Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/29/15

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/29/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Brady and Theresa watch a movie at home. Brady turns it off to ask if Theresa is okay as she is still unhappy about her dream job. Brady wants to cheer her up but Theresa cries that there's nothing anybody can do as they hug.

Kate talks with a designer, thanking him for putting the collection together so quickly as she has Gabi and Paul ready to model in bright clothing. Paul asks to speak with Kate. Gabi feels dressed like a clown and Paul tells her that they really prefer Theresa's designs. Kate tells them it's too bad so they need to get over themselves. Kate walks away but Nicole then approaches and tells Gabi to go change out of those ridiculous clothes immediately.

Phillip works at home as Victor walks in and tells him it's New Year's Eve so he should take a break. Victor tells Phillip that he has a front row seat to Basic Black's launch but Phillip isn't interested in a fashion show. Victor feels it would be good for Titan to be represented and adds that any girl would like to go with him.

Belle sits in the town square where she gets a call from Chad but ignores it.

Chad leaves a message for Belle, saying he's through with the DiMeras and Abigail. Chad feels they can find what they are looking for together. Chad hangs up as Andre appears. Chad tells Andre that Belle isn't picking up so he can't force it and there's nothing else he can do.

Abigail holds Thomas at home while on the phone with the hospital. She hangs up as Jennifer rushes in to check on Thomas. Abigail says she doesn't know what's going on as he isn't eating or crying and he had a fever. Abigail worries but Jennifer assures her that everything will be fine as they wait for the doctor to call. Jennifer decides they will get to the hospital and goes to get ready.

Kayla comes home to Steve watching football. Kayla questions that being his plan for New Year's Eve. Steve shuts it off and kisses her on the couch.

Belle remains in the town square where she sees Claire walking with Ciara. They talk about going to the fashion show. Ciara then points out Belle so they go to greet her. Belle asks for a moment alone with Claire so Ciara walks away. Belle stands and informs Claire that Shawn filed for divorce.

Chad tells Andre that he did what he suggested by trying to convince her that he's through with the DiMeras. Chad says Belle is obviously just not interested. Andre questions whether Chad cares about the DiMera family at all. Chad asks why else he'd be trying to help him. Andre reminds him that there is nothing more important than family. Andre orders Chad to close his eyes.

Brady encourages Theresa about Basic Black, feeling she deserves to be there. Theresa feels she'd just be basking in her failure but Brady wants her to show that she belongs. Theresa says she can't go back because Kate's already replaced her. Theresa thought she figured out what to do with her life but it's already taken from her. Theresa says she can't blame anyone but herself.

Nicole tells Kate this isn't going to work unless she wants to tank all their work in one night. Kate doesn't want to hear it. Nicole feels this could've been a win for all three of them. Nicole tells Kate to start acting like a human rather than an arrogant bitch or she's ready to pull the plug on this whole thing.

At the hospital, Daniel tells Fynn that he's going to the Basic Black launch and will see him there. Abigail and Jennifer arrive with Thomas, asking Daniel to check on Thomas.

Kayla tells Steve this wasn't exactly what she had in mind. Steve asks what she wants to do that's more fun as he kisses her. Kayla stops him and tells him that she wanted to go to the Basic Black fashion show but Steve doesn't want to be around people who will spoil the football game he recorded. Kayla brings up wanting to show off her wedding ring, thinking the party is the perfect place. Steve wants her to watch the football game with him. Kayla questions if he'd rather watch the game than being at a party with all of their friends. Steve tells her that nothing could be more special than staying alone with her. Kayla gives in and agrees to stay as Steve turns the game back on.

Ava sits in the club where Fynn approaches, expressing interest in getting to know her.

Andre has Chad open his eyes and sits with him at the chess table. Andre tells Chad that the entire future of the DiMera family rests on Chad's ability to seduce Belle and find Sami. Andre tells Chad that he must come through for them no matter what it takes as he's nothing without the family. Andre encourages Chad that he's so close to his goal so he should call Belle again and convince her to see him and be with him. Andre says he must take advantage of Belle being vulnerable and lonely and he must not give up.

Clarie can't believe Shawn filed for divorce but asks Belle if she's signing the papers. Belle doesn't see a choice but Claire tells her that she has to fight and not give up. Belle says it takes two. Claire encourages her. Belle points out that Shawn didn't even give her a heads up that the papers were coming. Claire talks about being mad at Shawn for leaving and declares she won't be the only one who cares about keeping their family together. Claire says they can send her back and forth until she's 18 and then it's not her problem anymore. Belle apologizes as Claire storms off. Belle tries to go after her but runs in to Phillip.

Andre controls Chad, saying he will not remember this conversation and just do what they discussed and what's right for the family. Chad snaps out of it, asking what's going on. Andre instructs Chad to call Belle to ask her out for dinner so Chad steps away to do so.

Phillip asks Belle what happened. Belle informs him that Shawn filed for divorce. Phillip tells her that he's sorry. Belle says Claire is devastated so she's just going home but Phillip doesn't think she should be alone and invites her to the Basic Black launch party. Belle is unsure and then gets a text from Chad, saying he wants to see her tonight and won't take no for an answer. Belle then tells Phillip that it would be fun so she agrees to go with him. Phillip tells her that he'll pick her up but Belle decides they should meet here so her parents don't give him the third degree. Phillip agrees and says he just wants to make things as easy for her as possible.

Daniel tells Abigail that he will make sure Thomas gets the best care possible. Daniel sends Abigail and Thomas with a nurse while Jennifer worries if he has a same condition that Abigail had as a baby. Daniel tells her to just wait and see what the tests show. Daniel encourages Jennifer to be strong no matter what as they hug.

Paul and Gabi change back in to Theresa's designs but Gabi gets nervous about the show. Paul compares it to his baseball days in front of thousand fans. Paul encourages Gabi to think about Arianna. Gabi thanks him and says she will.

Pierre the designer complains to Nicole, saying he won't be a part of this without his designs.

Brady mocks the idea of Theresa being a failure and hugs her. Brady tells her that he loves her no matter if she's a success or a failure as it doesn't matter because he loves her. Brady tells her that he loves the most about her that she never gives up, pointing out that she believed they could be a couple and never gave up. Brady says she has to do the same thing for her career. Brady knows what she's capable of and says it's time the fashion world know it too. Theresa responds that something good did come out of this. Theresa tells Brady that nothing is more important to her than him and Tate. Theresa tells him that she loves him so much as they kiss.

Nicole mocks Pierre and fires him. Nicole says if he leaves without making a scene, he'll still be paid in full. Pierre complains but walks out as Kate comes back and tells Nicole that she can't be serious as she completely undid everything she fixed. Nicole says she made things right and tells Kate that it's either Theresa's designs or no one's.

Belle returns to the town square and gets a call from Chad that she answers which surprises him. Belle says she only answered to tell him to stop calling her. Chad says he will if she says yes to ringing in the new year with him. Belle responds that she can't as she's going to the Basic Black launch with a date. Chad questions her. Belle repeats to him that she is not interested in seeing him anymore so it's over and done. Belle wishes him a happy new year and hangs up.

Phillip prepares at home where Victor notes that he took his advice. Victor doesn't want him to burn out on work. Phillip says he thrives on hard work and credits him. Phillip gets the feeling that he doesn't have Victor's full trust yet. Victor says he will have to earn that. Victor points out that Brady made the company legit before he threw it all away for Theresa. Victor encourages Phillip to run the company as his father would and not get distracted. Victor exits so Phillip goes back to work at his computers.

Chad reports to Andre that Belle is going to the Basic Black launch with a date. Andre calls it unfortunate but Chad says once he gets there, her date won't stand a chance. Andre exits the room. Chad then picks up an earring off the ground that Abigail dropped.

Daniel continues encouraging Jennifer. Jennifer worries after everything Abigail has been through. Abigail joins them and says that Thomas is with the doctor and they have to run the tests. Daniel goes to see what he can find out. Abigail asks Jennifer what she's thinking. Jennifer doesn't want to upset her and talks about the condition she had, encouraging that it's treatable. Jennifer promises her that Thomas will be fine. Abigail responds that he has to be. Jennifer hugs her and knows how hard her delivery was. Jennifer promises her that they will make sure he gets the best care there is.

Kayla continues watching the football game as Steve gets dressed, deciding that he wants everyone in Salem to know about their engagement. Kayla is in to the game but Steve says they can watch it later so Kayla decides they'll party. Kayla mentions wanting to text Joey as to not surprise him that they are going to be there. Kayla goes to get ready while Steve continues watching the game until she's ready and texts Joey.

Fynn sits with Ava and asks about Salem being her hometown. She responds that it is but she's been away for awhile. Fynn asks if she has family but she wants a little mystery. Fynn suggests they be friends and invites her to the Basic Black launch party. Ava is not sure she's in the mood for a party but asks for a minute as she steps away to the bar. Ava texts Joey, asking if Kayla and Steve will be at the party. Ava returns to Fynn and tells him that she would love to go to the party with him.

Brady and Theresa continue kissing until they are interrupted by a knock on the door from Nicole. Nicole tells Theresa to hurry up and get dressed as she has a launch to get to which confuses her. Nicole informs her that she had a talk with Kate so she's back in. Nicole tells her that the dresses just needed polishing so they can still be used. Theresa can't believe it. Nicole tells her to get in gear so she can take her bow. Brady hugs Theresa.

Belle goes to the Kiriakis Mansion, saying she's there to see Phillip. Victor sends her in to the living room. Phillip is startled from working as Belle runs him down for taking advantage of her vulnerability only to stand her up. Phillip apologizes for getting caught up with work and said he just wanted to get it out of the way so he's not distracted while he's with her. Phillip tells her that she looks amazing but she says he'll have to do better than a compliment to get her to forgive him. Phillip tells her that he will do whatever it takes as they have all night.

Daniel returns to Abigail and Jennifer, revealing they can rule out the condition but they don't know what it is yet. Daniel promises they will know soon.

Chad stares at the earring and thinks back to when Abigail dropped it there.

Daniel tells Abigail that they will need to do a full genetic run up on her and on Thomas's father.

Chad sits down at the mansion looking conflicted after seeing the earring.

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