Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/5/16

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/5/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Abigail and Chad get on the hospital elevator. Abigail tells Chad about the accident and asks why he's here. Chad informs her that he will do the paternity test to put all this craziness to rest and they'll be done when it shows he's not the father. Abigail tells him that won't happen but she's glad he's here. Chad responds that he's not there for her. Abigail says she knows but Thomas is what matters.

Roman argues that this can't be it and there has to be something else for Eric. Roman exits the room, leaving Marlena and John at Eric's side.

Theresa remains with Brady and talks to him.

Nicole sits at Daniel's side with their wedding invitation and says she'll keep it forever as it was going to be the happiest day of her life. Nicole cries about living without him and says she loves him so much.

Maggie tells Kayla this can't be where they are. Kayla is sorry. Maggie brings up Daniel calling Kayla a great surgeon and friend. Maggie thinks there has to be something. Kayla assures her they would do anything if they could save Daniel's life but he's gone. Kayla tells her that his heart can save another person, either Eric or Brady. JJ hears this from the doorway and quickly exits back out. Maggie questions it being her choice. Kayla informs her that Maggie is Daniel's next of kin and is on his organ donor paperwork so she needs to decide who gets his heart.

JJ returns to Jennifer's room. Jennifer asks if JJ found out any more about the accident and who else got hurt since she saw more stretchers. JJ informs her that it's Daniel.

Victor tells Kayla that she can't expect Maggie to make this choice. Kayla feels she has to. Maggie cries about losing Daniel. Victor declares they aren't losing Daniel tonight as his heart is beating and he's breathing so there must be something. Fynn informs him that the machines are only keeping his organs going but he's gone. Victor wants him to try harder but Fynn brings up Daniel's specific instructions on when to pull the plug. Maggie knows he's right. Kayla says that Daniel spent his life saving others so this is his dying wish, to save one more. Maggie asks if they will both die without a transplant. Kayla doesn't know for certain but doesn't know their chances without a transplant. Kayla hands a clipboard to Maggie. Maggie cries that she watched them grow up but right now she can only think about her son that she had so little time with. Kayla understands how cruel this is. Victor questions why she's doing it and calls it a doctor's choice. Kayla says if it was doctor's choice then she would have to follow the organ registry and use Daniel's organs on anyone in the country that's at the top of list so Brady and Eric would lose out. Kayla says the only other way is for the next of kin to step up and identify a donor here.

Joey sneaks in to the club with Chase, Theo, Ciara, Claire, and another friend since he knew the alarm code and they want to party.

Abigail tells Chad that he's not promising anything by signing. Abigail tells Chad that if he's not the father then he'll never have to hear from her again. Chad notes that she's calm about that. Abigail says she could live with that but his son needs him so he would have to help him. Chad responds that Abigail is right that nothing is more important than family.

JJ tells Jennifer that Eric Brady drove in to her and caused the accident. Jennifer cries as Eric informs her that Eric is here in bad shape after drinking at the Basic Black launch. Jennifer breaks down crying that she can't believe Daniel is gone. JJ can't either and adds that Brady was in the driver's seat. Jennifer hopes he's okay. JJ tells her that he lived, but Brady and Eric both need a heart transplant and Daniel is an organ donor that will be able to save one of them.

Maggie knows there are no guarantees but asks if Eric or Brady have any chance to recover without a transplant. Fynn says there is an aggressive antibiotic treatment that could be used on Eric but it's barely out of trial and risky. Victor asks for more time to find another donor but Kayla says they can't let the registry know. Fynn adds that they don't have much longer before they have to do the transplant.

Nicole cries over Daniel's body.

Chad tells Abigail that they said it won't take long. Chad doesn't get why she's so sure when she had a paternity test before the baby was born. Abigail tells him it was wrong as they tested Ben's blood 3 times. Abigail tells Chad to be prepared. The doctor comes over to inform them that Thomas is looking better and may have just had a viral infection so they should have answers shortly. Chad questions Abigail if this is a setup. Chad tells her to call him when she has the results. Abigail stops him and asks him to come with her for five minutes.

Theresa talks to Brady about Tate and how he'll be walking soon. Theresa cries that Brady can't miss that and leave her alone. Theresa talks about everyone that needs him as she cries.

Maggie enters Daniel's hospital room so Nicole tells him that she'll be back. Maggie hugs Nicole as they cry. Nicole exits as Maggie then sits at Daniel's side and breaks down crying. Maggie tells Daniel that she tried to pray on this but realized she needed some good, compassionate advice. Maggie cries that Daniel was the one who always gave her that when she needed it. Maggie never would've wanted to live to see him leave this world. Maggie says Daniel deserved so many more happy years. Maggie is not surprised that Daniel would leave his heart to save someone else. Maggie tells Daniel that she's so proud of him and feels lucky to have known him at all. Maggie says it would've been so easy to be angry all the time over missing out on his childhood but instead she gets to remember all the precious time they had. Maggie holds his hand and cries.

Abigail brings Chad in to see Thomas at the hospital. Chad keeps his distance and says he's seen him. Abigail brings him closer and tells Chad that he must know that's his son. Chad responds that it's not his kid. Chad starts having flashbacks again.

Ciara jokes about their g rated New Year's. Joey responds that he didn't know they would lock up the liquor. Claire asks Ciara if she would ever want to live on her own because she thinks she will be since Shawn's in Maine and Belle is doing whatever so it feels like her family blew up. Ciara responds that at least they are still alive. Claire apologizes and says she's glad Hope is still here. Ciara says unless she goes to jail. The guys break up that kind of talk and suggest playing truth or dare.

Victor finishes a phone call. Kayla asks if she even wants to know. Victor tells her that it doesn't matter as there are no other hearts available. Kayla says that's why she's doing this and asks if Maggie has made her decision yet because they need to get to preparing. Victor goes to talk to Maggie and finds her in the chapel. Maggie tells Victor that God has already taken Daniel so she will just have to accept that it's part of a divine plan. Maggie points out that if even God hasn't taken Brady or Eric, how can she choose which one lives or dies.

Chase gets dared to kiss someone in the room that he likes but he says it's not spin the bottle so he is told to tell a truth then. Chase declares he doesn't like the song playing and goes to change it. Ciara picks Joey for truth and asks if he's ever been in love. Joey responds that he has once. Ciara asks if it's someone they know but Joey says no as it's someone older. Joey goes to Theo for truth. Claire asks Theo what's the worst thing to ever happen to him. Ciara tells him he doesn't have to answer but Theo says it's easy as that's when his mom died. Theo brings up his dad recently telling him that he has another sister who is also a cop. Ciara reveals to them that Theo is being bullied. Theo didn't want to tell but says it's just texts. Joey and Claire feel bad. Theo asks if any of them have been bullied or been a bully.

Abigail asks Chad what he's thinking. The doctor returns with the test results.

Maggie doesn't know enough about medicine to make this choice and it shouldn't be about gambling. Maggie declares that if she has to decide, she wants to give her son's heart to whoever needs it most. Victor tells her the doctors have told her all they could so she has to go with her gut in what she wants to do. Maggie is trying to think of what Daniel would want. Victor says he is too. Maggie points out that Victor hadn't said this once. Maggie points out that Victor just lost his son so how can he lose his grandson now but then asks how could she ever look at Marlena or Roman if she doesn't save Eric. Maggie feels even if she saves one of them, she's probably condemning them to death.

Ciara admits she was kind of a bully. Chase jokes that she abused him so much. Their other friend says he was bullied too and they want to help Theo. Ciara tells Theo that they have his back and Joey agrees. Theo jokes about getting them superhero costumes and they joke about the powers they would have. They toast to the New Year.

The doctor confirms that Chad is Thomas's father. Chad asks if she's sure and she assures him with the blood types. She tells Abigail that Thomas is fine so she can take him home soon. Abigail thanks her as the doctor exits. Abigail then looks to Chad.

Marlena reads about the antibiotic treatment they want to use on Eric, noting that it seems pretty high risk. Marlena doesn't know if it's worse to see him like this or hope he wakes up because if he doesn't open his eyes, she'll never see his eyes again. Marlena asks how that can be.

Victor walks Maggie back to the waiting room where she picks up the clipboard. Victor tells her to just do what gives her peace. Maggie can't imagine that after this night. Victor tells her not to decide then as he guarantees Daniel never meant for her to be put in this position as it's impossible. Victor tells her to leave it to fate. Maggie says it would be almost comforting to have no control but asks what if fate decided to take both Brady and Eric. Kayla interrupts and tells Maggie that it's time so they need her decision as they need to start preparing one of them for the transplant or the heart won't last much longer. John enters and tells them to give the heart to Eric as he's thought about it and there's another donor for Brady, himself. John declares that he wants to give his heart so that his son can live.

Chad argues that this is a setup. Abigail tells him it's his son. Chad argues that he was never even sick. Abigail says she would never do that to him. Abigail repeats that this is Chad's son and she's giving him the opportunity to know him. Abigail admits she'll always want more from him but this isn't about her, it's about his son and he needs him. Abigail hands Thomas to Chad.

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