Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 12/23/15

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 12/23/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Eve brings Claire to the club and praises her singing. Eve talks about forming a band at her music program and she thinks Claire would be the perfect lead singer. Claire is unsure as she's not sure she's even staying in Salem. Eve encourages her and says she will make sure her talent doesn't go to waste.

Belle goes to her hotel room and looks at the Christmas present that she had gotten Shawn then throws it in the trash.

Steve comes home and finds Joey wrapping Christmas presents. Steve tells him the one thing he wants from him for Christmas is for him to tell him if he was working with someone to get he and Kayla back together. Joey insists it was all him and asks why he's calling him a liar if it all worked out and they are happy. Steve says he had to wonder when Ava showed up at their house. Steve wants Joey to tell him if Ava asked him to keep quiet about her involvement. Joey pretends not to know and asks who Ava is. Steve figures Kayla must have told him. Steve tells Joey to just stay away from Ava, comparing her being as dangerous as a cobra. Joey says he'll be sure to stay away from her. Steve says he better as he exits the room. Joey then pulls out his phone and calls Ava, saying he needs to see her. Ava tells him to come over any time so Joey responds that he will be right there. Joey grabs his bag and exits.

Ava goes through photos of Steve and Kayla on her phone, saying she won't make the same mistake again as she's done her homework and will get exactly what she wants.

Nicole and Kate go to an empty building for the relaunch of Basic Black. Nicole thinks it's too big and will take too much but Kate feels they can do anything with it. Theresa arrives, late from taking Tate to see Santa Claus. Theresa shows Nicole the pictures they took while Kate is annoyed. Kate questions Theresa doing that when she should've been here. Nicole remarks that Kate should've gone and asked for some Christmas spirit. Kate tells Theresa that if she wants to do better, she needs to listen as Kate talks about having to work twice as hard because she was a woman. Kate wants to know what Theresa's priorities are.

Eve tells Claire that she spent her life as a professional musician and worked with greats so she doesn't want to see talent go to waste. Eve feels her opportunities will be limited unless her family is willing to put time and effort in. Claire says her family isn't really in to the music. Eve encourages her and repeats that she would make sure her talent doesn't go to waste. Claire says she will talk to her mom and definitely be in touch as she then exits.

Joey goes to see Ava. Joey tells her about Steve asking questions about her but he doesn't think he believed him so he doesn't know what else to do. Ava tells him to just stick to the story. Joey asks why Steve said she was dangerous and what she hasn't told him.

Claire goes home singing until Belle asks her to please stop.

Theresa questions Kate if she's saying it's not possible to be a good employee and a good mother. Kate tells her that she can't have it all. Kate tells Theresa that she needs to commit 100% if she wants to be a part of Basic Black's success. Theresa accuses her of taking her own problems out on her. Kate wants her to understand what they need to do to make Basic Black strive. Theresa yells at her for questioning her work ethic. Theresa shouts that she's put in twice as many hours as she has. Kate doesn't question her passion but argues about her lack of experience. Kate feels Theresa has never had any responsibility. Theresa yells back that Kate won't be bossing her around anymore. Theresa argues that she knows more about fashion than Kate. Anne then arrives with champagne to celebrate Basic Black. Kate is not amused and questions why she's here when Theresa reveals that she hired Anne.

Kayla goes home with her Christmas presents and asks where Joey went. Steve tells her that he went to meet some friends and mentions having a talk with him before he left about Ava. Steve tells Kayla that Joey said he has no idea who Ava is. Kayla admits she never mentioned her and has tried not to think about her. Steve wishes they could do that now. Steve explains that he told Joey to stay away from Ava. Steve says he was worried but now he's starting to think maybe Ava is telling the truth about wanting their forgiveness before she dies.

Ava tells Joey that Steve and Kayla hate her but Joey doesn't know what she did to make them feel that way. Ava is surprised that they never told him and points out that he never asked her. Joey tells her that he's asking her now and asks if she'd rather he ask them. Ava responds that they are partners so they don't have any secrets.

Kate questions Theresa hiring Anne. Theresa and Anne laugh over their champagne. Kate questions what Anne brings to the company. Theresa responds that she has a lot of experience with HR compliance. Theresa tells Kate that her harassment won't fly in the new Basic Black. Kate argues that she's trying to help her. Nicole questions Anne's job title. Anne responds that she is the director of rebranding and resource management. Kate says that will look great on her resume when they let her go. Anne argues that she can't let her go without cause. Nicole feels this isn't a great time so Kate agrees to discuss it at a later date. Kate says they have more pressing issues like Theresa's designs, which she calls a disaster.

Belle apologizes to Claire for taking out her frustrations on her. Belle knows Claire she's been patient with the changes but she feels guilty for taking her out of school and away from her friends. Claire is used to moving. Belle understands she's not used to missing her dad though so she suggests going back but Claire says no way.

Kayla doesn't think Ava is concerned with making amends. Steve thought she was starting to have compassion for her but Kayla says she's only trying to bring down her hatred and hostility towards her. Kayla says she's wary of her every move and will never let her guard down with her again. Steve doesn't think they should let her consume their lives. Kayla agrees. Kayla brings up Steve caring about Ava once. Steve calls it a long time ago and asks what that has to do with now. Kayla says they are all susceptible to being sucked in by someone like Ava.

Ava tells Joey about being mentally ill and very depressed. Ava reveals to him that she was with Steve when Kayla thought he was dead and something happened before Kayla found out. Ava explains the plane problem that killed Joey's grandfather Shawn and how Kayla and Steve thought she had something to do with it. Ava promises it was just a horrible accident. Joey asks if that's the whole reason they hate her. Ava says more or less. Ava tells Joey that she's really desperate because she's sick. Joey questions what she means. Ava says she's determined to be okay but she needs Steve and Kayla to forgive her so she can put this behind her and move forward. Ava tells Joey that she only has him so if she's going to stay in Salem, she needs to know that he believes her. Joey tells her that he believes her. Ava hugs him and thanks him. Joey adds that his parents won't. Joey suggests maybe she should tell them that she helped him get them back together. Ava worries that they would think she took advantage of him so she wants him to promise that he won't let them know he worked with her. Joey agrees and decides to get back home before Steve wonders where he is. Joey then gives her a Christmas present, telling her that he wanted her to know how much he appreciated helping get his parents back together. She opens it and it's a necklace with cupid's arrow. Joey repeats that she got his parents back together. Ava says they did as she has Joey put the necklace on her. Ava asks him how it looks. Joey says it's great. Ava calls him the sweetest and kisses him on the cheek as he then exits. They agree to see each other soon.

Claire tells Belle that she hasn't seen the family in forever and she loves being in Salem. Claire thinks it would be best to get Shawn to come back but Belle doesn't think he wants to work on things. Belle says she is staying here while Shawn stays in Maine and nothing will change that but she knows Shawn is missing Claire. Claire feels that Belle is trying to get rid of her. Claire adds that it's a little bit late to worry about Shawn needing company as she threw away their family. Belle says she's sorry but Claire says if she was, she wouldn't be dying to start over without them.

Theresa and Kate continue to argue over Theresa's designs. Kate brings up models having issues with her designs. Kate mocks the idea that Theresa could design something that could sell. Nicole thinks she's being harsh. Theresa complains that she worked really hard. Kate yells at Theresa that their investment is on the line. Theresa asks what she needs her to do. Kate tells her absolutely nothing because the only way to fix this is pulling her designs from the launch.

Ava walks through the town square and runs in to Roman, who questions what she's doing here. Ava is sure he has questions but suggests going someone private to talk. Roman suggests lockup. Ava tells him not to make it difficult if he wants her to cooperate so they walk out of the town square. Roman gives her five minutes before he takes her to jail.

Steve and Kayla talk about spending Christmas Eve together for the first time in a long time so he doesn't want to spend it talking about Ava as they kiss. Steve says it will be the best Christmas. Kayla points out that Joey could come home and reminds him of the last Christmas that Joey walked in on them. Kayla recalls when the kids were little. Steve tells her they still have the magic and they continue kissing.

Theresa argues that Kate can't pull her designs. Theresa says she'll get the clothes ready in a week. Kate brings up her lack of experience. Nicole interrupts and wants to give Theresa a chance. Kate tells Theresa to bust her ass for a miracle that won't happen and they'll pull her designs next week then as she exits. Nicole tells Theresa not to make her regret this and exits. Theresa starts to worry but Anne encourages her as they toast to ousting Kate.

Ava tells Roman that he can't arrest her. Ava mentions facing federal charges on several counts and fate is making sure she pays for everything she did. Ava informs Roman that she is dying and will be lucky if she has six months to live. Roman questions why she would want to spend a minute in Salem where everyone hates her and wants her gone. Ava responds that she's here to make amends with the people she hurt including him. Roman doesn't want to make amends. Ava says that's up to him but at least she tried. Roman warns her about making one wrong move as he walks away.

Steve and Kayla continue kissing on the couch until Steve says he remembered something to get from his Christmas list. Kayla says if it's for her, all she wanted is the gift of having him back. Steve assures her that he's back and not going anywhere. Kayla tells him that she loves him and kisses him.

Claire returns to the club and tells Eve that she made up her mind that she will do it. Claire tells Eve that she's the first person to ever tell her she was talented. Claire thanks her for believing her. Eve thanks her for putting herself out there and promises she won't be sorry. Eve gives her card to her and says she'll find her after the holidays. They wish each other a Merry Christmas as Claire then exits. Eve sits down and begins singing "I'll Be Home for Christmas"

Belle puts a Christmas present in her purse and goes back to her work.

Kayla looks at their Christmas tree and thinks back to past Christmas with Steve.

Ava returns to her hotel room to find Steve inside. She asks what he wants. Steve says he wants to know if she's telling the truth for once in her miserable life.

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