Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 12/30/15

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 12/30/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Theresa finishes preparing Gabi and Paul for the fashion show and then works with the other models with Anne. Anne tries to keep Theresa calm as she worries about needing to be perfect. Anne sneaks in a drink from her flask.

Brady joins Nicole at the fashion show and toasts to her taming Kate. Brady asks if Kate was as hard on Theresa as it sounded. Nicole admits she was brutal and wrong. Nicole feels Kate wanted it to fail to prove a point. Brady calls Nicole the peacemaker of the partnership. Nicole promises to pace herself drinking as they have a lot riding on tonight. Brady agrees to help run the room tonight. Nicole feels it will be great and Kate will have to eat her words. Kate then arrives with her designer Pierre, not wanting him to leave. Pierre complains about not having a line but Kate says they just have to get through tonight. Kate says she has to let them do their thing and see it bomb. Kate tells Pierre that after tonight, she's in charge of Basic Black as they toast their drinks. Brady goes over to talk to Kate at the bar. Brady tells Kate about everyone being excited about the designs. Kate hopes they live up to the hype. Brady comments on Nicole coming up with the right people to make Theresa's designs work perfectly. Kate remarks that it's too bad that didn't happen earlier. Brady thinks Theresa will surprise Kate tonight. Kate calls her inexperienced and argues that it's a cut throat business not design class. Brady tells Kate that Theresa has been through more than she knows. Kate responds that he'll see tonight that Theresa isn't ready. Brady informs Kate that Theresa is backstage handling things like a boss so she's ready.

Anne tries to keep Theresa calm as the preshow is in ten minutes. Theresa then takes some of Anne's drink.

Abigail paces in the hospital waiting room with Jennifer, wanting to see Thomas. Jennifer encourages her about the hospital having the best care but Abigail whines about being away from Thomas for so long already. Abigail wants the genetic testing done. Jennifer assures that it will be fine but Abigail decides she can't stay and wait so she's going to take care of her son and walks out.

Daniel arrives at the fashion show and joins Nicole. Nicole asks about his day. Daniel tells her that he had a case with a baby. They hope he's okay. Daniel assures her there's other doctors to take care of it now as he wouldn't miss her big night. Daniel asks how it's going and if she's ready. Nicole says barely as she looks over at Kate.

Theresa works with two of the models while Anne tries to keep them focused as they argue with each other.

Kayla and Steve arrive at the fashion show. Kayla spots Joey while Steve jokes about embarrassing him so Steve calls over to him while he was talking to one of the models that walks away. Kayla jokes about Joey having a curfew. Steve goes to get drinks. Kayla asks Joey to show her around then promises that they will find their own fun when Steve gets back. Kayla turns around and sees Ava with Fynn. Fynn approaches and greets Kayla, asking if she can fill her in on Ava. Kayla asks how Ava is feeling, surprised she's still in Salem. Fynn introduces himself to Joey. Ava tells Kayla that she has a lot to finish up and thanks her for the best Christmas present. Kayla walks away with Joey. Fynn questions why Ava wouldn't be feeling well. She responds that she was under the weather but is getting better. Fynn asks if she has a beef with his boss. Ava tells him that she and Kayla have a history but they will be just fine as they walk away together. John arrives and joins Steve at the bar, asking what Ava is doing back in town. Steve responds that she seems to be looking for some redemption. John asks if he's buying it. Steve says so far and he's surprised she didn't come looking for John and Marlena. John questions it not bothering Steve tht she's back. Steve thinks Ava is trying to make amends. John warns him to watch his back with her.

Abigail returns to Jennifer and says she went to the blood bank to get some of Ben's blood that they had tested before. Abigail hopes it may save Thomas's life and they will soon have all the answers they need.

Chad puts on his suit at the DiMera Mansion. He picks up Abigail's earring and tells himself to forget about her as they need Belle to lead them to the money for the family as he then exits.

Gabi and Paul talk about preparing for the show. JJ arrives with flowers for Gabi.

Marlena joins John and questions Ava being here as well. John tells her about Ava paying Steve and Kayla a visit. Marlena remarks that she better stay clear of her. Steve tells them about Ava being sick and trying to work things out before she dies so he doesn't think she's a treat to anyone. Marlena hopes he's right. John says to forget about her as he came to celebrate. John and Marlena toast to the anniversary of their last first date. Joey stares from a distance at Ava and Fynn. Daniel and Nicole walk by and run across Ava, who Nicole happily greets as her long lost drinking buddy. Daniel takes Fynn to go get some drinks. Ava tells Nicole it would be great to catch up some time as Nicole gets pulled away. Joey then texts Ava asking who she's with and what's going on. Ava waves over at Fynn, seeming to upset Joey. Ciara, Chase, and Theo arrive and greet Joey. Steve and Kayla get a table with John and Marlena. Steve says his New Year's resolution is to stay put and not screw things up. Marlena asks Kayla about Ava. Kayla talks about letting go and moving forward. Marlena asks if the ring has anything to do with that. Steve and Kayla happily announce they are getting married again. They hug as Ava watches on. Daniel and Nicole find Eric drinking at the bar. Nicole is glad he came. Eric says he wouldn't have missed it and they have a hell of a night. Eric slurs his words as Nicole tells him that she wishes Eric was the photographer for the night. Eric responds that he's retired now. Daniel asks what's next. Eric says that's a good question and tells them to enjoy their night as he walks away. Nicole worries while Daniel says he will keep an eye on him. Daniel encourages Nicole about her hard work for the night. Nicole says it wouldn't mean anything without him. Nicole calls it the most amazing time in her life as she kisses him.

Theresa continues working on the two models that argue with each other. Theresa gets distracted with Anne as the two models begin fighting and ripping each other's dresses. Theresa and Anne rush over to try and stop the fight. Gabi runs over to separate the fight, questioning what's wrong with them. Paul decides he'll let it be known that they have a few minutes. Anne, Theresa, and Gabi hold the models apart. Anne tries to salvage the ripped dresses. Gabi asks if there's any way Theresa can fix this but she says no. Theresa says they will go with her mock up designs that she brought as backups. Theresa then tells the two models that they can get out. Anne stops Theresa and reminds her that they need them unless Theresa's going to wear all the designs herself. Paul comes back and tells her that everything is still fine but they need to start soon. Theresa goes back to the models and tells them not to make her sorry that she didn't kick them out. Theresa announces it's showtime.

Claire joins Ciara, Chase, and Theo as Belle arrives with Phillip. Claire complains that Belle blew up her life and now it's party time. Chad then arrives behind Belle and Phillip as the show is said to start in five minutes.

Brady goes to check on Theresa. Theresa tells him about the models ripping their dresses. Brady encourages her. Theresa says she wouldn't be here without him. Anne tells everyone to get ready. Theresa lines the models up with Anne. Brady keeps Theresa calm. Theresa can't believe her designs are about to go out in front of the fashion world. Brady jokes about telling Tate in 20 years how Theresa became a star. Brady kisses her and tells her to kick some ass as he exits.

The Basic Black fashion show begins with Gabi and Paul walking the runway in front of the audience. The models follow as Nicole watches on happily. The show concludes and Theresa walks down to a standing ovation including from Kate. Nicole smiles as everyone claps. Brady heads to the back while Kate turns away. Nicole tells Kate that Theresa did good so it looks like they were a hit. Kate responds that they are clapping now but they'll see what is written tomorrow.

Theresa returns to Brady backstage, who congratulates her with a kiss.

Chad approaches Belle and questions her coming with Phillip. Belle tells Chad that he's not available despite what he says. Chad calls Phillip a player, mentioning he knows his reputation. Belle informs him that they know each other very well. Phillip comes back and says they are making up for lost time now. Phillip tells Belle that he got a call and he has to go do some work. Phillip apologizes and asks for a rain check. Belle tells him he can try as Phillip then exits. Brady comes over and tells Belle she looks beautiful but questions why she's wasting it on all these distractions. Brady comments that Phillip is acting like a tool these days and she was talking to a DiMera. Belle informs him that Shawn filed for divorce so she's a free woman and can live a bit. Claire interrupts and questions Belle being out on a date. Belle tells her this is not the time or place for this discussion. Belle leaves to get some air and Chad follows her out.

The nurse joins Jennifer and Abigail but is unsure, informing her that they have the test results but something is very wrong here.

Phillip returns to the fashion show and talks to Brady, saying he had to step out and mentions closing a deal. Phillip talks about the revenue it will generate for Titan. Phillip asks if Brady is ticked at him for taking over Titan or if he's ticked at Victor that he wants him to fail. Brady responds it's neither. Phillip asks if he just doesn't like him. Brady says he likes him fine but he doesn't trust him and thinks he's trying to cut corners to pull Titan back. Phillip thinks he's afraid of how he succeeds. Brady argues that Victor just isn't thinking straight. Brady warns Phillip that he will answer to him if he hurts Victor or Belle. Phillip says he and Belle are just friends. Brady tells him to keep it that way. Phillip asks if he's seen her. Brady informs him that she left and walks away.

Chad brings Belle to the club and orders a bottle of champagne to go for each table then tells the bartender to take the night off afterwards. Belle says she just wanted some air. Chad tells her that she'll get all the air in here. Belle questions the big gesture. Chad tells her that he has something important to tell her and he doesn't want them to be bothered.

Abigail questions the nurse as to what's wrong. She explains that Thomas is blood type A while she and Ben are both blood type O which means Ben cannot be the father. Jennifer asks for a minute as Abigail is shocked so the nurse exits. Jennifer asks what this means. Abigail declares Chad is the father of her baby.

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