Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/28/15

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/28/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Kate prepares for the Basic Black fashion show as Theresa arrives with Anne. Kate complains about Theresa's designs and doesn't want to hear her excuses. Kate continues to complain about Theresa's designs, saying she can't have it in her show. Kate tells Theresa to have things worth being launched if she wants to be part of the show.

Rafe sends Lani to search the numbers that got off Seth Malcolm's burner phones. Hope arrives at the station and congratulates Lani on her promotion. Hope asks Rafe about Seth but Rafe reminds her that he can't discuss the case with her.

Andre goes in to see Stefano at home. Stefano mentions talking to their lead investigator after Sami. Andre insists they will find the trail and get their money back. Stefano then suggests maybe they won't.

Abigail goes to see Marlena at home, saying she couldn't wait for her to go to the office as she didn't want to wait for an appointment. Marlena asks her what's happened. Abigail wants Marlena to tell her what happened with Chad when she hypnotized him.

Chad dreams about the last time he was with Abigail and then Andre urging him to go after Belle then telling off Abigail. Chad wakes up to Belle knocking on his door. Chad answers and Belle tells him that she did not come with good news.

Anne tells Kate that she and Theresa have been up working for two days. Kate tells Theresa that she missed her deadline and didn't finish. Theresa argues that they still have a few days. Kate says they hired other designers who did a great job. Kate tells Theresa that she is out of the show.

Hope tells Rafe about Ciara finding out she was arrested. Rafe assures they are working to find out who really killed Seth and they will. Hope tells Rafe that she has all the faith in the world in him.

Andre notes Stefano being extremely pessimistic lately and asks what's going on. Stefano has begun to wonder if this is the end game, suggesting perhaps their time has passed.

Marlena asks Abigail why she's so upset with Chad. Abigail explains that he's acting completely different, going over how he risked his life to save her then suddenly told her he wants nothing to do with her. Abigail feels this all changed after Marlena hypnotized him so she questions what she did to him.

Chad invites Belle in to his hotel room to share the bad news. Belle tells him that he doesn't have a case to sue the DA's office as arresting him was completely justified due to the evidence. Chad blows it off. Belle says she knew he wouldn't give a damn as he only hired her to get close and see how far he could get. Chad admits he can't help himself as he then kisses Belle. Belle says so much for keeping it professional. Chad says if he doesn't have a case, she isn't his lawyer anymore. Chad thinks she warmed up to him and calls her beautiful, smart, and exciting. Chad asks her if they have a shot.

Abigail knows Marlena can't say what happened in her session but she knows something is wrong with him so she needs her to tell her what she did to him. Marlena responds that she didn't do anything to him as they didn't really have a session. Marlena explains that she put Chad under hypnosis and she was then covered with a chloroform rag with Chad gone. Abigail asks who would do something like that and if she thinks it was Chad. Abigail insists that she loves Chad and knows something is wrong with him so she wonders what is going on. Marlena says she will tell her something that has to stay between them.

Andre asks Stefano not to talk like that. Andre knows he doesn't approve of what he did to Chad to make him change but he feels it was justified for their family to prosper. Stefano declares they eventually all run out even the DiMeras.

Rafe tells Hope that he's swamped with paperwork. Hope says she just came to give him a late Christmas gift of peanut brittle which is something they shared once on an all night stake out. Rafe thanks her and apologizes for not getting her anything. Hope tells him that she knows he has her back and that means the world to her. Rafe says he always will. Lani returns to Rafe as Hope steps away on a call. Lani informs Rafe that all the numbers on the phone have been disconnected.

Anne reminds Kate that Theresa is a partner in the company so her stuff can't just be thrown out. Kate ignores her and says it's between she and Theresa. Nicole arrives as Kate tells Theresa that it's not personal but she's not quite ready. Theresa thinks Kate just loves being in control so she tells her to go to Hell and walks out.

Rafe tells Lani that he'll deal with the phone companies while Lani contacts other authorities. Lani goes back to work while Hope finishes her call and asks Rafe to get another box of peanut brittle from her car. Rafe agrees to go get it. After he leaves, Hope starts searching his desk and using her phone to take photos of the files.

Nicole questions Kate if she's proud of herself for driving a third of the launch out the door. Kate thinks it'd be worse to have an audience laugh at Theresa's designs. Nicole argues that it will look like they can't deliver but Kate says she will get another designer as she makes a call. Kate finishes the call and Nicole tells her that she can't get anyone on 24 hours notice. Nicole asks Kate to put her ego away and turn her phone off while she handle this.

Theresa sits outside crying as Anne catches up to her to try and keep her calm. Theresa cries that it's hopeless as Kate's right that she can't do this. Theresa feels she let Brady down but Anne encourages her to fight. Theresa thinks she blew her chance. Anne tells her not to let Kate do this to her. Theresa cries about letting Tate down as Anne hugs her. Theresa shouts that she's facing reality that she's not good enough.

Marlena tells Abigail about EJ's letter to Sami giving her passcodes to Stefano's bank accounts and how Sami cleared him out completely then disappeared. Marlena wishes she knew where Sami was but has no idea. Marlena tells Abigail that it was Andre that ransacked her office. Abigail asks if she thinks Chad helped him. Marlena points out that Chad denied knowing anything about it. Abigail asks if it's possible that Andre took over the hypnosis to convince Chad to break things off with her and focus on Belle. Marlena calls it odd but says that could make sense if they believe Belle knows where Sami is.

Chad continues flirting with Belle. Belle reminds him that she's married. Chad points out that she's separated. Belle argues that he's not over Abigail no matter what he says. Chad tells her that they made things very clear last night and he's free and open for anything. Belle responds that she's not a free woman. Chad questions why she came to his hotel room then.

Hope continues searching through Rafe's desk until Rafe returns and asks what her plan is.

Theresa returns to Basic Black where the fashion show is being prepared. Theresa picks up a dress and imagines walking the runway successfully until she's interrupted by Nicole and Brady clapping. Brady says he'll take it from here and asks Theresa how many times he has to come cheer her up. Theresa tells him this is the last time because it's over and she failed.

Andre tells Stefano they aren't at the end of their road as they are strong and capable of great things. Andre declares they are still the DiMeras. Stefano tells Andre that he's just tired.

Abigail tells Marlena about Chad making moves on Belle. Marlena understands that he thinks Belle can lead to Sami which is why she keeps warning her against him. Abigail worries but Marlena says she will make sure Belle listens to her because of what the DiMeras can do to her. Abigail asks if it's possible to get the real Chad back. Marlena thinks it's possible if he agrees to be hypnotized again. Abigail states that he's changed so much that she doesn't know if he'd allow that to happen.

Belle tells Chad that she came to explain that he doesn't have a case. Chad points out that she could've called. Belle tells him that she's professional and likes to look her clients in the eyes. Belle decides to leave and wishes him luck. Belle hopes he finds what he's looking for from someone else and then exits.

Rafe tells Hope that he was asking about her plan for the box of peanut brittle being for the whole station. Hope thanks him as Rafe tells her that he will call her when he has something he can share with her. Hope doesn't know what she would do without him as she thanks him again and then exits the station. Rafe goes back to work at his desk.

Nicole walks through the town square and finds Kate, asking where she's been. Nicole tells her that she took care of the missing designer problem but Kate tells her to relax as she's already got a replacement.

Theresa tells Brady that she's the joke that Kate always said she was. Brady argues that she's as talented as any designer. Theresa complains but Brady doesn't care what Kate's saying now. Brady brings up even John being impressed by her designs. Brady blames it on Theresa being tired as he encourages that she can do this. Brady says that he didn't fall in love with a quitter. Theresa stops him and asks if he just said he loves her.

Chad goes to the DiMera Mansion, looking for Stefano to see if he's okay. Andre goes over Sami stealing his money and it being up to Chad to get it back for him. Andre asks how it's going. Chad responds that he's working on it. Andre calls him a terrible liar because he hasn't gotten close to Belle since he's hung up on Abigail.

Nicole tells Kate that she told her she would take care of it. Kate tells her that they run an international fashion company so she doesn't want Theresa ruining it. Nicole argues that they can't bring in someone at the last minute when Theresa has potential to hit it big. Nicole calls this Theresa's shot and feels it would hurt the company if they don't show unity. Nicole thinks they can still call in help to make it happen. Nicole assures that they can be ready for the event. Kate declares that she's run 3 major companies so she is making this decision. Nicole argues that Kate would dump her with Theresa if she thought she could get away with it. Kate then walks away.

Theresa apologizes and tells Brady that he doesn't have to answer that as she knows it's just an expression. Brady tells her that he feels like he's gotten to know the real her and he's figured out that he loves her as they kiss.

Abigail goes home and holds Thomas. Abigail grabs her phone and tells Thomas that Chad still loves them. Abigail declares she will find a way to bring him back.

Chad questions Andre always assuming he'll fail. Chad tells Andre that he's not still in love with Abigail. Andre tells Chad to just admit he's let his family down. Chad admits that Belle made it clear she's not interested and can't trust him.

Theresa tells Brady that she's waited to hear him say that for so long as they continue kissing. Theresa tells Brady that she loves him too. Brady reminds her that they still have to deal with the fashion show. Theresa cries that she can't fix the dresses as she doesn't have the skills so she doesn't have a choice but to give up. Theresa asks if they can go home so Brady agrees and they exit.

Andre tells Chad that Belle doesn't trust his name, DiMera, and suggests going back to using Chad Peterson-Woods if it works. Andre orders Chad to get close to Belle and do it soon.

Belle goes home and calls out to Marlena. Belle looks through the mail and finds her petition for divorce from Shawn. Belle holds back tears as Marlena enters the room and asks what it is. Belle informs her that Shawn filed for divorce. Marlena tells her she's sorry as they hug.

Abigail puts Thomas in his crib and talks about just being upset. Abigail talks about making sure he grows up to have the best life possible. Abigail notices Thomas being quiet and that he feels warm.

Hope makes a call asking if anything was found.

Rafe tells Lani that Hope made a lot of enemies so they might a well get used to that.

Hope questions no one getting anything on any of the numbers.

Lani tells Rafe that someone torturing Bo would have to have a lot of brass.

Hope thanks her call and hangs up, stating to herself the name of Stefano DiMera.

Rafe tells Lani that one name jumps to the top of the list, Stefano DiMera

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