Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/8/15

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/8/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Roman assures Chad that Ben won't hurt Abigail as they watch through the window. Ben thinks Abigail is a ghost and starts to panic. Abigail insists that she's not dead and asks where he left their baby. Ben tells her that he made sure he's safe. Ben tells her that he's with his mom. Abigail points out that Ben's mom is dead and questions what he did as she cries.

Colin remains in the bed of the hotel room where Ben left him.

Chase goes through a box at Hope's as Rafe comes in looking for Hope but Chase doesn't know where she is. Chase tells Rafe that he's looking for anything to tell him why Aiden went from nice guy to killer because he's scared he's going to end up exactly like him.

Hope has Seth tied up in an undisclosed location. Hope says now he knows how Bo feels and she's going to do what she needs to do. Hope tells him that this area has been deserted for decades so no one will hear him scream. Hope demands the truth while threatening him with the taser.

Rafe assures that Chase won't turn in to a different person because of what his dad did. Rafe encourages that it will get better over time. Rafe goes to leave but Chase asks him to stay for a bit so he agrees to. Rafe sits with him and says he knows what he's going through has to be confusing. Rafe tells him that Aiden's love for him was real. Chase brings up his mom killing herself when he was little. Chase talks about everything changing when Hope and Ciara came along to make their lives normal again. Chase recalls Aiden being happy again. Chase is confused and so angry all the time. Chase asks what to do when your dad just abandons you.

Hope tells Seth that she knows he was just an employee so she just needs to know who hired him. Hope goes to tase him but Seth agrees to talk. Seth admits he was hired to get information out of Bo. Seth is willing to negotiate a deal but Hope tases him and demands the name of who hired him.

Eve turns on her music at home and looks at a photo of Paige.

Kate and Eduardo walk through the town square and take a seat as Eduardo tells her about his idea of a music program to honor Paige. Kate likes the idea. Eduardo wishes he could've heard Paige sing but there's no going back which is why he is obsessed with making things right with his other children. Kate questions him about that as Eduardo reveals to her that Rafe is his son.

Lani informs Roman that JJ is riding in with Mammoth Falls police but they have had no luck on finding the baby.

Ben talks like he's a kid again fearing getting in trouble with his dad. Abigail tries to get through to him. Abigail asks if he hurt their son and if he's still alive. Ben tells her that he would never hurt his son. Abigail asks where he left their baby. Ben tells her that he made sure to put him some place safe. Abigail asks where but Ben goes back to rambling about his dad and needing his mom. Abigail tells Ben that she needs him to be a father and tell her where their son is. Ben mentions putting pillows around him at a motel. Ben talks about motels making him feel safe when he was on the run. Ben starts to panic so a guard has to hold him down as Abigail exits the room. She tells Roman about Ben mentioning a motel. Abigail thinks she can get Ben to tell her the exact motel. Chad praises her.

Kate informs Eduardo that she and Rafe had a connection. Kate adds that Gabi is a wonderful young woman. They talk about Arianna and Kate mentions her father being Will so that's another connection they have. Kate asks about his marriage to Gabi and Rafe's mother. Eduardo states that it turned in to a tragedy because of him. He talks about not dwelling on the past because he's ashamed of how he acted back then. Kate is sure someone will fill him in on her past. Eduardo thinks they should stick to the present and perhaps the future.

Rafe tells Chase about his father abandoning him when he was a kid. Ciara watches from around the corner. Rafe encourages Chase that his father doesn't determine who he is or who he becomes as he's not alone. Chase feels he really is because his dad was his only family. Chase believes Hope and Ciara don't want to deal with his stupid stuff so he's alone with nobody and that's how it will always be. Rafe insists that it will be alright.

Hope continues shocking Seth with the taser. Hope pulls out a large knife and threatens to cut off his thumb like he did to Claudia. Seth talks about trying to get information out of Bo and doing research on his family. Seth laughs that Hope is nothing like he read about. Hope tells him that she's lost the man she loved forever and that he was a big part of that. Seth remarks that he died of a brain tumor. Hope threatens him with the knife. Seth calls it surprising that she would become the avenging, grieving widow as he thought she moved on with another man. Hope mentions being tricked into thinking Bo abandoned her. Seth talks about Bo saying his wife would never give up on him as he struggles with the ties. Seth laughs about Bo being tortured while Hope was with a new lover.

Guards escort Ben away as Roman orders him to be placed on suicide watch. Abigail asks if she can be driven back to Mammoth Falls to help search. Roman tells her that they will check all motels. Abigail worries about her baby. Roman tells her to relax as everything will be just fine. Abigail says not until she has her son back.

Someone enters the motel where Colin was left.

Rafe encourages Chase that he will be alright. Rafe says he knows Hope and Ciara want him to be a part of their lives. Ciara comes out then apologizes for interrupting. Rafe asks if she knows where Hope is but she doesn't. Rafe tells her to tell Hope to call him if she sees her. Rafe says he has to get back to the station and tells Chase to take care as he exits. Chase asks Ciara how much she heard. Ciara says she heard enough and she's sorry.

Seth continues trying to escape his ties as he talks further about Bo. Seth asks what Bo was like personally. Hope says he was strong, smart, and incredibly loving. Hope calls Bo her life and her everything. Hope says she could never love anyone the way she loved him. Seth manages to get his hand free.

Kate and Eduardo go to the park. Kate talks about her next launch for Basic Black and wanting to see her competition go down. They talk about being interested as Eduardo puts his jacket on her.

Eve remains sitting alone at home, drinking a glass of wine until she shuts off the music. Eve goes to her phone and calls Eduardo. Eduardo answers and asks if she considered his offer. Eve responds that she's decided to accept heading the music program but she is not ready to forgive and forget as she's doing this for Paige, not him. Eduardo tells her that he will have lawyers draw up papers and will get in touch. Eduardo thanks her for this, calling it great news as they hang up.

Ciara feels she should've been a better friend to Chase as she knows he's going through an awful time while all she thinks about is herself and Hope. Ciara says there's no excuse for her not being nice to him. Chase understands things have been bad for her too. Ciara says it's no excuse. Ciara questions why Chase left the Pub when Theo came in. Chase claims he just needed some air. Ciara tells Chase that they are going to get through all of this together like a team. Chase still feels there's no reason for him to stay in Salem as nobody is there for him.

Seth tries getting his other hand free but Hope stops talking about her life and pulls her gun on him, demanding the information. Seth tries to tell her that this won't bring Bo back. Hope tells him that nothing will bring him back after this. Hope threatens to shoot him within ten seconds and begins to count down.

Kate walks Eduardo back to his hotel room. Eduardo comments on usually walking his date back to their door. Kate says this is not a date and mentions her son staying at a room above. Kate adds that she did have a lovely time. Eduardo suggests doing it again sometime. Kate hopes so and kisses him on the cheek as she then exits. Eduardo heads inside where a woman is seated inside. Eduardo questions how she found him.

Abigail gives her statement to Rafe, Roman, Lani, and Justin about Ben confirming himself to be the necktie killer. Abigail talks about trying to convince Ben to turn himself in. Abigail starts to worry about her son and no one finding him yet. Roman encourages her but Abigail starts to worry. Justin wants to concentrate on the murders and asks if Ben told her why he killed Serena. Abigail thought she told them but Rafe points out that she didn't. Abigail apologizes and explains that Ben was setting up Chad so he could keep him away from her forever. Abigail adds that killing Paige was another setup. Roman asks about Will. Abigail notes that Will was on to him. Rafe mentions that Aiden had nothing to do with this. Abigail questions what Aiden had to do with anything but Roman says they will talk about that later. Roman asks about Wendy the midwife. Abigail cries about Wendy being so good to her and helping her give birth. Abigail begged Ben to let Wendy live but Ben took her outside and murdered her. Abigail feels she should've done more but Justin assures her that none of this was her fault. Abigail knew something wasn't right about Ben and didn't do anything so she blames herself for all these people not being alive.

Ciara tells Chase that he has she and Hope. Chase thinks they'd rather forget he exists. Ciara tells him that she will never turn her back on him as he's too important to her. Chase asks how he can be important to her with everything going on. Ciara insists that she meant it. Chase wants to believe her. Ciara repeats that he's important to her and asks him to stay. Chase leans in to kiss her but Ciara questions what he's doing so Chase runs upstairs embarrassed.

Hope prepares to shoot Seth but he breaks free and they struggle over the gun.

The woman tells Eduardo that he should know by now that she can always find him. She says she was sorry to hear about Paige. Eduardo questions what she wants. She tells him they have an assignment for him. Eduardo shouts that he's out and it's over. She tells him that he should know by now that it's never over and he's never out.

Roman and Justin bring Abigail to the hospital which she doesn't understand until she turns around to see JJ and Chad holding Colin. Chad tells her that somebody missed his mom as he gives the baby to her. Abigail smiles and holds Colin.

Ben sits in his holding cell.

Rafe calls Hope, leaving a message to call as it's important. Rafe mentions knowing she's suspended and he hopes she doesn't do something crazy to wind up in real trouble.

Hope and Seth struggle over the gun until she knocks him down. Seth punches her back and begins choking her, saying they will see who breaks first.

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