Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/15/15

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/15/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Brady unpacks boxes until Tate starts crying. Theresa tells him that they need to just let him cry. They talk about it until Tate stops and falls asleep. Theresa asks what they should do for the rest of the night now.

Gabi and JJ walk through the town square after seeing a movie. Both call Citizen Kane their favorite movie.

Belle approaches Phillip where he's playing basketball. Phillip tells her that she looks amazing and questions her roaming the streets at this hour. Belle says she couldn't sleep and asks him the same.

Chad and Abigail talk at the hospital about the baby. Abigail mentions sleeping there but Chad has a better idea and they walk away together.

Theresa and Brady continue unpacking. Theresa jokes about having to learn things while Brady mentions not having any food. Theresa apologizes for not having snacks. Brady has a pot while Theresa suggests John and Marlena must have a well stocked pantry. Brady jokes that they could have a meal while he mentions that he has a key. They leave, talking about having John and Marlena as neighbors.

Phillip asks Belle how Shawn is holding up. Belle says he holds it all inside and informs him that he went back to Maine. Phillip decides it's none of his business. Belle adds that they are on a break. Phillip asks what happens and if there was another woman. Belle reminds him it's none of his business so he apologizes. Belle is sorry for being snarky and decides she should get going but stops and challenges him to a game of HORSE with the basketball.

Gabi and JJ clean up their area and relate over spending time on probation.

Chad brings Abigail to the hotel room where he stayed when Stefano kicked him out. Chad tells her it's quiet and close to the hospital. Chad promises to answer her phone if it rings while she takes care of herself. Abigail thanks him. Chad asks if she wants to sleep, take a bath, or eat. Abigail responds that she just wants to be here alone with him.

Brady and Theresa sit together having their first meal at home. Theresa gets an idea for work. Theresa says the present is so perfect so she doesn't want to go to the past. Theresa talks about having her son, a job she loves, and their new home so life doesn't get better than this.

Phillip and Belle begin their game of HORSE. Belle asks about Phillip taking Brady's job. Phillip responds that Victor did that. Phillip jokes about letting her win. Phillip then tells her that he's worried about Victor after losing Bo. Belle jokes about Phillip not telling her the whole truth and playing games with her like they are still married.

Chad tells Abigail that he likes the name Thomas that she chose for her son. Abigail talks about never telling Ben what she wanted to name him. Chad understands Abigail kept trying to do what's right. Chad assures her that she's safe and promises to keep her safe. Abigail talks about Chad never giving up and being alive with her son because of that. Chad adds that he never will as they kiss.

Theresa asks Brady if he's thinking about what Phillip is going to do with Titan. Theresa blames herself for messing everything up between he and Victor. Theresa encourages Brady about figuring out his next move. Brady says it's fine but Theresa knows how much the job meant to him. Theresa declares Brady should've never left Titan, Victor, or the mansion. Theresa tells Brady that he should go home where he belongs.

JJ tells Gabi about his history of trouble in the town square. Gabi points out that she did time for a murder. JJ says she became a model and he wants to be a cop. Gabi asks if it's to redeem himself or if he just likes the excitement but JJ isn't sure. JJ tells her that he's clueless about a lot of things. Gabi feels it's another thing they have in common. JJ recalls meeting Paige here for the first time ever. Gabi points out that he helped catch the man who killed her and thanks him. JJ feels he made Paige's life hell by taking away everything she loved. JJ remembers feeling not good enough for her. Gabi relates, feeling Will was out of her league as well as Chad.

Chad and Abigail kiss in bed until he stops and says he needs to take better care of her than this. Chad brings up her just having a baby so he needs to keep his head on straight. Abigail agrees she's not all there yet. Chad encourages that she got through it. Abigail tells him that them being friends is as special as anything else. Chad tells her that she needs some rest. Abigail thinks it's going to be okay as she feels safe now.

Phillip asks if Belle is staying in Salem. Belle says she guesses as they take turns shooting the basketball. Belle says she has a million reasons to come back but it still feels like a defeat. Belle notices that she asks Phillip about him but he gets her to open up while he gives nothing. Phillip remarks that it's scary that she still knows him better than anyone.

Brady questions what Theresa is talking about. Theresa thinks this is all too much, too fast. Brady asks where this is coming from. Theresa brings up how upset he was when Phillip took over Titan. Theresa understands Brady doesn't trust him but she feels that he's a pillar of honesty compared to her. Theresa goes over things she's done. Brady stops her and tells her that he knows she's sorry for the things she's done while Phillip is not. Theresa feels she ruined everything with he and Victor. Brady is happy to be with her and Tate. Theresa kisses him and wants to make sure he always feels that way as they start to undress.

JJ tells Gabi that Chad is not out of her league but a sleaze with a rich dad. Gabi says she can't pass judgment but she's trying to stop beating herself up for her past. Gabi talks about Rafe being her rock through everything. JJ compares it to he and Jennifer. Gabi feels she keeps letting Rafe down which JJ calls another thing they have in common. JJ jokes that this isn't a date but a self help group. Gabi clarifies she doesn't want anything serious. JJ agrees and they walk off together.

Philip and Belle finish their game of HORSE on the basketball court. Belle argues that she's made admissions while Phillip hasn't revealed anything personal about himself. Phillip tells her that he has all the answers when it comes to relationship advice. A coin then falls out of Phillip's jacket pocket which Belle asks what it is.

Chad lays in bed next to Abigail as she sleeps. She has a nightmare about Ben leaving them in the cabin on fire and wakes up in a panic. Chad tells her it's over and to breathe. Chad reminds her that her baby Thomas is in the hospital safe and being taken care of while Ben can never hurt her again. Chad tells her that he's going to stay here until this is all just one bad dream.

Phillip tells Belle that the coin is a challenge coin from the marines which he calls his most prized possession that brings him luck. Belle says she'll see him around. Phillip invites her to dinner tomorrow but she declines, feeling he needs to focus on work and she needs to figure out what she's doing with the rest of her life.

Chad holds Abigail and decides he will tell her a bedtime story. Abigail doesn't believe him but Chad starts making up a story about her. Abigail jokingly interrupts him but wants to hear his voice so Chad continues.

Phillip watches as Belle leaves the court.

Brady and Theresa kiss in front of the fireplace.

JJ and Gabi walk out of the town square where they start kissing for the first time.

Chad remains in bed with Abigail as she's fallen asleep.

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