Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/4/16

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/4/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Chad yells at Abigail that he doesn't want her anymore. Abigail reveals that she came to tell him that their son is sick, as Chad is the father, not Ben. Chad questions her but Abigail tells him that he knows it's possible. Chad calls it pathetic of her to lie about something this important to get him back.

Jennifer is brought in to the hospital after the car accident where Kayla checks on her with Fynn. Brady is also admitted to the hospital.

Nicole argues to Kate that their fashion show was a triumph and questions her putting them down. Nicole says it was a dream come true for her and Theresa so they won't let Kate or anyone else turn it into a nightmare.

Eric is brought in to the hospital where Kayla checks on him.

John and Marlena go home. John jokes about fashion shows being boring and seeing Ava there. Marlena tells him he can put all of that behind him as it's officially a new year for them.

Kayla has Eric taken to a room. Daniel is brought in to the hospital last and Fynn checks him, learning that Daniel was not breathing when the medics got to him.

Victor and Maggie sit together at home with champagne. Victor toasts to Maggie as the love of his life.

Fynn checks on Daniel with the medics as he calls him a good friend and the best surgeon.

Gabi and JJ walk through the town square where JJ praises Gabi at the fashion show and how good she looked.

Abigail asks Chad if he really thinks she would lie about her son being sick. Chad yells at her that she can't use a kid like this. Abigail questions him thinking she's that desperate. Abigail tells Chad that she's here because their son's life depends on it. Abigail tells Chad to step up because his son needs him.

Maggie thinks Victor has an ulterior motive since he knows it's somewhat uncomfortable for her having Caroline here. Victor brings up how she was about knowing he needed to protect her. Victor assures Maggie that she's the one he thinks of when he goes to sleep at night and gets up in the morning. Victor looks forward to spending the new year with her. Victor calls her his inspiration as they toast their drinks and kiss.

Fynn returns to Kayla, who asks how bad it is with Daniel. Fynn emotionally responds that it's as bad as it gets.

Chad argues that Abigail knew the baby would have problems being premature and questions having no medical evidence. Abigail tells him that he can go to the hospital and see all the blood work and tests but Chad is uninterested. Abigail informs him that they looked at Ben's blood too and the test results showed that Ben and Thomas are not related so it's a fact. Abigail adds that Chad is the only other man she slept with. Abigail repeats that his son needs him and she could use his support also. Abigail brings up how they used to talk about being a family.

Gabi jokes with JJ and then invites him to an after party for the fashion show. JJ jokes back that he has other plans and says he'll just talk to Jennifer so she doesn't worry. JJ calls Jennifer and leaves a message that he's going to a party with Gabi. Gabi asks if he's ready to go. JJ first stops and leans in to kiss Gabi.

Kate admits that it could have seemed like she was taking all the credit. Nicole reminds her there are three voices in the company. Kate argues that she would've taken credit if it was a failure too. Kate admits she's terrified of failure. Nicole tells her that they are scared too so they should work together. Nicole's phone rings.

JJ and Gabi are interrupted by JJ's phone ringing.

Marlena and John get interrupted by a phone call which John wonders who is calling at this hour.

Victor gets a call.

JJ answers his phone.

John and Marlena rush out.

Maggie and Victor leave the Kiriakis mansion.

JJ and Gabi walk out of the town square together.

Nicole answers her phone.

Theresa and Nicole go to the hospital asking about Daniel and Brady. A nurse sends Theresa to Brady's room then rushes off at the sound of monitors going off before she can send Nicole to Daniel.

Fynn checks on Brady and notes his heart is damaged and they'll have to stabilize him first before operating as Theresa appears in the doorway.

Kayla and another doctor check on Eric, noting his heartbeat is still irregular. Kayla goes over his blood work and sends the doctor with an order.

Marlena and John arrive at the hospital asking a nurse about Brady and Eric. She tells them to check with a doctor. John rushes to Brady's room. Nicole waits around as Victor and Maggie arrive, asking about Brady and Daniel. The nurse mentions Brady's room while Nicole worries about Daniel and says that no one will tell her anything. Victor says they will tell him. Fynn comes out and reveals that Daniel suffered a traumatic brain injury and it's too late for surgery. Finn apologizes and reveals that Daniel is brain-dead, causing Nicole and Maggie to break down crying.

Daniel lies in his hospital bed hooked up to tubes.

Chad yells at Abigail to take her made up story and get out. Abigail questions who he is and argues that it's not him. Abigail shouts that the Chad she knows would drop everything for her son and never act like this. Abigail brings up Chad saving her son. Chad starts having flashbacks as Abigail calls him Andre's creation of him. Chad has flashbacks to rescuing Thomas and being with Abigail. Chad screams this is what Abigail does and tells her to stop trying to use him. Chad screams at her to get out and pushes her out of the room as she screams back at him. Chad continues having flashbacks while Abigail cries outside the door.

Nicole doesn't understand how Daniel is brain-dead if his heart is still beating. Fynn explains that Daniel is on a respirator. Nicole asks if there's any hope. Fynn reveals that Daniel is an organ donor. Nicole cries that it can't be. Nicole wants to see him so Fynn sends her to his room. Nicole hugs Maggie and rushes on. Fynn tells Maggie and Victor that Daniel has been his friend forever. Victor takes Maggie to go somewhere private.

Marlena goes to Eric's hospital room and asks how this could happen. Kayla informs her that Eric suffered a collapsed lung and she's waiting on heart test results. She asks about Eric having upper respiratory infections. Marlena says it would happen sometimes in the winter and asks if it has something to do with this. Kayla says she doesn't know but maybe not. Roman arrives and hugs Kayla then joins Marlena at Eric's side.

Theresa sits at Brady's bed side and encourages him to continue fighting. John appears in the doorway. Theresa cries that she and Tate need Brady and can't lose him. John enters the room.

Nicole goes in to see Daniel. She holds his hand, wishing this was a bad dream. Nicole says Daniel is everyone's rock that everybody counts on. Nicole says they were going to have it all and doesn't want to believe it's gone now. Nicole breaks down crying, saying she can't live without him because she loves him so much.

JJ joins Jennifer at the hospital as she is conscious and in a neck brace. Jennifer asks what happened as she only remembers headlights and something hitting really hard. JJ tells her that he doesn't know anything as he came straight here when the nurse called. JJ tells her that he's going to call Abigail to let her know she's going to be okay but Jennifer doesn't think he should do that. Jennifer remembers that she was going home to get things for Thomas because he's at the hospital and may have to spend the night. JJ asks what's wrong with him. Jennifer explains that he got really sick so he's there under observation. Jennifer asks JJ to go check on Thomas. JJ still thinks he should call Abigail but Jennifer informs him that he can't because she's with Chad right now. JJ questions what she's doing with Chad. Jennifer reveals to him that they were doing tests on Thomas and found out that Ben is not Thomas's father so Chad is. Jennifer doesn't know if they are at the hospital. JJ decides he will find Abigail because she needs to know about the accident. JJ is glad she's going to be okay and tells her he loves her as he exits.

Abigail walks through the town square and looks at a teddy bear in a shop window. She gets a call from JJ and asks what's going on. JJ informs her that he's at the hospital and he called because something's happened.

Roman asks Marlena what Kayla said about Eric. Marlena responds that Eric has a collapsed lung and asked about an upper respiratory infection which she doesn't understand. Marlena doesn't even know how this happened. Roman informs her that there was a three car accident where Eric hit Jennifer after driving drunk. Marlena can't believe it.

Victor joins John and Theresa in Brady's room and asks how he's doing. John tells him that the doctor says he's holding up but he suffered blunt force trauma to the chest so his heart has been badly damaged. Victor encourages that he's young, strong, and healthy. John says they will just have to wait until they can tell them more. Theresa asks where Maggie is and apologizes, assuming she's with Daniel. John asks how Daniel is doing. Victor calls Daniel his godson who was like a son to him and reveals he didn't make it.

Maggie joins Nicole in Daniel's hospital room. They hug as they cry. Nicole then steps out. Maggie breaks down crying.

Abigail asks JJ if he's sure that Jennifer is okay. JJ says they have to run more tests but she seems okay. They tell each other I love you and hang up. As Abigail walks away, Chad walks up to the same shop window with the teddy bear. Chad continues having flashbacks of being with Abigail as he holds on to the earring she dropped at the mansion.

Kate goes to the hospital and asks a nurse about the condition of Daniel and Brady.

Victor joins Maggie in Daniel's hospital room. Maggie asks if Brady is alright. Victor responds that he's touch and go as it's hard to get a straight answer. Maggie cries not in every case. Victor apologizes for being insensitive. Victor declares he came to say goodbye. Maggie says she'll let him do that alone but Victor asks her to stay since they both love Daniel and are in this together.

Nicole sits at the hospital crying as she replays Daniel's last video message to her.

John goes to Eric's hospital room and hugs Roman as he then joins Marlena's side as she cries.

Victor and Maggie go to the waiting room where Victor hugs her as she cries.

Nicole returns to Daniel's hospital room. She sits next to him and cries.

Kayla and Fynn find Victor and Maggie. Fynn reveals that Brady's heart is not going to recover but he can survive if he gets a heart transplant. Kayla adds that they discovered that Eric had a heart infection that causes inflammation and damage which caused his heart failure. Fynn adds that both men need donor hearts as soon as possible. Victor offers to make calls. Kayla says to hear her out first because they discovered that both Brady and Eric are compatible with Daniel's blood type. Maggie questions giving one of them Daniel's heart. Fynn says they could bypass the donor registry and he's so sorry. Kayla says she wouldn't ask them to deal with this so soon and knows Brady and Eric are dear to them. Maggie calls them Daniel's two best friends. Maggie questions if she agrees, which one gets Daniel's heart. Kayla responds that she's afraid it's up to her. Victor holds Maggie as she cries.

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