Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/14/15

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/14/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Rafe sits at his desk at the station and looks over the sketch of Seth Malcolm. Lani approaches and asks if she can help as she asks who the sketch is. Rafe tells her that he may be responsible for torturing Bo and he's here in Salem. Rafe adds they don't have any hard evidence against the guy. Lani compares it to finding the necktie killer which Rafe credits Lani for. Lani encourages Rafe that he'll get this guy too. Lani tells him to let her know if she can help as she leaves the area. Rafe grabs his phone and calls Hope, leaving a message that he gets she doesn't want to talk but he needs to hear her voice to know she's okay.

Hope returns to the undisclosed location looking for Seth but instead finds a video screen displaying Ciara has been kidnapped. Hope calls for Ciara to be let go as a voice tells her that depends on her coming with the money.

Phillip goes over work with Victor at the Kiriakis Mansion. They bring up Phillip's mother, Kate. Victor mentions Kate stabbing Lucas in the back and how she'll act towards him. Phillip says he's ready for her to bring it on. Victor mentions they've been distracted lately. Phillip understands and wants to boost sales but Victor wants Phillip to spend more going over the data. Victor tells Phillip that there is no need to be hasty as the company is in pretty good shape for the most part so he doesn't expect him to turn it around over night. Phillip insists that they need to figure out that the drug for Caroline is a gold mine before someone else does.

Hope offers the money but the voice says it's not enough and Seth is not coming. Hope asks what happened to him. The voice reminds Hope that she wanted Seth dead. Hope wants information. The voice tells Hope they want information on the drug that Victor used on Caroline. Hope argues as they threaten Ciara. Hope questions them holding up their end of the bargain. Hope wants proof that Ciara is okay so they show her on the video screen with a hooded figure as she calls out for Hope. Hope cries for her to be told she's going to be okay. The voice says they can't make promises until she tells them about the drug. Hope agrees to tell everything.

Brady and Belle walk through the town square, joking about being brother and sister. Belle tells him that she plans to stick around in Salem but Shawn is in Maine, wanting to put distance between them. Belle thinks Claire just wants it over with already. Belle says they aren't fighting a lot but the silence is terrible. Belle asks Brady about leaving Titan and moving out of the Kiriakis Mansion. Brady asks why she keeps looking over her shoulder, guessing there is something she isn't telling him. Belle worries that she's getting in trouble this time. Belle tells him that she didn't put herself in this position but Sami. Brady is not surprised and asks how much trouble Sami has her in now.

Victor tells Phillip that they developed the drug specifically for Caroline and didn't have anything else in mind. Phillip argues that they could make millions if it allows people to have visions that see the future. Victor responds that he's kept this under wraps for a reason until they know exactly what they have so it doesn't fall in to the wrong hands.

Hope begins explaining the drug being developed to treat the disease Caroline had. Hope talks about Bo researching it and asking Victor to invest it. Hope adds that Bo never revealed any of the details no matter how much he was tortured. Hope tells them that Caroline is now doing very well. The voice threatens Caroline. Hope yells that Bo gave his life for her and swears threats against them. The voice tells Hope that only she can save Ciara now. Hope cries that she can't fight back. Hope calls them a coward. The voice wants the doctor's name and location of his lab or else this is the very last she will see of Ciara, saying her life is in Hope's hands. Hope thinks she's been punished enough. The voice insists on the information. Hope gives the name of the doctor but swears not to know where his lab is. The screen then shuts off leaving Hope screaming for Ciara.

Phillip tells Victor that Bo would want to share the drug with the world if he could. Victor says eventually but talks about having to go through regulations and he refuses to go through shortcuts. Victor refuses to tarnish Bo's legacy and ends the discussion. Victor tells him not to stay up all night as he exits. Phillip goes back to the computer.

Hope screams asking what they did to Ciara. Hope complains that she told everything they wanted to know. Hope breaks down crying. Ciara is then returned to Hope and they hug while the unknown person collects the money and runs.

Kate arrives at the Kiriakis Mansion to see Phillip. Kate hugs him and tells him how good it is to have him home. Kate doesn't want to talk about the past but instead have a fresh new start. Phillip wishes he came back for her but Victor needs him. Kate feels he was right to come back and help him because Victor is lost without Bo. Kate can't imagine that as she hugs Phillip. Phillip jokes with Kate about being soft at heart. Kate tells him not to mistake it for a lack of killer instinct. Kate asks if he's going to use his killer instinct that he inherited from her in his dealings with Victor's business. Phillip responds that he is as he feels Brady went soft and Victor's tired. Phillip declares he will do great things with the company which Kate agrees with.

Brady had no idea Sami was still in touch with her high school friends. They talk about Sami dealing with Will's death. Brady talks about being a father now. Brady questions if Sami's nuts going after the DiMeras by herself. Brady asks what Sami did. Belle informs him that Sami embezzled a boatload of money from Stefano but she doesn't know how. Brady asks how much. Belle informs him that it's somewhere around $500 million. Brady asks how she knows this. Belle explains that Sami kept half and put the other half in an offshore account under Belle's name. Brady asks if Sami is trying to get her killed. Belle mentions that she swore not to tell anyone. Brady worries if telling him puts a target on his back but he's glad she told him. Belle explains that Marlena and John tried to get Sami to give it back but she won't return their calls. Brady says Belle can give it back. Belle questions if she'd rather cross Stefano or Sami. Belle doesn't know why Sami chose her. Brady asks where Sami is now but Belle doesn't know. Belle mentions that EJ set this whole thing in motion. Belle admits that she wasn't worried until she started running into Andre all over town. Belle thinks Andre is trying to get to Sami through her. Brady responds that he'll have to get through him first. Brady hates this situation. Belle wishes Sami learned her lesson the last times because everyone knows not to cross Stefano or you and everyone you love will pay.

Hope and Ciara return home. Hope apologizes to Ciara and tells her it's okay she's safe now. Ciara asks who did this to them as she trembles. They assume it was the person who took Bo. Ciara cries that she's just scared and can't stop shaking. Hope encourages that she won't let anyone hurt her so it's alright. Hope wants to know exactly what happened. Ciara recalls leaving the house and being grabbed by someone wearing a mask. Hope decides they can talk about it later. Hope tells Ciara that she cannot tell anyone about what happened. Ciara asks why not. Hope responds that she will handle this. Ciara asks why she thinks this happened. Hope explains that they are after information. Ciara questions if she's going to try and catch them to make them pay. Hope tells Ciara that she's never going to lose her and that's all she needs to know as they hug.

Kate reminds Phillip that they are still business competitors and mentions just finding out Titan launched a fashion line. Phillip tells her not to worry about that as he plans to become king of the world.

Victor goes to Hope's. Hope thanks him for coming. Victor tells her that he has three men outside who will shadow her every move. Hope is sorry that Bo died protecting the secret while she told them everything she knew. Victor is more concerned with her and Ciara's safety. Victor tells her that they will never find Dr. Salinas as he has him hidden away. Hope wants to make them pay. Victor is sorry he didn't come sooner. Victor tells Hope that they will take care of each other. Victor asks if there's anything else he can do for her. Hope responds that she needs him to stay with Ciara as there is something she needs to take care of tonight. Victor knows he can't talk her out of it. Victor tells her not to worry about Ciara as he will use every resource at his disposal to find out who did this to Bo. Victor offers to send someone with Hope but she declines. Victor tells her to take care as she exits.

Brady and Belle continue talking about Sami's situation. Belle worries about having to look over her shoulder as she thinks the DiMeras will find a way. Belle considers giving the money back. Brady tells her that he's here for her no matter what she decides to do but he thinks she should tell John and Marlena. Belle refuses to involve them in this. Brady tells her that they will figure it out themselves if something happens to her. Brady adds that she will need all the help she can get if she plans to keep the cash.

Rafe continues working at his desk and checks his phone again. Rafe looks at Hope's number on his phone. Rafe calls the Martin Mansion and asks if Seth Malcolm is still staying there but he's informed that he just checked out and that someone else just called with the same question but she didn't give her name. Rafe asks him for a call if he hears from Seth. Rafe hangs up and tries to call Hope again but she doesn't answer.

Seth walks through the park on the phone, assuring that he's leaving town and no one has any idea about their connection. A gun is then fired from the bushes killing Seth.

Rafe gets up from his desk and leaves the station but comes back when his desk phone rings. Rafe responds that he's on his way.

Belle asks Brady to promise not to say anything. Brady doesn't think it's a good idea but decides it's her call. Brady talks about Basic Black while Belle asks about Titan without him. Brady informs her that he's already been replaced by Phillip. Belle is surprised to hear Phillip is moving back to Salem. Brady makes sure she's not upset about it. Belle assures that their relationship was long ago so seeing him shouldn't be weird.

Phillip tells Kate that he loves her and Victor so he doesn't want to sound insensitive about his ambitions. Phillip insists that he did not come all the way back to usurp his father. Kate says they will see about that. Kate suggests having dinner soon. Kate repeats that she's glad he's back as they hug. Kate then exits. Phillip shuts the doors and pulls out his phone. Phillip makes a call, asking to talk off the record to figure out a way to fast track a pharmaceutical into development.

Rafe and Lani arrive at the crime scene in the park where Seth was killed. Rafe and Lani go over reports and that there were no witnesses. Lani mentions Seth's wallet was still on him. Rafe informs Lani that Seth was the man in the sketch. Lani asks if Rafe has any idea who might have done this. Rafe says Hope.

Hope returns home with her gun as Ciara is still asleep.

Brady comes home and is surprised by the townhouse being decorated as he goes to check on Tate.

Phillip plays basketball outside and states the greater the risk, the greater the reward. Belle then approaches.

Hope locks her gun away as Rafe shows up at her door. Hope doesn't want to talk about it anymore. Rafe says if she doesn't want him there as a friend, he'll be there as a cop. Rafe tells her about Seth Malcolm's death and asks Hope where she's been the last two hours.

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