle.

Phillip goes over what Belle must be going through with her half brothers in the hospital. Belle says she's trying to cope like everybody else. Phillip suggests letting him take care of her.

Hope insists to Rafe that she's grateful for everything he's done. Rafe states that she knows how much he cares about her. Hope thanks him. Rafe questions if she's going to do what she's going to do no matter what he says. Rafe asks if she's just going to leave Ciara when she needs her. Rafe begs her to let him take this over and have faith that he won't let her down. Rafe says he would stand here all night if he thought he could get through to her but she obviously doesn't want him to protect her. Hope tells Rafe to take care of himself as he then exits.

Phillip offers to get Belle some food but she says she will get some at home since Brady and Eric are doing ok for now. Phillip offers to drive her home so they exit.

Steve calls Hope and tells her that something really bad has happened so he needs to talk to her but Hope says it's not a good time and hangs up. Steve shows up at Hope's door saying she needs to hear this but she shouts that she's busy so Steve exits. Hope wonders if she can ever prove it.

Andre tells Stefano that Chad is wrong, it's not a time to let go but tighten the screws. Stefano tells him to forget Sami, Belle, and the whole business. Stefano wants to see a graceful endgame and asks Andre to leave so he can be alone.

Chad goes to see Belle. She invites him in and says she's picking up clothes for her parents. Chad tells her that he heard Brady and Eric are doing better. Belle mocks him caring and says he's wasting his time. Chad tells her that he came here to warn her. Chad says she was right that he was lying to her from day one.

Rafe goes to the DiMera Mansion to talk to Andre. Andre tells him he has ten minutes. Rafe says he needs to speak to he and Stefano but Andre says that won't happen as Stefano is resting. Rafe asks if Andre's ever heard of Dr. Seth Malcolm. Andre says not that he can recall. Rafe tells him he was murdered in Salem last week. Andre guesses they are assumed to be involved and brings up the last time they were accused and a serial killer continued to kill. Andre hopes Salem isn't subjected to another police department disaster.

Ciara rushes downstairs and out of the house. Hope runs out after her. Ciara panics as she had a nightmare again. Hope brings her back inside and sits with her. Hope calms her down and promises the people that hurt her will never do it again. Ciara cries that she was just so scared. Hope holds her and tells her everything will be okay now.

Chad tells Belle that she doesn't want to know the details but it wasn't his idea as Andre is a long way from being a nice guy. Belle questions the plan being to seduce her in to telling where Sami and the money was. Chad owns up to it and apologizes. Belle questions what he came to warn her about. Chad says he did his best to get Andre and Stefano to leave her alone but she should still watch her back. Chad warns her not to trust anybody.

Ava walks through the town square with her envelope where she comes across Steve and starts coughing.

Belle questions this being Chad's latest ploy but Chad tells her he's serious. Chad can't make up for what he did but warns her to be careful. Belle asks if Chad is just out of her life now. Chad tells her that they still think he's doing what he's told so he might have to bother her a little. Chad then exits.

Rafe tells Andre that he's right that they made mistakes with Chad but the killer left convincing evidence. Andre tells him to just ask his questions and get out. Rafe starts with bringing up Stefano being frail. Rafe asks about Stefano's mind and if he's having memory problems. Andre asks if that's what this is all about.

Chad returns to Abigail at the hospital and tells her that he had to take care of some family stuff. Abigail tells him that she was worried but got some sleep. Abigail asks what he had to do. Chad explains that he had to get his family off his back by pretending to be a robot and playing them. Abigail tells him that Thomas will be good to go. The nurse then brings Thomas in to them and hands him to Chad.

Steve asks Ava if she's okay and she says she is. Steve asks if she's checked out any other treatments. Ava says she has and is part of a drug test now. Ava tells him that she's concentrating on one last thing to take care of before she dies. Steve asks what she has to take care of. Ava says nevermind and that it's always good to see him. Ava thanks him for forgiving her and sends her best to Kayla. Ava then walks away, dropping behind her envelope which Steve picks up.

Belle goes to the club and picks up coffees then sees Phillip seated with his computer. Belle asks about him not going home. Phillip says he knows Victor's still upset and wouldn't want him working. Phillip asks her what she's worried about, guessing it's something to do with Chad. Belle responds that it's not really Chad. Phillip asks what's going on and says he's there to be a friend. Belle makes him promise not to tell anyone ever as he tells Phillip that Sami stole from Stefano. Phillip laughs and thinks it's good for her. Belle tells him it's not funny as it was $500 million and now Sami's gone completely so that no one can find her. Phillip realizes the DiMeras sent Chad after her to find out where Sami is. Belle explains that Chad now turned on them to warn her. Phillip asks if she's sure. Belle admits she's not sure of anything right now, revealing to him that Sami put half of the money in a bank account in her name. Belle suggests giving the half back to Stefano so that she's out of it for good. Phillip worries that if Stefano gets her half back, he'll do whatever he can to get the other half back including hurting people. Phillip encourages Belle to keep the money and stay quiet, adding that he will protect her.

Chad brings Abigail home where he has food for her. Chad is sorry for what she went through and knows how much she cared about Daniel. Abigail says he was really important to them but Jennifer is okay while Brady and Eric have a chance. Chad points out Thomas being on the mend and giving him his breakthrough. Abigail asks if he really remembers everything. Chad confirms all those nights with what Andre did, Stefano, and Ben like someone hit a switch. Abigail asks what happens when his family finds out and turns on him. Chad says that's why he isn't going to tell them until they give up the obsession with Sami and the money otherwise they would all be in danger so he has to let them think they are still in control.

Rafe tells Andre that it was just a question. Andre thinks he's probing to find out if he has anything to do with the drug and asks if Hope sent him. Rafe says no and points out that he didn't answer the question as to how Stefano is doing. Andre tells him that he's doing very well and says his ten minutes are up. Rafe suggests he not withhold any evidence in regards to who tortured Bo or killed Seth Malcolm.

Hope puts a blanket over Ciara as she falls asleep on the couch. Hope then goes to the closet and uses a key to open a locked box with Bo's name on it which has a gun inside. Hope then exits.

Kayla wakes up from the couch and checks her phone but has nothing. Kayla then calls out for Steve and goes looking for him.

Steve walks through the town square and stops to pull out the envelope Ava dropped. Steve opens it and pulls out the photos of a baby that Ava had placed inside.

Kayla goes back to her phone when Steve comes home. Steve questions her leaving already. Kayla says she already had a busy day planned. Steve kisses her and asks if there's been any word on Eric and Brady. Kayla says everything seems on track and asks where Steve was. Steve tells her he went to check on Hope as she's cutting herself off lately. Steve adds that he ran in to Ava on the way home and shows Kayla the baby photos that she dropped out of her purse. Kayla asks who's baby it is but Steve doesn't know, guessing it's Ava's.

Ava goes back to her hotel room and turns on music as she dances while she undresses for a shower, revealing a snake tattoo on her back.

Thomas starts crying causing Chad and Abigail to jump up and check on him. They laugh about it being a false alarm and joke about being first time parents. Chad feels guilty being this happy after everyone's trauma. Chad wants to make sure Thomas grows up to be just as happy as they are now. Abigail says he will with two parents who love him and each other as they kiss.

Belle tells Phillip that she's trusting him to keep it quiet. Phillip guarantees not to say a word. Belle is not up for him being her protector after Chad's stunts and Shawn divorcing her. Phillip tells her that if she needs help, his phone is always on.

Rafe returns to the police station and sits at his desk. Rafe opens his tablet to find the news article about the car accident that killed Daniel and he can't believe it.

Hope storms in to the DiMera Mansion, demanding Andre get Stefano now.

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