Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 12/16/15

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 12/16/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Marlena and Belle sit in the town square together, talking about Claire coming back from being with Shawn. Marlena encourages that they will get through this. They talk about not hearing anything from Sami so Marlena believes that Stefano will never find her or the money she took.

Andre and Stefano talk at the DiMera Mansion. Andre tells Stefano to be patient as they are going to get their cash back. Andre insists that the key is Belle and once Chad hooks up with her, she'll sing a happy tune.

Chad wakes up in bed next to Abigail. Abigail excitedly talks about the nurse telling her that Thomas had a good night. Abigail thanks Chad for giving her back her confidence and making her feel safe as they kiss.

Lani brings an envelope to Rafe at the station which is ballistics on the gun used to kill Seth Malcolm.

Jennifer goes to Hope's and asks what is going on as she wants to help her.

Chad decides he will walk Abigail to the hospital so he can check in with Marlena about getting some sessions because he still has blanks in his memory. Chad remembers Abigail always having faith in him no matter what as they kiss.

Rafe opens the envelope and immediately calls Hope, asking her when she will be to the station to answer some questions. Hope responds that she's on her way right now. Hope tells Jennifer that she needs to get to the station which is why she asked her to come over so Chase and Ciara don't wake up alone. Jennifer understands and tells her it's okay. Hope isn't sure when she will get back. Jennifer thought she was off duty. Hope says she still has to deal with a case. Hope talks about Ciara being on edge. Jennifer understands it was hard for her to lose Bo and assures her that she'll stay as long as she needs her. Hope hugs her and thanks her. Hope tells her to never forget that she loves her as she exits.

Chad and Abigail go to the hospital where a nurse tells Abigail that Thomas is doing fine but just undergoing tests but she's not sure when he can go home. The nurse mentions that Thomas is in terrific shape so the woman who helped deliver him done an excellent job. She goes to check on him. Abigail gets emotional at the mention of Wendy. Chad suggests doing something for her family. Abigail recalls begging Ben not to hurt Wendy. Chad tells her to focus on Thomas while he will have somebody check on Wendy's family and figure out something they can do to help her family remember her. The nurse comes back and tells Abigail that she can come see Thomas. Abigail kisses Chad and wishes him luck with Marlena as they head their separate ways. Chad goes on to Marlena's office where she is with Belle. Marlena introduces them as Belle then exits. Marlena asks Chad what brings him by. Chad hopes she would work with him for more hypnosis as he really needs to remember what happened to him. Marlena tells him to come back in an hour so he thanks her and exits. Chad texts Abigail that Marlena can see him in one hour.

Ciara comes downstairs looking for Hope but is greeted by Jennifer instead, who tells her that Hope had to go to the station. Ciara questions her and believes something is wrong.

Rafe and Lani take Hope to the interrogation room. Rafe asks about Ciara. Hope responds that she's hanging in there. Rafe asks Hope again where she was when Seth Malcolm was murdered. Hope insists that she did not kill him. Rafe points out that he asked where she was when he was killed. Hope thinks back to dealing with Ciara being kidnapped. Rafe guesses what happened last night is on her mind. Rafe tells Hope to talk to him. Hope responds that she can't tell him where she was. Hope warns Rafe about internal affairs watching as he investigates one of their own. Rafe says he's worried about her and can only protect her if she gives him something to work with. Rafe recalls walking in on Hope with a gun to Seth back at the station. Hope insists she didn't do it. Rafe reveals the report that shows her gun is the one that killed Seth Malcolm. Rafe asks if she wants to start talking now.

Jennifer tells Ciara that Hope didn't say anything was wrong and just needed to go over a case with Rafe. Chase comes in and Jennifer explains the same. Ciara tells Jennifer that they are going to the town square and Chase will finish his community service. Jennifer goes to make them breakfast. Ciara jokes with Chase about Jennifer not being a good cook. Chase apologizes for trying to kiss Ciara before. Ciara says they're good but admits it freaked her out a little bit.

Hope tells Rafe that she's not the only one that needs protecting. Rafe questions how deep this goes and who's involved. Hope says she's sorry. Rafe warns her that she's leaving him no choice. Hope says she knows. Rafe begins reading her rights. Roman finishes a call and then enters the room as Hope declares that she's under arrest for a murder she didn't commit. Rafe mentions that Hope will have one call to her attorney and that's it as he exits with Roman. Roman questions Rafe what's going on. Rafe tells him that Hope's gun killed Seth and she won't even give him an alibi so he had no choice. Roman questions Hope being that far over the edge. Rafe argues that it has set up written all over it as Hope is hiding something.

Belle walks through the town square and gets a call from Hope, asking if everything is okay. Hope tells her that she needs help, specifically an attorney.

Chase asks what Ciara means by he freaked her out. Ciara calls it kind of strange because he's like a brother to her. Chase apologizes and says he just does stupid things sometimes. Chase feels his whole world is upside down. Ciara understands and wants them to be alright because he's her best friend. Chase asks what she was going to say before she shut down. Chase asks if something happened that he should know about but she turns away. Chase says if he's really like her brother then she needs to share. Ciara admits something really horrible did happen to her.

Chad goes to the DiMera Mansion where Stefano greets him. Chad says he came to pick up some things he left. Andre tells him that they have things to discuss as a family. Chad responds that he still can't help with Sami stealing their money. Andre says he can but Chad says that Stefano will have to handle this on his own as he's tied up with Abigail and the baby. Andre questions Chad not helping when his family was robbed. Chad asks what he expects him to do like miraculously find Sami. Andre asks about Chad meeting Belle and points out that she is separated from her husband. Andre encourages Chad about Belle but Chad says to leave it to Andre to think of a stunt like seducing Belle to get her to tell him where Sami stashed the cash. Chad calls it sleazy and disgusting but Andre argues it's not if it works.

Belle joins Hope at the station. Hope tells her that she's in on murder and will go in to detail later as Lani explains having to go to court. Lani exits as Belle questions Hope. Hope tells her that she's been accused of killing Seth Malcolm. Hope says she doesn't have an alibi but swears she didn't do it. Hope says she's being framed but they need to find out by who. They start to talk about bail but Lani comes in and tells them it's time so they exit as Rafe watches.

Chad expects Andre to be evil all the time but not stupid as Belle would see right through him. Chad declares that he's not doing it and is done talking about it. Andre asks him to please consider it but Chad says no after everything he and Abigail have gone through since they finally have a future. Chad tells Andre that he made the mess so he can clean it up as he exits.

Ciara sits with Chase and tells him about what happened to her. Chase asks why it happened. Ciara explains that Hope thinks it was connected to Bo but she's not sure. Ciara reminds Chase that he can't tell anybody. Chase agrees and is just glad she's okay. Jennifer interrupts to tell them the pancakes are ready but asks what's wrong. They say nothing and go to eat.

Hope and Belle are brought back to the station as Belle finishes a call and tells Hope that everything will stay under the radar for now. Hope worries about Ciara finding out and wants to go home. Rafe is glad she made bail as he says he's really sorry. Hope appreciates the professional courtesy but understands he has a job to do so it's time for her attorney to do hers. Hope and Belle exit.

Abigail sits with her baby Thomas and talks about his rough first few days. Abigail promises to never let anything happen to him ever again as she will protect him and keep him safe. Abigail says he might not have a dad but she thinks he'll really like Chad.

Chad returns to Marlena's office as he thanks her for taking the time. Marlena calls him a good subject and hopes they can make some real head way today. Marlena wants to continue this process until all of his memories are recovered. Marlena begins the hypnosis.

Hope goes home with Belle. Jennifer tells Hope that Chase and Ciara went to the town square to work on their service project. Hope asks how Ciara was. Jennifer says they were good but points out how they stopped talking immediately when she came in the room. Jennifer compares to when JJ first lost Jack. Hope says she will keep an eye on Ciara and thanks Jennifer for doing this as Jennifer then exits. Belle tells Hope to start from the beginning and tell her everything.

Chase and Ciara decorate the Christmas tree in the town square. They talk about having fun as Theo arrives. Ciara is glad he made it but Theo is worried about being late. Theo talks with Ciara about the ornaments as Chase gets uncomfortable and walks away.

Marlena tries taking Chad back to the time he lost. With Chad's eyes closed, someone appears and covers Marlena's mouth with a rag, causing her to pass out. It's revealed to be Andre as he then injects Chad with a needle.

Ciara wonders where Chase went. Theo suggests he could've gotten something to eat but Ciara says that he walks off like that and she keeps telling him to tell somebody. Theo gets another text which Ciara questions. Theo doesn't show her so Ciara takes his phone to see that he got a text saying "Retard." Ciara wants to know who sent it and tries to call the number but it's blocked. Theo tells her that he'll deal with it and doesn't need her help but Ciara says they are buddies so they will find a way to bring the jerk down together.

Roman asks Rafe if he talked to Hope. Rafe says he told her he was sorry. Roman mentions that Belle told her not to discuss the case so he backed off but he hopes Belle can talk some sense in to her because they need to know what's going on. Rafe says that Hope is definitely hiding something big. Roman gets that she wanted to go after Seth but going to prison is not what Bo wanted for her or his family.

Hope tells Belle about having Jennifer over as she went off to be arrested as Belle worries for Ciara. Hope says they will be okay but she'll need to keep a close eye on Ciara. Belle says they are going to focus and get their facts straight. Hope goes over Seth admitting to torturing Bo. Hope says her gun was taken when she tangled with Seth and then he was killed to shut him up and frame her. Belle argues that Hope has means and motive so she needs an alibi but they might be able to dig up the real killer. Hope talks about Victor using his resources to find out who did this to Bo and Hope wants to continue looking. Belle argues that she cannot stay involved but Hope refuses to back off.

Jennifer joins Abigail with Thomas at the hospital. Abigail talks about loving her son which Jennifer relates to her love for her. Jennifer asks if there's anything she can do. Abigail says she's good and will check on Chad soon as he's with Marlena. Abigail mentions that she left Chad an hour ago but can't stop checking her phone. Jennifer understands that he means a lot to her. Abigail tells her that he saved them. Abigail tells Thomas that it's going to be them and Chad as Jennifer sits near.

Andre picks up Marlena's tablet and says Chad chose the wrong doctor but it works out perfectly for him and the plans he has for Chad.

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