Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/31/15

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/31/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

The Basic Black launch party continues. Steve and Kayla finish their drinks and decide they showed up and supported Basic Black while now it's time to go. They go to find Joey to see if he's ready to go. Fynn and Ava finish their champagne while Fynn goes to get them some more. Joey confronts Ava and questions why she's ignoring him tonight and who the guy she's with is. Kate talks with Phillip while a woman begins to interview Theresa, asking what her personal inspiration was. Theresa looks over at Brady with a smile. Nicole joins Daniel and he toasts to her. Daniel asks her what's wrong as she seems far away. Nicole worries about how tonight was almost a total disaster. Daniel encourages that she is holding the whole operation together. Nicole responds that he holds her together and she thanks God every day. Daniel and Nicole then kiss while Eric continues drinking.

Jennifer questions Chad being Thomas's father. Abigail reveals to her that she had cheated on Ben which was a terrible mistake but now she feels it wasn't because Chad is the father of her son.

Chad sits with Belle in the club and tells her that Phillip put work above her which he would never do. Belle says Phillip is a good friend who just wanted to cheer her up but she should've stayed home tonight. Belle thanks Chad for getting her out since Claire and Brady were on her about making her marriage work. Belle informs Chad that it's too late as Shawn filed for divorce.

Nicole tells Daniel that she will make her rounds while Daniel decides to call Parker since Chloe's letting him stay up to watch the ball drop. Nicole hopes they have him next year as she can't wait to be a family. The interviewer congratulates Theresa on the launch as she finishes. Brady comes over and praises Theresa. Theresa says she couldn't have done this without him. Brady feels he only encouraged her. Kate comments to Phillip that his date disappeared. Phillip doesn't blame her and mentions her getting divorce papers today which Kate mocks. Phillip asks what Belle ever did to Kate. Kate responds that it's more what she did to him. Phillip says he's over it so she should be too. Kate calls Belle a heart breaker and hopes Phillip isn't the next victim as he walks away.

Chad tells Belle that he's sorry and asks if she was surprised when she got the papers. Belle thought he would at least call. Belle knows it's her fault but she was ready to try to fix things. Belle adds that she doesn't blame Shawn. Chad asks if she's okay. Belle responds that she's tired of obsessing over something she can't do anything about and she's sure he doesn't want to spend his New Year's listening to her but Chad doesn't mind. Belle wants to have fun and do something crazy. Chad kisses her which she questions. Chad calls it something crazy and maybe worth repeating. Chad tells Belle that he's not the guy she thinks he is and they have more in common than she thinks. Chad thinks Belle wanted to spend time with him even though she fought it. Chad and Belle then start kissing.

Jennifer tells Abigail that she needs to tell Chad which she agrees with. Jennifer offers to talk to Chad but Abigail says she doesn't need to. Abigail is relieved that Chad is the father. Abigail says she has to focus on Thomas. Abigail says Chad is loyal to family so he won't ignore his son and she won't let him. Abigail gathers her things and leaves the hospital waiting room as Jennifer follows her out.

Ava tells Joey that she's avoiding him because he's not supposed to know her. Ava explains who Fynn is and that she doesn't really know him but she wanted to support Nicole. Joey argues that she could've came with him. Ava asks him not to be jealous. Joey says he's not. Fynn returns and tells Joey that Kayla is looking for him. Ava says she'll talk to him later and Joey walks off. Fynn comments that he seems like a nice kid. Joey returns to Steve and Kayla. Kayla asks Joey if he wants to come home with them but Joey wants to go out after the party with Ciara, Theo, and Chase. Joey tells them not to worry and wishes them a happy new year as Steve and Kayla exit. Joey looks back at Ava with Fynn.

Backstage, Theresa brings Brady a present of a nameplate with Brady's name as CEO of Titan. Brady questions it. Theresa knows Titan is where he wants to be but he gave it all up for her which she appreciates. Brady responds that he did what was right. Theresa says it's her turn to do that for him by helping him get back where he belongs.

Phillip calls Belle and leaves a message that he felt so bad for leaving her at the party so he came back but she was already gone and he just wanted to say happy new year.

Belle and Chad continue kissing. Chad asks if she wants to get out of here as she kisses him more.

Steve and Kayla walk out of the town square and talk about ringing in the new year as they kiss.

Daniel finishes his call with Parker and rejoins Nicole. Nicole talks about charming buyers but worries about Kate since she was awful to Theresa. Daniel says they know who deserves the credit. Nicole doesn't think this New Year's can get any better but Daniel says it can. Daniel tells her that a month from now she will be his wife as they kiss.

Brady tells Theresa that it's really sweet but he doesn't want to run Titan anymore. Theresa knows it's killing him to watch Phillip run what should be his. Brady says he's only worried about Victor but he made his choice so it's not his problem anymore. Brady suggests maybe someday he will run Titan again but he needs to respect Victor's choice for now. Brady says if anything changes, he'll be ready with his name plate as they kiss.

Kate talks to the interviewer about her history with Basic Black and putting it back on the map. She comments on hoping Kate's husband is a very understanding person. Kate gets distracted looking over at Daniel and Nicole, then responds that there is no husband so she's going to do whatever it takes to make the company a success. Theresa gets everyone's attention to count down to the New Year. Kate starts texting Eduardo. Confetti drops at midnight as everyone cheers. Daniel and Nicole kiss. Brady and Theresa kiss. Kate starts texting Eduardo a Happy New Year and that she wishes he was there but erases the wishing he was here part.

Steve and Kayla kiss outside as fireworks go off for the New Year. Steve tells Kayla the wants to replace her temporary ring with a big rock. Kayla likes it as it is and asks if he really thought she wouldn't say yes. Steve points out that she didn't at first. Kayla responds that a girl has to play hard to get. Steve says he has her now and isn't letting her go as he holds her.

Fynn tells Ava about New Year's tradition back home. Fynn looks to kiss Ava but Ava hugs him and wishes him a happy New Year as Joey stares on.

Chad brings Belle back to his hotel room and asks if she's sure she's okay with this. Belle responds that she's sure as she kisses him and heads inside where they continue kissing.

Steve holds Kayla and she says she's so happy being here with him and away from Ava. Steve says forgiving her doesn't mean they have to like her. Kayla responds that she loathes her but couldn't walk around with hatred in her heart. Kayla admits she had an ulterior motive since Ava said she was only staying here to make amends so she better leave. Kayla's new year's resolution is to make sure Ava is out of their lives for good.

Fynn goes to get another drink while Joey returns to Ava. Joey tells Ava that he's going out with some friends and asks if she's free tomorrow as he'd love to show her the motorcycle that Steve got her. Ava tells him that she will talk to him tomorrow. Joey says he will let her get back to his date. Ava stops him and says she has one question before he goes. Daniel steps away from Nicole to talk on the phone with Melanie. Nicole sees Eric at the bar and didn't realize he was still there. Nicole orders coffees and asks Eric what's going on. Eric says he's celebrating and talks about the year. Eric mentions leaving but Nicole tells him to sober up first. Theresa comes by and Nicole tells Eric that she has to step away but she feels responsible for Eric as she cares about him. Nicole advises Eric to call a cab and call her in the morning. Eric hugs her and wishes a happy new year as she then walks away.

Chad and Belle continue kissing in his hotel room until Chad starts to imagine Abigail's face. Belle asks if something's wrong but Chad says everything is just right as they continue and start to undress. Chad kisses her onto the bed.

The bartender tells Eric that he will call him a cab. Eric thanks him and walks away.

Kayla tells Steve that if Ava doesn't leave then they know she was lying. Steve says they will deal with it as they have with bigger problems. Kayla thinks they know better than most that life is fragile and precious. Kayla doesn't want to forget that for a second. Steve doesn't either. Kayla admits she was afraid to give him her heart again but it was always his and always will be. Kayla is so grateful for this new year and new beginning. Kayla kisses Steve.

Ava asks Joey if Steve has mentioned her since they last talked. Steve responds that he hasn't. Ava suggests maybe he decided she had nothing to do with getting them back together. Joey notes that he's not quick to drop things like that. Ava says they shouldn't be talking here. Joey points out that Kayla and Steve are gone but Ava still wants to be careful. Ava tells Joey that she will talk to him tomorrow. Ava kisses him on the cheek and wishes him a happy new year as Joey then exits. Kate tells Nicole and Theresa that she will set up their next round of media. Brady and Daniel talk making plans while Theresa and Nicole both agree to not invite Kate.

Chad and Belle continue kissing until Abigail interrupts, knocking on the door saying she needs to talk to him as it's an emergency. Chad answers the door asking what she wants. Abigail says she needs to talk to him and walks on in to see Belle getting dressed. Abigail can't believe it and questions what Chad is doing, pointing out that Belle is married. Belle leaves embarrassed while Chad tells Abigail that she has a hell of a lot of nerve.

Brady begins driving home with Daniel. Daniel talks about his new year's resolution to keep learning from his mistakes to keep things going perfectly. Brady relates to it. Daniel never thought he'd be ringing in the year toasting to Theresa's success but he is happy for them. They praise Theresa's talents. Brady comments on Nicole and Theresa getting along but not so much with Kate. Brady talks about not rushing in to any work. Daniel feels Victor will come crawling back soon enough. Brady remembers he left Theresa's gift for him backstage so he decides to turn around and drive back. Daniel says he doesn't mind as they have plenty of time to kill.

Eric goes and gets into his car, deciding he's not waiting an hour for a taxi.

Steve and Kayla continue kissing outside.

Theresa, Nicole, and Kate get interviewed together. The interviewer asks about the tensions but they say they've moved on while she then asks about taking a chance on a new designer like Theresa. Kate takes credit for that and for keeping things on track. They plan to take a drink but Nicole steps away. Nicole gets a video message for Daniel, telling her about a song on the radio that he thinks is perfect for their first dance. Daniel tells her how proud he is of her and he loves her so much. Daniel adds that he can't wait to celebrate with her. Kate brings Nicole her drink and says they need to discuss some things as she can be with Daniel later but Nicole smashes the glass and tells Kate she's had it.

Phillip finds Belle in the town square, apologizing for leaving the party and asks if she's okay. Belle responds that she's not. Phillip asks if she wants to talk but she doesn't. He suggests it might help and offers to buy her a drink to do things over. Belle feels she'll be lousy company but Phillip doesn't care and they walk off together.

Chad yells at Abigail that he doesn't want her anymore. Abigail reveals that she came to tell him that their son is sick, as Chad is the father, not Ben.

Daniel talks to Brady about being his best man, knowing his history with Nicole and Theresa so he's free to say no but Brady says he would be honored. Brady tells Daniel that he's great for Nicole and calls it truly amazing how things work out. Daniel declares it's hard to believe life could be this perfect..

Eric drives drunk and turns the radio up loud.

Jennifer is driving and gets into a car accident.

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