Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 1/6/16

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 1/6/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Abigail hands Thomas to Chad. Abigail knows Stefano and Andre have done something to Chad. Abigail says they manipulate people to get what they want but they underestimated how strong Chad really is. Abigail knows Chad can do this and shake them off to come back to her. Chad has more visions and flashbacks as begins to snap out of it. Chad then starts to cry and asks how he could treat her or his son like that. Chad tearfully tells her that he's so sorry.

Hope sleeps on the couch at home and dreams of when Ciara was kidnapped then wakes up after seeing Stefano in her dream.

Rafe and Gabi walk through the town square where Gabi says she feels like she's getting her life back. Gabi mentions waiting on a call from a friend because his mom was in an accident today. Gabi brings up that they haven't talked in a long time. Rafe gets a text from Hope that she needs to see him right away. Rafe calls Hope, who asks how fast he can come over.

Nicole sits at Daniel's bed side and says she can't believe this is happening. Nicole tells Daniel that he's going to save the life of one of his best friends which she knows would mean so much to him.

Roman sits at Eric's bed side in the hospital and tells him not to let the heart infection beat him. Roman tells him to hang in there and they will take care of the rest. Roman tells Eric that he loves him and not to leave him.

Theresa sits at Brady's bed side and talks about everyone wanting to help him. Theresa assures they will come through for him one way or another by getting him a new heart.

John says he doesn't want to live if his son dies so he wants to give his heart to do this. Marlena argues that he can't do that but John says if it's the only way both of their boys will live then he can.

Rafe apologizes to Gabi and says he has to go see Hope. Gabi questions him going as soon as Hope calls at this time of night. Rafe tells her that he's just trying to be a good friend and encourages Gabi to get some sleep.

Chad asks Abigail if she trusts the doctor who checked on Thomas. Abigail assures him that she's the best. Abigail talks about how Chad was being not making sense and how she thought maybe it was because she chose Ben. Chad hates what he put her through. Abigail says it wasn't him but Stefano. Chad points out that she never gave up on him. Chad tells her that she will be an amazing mother. Abigail tells him that she loves him. Chad says he loves her too and always has.

Marlena tells John that he can't sacrifice himself for Brady. John thinks it means saving their sons but Kayla calls it crazy and tells him to take that idea out of his head. Maggie feels she's being asked too much and just wants Daniel's heart to save a life. Maggie tells Kayla to tell her who has the best chance of surviving. Kayla states that Brady's heart is damaged beyond repair and they are trying to keep him from going into cardiac arrest while they discovered Eric's infection that caused heart failure. Fynn comes in and asks if a decision has been made. Maggie says she can't make this decision and asks what they would do. Kayla declares that Eric is still up for treatment while with Brady there is no other option as he needs a transplant right now. Fynn confirms that Brady could go in to cardiac arrest at any time. Maggie decides that's what they have to do now. Kayla orders Fynn to prep Brady for the transplant. Marlena asks what Eric's chances are. Kayla responds that there are no guarantees but they will do everything they can. Marlena rushes out and John follows her back to Eric's hospital room. John calls it a nearly impossible decision they had to make. Marlena responds that everything happens for a reason but she doesn't see the reason here. Marlena asks what if Brady lives and Eric doesn't and what that will do to them. Marlena asks how they get through that together. John tells her that he can't tell her what to do but only encourages her not to give up and be strong for Eric together.

Rafe goes to see Hope, who thanks him for coming so fast. Hope explains that she's been trying to put together the sequence of what happened to Bo. Hope talks about Bo leaving for the drug to help Caroline and being distracted by Claudia pretending to be Britta. Hope guesses the person Seth Malcolm called to lead him to the drug is Stefano. Hope says they have eliminated everyone else. Rafe feels they still need to prove it but Hope states that she's proven it to herself so he's going to pay for good this time and he's going down.

Maggie joins Nicole in Daniel's room to tell her that they have made the decision and it's Brady. Nicole cries as Maggie tells her that the orderlies are waiting outside to take Daniel to the operating room. Nicole cries that she can't say goodbye and let him go. Maggie tries to encourage her as she cries with her. Nicole thanks Daniel for everything, for loving her and the memories. Nicole says Daniel was an unbelievable gift to her life and she will always love him. Nicole kisses Daniel goodbye as she cries. Maggie tells Daniel that she will see him again someday and says goodbye to her son as she cries. Nicole and Maggie break down crying together as the workers begin to take Daniel away.

Rafe wants it to be Stefano but points out there is no link between he and Seth Malcolm. Hope questions who else Seth would be calling in Stefano. Hope promises to see to it that Bo gets justice. Hope says it won't be by the book because Stefano burned that a long time ago. Hope wants a confession out of Stefano. Rafe questions it not working with Seth. Hope argues that Stefano killed him. Rafe tells her to stop it, back off, and let him find the proof.

The doctor tells Chad and Abigail that it's good Thomas's condition was caught early as he will live a normal life. Chad mentions being new to having a son as they hug. Abigail has Chad confirm that he's back. Chad adds that he is hers as they kiss. Abigail remembers to go check on Jennifer since she might be released today. Chad decides he will stay with their son, adding that he still can't believe it. Chad kisses her again as they go their separate ways.

Nicole remains in Daniel's room with a bag of his belongings that were on him. She opens his wallet and looks through photos of them that he had inside. Nicole begins questioning God making innocent people suffer because she loves them from her babies to now Daniel. Nicole screams asking what she ever did and why she is hated so much.

Daniel and Brady are prepared for surgery in the operating room. Fynn declares he must make sure he does this right like Daniel would.

Abigail finds Jennifer at the hospital and asks if she's okay. Jennifer tells her that she will be fine and she's been released but she wanted to stay and see how Brady is doing. Abigail doesn't know what happened as JJ only told her about her. Jennifer explains that there was a three car accident involving Eric, Brady, and Daniel. Jennifer tells her that Eric is in critical condition while Brady needed surgery. Abigail tearfully asks what happened to Daniel. Jennifer responds that he didn't make it. Abigail asks if JJ knows. Jennifer says he doesn't because they didn't pronounce Daniel dead until they started surgery on Brady because he needed the heart transplant.

Belle and Phillip join Victor, Maggie, Theresa, and John in the waiting room at the hospital. Theresa thinks they should know something by now but Victor doesn't think they should bother the nurses again. Kayla comes in and announces that the procedure went beautifully so Brady is in recovery and is breathing again. John thanks her as she says now they just have to keep Brady's body from rejecting the heart. Maggie steps out to call Melanie. John wants to see Brady but Kayla says to wait and adds that Roman is waiting to talk. Theresa stops Kayla and asks the chances of Brady not accepting the new heart. Kayla says they will adjust his medications if needed but he's not out of the woods yet. Kayla knows how scared she was. Theresa hugs Kayla and thanks her for everything she did for him, saying it has to work.

Marlena remains at Eric's side and talks to him until his monitors start beeping so she rushes out to call a nurse for help. The nurse comes in and gives Eric an injection to fix the problem. Marlena tells Eric that he's okay now.

Phillip, Belle, John, Theresa, and Victor remain in the waiting room. Maggie returns and Victor asks how Melanie's doing. Maggie says she's about like she is, happy for Brady as she still loves him. Maggie says they talked about the years the spent not knowing Daniel but both agreed they were lucky to have him for as long as they did. Paul arrives and asks John if there's any more news. John tells him not yet. Kayla returns and says she just saw Brady, who is breathing well and has no fever so it's so far, so good. Belle thanks her for the update. Theresa exits the room.

Jennifer sits with Abigail and asks her to tell her about Thomas. Abigail tells her that he's doing fine after a minor blood disorder. Abigail tells Jennifer about Chad snapping out of everything and coming back to her when he saw Thomas. Jennifer calls it wonderful. Abigail cries, feeling guilty being happy about anything as she's so sorry about Daniel. Jennifer states that Daniel was a wonderful man, who she believed would be her friend for the rest of her life.

Chad sits with Thomas and tells him they will have some good times ahead of them. A nurse enters so Chad tells her to let Abigail know that he had to take care of something as he exits.

Nicole enters the morgue to see Daniel one last time. Fynn joins her as she breaks down crying.

Hope tells Rafe that if she turns the DiMeras over to him, they will keep going after the people she loves. Rafe says they don't know that. Rafe understands she's been through a lot but Hope insists she's fine. Rafe argues that she used to be a great cop but she's changed and is no longer believing in the law. Rafe says that using Stefano's tactics to go after him makes her no better than they are. Hope responds that maybe she's not.

Chad returns to the DiMera Mansion and tells Harold that he wants to see Andre and Stefano, ordering that he wake them up.

Fynn asks Nicole if there's anything he can do but she says there's nothing anyone can do anymore as she cries then exits the room.

Belle sits at Eric's bed side where Phillip joins her and asks how he's doing. Belle responds that he's the same. Phillip states that he's glad about Brady. Belle is too. Belle asks if it's too much to ask for two miracles in one night.

Marlena prays in the chapel, saying she tries not to ask for things that she wants. John enters in the doorway. Marlena talks about being unsure if the doctors can even help Eric so God will have to. Marlena prays for her son to be brought back to her.

Victor offers to take Maggie home but she asks if he wants to stay to see Brady. Victor says he'll take her home, sit with her until she falls asleep and then come back. Maggie responds that she doesn't think she will ever sleep again.

Theresa sits with Brady and tells him that he did it and hung on. Theresa says someday she will tell Tate about the night his dad came back to them. Brady moves his fingers as Theresa holds his hand.

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