Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/21/15

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/21/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Jennifer brings Abigail home with her baby Thomas. Jennifer encourages her but Abigail remains unhappy. Jennifer mentions inviting Chad over but Abigail informs her that it's over.

Chad continues asking Belle to consider representing him. Belle suggests any other lawyer. Chad says he doesn't want them, he wants her. Belle points out that he doesn't even know her so she questions the sudden interest.

Justin greets Phillip at the Kiriakis Mansion and asks about him coming back home. Phillip says Victor made him an offer he couldn't refuse. Phillip comments on Justin being out of the loop as DA.

Victor finds Brady at the hospital and asks if something's wrong. Brady tells him that he was just resigning from the hospital board. Victor tells him that he didn't have to. Brady says not being with Titan makes his donations not as easy. Victor tells him that was his choice. Maggie joins them and hugs Brady. Maggie feels the house is so quiet without Brady and Tate. Brady invites Maggie for coffee but Victor says she can't as he has something very important to discuss with her.

After Ava collapsed while Steve tried to throw her out of the house, he lays her on the couch believing she's faking it. Kayla explains that Ava said she was dying. Steve questions Kayla listening to her and hopes she doesn't believe her.

Abigail puts Thomas to sleep and then rejoins Jennifer in the living room. Jennifer asks what happened between her and Chad. Abigail says that Chad can't handle her son being the son of a murderer. Abigail thinks it was just about her. Jennifer asks if she's sure. Abigail feels she should've seen this coming since Chad had done this before but she thought everything was different.

Chad tells Belle that his only interest in her is as a lawyer. Belle argues that he could get someone with years of experience while she just got out of law school. Chad complains about how Justin treated him but Belle continues to turn him down. Chad has visions again and almost faints.

Phillip comments that it's good to have a friend in court but Justin says it won't be him. Phillip comments that he was looking forward to working with Justin. Justin warns Phillip about turning Titan in to what it once was. Phillip admits he'll do whatever it takes to turn a profit.

Kayla doesn't know what to think but Steve insists Ava is faking it. Ava wakes up and asks what happened. Kayla tells her that she fainted. Ava complains of feeling dizzy. Steve wants her out. Kayla feels that Ava's pulse is weak. Steve mocks her. Ava knows Steve hates her and she deserves it. Ava swears she's here because she doesn't want to die knowing she didn't make amends. Ava says she just wants them together and happy. Steve tells her he will never believe her. Ava tries to get up but stumbles again as Kayla holds on to her.

Justin warns Phillip that Victor is still calling all the shots. Phillip responds that he wants to be aggressive with the company so he wants Victor to be able to keep up with all the changes he plans to make.

Maggie comments that Victor was very abrupt with Brady. Victor tells her that he's afraid of what he may have brought down on people he cares about. Victor says he came to get Maggie and also the latest results of Caroline's tests. Maggie asks about Caroline having another vision. Victor informs Maggie about Ciara being kidnapped but Hope taking care of it. Maggie questions who kidnapped her. Victor says he's still working on it but he worries that the people will be after Caroline as the only one who the drug has been tested on. Victor declares they now have to take care of Caroline by moving her in to their house.

Brady comes across Caroline in the town square. They wish each other a Merry Christmas. Caroline asks how Victor is doing today. Brady tells her that he's doing fine and notes that she seem relieved. Brady gets a call from Theresa and asks if everything is okay. Theresa wondered if he thought any more about what they talked about regarding Belle investing in Basic Black. Brady tells her that he can't talk about it now but will see her later and hangs up. Brady goes back to Caroline and asks if she's worried about Victor. Caroline says no and just mentions that they are both grieving Bo. Caroline says she's happy to know that Victor seemed fine to him and she walks away.

Kayla checks Ava's blood pressure being low and notes that she could have an infection. Kayla decides Ava needs to go to the hospital.

Maggie asks Victor how soon he wants Caroline to move in. Maggie agrees to go along with it as the right thing to do. Victor doesn't want anything to drive them apart. Maggie thinks it might take awhile for him to talk Caroline into it so she suggests he start now. Victor tells her that marrying her was one of the best things he ever did as they kiss.

Phillip goes to see Brady but he's not home yet so he meets Theresa. Theresa is not interested in talking to him as she comments on Phillip taking over Titan from Brady. Phillip questions Brady leaving his family and his job to hookup with her. Phillip walks on in. Theresa argues that they are in love but Phillip accuses her of loving his bank account. Theresa argues with him about being a gold digger. Phillip tells Theresa that there's no way Brady would ever love a woman like her. Brady then walks in and questions what's going on.

Belle sits Chad back down and goes to get him some water. Chad tells her that he's fine and claims he faked getting dizzy to get her to stay. Chad insists that his case's best chance is to be represented by her but Belle says she doesn't have to do it. Chad says he will find a way to make her want to. Belle questions if Chad is hitting on her and says she knows that he's with Abigail.

JJ goes home and talks with Jennifer in the living room while Abigail listens in from around the corner as Jennifer tells JJ about what's happened with Abigail and Chad. JJ calls Chad a bastard while Jennifer doesn't think it makes sense after seeing how Chad wouldn't give up in finding Abigail. JJ thinks it's all a game to Chad. Abigail comes back in and tells them it wasn't Chad's fault. JJ asks whose it was then and Abigail blames herself. Jennifer questions how it could be her fault. Abigail says she was a mess when Chad found her and she still is. Abigail says Chad must have realized he didn't want to take on a newborn but JJ still blames Chad.

Chad tells Belle that his relationship with Abigail isn't her business. Belle says any relationship is for a potential client. Chad says he thought they had a future together but he was wrong as they wanted different things. Chad tells Belle that Abigail has to take care of her son while he has to take care of Stefano. Chad plans on helping Stefano rethink what he wants to do with the time he has left.

Theresa goes to check on Tate while Brady questions Phillip. Phillip admits maybe it was a bad idea to show up unannounced as Theresa didn't take to him well. Brady points out that she is very loyal to him. Brady knows Phillip's only investment is the drug used on Caroline so he can think again if he came to him for help.

Victor finds Caroline in the town square and asks if she's alright. Caroline tells him that shopping makes her feet hurt. Victor says he's been looking all over for her as he wants her to move in to his place. Caroline tells him that she already has a place to live but Victor wants her to be properly taken care of. Caroline comments that he sounds like one of her kids. Victor asks her to think about it as he and Maggie would love to have her. Caroline agrees to think about it. Victor then exits.

Kayla and Steve set Ava up in the hospital. Kayla tells Ava that a nurse will be in for more tests while Steve argues that those tests will prove she's faking it. Kayla and Steve leave the room. Kayla tells Steve that she's starting to think Ava is telling the truth because she's very weak and showing symptoms of leukemia. Steve insists that she's faking. Kayla declares they will find out one way or another because blood tests don't lie. A nurse goes in to take blood from Ava.

Jennifer doesn't care what Chad's reason is without giving them a chance to work through it. JJ questions Abigail sticking up for Chad. Abigail argues that Chad did love her. JJ gets angry over Chad and storms out.

Phillip tells Brady to calm down and not get mad. Brady tells Phillip that he will take him through the procedures to follow as he wants his leadership to succeed as long as things are done correctly. Brady tells him that he still cares about Victor and the company. Phillip reminds him that the business isn't his to run anymore as he walked away. Phillip then exits as Theresa rejoins Brady. Theresa agrees that Phillip is trouble. Brady asks what he did to make her say that.

Roman sits with Caroline in the town square and questions Victor wanting her to live with him. Caroline thinks Victor feels responsible for her. Roman worries that Victor may want to use her visions to make a killing on the stock market. Caroline tells him not to be so hard on Victor as he did save her life. Roman agrees but points out that she has other options of people to live with other than Victor. Caroline admits she is thinking about it.

Belle questions Chad thinking losing the money could help Stefano. Chad believes it can help Stefano see that what matters in life is friends, family, and people you love. Belle notes there being more depth to him. Chad asks her to dinner if she agrees to be his lawyer first. Belle agrees to think about it. JJ arrives and confronts Chad, telling him that he sucks for breaking Abigail's heart.

The nurse brings Kayla the results from Ava's blood test. Steve asks if she's fine. Kayla informs him that the results are consistent with the diagnosis of leukemia. Steve still doesn't buy her story of wanting to earn their forgiveness. Steve feels Ava is still psychotic and still wants to hurt them.

Ava remains in her hospital bed.

Roman goes to the Kiriakis Mansion and questions what Victor is up to with Caroline, wanting to know the real reason he wants Caroline to move in. Roman accuses him of wanting to use Caroline's visions. Victor just thinks she should be closely monitored by Dr. Salinas and he's the only one who knows where he is because he's concerned that the people who took Bo may be after him next. Roman questions how they would know. Victor informs him that they found out another way and that's why he wants Caroline here. Roman thinks he can take better care of Caroline than Victor. Victor says that she's free to do whatever she feels is best. Roman tells him to let her know what that is as he walks away. Phillip listens in as Roman exits.

Theresa tells Brady that she just got mad at Phillip for thinking he could run Titan better than Brady. Theresa says they argued and that Phillip said Brady could never love anybody like her. Brady tells her that he's not listening to them so she shouldn't either. Brady points out that he's still here. Theresa tells him it's fine if he doesn't want to talk to Belle about investing in Basic Black. Brady says he thought about it and decided they shouldn't get involved in that financial situation. Theresa asks if Belle is in some sort of trouble.

Chad tells JJ to calm down. JJ blames Chad for Abigail being a wreck. Chad responds that he's sorry it ended this way but insists Abigail will be better off. Chad adds that she deserves a guy better than him which JJ agrees with. JJ warns Belle to be careful around Chad and not to believe a word he says as he's a DiMera through and through.

Jennifer watches as Abigail holds Thomas. Abigail asks Jennifer to watch Thomas while she goes to get some fresh air.

Kayla returns to Ava's room with her test results and confirms her leukemia. Kayla asks if she had any treatment. Ava says she only had an induction therapy that didn't put her back in remission. Ava says she has either a year or a month. Kayla suggests she shouldn't be wasting her time here then. Ava says she has to have her forgiveness. Kayla says it was a long time ago and they appreciate if she's sorry. Ava says that's not forgiving and only saying what she wants to hear. Ava knows redemption is never easy but she repeats that she can't die without atoning for what she did and truly earning her forgiveness.

Brady tells Theresa that Belle is just in the middle of a divorce and trying to start a law practice so it's not the right time for investing in Basic Black. Brady doesn't want Theresa and Belle to get off on the wrong foot. Theresa argues that it would make Belle a ton of money but Brady cuts her off. Theresa insists on talking to Belle herself but Brady shuts her down and tells her to find another way to get along with Kate or walk away. Brady goes to check on Tate leaving Theresa frustrated.

Belle remains at the club and starts writing notes for Chad's case.

Chad returns to the DiMera Mansion and looks down at the chess table, remarking that the black knight takes the white queen.

Abigail walks through the town square and sits down to think back to her times with Chad. Abigail looks up and imagines Chad in a shop window so she smashes the window in a rage then rushes off.

Kayla tells Steve that Ava is staying in Salem and ready to leave the hospital. They don't like it as Steve worries that if Ava is dying, that means she has nothing to lose and he doesn't buy that she wants their forgiveness. Steve tells Kayla to keep their eyes open and wait for her next move.

Ava returns to her hotel room and removes the bandage from where blood was taken. Ava then reveals a patch on her arm and pulls out a piece of glass with blood on it where the blood was taken from and declares that it worked like a charm.

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