Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/22/15

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/22/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Maggie, Doug, and Julie prepare for Christmas in the town square while Claire is preparing for her solo singing. Julie asks where Victor is. Maggie says he should be there soon but just needed some time alone today.

Victor stands alone in the Kiriakis Mansion and looks at a photo of Bo on the mantle as Caroline then walks in.

Justin and Eve sit together in the town square. They hold hands and are glad to be together. Eve mentions taking up Eduardo's offer to run the music program at the community center. Eve says that singing was the one thing she did that didn't totally embarrass Paige. Eve thinks teaching others to sing would make her happy. Justin likes the idea but he doesn't trust Eduardo.

Gabi signs for a delivery at the club while Eduardo questions the man delivering it. Gabi tells Eduardo it was important for her job and asks if he's going to do that with every guy that comes near her as JJ enters the club.

Chase finishes a phone call as Ciara enters and questions what that was about. Chase tells her that it was just a stupid rumor his friend heard. Ciara questions why he's acting weird then and reminds him that she trusted him. Chase gives in and tells Ciara that his friend Evan heard that Hope got arrested for murder.

Hope goes to the station and sees Rafe, asking if he's been there all night. Rafe confirms and guesses Hope didn't sleep either. Hope asks about the Seth Malcolm case. Rafe says he can't talk to her about it as she's charged with the murder. Hope complains that she can't be left out. Rafe reminds her that the investigation is ongoing and he has to go by the book. Hope asks him to be her friend. Rafe says he is and will clear her name.

 Gabi tells Eduardo that's not okay. Eduardo feels he has 20 years to make up for. Gabi tells him that she's grown up and survived prison so he can't just run off any guy. Gabi wishes he would've been there before. Eduardo apologizes. Gabi sees JJ and greets him. JJ asks if he's interrupting. Gabi says no and introduces JJ to Eduardo. Eduardo points out JJ being involved with his daughter Paige and questions him now being involved with his other daughter.

Eve assures Justin that she doesn't trust Eduardo with most things but he can't screw this up. Justin gets a call and steps away. Adrienne is nearby and also answers a call, asking if it's about her test results. Adrienne tries to quickly walk out of the town square but Justin sees her. Adrienne gets to an empty spot and says she can talk now, asking about her results. Adrienne says she'll be there this afternoon. Justin approaches her and asks what's wrong.

Ciara complains about the rumor and argues that it would be all over the news. Chase suggests they're keeping it quiet because she's a cop. Ciara agrees that they would do that and wonders why Hope didn't tell her. Chase suggests she could be innocent but Ciara feels she should've been warned. Ciara storms out so Chase goes after her.

Rafe argues about trying to keep Hope safe. Hope promises she wouldn't get him in trouble. Hope assures that she trusts him completely.

Justin questions Adrienne having to go to the hospital on Christmas Eve but Lucas interrupts and asks if she's ready. Justin tells her to take care of herself and exits. Lucas tells Adrienne to get ready for a good time.

Hope apologizes to Rafe and he apologizes back for being frustrated. Hope wants Rafe to get out and get some rest. Hope asks if he has any family plans for Christmas Eve. Rafe agrees to go home if she goes home. Hope agrees but Rafe feels it was too easy. Rafe assures her that they will find whoever is responsible for this. They wish each other a Merry Christmas as Hope then exits the station.

Maggie and Julie walk through the town square. Julie questions her about Victor asking Caroline to move in. Maggie explains Victor being worried about Caroline's visions. Julie questions Maggie not being concerned about the arrangement. Maggie argues that they aren't teenagers and understands Victor and Caroline are connected so she wouldn't have it any other way. Maggie assures it's fine with her.

Caroline steps in to greet Victor but has a vision of Victor having a heart attack again. Victor turns around and questions her sneaking up on him, remarking that she could've given him a heart attack. Caroline tells him not to say that. Roman enters with Caroline's Christmas gifts for the family. Caroline asks where Maggie is. Victor says she's at the town square. Roman mentions heading there now so Caroline invites Victor to come with them but Victor says he'll pass on this one. Roman tells her not to be late as he exits. Victor tells Caroline to go ahead. Caroline comments on the photo of Bo. Victor then goes to get his coat to go to the town square.

Lucas and Adrienne return to the spot outside with Lucas now dressed up as Santa Claus. Lucas questions if something happened earlier or if Justin upset her. She assures it wasn't Justin so Lucas asks what it was.

Eduardo asks JJ what he does. JJ responds that he's in the police academy. Eduardo questions JJ's intentions. JJ and Gabi explain that they are going to the Christmas tree lighting in the town square, inviting Eduardo to come as well. Eduardo says he has a couple things to do but he'll meet them there. Eduardo exits. JJ and Gabi laugh about it as Gabi talks about Eduardo suddenly trying to be dad. They hope he'll calm down. Gabi says he wasn't this bad until today. Eduardo walks out of the club and says on his phone that he will not take the job for any reason and they must stay away from his family.

Rafe and Lani go over items collected from Seth including several burner phones. Rafe instructs Lani to trace any of the phones and any records they can use to track him down. Abe enters and asks for a minute. Abe informs Lani that they have received her performance evaluation as he presents her with her official badge to become part of the detective squad. They salute one another and hug. Abe tells her that he's so proud of her as Lani can't believe it and calls it the best Christmas present ever.

Justin goes to Hope's and asks to have a conversation off the record. Justin wants to find a way out of all of this for her and her family. Hope suggests dropping the charges. Justin questions how to do that when her gun killed Seth. Hope calls it a good setup. Justin says they are still digging but they have enough on Seth to establish that he was very dangerous. Justin suggests maybe Hope got on his wrong side by asking the wrong question and she had to stop him. Justin understands and asks if he attacked Hope and came after her, believing it was self defense if she killed him. Justin wants to settle it out of the court room.

Ciara goes to the police station and confronts Rafe about the rumor that Hope killed someone.

Adrienne tells Lucas about a problem with one of her tests so she has to redo the test. Lucas encourages her about it and offers to go with her later. Adrienne thanks him. Lucas says he'll come with her and get her a Mrs. Claus hat. Adrienne asks how he can be cheerful after all they've lost. Lucas says he concentrates on what he has and would do anything to make her smile as they kiss.

Hope tells Justin that she didn't kill anyone. Justin continues offering a deal but Hope says if he wants to talk, it will be with her attorney. Justin tells her that he wants this to go away as it's bad for her family and they need her on the force. Justin then exits.

Ciara questions Rafe about the rumor. Rafe argues that no one from the department should be saying anything like that. Ciara asks Rafe if it's true, pointing out that he is her friend. Rafe tells her that this is his job so he's not allowed to talk about an ongoing case. Ciara complains about everything going on and asks for the truth on if Hope killed someone. Rafe tells her to ask Hope so Ciara exits. Chase asks what happened and if it's true. Ciara responds that she needs to talk to Hope alone as she rushes off.

Lucas and Adrienne walk through the town square where they run in to Justin, who comments that this is something. Lucas goes to greet Abe. Justin asks if Adrienne is sure she's alright as he wants to know if she has a health issue. Adrienne assures him that it was just an equipment error at the hospital so he doesn't have to worry and can go back to his date.

Ciara comes home where Hope questions if she got her text and wished she wouldn't go out alone. Ciara yells at her about finding out that she was arrested and not telling her. Hope says it was a mistake. Ciara questions if she's going to jail. Hope promises she won't as she did not kill anyone. Hope explains that she was set up by the ones who kidnapped her. Ciara wants her to leave them alone since it doesn't matter now that Bo is gone. Hope hugs her and assures that she won't lose her.

Eduardo goes to the police station and tells Rafe that he needs a minute about Gabi. Rafe gives him 30 seconds. Eduardo tells Rafe that he needs to keep an eye on Gabi and Arianna for awhile because he's run into a situation with a competitor. Eduardo says it shouldn't affect family but he should watch out for them. Rafe questions what he's gotten into, saying he wants the truth. Eduardo regrets saying anything and says he just thought it'd be a good idea for him to watch the situation. Rafe warns Eduardo that if he's brought trouble to his family, he's going to pay.

JJ and Gabi talk with Claire at the town square about Claire's upcoming solo. Gabi mentions JJ's singing as well. Eve stands with Justin and spots Eduardo so Justin steps away to let them talk. Eve and Eduardo wish each other a Merry Christmas. Eve informs Eduardo that she will gladly run the music program. Eduardo is glad to hear and tells her it will be all hers so he can't wait to see what she comes up with. Eve likes the idea of finding young talent to help grow.

Hope apologizes to Ciara for not telling her what happened. Ciara says she can take it and asks if she's going on trial. Hope insists that Rafe and Abe know she's innocent so they will find who did this. Ciara questions why she was arrested. Hope tells her evidence was planted but she doesn't want Ciara to worry about this because it's Christmas. Ciara doesn't think it feels like Christmas. Hope brings up the family being at the town square and thinks they should be there too. Ciara agrees to go with her as they hug.

Roman arrives at the town square and joins Maggie with Doug and Julie. Roman mentions Victor and Caroline being on their way. Roman goes to talk with Abe and asks if he gave Lani her shield. Abe talks about how happy she was. Doug goes to check the music to allow Julie to talk to Maggie. Maggie tells Julie not to start and she walks away.

Victor and Caroline sit outside the town square together. Caroline talks about Bo having his grandfather's boat restored. Caroline asks if missing Bo will ever stop. Victor says it only becomes more familiar and easier to live with but not enough to give a heart attack. Caroline questions him. Victor talks about Caroline jumping earlier when he made that remark so he asks if it's something she saw. Caroline responds that she's taking a vacation from her visions as it's Christmas Eve and thanks to him, she's alive and well. Caroline accepts Victor's invitation to move in after the holidays. Victor calls it a Christmas miracle and says she couldn't have given him a better gift as Maggie walks up behind them and sees them close together. Maggie greets them and tells them they're going to miss the show. Caroline brings up Claire's solo. Victor walks on with Maggie and Caroline on each arm.

Everyone sings along in the town square. Hope and Ciara arrive along with Chase. Eduardo looks on at Gabi. Justin watches over Adrienne. Victor arrives with Caroline and Maggie to join in. Claire then sings her solo which catches the eye of Eve. Hope watches on tearfully.

Rafe goes over what Lani gave him from one of the burner phones. Rafe is surprised it goes back two years with a number in Greece and then two numbers in Salem. Rafe tells Lani that this means the people who locked up Bo could be right here.

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