Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/24/15

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/24/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

JJ and Jennifer listen to Christmas music at home as Abigail walks in. Jennifer comments that it's nice to have a baby in the house again on Christmas Eve. The doorbell rings and Doug, Julie, and Claire arrive. Jennifer wishes them a merry Christmas and hugs Julie but Julie questions if it is. JJ encourages Abigail about the Horton Christmas and asks if she needs to go for a walk. Abigail responds that she's fine and doesn't want to speak of Chad ever again.

Chad and Belle sit together at the club as Chad pours them glasses of wine and tells her about being one of the owners of the club. Chad asks her about coming back to Salem. Belle responds that she and her husband are splitting up so she wanted her daughter around family. Chad asks what happened between them. Belle responds that she cheated on him.

Victor and Maggie talk in the town square until Maggie spots Lucas staring in to a shop window. Maggie asks Victor to go on without her while she talks to him. Victor comments that it must be hell for Lucas as he then walks away. Maggie approaches Lucas and tells him that Christmas can be tough. Lucas says he's doing okay and trying to stay in the spirit to honor Will's memory. Lucas comments on a book being in the shop that Will wanted him to read. Maggie hugs him.

John and Marlena put presents under the Christmas tree at home. John stops Marlena under the mistletoe and kisses her. Marlena jokes that if they keep this up, they'll miss the party. John responds that they won't miss them but Marlena brings up Lucas and the people they love needing them. John thinks back to his conversation with Eduardo and says he doesn't think that's a very good idea.

Eduardo walks out of the town square where Kate follows him.

Hope comes downstairs and asks if Ciara and Chase are ready to go to the Hortons to decorate the Christmas tree. Ciara says maybe later as they are both playing on their phones. Hope knows how difficult Christmas is for them this year but she wants them to remember why this night is so special. Hope sits between them and tells them no one will talk trash about Christmas. Hope talks about the birth of Christ and it being about family. Hope says she's lucky to have them in hers as they hug.

Marlena tells John that Christmas Eve at the Hortons is more important than ever now. John tells her to trust him on this. Marlena says he will need to level with her. John informs her that if they walk out the door tonight, they could be in serious danger.

Eduardo sits in the town square and orders a drink as Kate approaches and suggests a champagne is more festive for Christmas Eve.

Lucas sits with Maggie outside and talks about first finding out Will was his son. Lucas prays that Will is in a better place. Maggie suggests going to be with everyone that loved Will so much and they will hang his ornament to celebrate that he's still there. Lucas cries that he wants to but doesn't think he can go through that. Maggie has an idea that she thinks will help them both.

Hope, Ciara, and Chase go to the Hortons where Doug greets them at the door. Ciara and Chase head inside. Hope talks to Doug about Ciara growing up and not wanting to come tonight. Doug responds that he would've gone and gotten Hope if she didn't show up as they hug.

John explains to Marlena about his prep school being recruiting for assassins. John regrets putting her in harm's way by trying to find out about his past since they have a target on his head and Eduardo was commissioned to kill him.

Kate apologizes to Eduardo for being insensitive by suggesting that Christmas could be festive given the losses they have suffered. Kate asks if he's going to invite her to sit down. Eduardo reminds her that he advised her not to get involved with someone like him. Kate points out that he said he would understand if it was all too much. He then invites her to sit down.

Chad asks Belle what Shawn did. Belle reminds him that she cheated on him. Chad figures things were screwed up between them so he's not blameless. Belle admits they were both at fault but her sin was more dramatic. Belle says being in Salem will have Claire around people who love her while she's around judgment. Chad jokes about her judging him. Belle talks about Marlena saying he conspired to have her attacked. Chad thinks she holds his last name against him. Belle jokes that he could be a knight in shining armor or he could be a DiMera. Chad asks if she passed on the Horton Christmas because of judgment. Belle says it's hard to be part of a celebration of family when she just dismantled hers. Chad asks her about moving back to Maine but Belle responds that they need time apart and Marlena needs her right now as she is going through a lot.

Maggie brings Lucas to the Hortons. Jennifer hugs Lucas and thanks Maggie as they hug. Roman then arrives and apologizes for just showing up as it's about business since he needs to talk to Abigail. Roman and Abigail say it's no big deal as they step outside to talk. Roman tells Abigail that it's about vandalism at the town square like JJ did in the past as she was caught on the security cameras. Abigail tells Roman that Hope and Lucas are there and their family doesn't need any more drama so she asks if they can do this later. Roman understands she has a reason to throw things and asks if she wants to talk about it. Abigail responds that she just wants to know what she can do to fix it. Roman and Abigail walk through the town square where Roman tells her that he told the shop owner what she had been through so he dropped the charges. Abigail thanks him. Roman offers to take her back home but Abigail wants to go for a walk to get some fresh air. Abigail thanks him again for not saying anything in front of her family so they didn't get more drama. Roman wishes her a Merry Christmas as she walks away.

Lucas steps outside reading a text from Sami along with a picture of a drawing Allie made for him that says Will's in heaven but he still has her.

Victor talks with Hope at the Hortons and says he knows about her arrest but he's not going to tell anyone and assures that she and Ciara are safe. Victor promises that whoever did this will pay for it.

Belle tells Chad that she won't talk to him about Sami. Chad thinks it's about time someone taught Stefano some humility. Belle believes it would only enrage Stefano and that someone else will pay. Chad sees Belle as more than his attorney, but a friend and promises not to let Stefano or anyone in his family hurt him. Chad holds her hand as Abigail walks in and sees them. Abigail approaches and wishes Chad a merry Christmas. Abigail talks about how 24 hours ago, Chad was preparing their future together. Chad tells her it's not the time or place. Abigail asks if she's upsetting him but notes that he's not upset at all. Chad tells her to go. Abigail questions if he's doing this because his family wants, arguing that he doesn't do what they tell him. Abigail knows something is wrong and vows to figure out exactly what it is.

Kate tells Eduardo that her family is busy so she'll see them tomorrow morning and asks about his Christmas plans. Eduardo responds that he's leaving on a business trip. Kate says it must be important if it's on Christmas day.

Marlena questions John believing Eduardo about being an assassin hired to kill him. John explains that Eduardo wants out of the life and will do what he can to call it off. John points out that Eduardo warned him so he thinks he's on the level. Marlena is unsure if Eduardo has the power to call off the hit and asks what then if not.

Julie comments to Maggie about how this is supposed to be the happiest time of the year. Doug begins speaking about how the year has been hard and they can't bring back the people they've lost but decorating the tree is how they celebrate their family so tonight they stop to remember who they are and where they came from. Doug adds that it's important they do this all the days of their lives. Doug tells JJ and Abigail that it's imperative that they continue the tradition even after they are gone. JJ jokes that it's rare for Abigail to be unable to talk so he accepts on their behalf. Jennifer hugs JJ and Abigail. Julie announces it's almost time to hang the ornaments and this year they have some additions to the family and tree. Julie informs Abigail that she and Maggie had an ornament created for Thomas. Abigail thanks them as everyone applauds. Maggie turns it over to Hope to speak. Hope talks about Tom and Alice teaching by example that family means more than just people with common ancestors so there will be ornaments for Hortons but also designated Hortons that be came part of the family through a lot of love. Hope gives Chase his own ornament as the newest designated Horton. Chase doesn't know what to say. Hope wishes him a Merry Christmas and hugs him as everyone wishes him a merry Christmas. Maggie and Doug hug Chase as well.

Marlena is unsure about John leaving a lot to the word of a stranger but John believes he's telling the truth. Marlena questions again if Eduardo has the power to stop the hit. John responds that he's had the same kind of training he's had but he wants out of this life so he's going to get the job done.

Eduardo and Kate toast their champagne. Eduardo tells her that the security business doesn't stop for Christmas and he doesn't really do holidays. Kate tells him that he's lucky because she does and gives him a present of a key card to the Skyward club in Titan towers. Eduardo thanks her as Kate tells him he'll be rubbing shoulders with the power elite. Eduardo wouldn't put himself in that class but Kate says she would as she then kisses him.

Hope hangs Bo's ornament on the Horton Christmas Tree as Ciara then hangs hers as she and Hope hug. Jennifer watches on. Chase goes next to hang his ornament for the first time. Claire hangs her ornament on the tree followed by Doug and Julie hanging theirs and Addie's. Maggie hangs the ornament for Janice while Lucas hangs Will's ornament on the tree. Hope and Abigail look on emotionally. Maggie has Victor hang his ornament on the tree as they kiss. Jennifer, JJ, and Abigail finish hanging the ornaments along wiith Lucas hanging Caroline's and his own next to Will and Sonny's. Maggie hangs her ornament as Jennifer hangs Tom and Alice's ornaments as the final two.

Chad walks Belle out of the town square, apologizing to her. Belle guesses things aren't as tied up with Abigail as he said they were. Chad says she's going through a lot and is very emotional. Belle thinks he dumped her. Chad tells her not to let Abigail spoil their Christmas Eve. Belle says it was coming to an end regardless. Belle tells him he can pick out a great bottle of wine but Abigail just confirmed everything she knew in that she has to be very careful of him. Belle then walks away.

Doug asks Julie if she's feeling more in the Christmas spirit now. Julie says she is, not because of the ornaments, but because of what he said to the kids. Julie tells him it was wonderful and Alice would've loved it as they kiss.

Eduardo thanks Kate but regrets that he doesn't have anything for her as he didn't realize he'd be spending Christmas Eve with someone so remarkable. Kate jokes that Santa must have thought he was a really good boy.

Marlena tells John that this is not how she pictured Christmas Eve as she was thinking of trimming the Horton Christmas tree, not finding out that John had a hit on him. John apologizes. Marlena argues that they can't live behind locked doors and have to live their lives. John feels just for tonight it'd be wise to stay home. Marlena decides there are worse things than being home with the one she loves on Christmas Eve.

Ciara hands JJ his guitar and wants him to play something. JJ is unsure but the family encourage him so JJ sits down and starts to play and sing. Claire joins him in singing.

Kate and Eduardo sit outside the town square together.

John and Marlena watch It's a Wonderful Life together at home as Belle comes home and joins them.

Chad goes home to the DiMera Mansion and has a drink.

Abigail sits in her room holding Thomas as she cries.

JJ and Claire finish singing as the family applauds and the focus is on Tom and Alice's Christmas ornaments.

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