Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 12/9/15

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 12/9/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Kayla goes to Steve's hotel and says she has a plan to flush out their stalker. She takes Steve's phone and texts them to show their face in the park in 30 minutes if they want to keep them together.

The mystery person is shown wearing all black as they receive the text.

Eduardo shouts that he's out and it's over. The woman tells him that he should know by now that it's never over and he's never out. She tells him they are counting on him and all the information is here.

John and Marlena talk at home about Sami. John says he's contacted all his contacts and Sami's trail has gone cold. Marlena says all they know is that Sami left the country. She worries that they won't see her again. John tells her that they don't want to as Stefano is after her. John insists that as long as his contacts can't find Sami then neither can Andre or Stefano.

Chad goes to the DiMera Mansion and tells Stefano about finding Abigail being held hostage by Ben but Stefano questions that keeping him away. Chad questions him. Stefano tells him that his birth right is gone.

Andre finds Belle in the town square and questions her about talking to Sami. Belle says they haven't spoken in awhile. Andre says that means Sami hasn't told her what she's done.

Seth chokes Hope and suggests making a deal. Seth tells her that she can pay him to hand deliver the person who tortured Bo.

Abigail gives her baby Colin to a nurse for a check up as Jennifer encourages her at the hospital. Abigail wants something to focus on and comes across a birth certificate. She doesn't know the exact time that her baby was born and isn't sure of the day. Jennifer tells her not to worry and asks about a name. Abigail tells her about Ben wanting to name him Colin but she feels her son deserves his own name, a new name and a new start.

Steve tells Kayla that was something. He gets a text back saying "you're on." Steve states that it worked. Kayla says in 30 minutes they'll know who is behind it.

Hope questions trusting Seth. Seth warns her that killing him means all the information he knows died with him. Hope asks what he really wants. Seth says he wants the money he's owed so if she gives him the money, he gives her the name.

Steve tells Kayla that it could be a trick. Kayla feels if they wanted to hurt them, they would have already. Steve tells her that he always has her back.

Eduardo wants the woman to go but she tells him that he can't leave as it's who he is. Eduardo wants to be left alone to live in peace. She tells him that his password is the same. He refuses to do it but she tells him that he always does as he's asked. She then exits.

Belle tells Andre that she has no idea what he's talking about. Andre talks about what Sami has done being dangerous for all of them. Andre asks her to deliver a message if she hears from Sami, to return the money and they will look the other way. Belle asks what if she doesn't. Andre responds that it's going to get ugly.

Chad tells Stefano not to be mad at Sami because she just did what EJ sent her out to do. Stefano asks if he's going to help fix this or not. Chad responds that he's not all that motivated.

Hope asks how making a deal with Seth works. Seth tells her that he will let her go to get the money and she brings it back then he gives her the name. Hope wants more than a name in evidence. Seth agrees if she pays him $500,000. Hope agrees and says they will do this tonight. Seth asks if she trusts him. Hope says as much as he trusts her. Seth says he can guarantee her revenge as he walks away.

John and Marlena talk about not hearing from Sami. John tells her that he's going to meet someone who might possibly know about his parents but he'll come right back if she hears from Sami.

Hope goes home and puts makeup on where she was choked before heading inside. Hope goes in quietly but stops to look at a family photo. Ciara comes downstairs and Hope hugs her. Ciara asks where she's been. Hope tells her that she didn't mean to worry her. Ciara asks if she's okay.

Kayla likes the sound of Steve looking out for his partner and they agree they always work better together. Steve gets close to her but Kayla says they are working and it's too quick. Steve brings up what happened with them in the supply closet and then they kiss. Kayla suddenly stops and says they have to go as she rushes out. Steve follows out.

Jennifer asks Abigail if she's thought about names. Abigail admits she knew exactly what she was going to name him but she didn't say anything to Ben about it. Jennifer tells her that it's up to her now. Abigail names her son Thomas Jack Deveraux after her great grandfather and her father. Jennifer loves it and they hug as they get emotional.

John goes to see Eduardo. John introduces himself and brings up the academy he attended. John asks if he has a couple minutes to answer some questions.

Kayla and Steve go to the park. She asks about working with John and if he really wants to be a private investigator. Steve hopes to start soon and mentions that it will keep him in town with his family. Kayla is worried that he goes from being in the ISA to an investigator here and if he'd really be happy. Joey arrives and reveals himself. They question it being here.

Ciara asks Hope where she's been as her clothes are all messed up. Hope says she wasn't paying much attention and apologizes for snapping before as she was so focused on catching who hurt Bo. Ciara hugs her and Hope tells her that she's not leaving. Ciara tells her that she needs her and is glad she's home.

John talks with Eduardo about his memory being spotty and trying to find his parents. John thinks they may have attended the academy at the same time. John shows Eduardo a photo from when he was 13 which he recognizes.

Belle says Andre is making all this up. Andre tells her that it would be to Sami's advantage if she would work with them. Marlena interrupts and questions Andre.

Steve asks Joey what he's doing here. Joey responds that he was walking home from school when he got a text to come meet them at the park. Steve questions who sent the text. Joey gets another text to take the blame and they'll love him for it. Steve asks who sent that. Joey claims it was Ciara but refuses to show his phone. Kayla tells him that they know as they demand the truth. Joey then tells them that yes he did it.

Hope finishes a call, saying she'll be there. She hangs up and calls Seth, who is seated in the park. Hope tells him that the money will be ready in two hours. Seth tells her that she will have her proof as long as she comes through with the cash.

Andre tells Marlena that he and Belle were just catching up. Marlena warns him to stay away from her daughter. Andre tells them to have a nice evening but adds that Sami is over her head so anyone who protects her is in the same boat as he walks away.

Hope sits at home waiting for a call. Rafe arrives and is surprised she's there. Hope tells him that she just got back awhile ago. Rafe tells her that Roman was worried. Hope says she just needed some room. Rafe questions her trying to quit the force and not even telling her partner. Hope repeats that she just needed some room. Rafe questions why and if she tried to go vigilante. Hope tells him to stop but Rafe wants her to let this go. Hope tells him that he's not her partner anymore and she doesn't need a protector. Rafe tells her that he's going to look out for her even if Bo didn't ask him to. Hope says he shouldn't have asked. Rafe then blurts out that he loves her so he would've done it anyway.

Eduardo tells John that he can't remember any of their classmates names. He says he and the academy were a bad fit but he wishes he could be of more help. John appreciates his help and they shake hands as John exits.

Chad tells Stefano that he's still got his company, stocks and legitimate business so maybe it's for the best if they live like normal people. Chad decides to get to the hospital and exits as Andre arrives. Andre comments that Chad is not much of a team player. Stefano asks if he's found his money. Andre responds that he's getting closer.

Belle asks Marlena what Sami has done. Marlena tells her that it's nothing that involves her so she doesn't need to know about it and just stay out of it. Marlena asks if Belle is coming home with her. Belle says she has a quick errand to run first so Marlena walks away. Belle pulls out her phone and calls Sami, leaving a message about her run in with Andre, feeling she's put her in the middle of a huge mess with the DiMeras. Belle worries that it's too dangerous to keep holding her money and she hates lying to her parents.

Joey admits to Steve and Kayla that he locked them in the supply closet and then takes the blame for drugging himself. Kayla complains that this is all wrong and questions why he would do this. Joey says he knew it would get them both to the hospital. Steve questions if all of this was just to get them back together. Joey asks if it worked. Steve responds that it kind of did.

Abigail and Jennifer watch over her baby in the hospital as Chad arrives. Jennifer hugs Chad and thanks him for saving her daughter and grandson. Chad feels lucky that he found them. Jennifer says they are too. Jennifer wants to e-mail everyone about the baby so she exits. Abigail and Chad talk about the baby. Abigail calls it a miracle that he survived after a rough start. Chad calls him tough and praises her as a mom. Abigail tells Chad about the baby's new name of Thomas Jack Deveraux and calls Chad, uncle Chad. They talk about not wanting any memory of Ben. Chad tells her that Roman said Ben has completely shut down and is on suicide watch. Abigail comments that it's so sad what happened to him. Chad tells her that it's nothing she could've stopped and not to hold on to it as Ben is out of her life for good.

Hope tells Rafe it's been a long day and longer evening so she needs rest. Hope asks Rafe to leave so he does.

Steve and Kayla go back to his hotel room. Steve asks if they aren't together. Kayla tells him that they don't want to tell Joey everything so he doesn't pull this kind of stunt again. Steve tells her that Joey didn't do this. Steve mentions watching Joey's face when he got a text and having no idea about the hotel. Steve declares that Joey's involved but he definitely had help.

Joey tells her that she was right, Steve and Kayla weren't mad and are practically back together.

Marlena tells John about Andre threatening Belle. John feels Andre knows he'd get locked up if he hurts his family. John says they just have to assume Sami is safe now. Marlena asks about his meeting. John tells her that Eduardo had no memories but points out that he still wears the school ring so he must know something.

Eduardo sits in his room having a drink as he listens to music. Eduardo pulls out the tablet that the woman left him and looks up a file on John.

Belle walks through the town square and gets a text from Sami reassuring her about everything and telling her not to worry about Andre. Sami writes that after it's all over, she can use her money to build something wonderful.

Stefano asks Andre if he found Sami. Andre tells him that he found Belle, newly single and in need of a new young man. Andre suggests Chad and then they can find out where Sami and the money are hiding.

Abigail tells Chad that she's glad he's here and that he never gave up on her. Chad tells her that he loves her and never stopped and never will.

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