Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/11/15

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/11/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Chad walks through the town square and sees Abigail. Chad rushes over to check on her as she was shaking. She says she's fine but Chad wants her to get checked out at the hospital. Abigail tells him that she has to go to Ben's apartment to get her things so this nightmare can be over.

Ava sits in her room and looks in the mirror.

Steve proposes to Kayla and waits for answer, feeling he overwhelmed her. Steve repeats that he loves her and wants to marry her.

Seth runs into a man at the Martin Mansion who stands in his way.

Hope finishes meeting with a man at her home about getting the $500,000, saying it's her business and no one else needs to know about it. Hope goes to leave when Rafe appears at the door.

Kayla remains silent as Steve decides he should've planned a big romantic gesture. Steve tells her that he never wants to be away from her again as he's here now for good. Steve repeats that he loves her with everything he is as he's not whole without her and needs her by his side as his wife again. Steve adds that this time he wants it to be forever. Kayla admits that he deserves an answer.

The man tells Seth that he's wanted and it's not a request.

Rafe asks Hope who the guy leaving her house was. Hope tells him that it's not a good time. Rafe points out that she didn't answer his call or return his messages. Hope thinks they said enough and she has to get going. Rafe stops her and says he hasn't said all he has to say. Hope repeats that it's not a good time. Rafe tells her it won't take long. Rafe tells her that he's worried about her as a friend, not just because Bo asked him to look out for her. Rafe says he won't pretend to know everything she's going through. Hope gets upset and cuts him off.

Kayla tells Steve that it was very romantic and definitely spontaneous but she feels it's just too soon. Steve jokes that at least he didn't get slapped. Kayla brings how it took weeks to get to this point. Kayla feels she needs to say no right now because she wants to think long term without rushing. Steve guesses he's still in the running for a yes. Steve tells her that he's in love as he kisses her.

Chad and Abigail go to the Pub. She stops outside and tells him that she doesn't need a drink for courage to go to Ben's. Chad jokes that she'll need something a lot stronger than that as they head inside where Chad had a table reserved for them with two milkshakes. Chad jokes that it will make her feel strong. Abigail tells him that she really appreciates this but she doesn't think it could fix how she's feeling right now. Chad asks if she wants to talk about it then. Abigail has flashbacks to Ben getting violent with her and then leaving them to burn in the cabin. Abigail tells Chad that it was hell being trapped alone with Ben, realizing he wasn't who she thought he was and that he had lost his mind. Abigail wonders why she didn't know sooner. Chad stops her and tells her that all she is guilty of is wanting to love Ben. Abigail hates herself for bringing her son in to the world that way. Chad holds her hand and tells her not to put herself through this as she doesn't have to go there. Chad offers to go get Abigail's stuff for her but she says she needs to do it for closure. Chad feels closure is overrated as Ben is gone and out of her life. Chad doesn't get the point of going to that apartment where he put her through hell. Chad feels Abigail has suffered enough and needs to move on. Abigail says there is something else as in a way, she doesn't want to forget what happened to her because there was also a really positive change that happened that opened her eyes. Abigail tells Chad that he saved her and she will never forget that.

Steve and Kayla are interrupted by Joey showing up at Steve's hotel room. Joey comments on Kayla forgiving Steve. Steve informs Joey that he's checking out and moving back in with them tonight. Joey says that's really great.

Ava removes things from a briefcase as she remains in front of the mirror. Ava declares it's time to get going.

Rafe tells Hope that he's just trying to protect her. Hope reminds him that she's not his partner anymore as she's suspended. Rafe points out that they are still friends. Hope says what she is doing is urgent. Rafe questions what she's doing since it's not work related but Hope argues that she doesn't owe him any answers. Rafe guesses there is no stopping her then. Rafe picks up the briefcase to help her. Hope tries to stop him but he picks it up and the $500,000 spills out.

Abigail tells Chad that she needed something to get her through so she imagined Chad rescuing her and her son. Abigail talks about feeling sane when she thought of it as it gave her courage. Abigail talks about knowing in her heart when she first started dating Ben that she could never be in love with him because she never stopped loving Chad and couldn't hide it. Abigail felt guilty over how badly she wanted him and how heartbroken she was that she couldn't be with him. Abigail felt she was giving him hope when she shouldn't have been. Abigail declares that she always knew Chad was the one she was supposed to be with, not Ben. Abigail asks why she didn't see it coming. Chad responds that no one did until it was too late. Abigail cries that she lived with Ben every day and never saw it. Abigail feels she makes a mess of everything. Chad encourages her but Abigail cries that she was living with a murderer. Abigail decides she needs some air so she exits the Pub and Chad goes after her.

Rafe questions what is going on with Hope as she yells at him to leave her alone. Rafe refuses because he cares about her. Rafe knows he went too far but now the walls between them have gone up higher so they need to talk about it. Rafe blames himself for saying he loves her even though he meant it. Rafe feels she misunderstood him. Rafe brings up everything that has happened and now Hope checked out on him and everyone else. Rafe just wants her to let him in. Rafe just wants to be there for her as her friend. Hope tells him that he doesn't need to explain but Rafe shouts that he's watching her life spiral out of control so she needs him.

Steve tells Joey that he was determined to put their family back together but credits Joey for it which they didn't see coming. Kayla is touched by what he did but adds that it's a little scary how far he went. Kayla tells Joey no more games. Joey agrees now that they all have what they want. Kayla goes to get changed while Steve asks Joey if he's feeling proud of himself. Joey tells Steve that he's welcome. Steve says there won't be any thank you as they both know he didn't do this alone so he questions who he partnered with.

Ava practices pretending to be sick in front of the mirror.

Joey tells Steve that no one would be crazy enough to mess with an ISA agent and the hospital chief of staff so it was only him. Steve accepts his word for it. Steve then questions him messing around with drugs.

Hope questions Rafe and yells about how she feels. Hope tries to leave but Rafe stops her and asks if she cares about what happens to Ciara.

Abigail tells Chad that he saved her but she feels like she failed him for not seeing Ben was a murderer. Abigail suggests she could've stopped it if she noticed something was wrong. Chad stops her and insists that none of this is on her as Ben snapped so it's on him. Abigail blames herself for sleeping with Chad which made Ben jealous. Chad argues that Ben was mentally sick so it's not their fault. Chad is sorry about Serena, Paige, and Will but believes something else would've set Ben off eventually. Abigail wishes she could be sure. Chad tells her that he's sure and reminds her that Ben is gone out of her life. Chad encourages her to move forward and focus on what she has now in her life, her son, and him. Chad hugs Abigail as she breaks down crying. Chad repeats that he'll never stop loving her.

Steve questions Joey about staging a medical emergency that could've been deadly. Joey argues that he only took enough to knock himself out. Steve questions who prescribed the amount. Joey admits he screwed up and apologizes but he just really wanted them back together and got carried away. Joey declares that he's done, no more games or drugs of any kind. Steve grounds Joey for a month. Kayla comes back out from changing. Steve tells her about negotiating a reasonable punishment. Steve jokes that since Joey wants them back together so bad, he'll have to watch them kiss.

Chad assures Abigail that he doesn't want her to hold anything in as they are safe now. Chad offers to go with her to get her things. Abigail tells him that she can do this and wants to go back to the apartment to get her stuff. Abigail feels she can do it thanks to him.

Hope asks Rafe what's wrong with Ciara. Rafe informs her that Ciara is worried about her and needs her while Hope is only concerned with getting revenge. Rafe questions if what Hope is doing is going to help Ciara because if not, she needs to stay. Hope warns him to stop lecturing her. Hope argues that everything she does is for Ciara, who wants justice too. Rafe questions if it's justice or vengeance. Hope yells at Rafe not to follow her as she storms out.

Abigail thanks Chad and confirms her feeling that she can do this on her own. Abigail states that she's not a weak person. Abigail adds that Ben didn't beat her as no one can. Chad smiles and hugs her. Abigail informs Chad that she never stopped loving him either. Abigail then walks away.

Kayla tells Steve to get packing. Steve happily tells her that he will see her at home. Steve suggests taking a weekend away as they kiss. Kayla jokes with him about his proposal and says she'll see him at home as she exits.

Ava looks in to the mirror as she tapes up a picture of Steve and Kayla then declares she knows she can do this.

Rafe goes back to the station where Lani questions his look. Rafe explains that he was following Hope and she gave him the slip.

Hope returns to the undisclosed location looking for Seth but instead finds a video screen displaying Ciara has been kidnapped and tied to a chair.

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