Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/18/15

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/18/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

John questions Eduardo being sent to kill him and telling his target. Eduardo tells him that he didn't plan to go through with it but he still thinks John's life is very much in jeopardy because these people don't give up. John asks who they are.

Belle sits with Marlena at the club. Belle notes that Marlena is distracted. Marlena admits to her that she was attacked in her office this morning. Belle asks who did it.

Andre tells Stefano about Chad not remembering their sessions so now he will use his charms on Belle who will lead them to Sami and the money. Stefano warns him that he better hope this is true.

Chad wakes up while having more visions of explosions and Abigail. Abigail arrives at the door and hugs him, telling him that she has some great news. Abigail asks if he's okay as Chad just stares at her.

Kayla is shocked to see Ava at the door. Ava says it's been a long time and knows she has every right to hate her. Kayla says hate is not a strong enough word. Ava asks her to please listen.

Justin talks with Rafe at the station about Hope being arrested for murder. Rafe doesn't think Hope did it. Justin worries that this is bad for the department. Rafe doesn't think it will go to trial. Justin orders Rafe to find out who did do it.

Ciara comes home as Hope hides what she was looking through. Ciara points out that they don't have a Christmas tree yet and asks what Bo would think of that. Ciara wants to go get one but Hope is not sure. Ciara really thinks they need to have Christmas this year.

Belle asks Marlena if she thinks Chad attacked her. Marlena thinks he was involved as the DiMeras would do anything to find Sami. Belle asks what the police said but Marlena tells her that she didn't call them as she didn't have enough proof either. Marlena doesn't want to have to explain why the DiMeras are after Sami. Marlena gets a call and steps away. Belle looks at her phone with a text from Sami, encouraging her to do something wonderful with the money.

Abigail talks to Chad about Thomas coming home from the hospital. Abigail excitedly wants Chad to come with her so they can all leave the hospital together but Chad cuts her off and says they need to get something straight.

Ciara and Hope get ready to go when Rafe arrives. Rafe asks to talk to Hope for a few minutes for her point of view on a case. Hope sends Ciara to go get the Christmas tree then. Rafe questions Hope not telling Ciara. Hope wanted to get through Christmas before Ciara found out her mother has been arrested for murder. Rafe says he's sorry. Hope understands he's doing his job. Hope brings up information on Seth that she was going over. Rafe tells her not to investigate on her own but trust her lawyer and him. Hope questions what she's supposed to do. Rafe tells her to stay out of it as he's going to find out who kidnapped Bo and who's framing her if it's the last thing he does.

Eduardo warns John that he made certain people very unhappy when he started asking questions about the academy which was a cover. Eduardo explains that they recruited kids and pushed them to see who would break. Eduardo says they didn't break so they were sent away to a training facility for assassins.

Steve walks through the town square and runs in to Justin. Justin guesses Adrienne has caught him up on everything. Steve says she told him about their great kids and her cheating husband. Justin gets that he's mad at her. Steve tells Justin that it's a damn good thing he's out of Adrienne's life.

Kayla tells Ava to get off her property. Ava says she has something very personal to say as she asks for her forgiveness. Kayla brings up Ava kidnapping people, shooting Hope, and killing her father in a plane. Ava apologizes but Kayla tells her it's time to pay.

Abigail questions Chad what's wrong. Chad tells her that she's moving way too fast as she needs to focus on her son and he needs to work things out with his family. Chad states that his family is going through a crisis so they need him. Abigail brings up what Stefano did to him. Chad talks about being taken in so he can't turn his back on all the family he has left. Abigail argues that he has her and her entire family to welcome him. Chad responds that he already has a family. Chad repeats that they are going through a crisis so they need all of his attention. Abigail feels he's choosing his family over her. Chad guesses he is.

Belle leaves a message for Shawn, saying she's really sorry and to call her back as Marlena returns and asks if everything's okay. Belle explains that she and Shawn are trying to figure out how to make Claire's Christmas not suck. Marlena suggests going back to Maine but Belle says she has to open her office here. Marlena offers to help if needed. Belle says she and Shawn know it's over. Belle mentions talking to Phillip which Marlena questions. Belle says she just ran into him and told him that her only focus is putting her life back together for her daughter.

John questions Winter Thorn academy being to train and recruit assassins. Eduardo mentions the families he left behind being his cover. Eduardo is ashamed of how he could walk away so easily as if his wife and children were props not people. John questions Eduardo remembering everything. Eduardo admits he dreams about it too. John remarks that he guesses he does owe Stefano so much because he erased all his memory so he doesn't remember any of it. John now wonders how much blood he has on his hands.

Justin tells Steve that he's truly sorry for what he did to Adrienne and he's paid for being such an idiot. Steve says it doesn't mean much. Justin calls him smug. Steve questions him comparing to him leaving Kayla. Steve tells Justin that he doesn't know the whole story. Justin says no one ever does. Justin tells Steve that he won't be helping Adrienne by fanning the flames as they are both trying to move on and do what's best for the kids. Justin asks Steve to just help Adrienne look forward and not back. Steve mocks him being a motivational speaker. Justin talks about making the police department run smoothly. Justin warns Steve that if he and John become private investigators, they'll need to stay out of the way. Steve calls him a pompous ass. Justin remarks that he hasn't changed a bit as he walks away. Ciara comes up and hugs Steve, telling him that he's just the man she was looking for.

Kayla threatens to call the police but Ava tries to get through to her. Kayla tells her that she and Steve will never forgive her.

Abigail can't believe this as Chad had told her that he loved her. Chad claims she was a mess and it was what she needed to hear. Abigail argues that it's what Chad did not what he said as he saved her. Chad says he did what he needed to do and tells her not to romanticize it. Chad declares it realistically isn't the right time for them. Abigail argues that he's pushing her away to protect her from Stefano again. Chad claims he doesn't have time for a relationship right now. Abigail questions him. Chad shouts that her son is not his. Chad declares that he has realized that he can't be with her the way she wants. Abigail is stunned and holds back tears. She shoves him and leaves the room crying.

Gabi finds Abigail in the town square and asks her what's wrong. Abigail remarks that the ma she just talked to is not Chad as he told her he couldn't be with her because Thomas isn't his son. Gabi argues that Chad has always had another side to him but Abigail feels he's being a completely different person. Abigail says it doesn't even sound like Chad and doesn't make sense.

Andre tells Stefano that he knows he'd have to pay if the plan doesn't work but he truly believes. Chad walks in and asks what he's supposed to do. Andre says they were expecting him. Andre asks about Abigail and the baby. Chad responds that they are fine and he told them they can't be together because the baby isn't his. Andre asks if he met Belle. Chad mentions seeing her in Marlena's office and then starts having flashes again. Chad gets dizzy and blames being hypnotized by Marlena as he doesn't remember the session. Andre informs Chad that he disabled Marlena to search her office to find Sami. Chad says what Andre programmed him to say in that he has to do whatever he asks for his family.

Hope doesn't want Rafe to stick his neck out for her. Rafe says he will do it by the book. Ciara comes back with Steve and a Christmas tree. Rafe says he'll let them get to decorating but Ciara says Rafe has to stay to help decorate, insisting it will be fun. Hope thinks she's right and asks Rafe to stay. Rafe gives in and agrees to stay.

Ava reveals that she has leukemia and only has months to live. Kayla doesn't believe anything she says but Ava says it's why she came back, to make up for the things she did. Kayla tells her she can never make up for it but Ava asks for a chance to try.

Ciara takes Rafe to help get some decorations from upstairs leaving Steve with Hope. Steve talks about Ciara being determined for Christmas. Hope talks about Christmas with her and Bo but she's so scared of Ciara finding out. Steve asks find out what. Hope reveals that she was charged with Seth's murder. Hope explains that she was going to pay him for information but he never showed up and Ciara got kidnapped. Steve can't believe it. Hope wants to find out who did it but Steve instructs her to take care of Ciara while Roman and Rafe will clear her and Victor will use his resources. Steve asks her not to try to do this on her own.

John asks if Eduardo came to Salem to kill him. Eduardo says he was trying to get out of the life as he was desperate so he went into hiding. Eduardo thought he was off the radar. Eduardo complains about missing Paige's life but he showed up for her funeral. John says they took it all away from them. Eduardo declares he will never do their bidding again.

Gabi encourages Abigail that this could be for the best. Abigail cries that they were finally going to be happy. Abigail says Chad didn't sound like himself so she knows there is something seriously wrong with him.

Marlena tells Belle to let Claire know that she doesn't have to pretend to be happy. Chad arrives and tells Marlena that he's really sorry for what happened at her office as it was all Andre's doing and he had no idea about it. Chad explains that Stefano told him Andre did what he did to find Sami. Belle warns for Andre to back off or there will be serious repercussions. Chad says they know Sami won and there's nothing they can do about it. Marlena mocks the idea of Stefano accepting defeat and tries to leave. Chad asks to speak with Belle about legal matters. Marlena warns Belle to be careful about doing business with DiMeras as she exits. Chad thanks Belle for her time. Belle says she didn't stay to hear him out but to tell him a thing or two.

Rafe and Ciara start decorating the Christmas tree. Hope talks about Bo never thinking less is more with the decorations. Ciara finds a snow globe and recalls Bo giving it to Hope. Ciara apologizes and starts to put it away but Hope has her put it out. Rafe jokes that he and Ciara are doing all the work and tells Hope to help out so Hope joins in.

Andre tells Stefano it's so good to have Chad back in the family. Andre promises he will be pleased when Chad gets Belle to lead them to Sami very soon.

Belle tells Chad that she gets that Andre has no soul but what he did was cruel and criminal so she will tear his head off if he comes near Marlena again. Chad says she's exactly what he's looking for.

John appreciates Eduardo's warning but says he can't turn back now. Eduardo warns him to be very careful. John says he will find a way to neutralize the threat on his life. Eduardo responds that he's already working on that.

Kayla questions if Ava is putting on an act. Ava insists that she owns what she did but it was her father feeding her meds that made her do those terrible things. Steve comes home, shocked to see Ava and questions what the Hell she's doing there. Ava asks Steve to please listen as he grabs her to remove her from their house but she collapses.

Hope thanks Rafe for everything. Rafe says it was fun. Hope thanks him for believing she's innocent. Hope knows she almost went off the rails but didn't. Rafe tells her to keep helping Ciara through Christmas while he promises to prove she didn't kill anyone. Hope thanks him and hugs him. Rafe then exits.

Gabi walks through the town square where Eduardo finds her and wishes her a Merry Christmas. Eduardo asks if it would be alright if he dropped off a gift for Arianna. Gabi says not unless he stays awhile and starts to get to know her. Eduardo says he would love that. Gabi tells him that she will see him soon as she walks away.

Chad tells Belle that he wants to sue the DA's office for false arrest and wrongful incarceration. Chad thinks she's exactly the right person to go after Justin. Belle mocks the idea and turns him down. Chad asks Belle not to hate him because of his family's actions. Belle suggests they have nothing to do with each other. Chad stops her from leaving by grabbing her hand. Chad thinks she's being hasty and believes his case is the perfect way for her to show Salem that she's one hell of a lawyer. Abigail walks in and sees Chad holding on to Belle's hand and leaves the club in shock.

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