Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/10/15

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/10/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Kayla asks Steve about thinking someone is helping Joey. Steve doesn't see how Joey could pull things off like the hotel room with expensive champagne. Kayla agrees, noting the roses on the bed were a woman's touch.

Joey meets the woman behind the texts and tells her that she was right, Steve and Kayla weren't mad and are practically back together. She removes her sunglasses, revealing to be Ava Vitali from Steve and Kayla's past. Ava tells Joey good work. Joey credits her for the ideas. Joey doesn't understand what's in it for her.

Theresa sits alone in the park where Anne meets her. Theresa complains about freezing while waiting for her. Anne congratulates her and says she passed the test.

Brady prepares to leave the Kiriakis Mansion. Henderson tells him that he and Tate will be missed. Brady heads to the living room to say goodbye to Victor and Maggie but he walks in to find Phillip Kiriakis with Victor. Brady takes it that Phillip is his replacement and welcomes him back. Phillip is glad to be back while Victor is happy to have a son under his roof tonight. Brady wishes Phillip luck and exits. Victor fills Phillip in on his problem with Theresa.

Theresa tells Anne that she understands why she tested her. Anne agrees that she misses having her as a friend and is open to letting her stay with her. Theresa reveals that Brady already rented her a townhouse and is moving in with her and Tate. Anne warns her that it could be too good to be true for her.

Ava tells Joey that his parents are old friends of hers and she promised herself she would do whatever it took to make them happy again if she ever got the chance. She says that's all she's telling him.

Kayla asks Steve how worried they should be. Steve just doesn't think Joey is behind it but somebody must be working him. Kayla agrees if they wanted to hurt them, they would have already. Steve asks what they do here. Steve points out that Joey admitted he's trying to get them back together and thinks they belong together. Steve asks if they try to convince him it won't work or do they stop fighting it. Steve asks what she thinks as they kiss.

Phillip catches Brady before he leaves the mansion and offers to buy him a coffee as it's obvious they should talk.

Theresa accuses Anne of just wanting to tell her she's going down in flames. Anne says she's just warning her to be careful. Theresa thought she'd be happy for her. Anne says she is but questions how this happens when Theresa's only ever cared about herself. Theresa says she has changed in a lot of ways. Anne asks how she can be sure this time about Brady. Theresa points out that he took her side over Victor's. Theresa feels things are better than ever for them. Theresa has an idea for Anne and they walk away together.

Joey tells Ava that he's not backing out of the plan as they are a team. She's happy because she wants to fix the mistake she made. Joey asks if it was just a mistake. She wishes she could do it over again. Joey understands she's trying to make it up to them. She isn't sure his parents will be as forgiving which is why she hasn't told them that she's in town yet but knew Joey would want them together as much as she does.

Kayla stops kissing Steve and isn't sure this is a smart move. She worries that today is not the day for any big decisions. Steve asks why it has to be a big decision instead of just following her heart as they resume kissing.

Brady and Phillip go to the Pub where Caroline is happy to see Phillip back. Phillip is sorry about Bo and that he couldn't make the funeral. Caroline figures it's a great comfort to Victor to have Phillip here. Brady thinks Caroline should be upstairs resting but she says no. Caroline offers to get them something to eat as they sit down. Phillip says it's good to be home. Brady asks why they're here. Phillip doesn't want to get off on the wrong foot with anybody. Brady doesn't blame him for taking the job since he quit and Victor wants to keep it in the family. Brady talks about legitimizing Titan as a company. Phillip understands that was more important to him than profits and doesn't think Brady was aggressive enough. They argue about the drug that helped cure Caroline. Phillip wants to fast track the drug to the public but Brady worries about side effects. Phillip thinks anyone would want the side effect of seeing the future. Brady feels that could be hallucinations. Phillip tells Brady that he can't be afraid to take risks. Brady questions him thinking he was timid about distributing a drug that Victor got on the black market. Phillip believes Brady took the safe way out.

Anne and Theresa walk through the town square. Theresa talks about being happy with Tate and Brady as well as being a successful fashion designer. Anne asks about her idea for changing her life. Theresa encourages Anne to quit her job at the hospital and come work at Basic Black with her as her assistant. Anne laughs at her and questions that being her brilliant idea. Anne tells her to forget about it and walks away.

Steve lays in bed while Kayla stands nearby and talks about feeling so lost after losing Bo. Kayla gets back in bed with Steve where he tells her how much he loves her. Steve talks about thinking of how to get her back ever since their divorce. Steve tells her how beautiful she looked when he first came back and he knew he'd never let her go again. Steve adds that he was never sure she'd take him back as she's always been her own person. Steve never felt he really deserved her.

Anne tells Theresa that she makes good money at the hospital. Theresa tries to convince her that it's a lot better. Anne gives in and Theresa hugs her.

Maggie joins Victor in the living room and asks what's on his mind. Victor talks about his worries about Caroline. Victor reveals that Caroline informed him tonight that she saw a vision of his death which shocks Maggie. Victor talks about taking precautions so they can hopefully avoid another tragedy in the family. Maggie points out Caroline not seeing Bo's cancer but Victor suggests she may not have known how to interpret it.

Brady questions Phillip sucking up to Caroline about the drug. Brady accuses Phillip of coming in between he and Victor. Phillip blames Brady for leaving the house. Brady explains his decision. Phillip asks what he's going to do with himself. Brady talks about being a father. Phillip finds that boring and insists on the drug that helped Caroline. Phillip argues that they know it works. Brady questions the visions. Phillip thinks they can spin that. Brady tells him the drug won't be approved anytime soon if at all. Phillip responds that it's not his problem anymore. Brady asks if he's told Victor about his plan because Victor wanted the drug kept under wraps. Phillip says that Brady made his decision and tells him to go with Theresa while leaving Victor with him.

Joey asks Ava if she will tell his parents that she's been helping him. Ava suggests maybe after things are settled. Ava tells Joey that she wanted to meet with him to kick the plan in to high gear. Joey asks what they do. Ava tells him that it's time she took the plan from here alone.

Kayla questions Steve not thinking he deserved her. Steve adds that he never had real confidence until he met her. Steve feels that Kayla still believes in him. Steve tells her about asking Bo what he could do for him after he found out he was sick and all Bo said was get your family back and hold on to never let go. Steve tells Kayla that he wants them to be a family again and live together

Victor tells Maggie not to worry and decides he's going to the Pub to check on Caroline.

Brady goes home where Theresa is showing Anne the townhouse. Anne tells Theresa to call her tomorrow about the job as she exits. Brady questions Theresa offering her a job at Basic Black. Theresa talks about Anne hating her life then asks if Brady is having second thoughts about moving in.

Joey questions Ava about taking him out of the plan. Ava tells him that she has to figure out how to let Steve and Kayla know that she was in on it. She tells him to promise not to tell them anything about her or it will ruin the progress they have made. Joey doesn't know if he can make her any promises then walks away, leaving her confused.

Kayla gets out of bed so Steve apologizes if he was moving too fast. Steve apologizes for not asking how things were for her while he was gone. Kayla recalls being miserable trying to figure out how to live without him. Steve tells her that he's so sorry. Kayla says she got better after awhile and enjoyed her independence. Kayla talks about dating which Steve questions. Steve thinks he got back just in time as he holds her hand.

Brady assures Theresa that he's not changing his mind. Theresa notes that he looks upset about something. Brady informs her that he is but it has nothing to do with her. Brady tells her that he's very much looking forward to living here and they're good. Theresa asks what is upsetting him. Brady tells her that it's Victor making really bad decisions lately.

Phillip goes back to the Kiriakis Mansion. Maggie thanks him for coming so quickly after losing Bo as it's hit Victor really hard. Maggie asks Phillip not to disappoint Victor. Maggie notes that Brady feels Victor forced him to leave while Victor feels it was betrayal. Phillip responds that he and Victor agree on what's important. Maggie is glad he's here but wishes Victor didn't force Brady to resign. Phillip argues that Brady wasn't forced but made a choice and he thinks it was a really bad one.

Steve wants to stop dwelling on the past to start concentrating on the future. Kayla still doesn't know about his past. Steve asks what she wants to know. Kayla finds it hard to believe he hasn't had one woman in his life since he left Africa. Steve tells her that there was only one, Kayla, and there's no one else for him. Kayla wants to believe him and adds that he's always been the only man for her. Kayla asks if he's happy now as they kiss. Kayla gets up and offers him the key to her place.

Phillip tells Maggie that he shouldn't be trying to influence her with his opinion. Phillip says he's fine with what Brady did as Victor needs someone who puts the family before anything else. Phillip declares that he will make Titan more powerful and profitable than it's ever been as he walks out.

Brady talks to Theresa about Phillip and how he only cares about profits. Theresa asks Brady if he's sorry he gave up his job. Brady assures her that he's not at all. Theresa is glad and kisses him then they hug.

Ava doesn't understand the problem. Joey tells her that Steve won't let go of him trying to push them together. Ava encourages that he can handle Steve's questions. Joey reluctantly agrees. Ava kisses him on the cheek and thanks him then tells him to get going so they aren't seen together. Joey exits.

Steve agrees to move in with Kayla and kisses her. Steve doesn't want to push his luck but suggests taking this a step further as he drops down to one knee and asks Kayla to marry him again.

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