Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/17/15

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/17/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Theresa walks through the town square where Kate confronts her and questions her not replying to her e-mail. Theresa says she hasn't had time. Kate warns her to prioritize as she walks away.

Brady gets a phone call at home and responds that he's no longer the head of Titan, Phillip is. Theresa comes home with Tate, complaining about Kate.

Kayla decorates at home with flowers while Joey tells her to stop worrying as Steve then arrives with more flowers.

Ava sits in the park where a man meets her and says he's not sure about this as he delivers a bag to her Ava pays him off and tells him to forget he knows her as he exits.

The woman from Eduardo's room follows him to the club and still wants an answer on if he's doing the job. He reminds her that he's done with that work. She brings up the profile on John Black.

John goes to Marlena's office and finds her unconscious on the floor as he rushes to check on her.

Chad is strapped up connected to a monitor device with various things rushing through his mind including Abigail, explosions, and Belle. Andre watches over him and wonders what they are going to do now.

Brady tells Theresa that he really likes their place and can't believe she finished decorating. She then has a Christmas tree delivered for them. Theresa tells Brady that she's so happy for him and kisses him.

Eduardo doesn't care who the profile is on and insists he's done. She says they won't just let him reconnect with his family. Kate interrupts and the woman recognizes her, pointing out that they share Eduardo in common.

Marlena wakes up as John checks on her. Marlena insists that she's okay but John is not so sure. John asks what happened. Marlena recalls being in a session. John finds the chloroform rag and wonders why someone would knock her out. John asks who her session was with. She admits it was with Chad.

Andre tells Chad that nothing is more important than family and that is why he is going to save their family by leaving Abigail to go after Belle. Andre repeats that nothing is more important than family. Andre tells Chad that his family comes first no matter how much he thinks he loves Abigail. Chad tries to argue but Andre tells him not to fight it because he can't win. Andre tells Chad to let go of Abigail and let Belle in to his heart as he continues attempting to brainwash him.

Belle goes to see Brady for advice about Sami and the money. Belle doesn't see how to justify holding on to the money or jeopardizing her career. Belle decides she's going to give it all away to charities which Theresa overhears from the other room.

Steve hugs Joey and tells he and Kayla that it's so good to be home. They praise the decoration of the home. Steve points out that they need a Christmas tree. Kayla tells him they were waiting for him to go pick one out with them. Steve decides they should go get one right now. Joey goes to get his jacket. Steve tells Kayla that he's so happy and kisses her. Joey sees them and sends a text message.

Ava goes to her hotel room and receives Joey's text that Steve just moved in and they are going for a Christmas tree so it's all coming together. Ava texts back that it's a dream come true. Ava opens the bag she received and smiles.

Kate questions how she and the woman have Eduardo in common. She tells Kate that she's not a threat as they used to be involved but not anymore, she's just in town on business. She reveals her name is Miriam. Kate questions how she knew her name. Miriam claims that Eduardo told her all about her. She says it was nice to meet Kate and tells Eduardo that she hopes they are happy together and that nothing gets in the way. Miriam exits while Kate questions Eduardo who that really is.

John gets Marlena glass of water and questions why Chad was here. Marlena says it was a session so she can't talk about it. John thinks Chad used that as a diversion to have someone from behind and knock her out. Marlena bets they were trying to find out where Sami was. John bets it was Andre and says to leave it to the family to stick together in crisis.

Andre has Stefano brought to where Chad is held and talks about the plan being the only way to get to Sami is through Belle. Stefano complains about Andre brainwashing Chad.

Brady introduces Belle to Theresa. Belle mentions having business to take care of before starting law practice. Belle tells Theresa it was nice to meet her. Brady tells Belle not to worry as she'll have it under control. Belle thanks him for listening and exits. Theresa confesses to Brady that she heard a little bit of their conversation about Sami's money. Theresa suggests she might have the perfect solution as to what to do with the money. Brady is worried by her look but Theresa insists that it's a really good idea that benefits her, Belle, and Kate. Brady asks why she cares about Kate winning. Theresa suggests Belle could use the money to buy Kate out from Basic Black.

Kate asks Eduardo how many more ex girlfriends he has. Eduardo tells her that it wasn't that kind of relationship as Miriam is completely in his past now. Kate wants more than that to be reassured.

Brady thought Theresa, Kate, and Nicole were all getting along and everything was fine. Brady asks if she and Kate had it out earlier. Theresa thinks Kate would kick her out if she had the chance. Theresa says Belle could buy Kate out then move on with her career and suggests Brady could partner with Belle too. Brady points out that he can't tell Belle what to do with her money. Theresa wants him to suggest it to her. Brady agrees to think about it. Nicole then arrives and asks if she's interrupting. Theresa starts to say so but Brady tells her not at all.

Steve, Kayla, and Joey go shopping for a Christmas tree.

Ava looks in the mirror putting her makeup on.

Steve encourages Kayla and Joey that it's their first Christmas tree together in a long time so it has to be perfect.

Ava continues putting on her makeup.

Steve jokes that if they don't find a Christmas tree, he'll go to the woods and cut one down. Joey goes to look at one while Steve and Kayla talk about him being so happy. Kayla asks if Steve really thinks someone was working with him to get his parents back together. Steve says maybe but doesn't know who would be crazy enough for a stunt like that.

Ava gets another text from Joey, saying they are headed home soon and thanks for everything. Ava responds that she's happy to hear that. Ava looks into the mirror and declares it's showtime.

Nicole tells Brady she's going to go because she feels like it was a bad time but Brady insists it's a fine time as he was just about to go running. Brady informs Nicole that Phillip is the new head of Titan which surprises her. Theresa adds that Brady quit for them. Brady assures Nicole it's a good thing as he exits. Nicole wants to go over Theresa's designs for the big launch and asks if they should call Kate but Theresa asks why spoil a nice day.

Kate tells Eduardo that she's not going to run for the hills unless he wants her to. Eduardo asks if she really knows anything about him. Eduardo says it pays to be wary with some people. Kate says she's always wary with men. Eduardo says he has to go. Eduardo knows this has gotten weird and if it's too much for her, he understands. Eduardo suggests she give it some thought as he exits.

Marlena grabs her things and goes to leave her office but John stops her. Marlena wants to go find Chad to confront him but John says it's not a good time as they have no proof of anything. Marlena argues that she has all the proof she needs. John tells her to hold on as he gets a call from Eduardo, saying he's following up on their conversation the other day. Eduardo asks John to meet him in the park. John tells him he doesn't have time right now but Eduardo tells him to make time and hangs up. Marlena questions what that was about. John tells her it's just something he needs to take care of.

Andre brings an unconscious brainwashed Chad to his hotel room and says he's so glad they got a chance to talk. Andre has Chad open his eyes and tells him he will feel better after resting and he will know what to do next. Chad responds that he will. Chad finds a note from Abigail on the bed that says thank you for being my hero and the love of my life.

Theresa complains that Kate will just insult her and talk down to her. Nicole agrees that they can handle it themselves. Nicole first asks what is up with her and Brady. Theresa talks about Tate and they are trying to raise him together like a family. Theresa feels it's going really well and notes that Nicole seems really surprised. Nicole says she's happy for them but she never predicted they would get back together. Theresa knows a lot of people were surprised. Theresa feels it proves if you try really hard to work to change things then great things happen. Theresa compares it to Nicole with Daniel. Theresa asks what Nicole thought of her designs. Nicole admits she was blown away but Kate may be a problem since everything has to get past her. Theresa knows Kate drives Nicole just as crazy. Theresa continues to complain about Kate having no taste or talent. Theresa asks why they put up with Kate and let her push them around. Nicole says they have no choice but Theresa suggests a way they can buy her out.

Andre reminds Chad to take a nap so he's refreshed and ready to go.

John calls Marlena from outside and says he'll see her soon as this shouldn't take long. John hangs up as Eduardo arrives and says they don't have a lot of time so they need to get right to it. John asks if he remembered something from the academy. Eduardo admits he never forgot as much as he wishes he did.

Steve, Kayla, and Joey return home and get their Christmas tree set up. Joey gets a text from Ava that Steve and Kayla could use a little alone time. Joey tells them that he's going to hang out with a friend and suggests they spend time together on their first night back. Joey exits. Steve and Kayla then start kissing.

Ava gets a text back from Joey that he's out of the house. Ava then rushes to get her things and leave her room.

Andre returns to Stefano and tells him that everything is going according to plan. Stefano doesn't like the way he's using his son. Andre argues that he's doing it to help the family and if Stefano wants his money back, Chad is the key to making that happen. Andre tells Stefano that he will realize and thank him for getting their fortune back when Chad comes through for them.

Chad panics during his nap saying he can't as he sees flashes of Abigail mixed with explosions.

Belle walks through the town square finishing a phone call as she runs in to Kate. Belle asks her about running Basic Black. Kate says it couldn't be better although there is one thing.

Theresa tells Nicole that she may have found a new silent partner to buy Kate out. Nicole reminds her about the upcoming launch so it's bad timing. Nicole admits that Kate makes her want to tear her hair out but suggests putting a hold on it for now. Nicole says she has more meetings so she will call her later. Nicole exits as Theresa looks over her designs.

John was pretty sure Eduardo was holding out about not remembering. Eduardo says John should be glad he doesn't remember as digging into his past has alarmed people who want things to stay secret and it's put John in danger. Eduardo then reveals that he's been ordered to kill John.

Steve tells Kayla that he's going to the store to get some things for a picnic by the fireplace. Kayla says it sounds romantic. Steve kisses her and says he'll be right back as he exits. Kayla then answers the door, shocked to see Ava.

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