Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/25/15

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/25/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Maggie, Victor, Justin, and Phillip have Christmas at the Kiriakis Mansion. Victor doesn't understand why Daniel had to take Parker to Chicago for Christmas as Maggie explains it's so Parker could be with Chloe. Phillip gives Victor a present that he now owns Manchester Industries. Justin gives a present that Sonny helped with as well. Brady arrives with Tate and presents for the family.

Theresa works on her designs as Caroline arrives and says she's been looking for her but Theresa says she doesn't have time for Christmas. Caroline brought her Christmas breakfast. Theresa thanks her and thought she was coming to yell at her. Caroline understands her working hard. Theresa apologizes for not getting her a present. Caroline responds that her present will be the standing ovation Theresa gets at the end of the fashion show.

Andre gives Stefano a statue of Fortuna, insisting that their fortunes are going to change with good luck. Andre tells Stefano that Chad is obeying his commands and spent Christmas Eve with Belle. Abigail walks in and declares that she knows what they are up to so she is going to put a stop to it right now.

Steve comes in and Kayla questions where he was all night. Steve informs her that he went to see Ava. Kayla questions him further. Steve says he just needed to see what's going on with her and make sure she isn't a threat. Kayla worries that he's playing in to her hand. Kayla stops and asks what Ava said. Steve responds that it didn't go the way he expected it to. Steve explains how Ava broke down crying about what she did and now being all alone. Kayla questions Steve actually believing her. Steve tells Kayla that he loves her. Steve comments on Kayla not being sentimental but Kayla argues that she is, just not about Ava. Steve asks what if Ava has changed. Kayla doesn't believe it. Steve suggests forgiving her so she'll move on and get out of their lives. Kayla thinks Ava wants to be around them which she doesn't want. Steve asks if she doesn't think there is any possibility that Ava has changed. Kayla doesn't know but insists she will never forgive Ava for her father's death.

Theresa tells Caroline that Kate didn't like her design but Caroline encourages her. Theresa hugs her and thanks her for thinking of her. Caroline informs her that she's staying with Victor and Maggie if she needs her which Theresa questions. Caroline mentions Victor being very protective of her. Theresa wishes her luck as Caroline exits.

Maggie tells Brady it's a shame that Theresa couldn't come too which Victor mocks. Maggie opens a new juicer from Brady. Justin thanks Brady for a drink he got him for Christmas while Phillip thanks him for Blackhawks hockey tickets. Victor opens his present which is from a coin collection, minted in the year that Victor was born. Victor hugs Brady and thanks him.

Abigail knows Andre and Stefano have done something to make Chad turn on her. Andre calls her paranoid but Abigail insists that she's blackmailing or threatening him. Chad then walks in and declares that he makes his own decisions so he's decided that they are over.

Victor talks to Brady about his father having a coin just like this. Brady hopes it brings him luck. Caroline arrives and they wish her a Merry Christmas. Victor mentions Caroline staying with them. Phillip asks if it's because of the serum but Victor tells him not now. Maggie offers to help Caroline get settled in but Victor decides he will take care of it and steps out with her. Victor asks why Caroline changed her mind. Caroline admits she had another vision of Victor grabbing his chest. Victor responds that there's nothing wrong with his heart as he had it checked again yesterday. Victor reminds her that she's there for them to take care of her as he helps her upstairs.

Steve talks to Kayla about asking for forgiveness many times so he'd feel hypocritical if he didn't try to forgive Ava. Kayla argues that he never did anything like her. Steve doesn't want to carry around anger and resentment when things are so good. Steve doesn't want the past hanging over them today. Kayla agrees to think about it but says she isn't making any promises. Joey comes in and wishes them a Merry Christmas. Joey asks what's going on. Steve jokes about whether to eat or open presents first. Joey decides to do both as they smile.

Abigail tells Chad that this isn't him and she knows something is wrong with him. Abigail wants to speak to Chad alone. Andre argues but Chad agrees that they need to speak alone so Andre exits the room with Stefano. Abigail asks Chad if he's just doing this to protect her. Chad says that's not true. Abigail questions if they are blackmailing or threatening him. Chad responds that no one is making him do anything he doesn't want to do. Abigail brings up Chad saying he loved her and that he wanted to be a family but the next morning said it's over. Abigail knows he still loves her and she kisses him.

Victor asks Caroline how Hope and Ciara were. Caroline says they had a special prayer for Bo at midnight mass. Victor feels it's almost worse than the funeral. Maggie goes to make coffee. Caroline apologizes but Maggie assures her that she's glad she's here. Caroline mentions leaving her phone upstairs. Victor says one of them will get it but Caroline needs a moment alone. Phillip talks to Brady and Justin about how people will pay for a drug that allows them to see the future. Phillip says they have to fast track that drug. Victor interrupts and tells Phillip to do nothing for now as they have to be careful.

Chad tells Abigail that she continues to embarrass herself. Chad repeats that he only said he loved her because she was going through a horrific ideal but his love died for her the day she chose Ben and now they have to live with her choices. Chad adds that he doesn't want her in her life and threatens to get Belle to take out a restraining order against her if she continues to bother him. Abigail slaps Chad.

Kayla finishes a call with her daughter Stephanie as Steve and Joey clean up from presents. Steve pulls out another gift for Kayla which is a ring he had made from the bullet that almost killed him in Stockholm. Steve recalls telling Kayla it was too dangerous when it happened but she came right to him so Steve says this is a reminder of bringing them even closer and how nothing can keep them apart. Steve asks Kayla if she will marry him.

Theresa gets frustrated and says to herself that Kate's right that she is going to screw this up like everything else she's ever done.

Caroline tells Brady about stopping to see Theresa and she was exhausted. Brady decides he will take Tate to see her to calm her down. Brady wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and exits with Tate. Maggie asks Victor about not saying anything nice for Theresa. Phillip shows Victor information from the stock market but Victor doesn't want to talk business on Christmas. Phillip remarks that he should've got him a coin.

Joey encourages Kayla to say yes but she responds that she can't say yes just because he wants her too. Steve suggests because they love each other but Kayla says it's not that simple. Joey steps out to let them talk. Kayla argues that the ring just reminds her of a time she almost lost him. Steve points out that she didn't as her love pulled him through. Kayla says sometimes that's not enough. Steve asks if she's afraid he'll break her heart. Kayla wants to take it slow and see how it goes. Kayla decides they will talk about it more later and should get to the party. Kayla calls for Joey to get ready. Steve says they will meet her there as they have a surprise stop to make first. Steve takes Joey and exits.

Abigail repeats that this isn't Chad as he's not that cold and cruel. Chad tells her to stay away but Abigail wants the man who saved her life. Abigail reminds Chad when she took him to the cabin to keep him safe. Abigail repeats that she knows this isn't him and she's going to figure out what's going on because she will never give up on them ever. Abigail then exits.

Brady brings Tate to see Theresa and brings a bag for her in case she stays at work overnight. Theresa begins to worry that she can't do this and Kate was right but Brady encourages her to keep working as they believe in her.

Maggie, Victor, Caroline, Justin, and Phillip go to the hospital for the kids Christmas there. Maggie informs them that Santa has the flu so they need a stand in. Victor refuses while Justin and Phillip each point to each other. Maggie decides they will have to break the news to the kids until Justin decides he will do it. Phillip goes to help Justin with the suit. Abigail arrives with Thomas. Maggie asks where Chad is. Abigail calls it a long story so Victor says it will have to wait as it's showtime for Maggie to read the Christmas story.

Kayla looks at the ring and thinks back to Steve's words about not holding on to anger and resentment.

Steve and Joey walk outside where Steve reveals the motorcycle that he and Bo found on their way back. Steve talks about missing Bo and says they were going to share the bike. Steve says he fixed it up but realized he doesn't want to ride anymore as there are too many memories. Joey asks if he's going to sell it. Steve decides to keep it in the family and gives Joey the keys. Joey can't believe it. Steve tells him that he will have to pass the driving test and get a helmet before he can get on it. Steve wants to keep it between them for now as they joke about Kayla not being thrilled. Joey thanks him. They wish each other a Merry Christmas and hug.

Kayla goes to Ava's hotel room. Kayla says she's trying not to listen to the voices in her head saying this is a mistake but is trying to listen to what Steve said about forgiveness. Ava asks if she's forgiving her. Kayla responds that she's trying to. Ava can't believe it as she never thought she would. Kayla decides it's Christmas so she's trying to be a good person but she will watch her and warns of even getting a hint that she's playing them. Ava thanks her and hugs her. Kayla tells her not to make her regret it as she exits.

Andre returns to Chad and tells him that Abigail is not worth it as all that matters is his family.

Maggie finishes reading the Christmas story to the kids at the hospital as Abigail watches while holding Thomas. Abigail looks over and sees Marlena's folder. Steve and Joey arrive to wish Caroline a merry Christmas, noting that Kayla isn't there. Justin comes out dressed as Santa while Phillip records him on his phone. Victor praises Maggie and wishes her a Merry Christmas. Phillip gives Caroline a present. Caroline then has a vision of Phillip walking in to find Victor unconscious on the couch.

Brady gives Theresa a present. Theresa tells him that his is at home. Brady says she didn't need to get him anything. Theresa opens her present and it's a necklace with a locket and Tate's photo inside. Theresa thanks him and they kiss. Brady has Theresa tells him that she can do this.

Justin sings Away in a Manger to the kids as Phillip records and Maggie joins in. Kayla arrives and goes to her office with Steve. Steve asks where she's been. Kayla informs him that she thought of what he said and went to see Ava. Kayla reveals that she forgave her. Kayla says it wasn't easy but she really tried. Steve admires her and loves her. Kayla goes over his words from earlier. Kayla puts on the ring as Joey walks in and is excited. Steve asks if this means what he thinks it means. Kayla agrees to marry him as they hug. Joey joins in for a group hug.

Ava pulls a book out of her drawer and opens it with a photo of a baby inside.

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