Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/7/15

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/7/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Hope tells Roman that she's just cleaning her gun. Roman brings up what happened at the station. Hope assures Roman that Seth tortured Bo. Roman wants to know that she regrets threatening him. Hope responds that her only regret is that Rafe stopped her. Roman asks if she wants to lose her badge and go to jail.

Seth sits in the town square on the phone, saying he was picked up by the police so they know of his connection to Bo Brady but he kept his mouth shut. Seth tells them to just pay him and he'll leave town so this will all be over. Rafe walks by so Seth hangs up and accuses Rafe of being his shadow.

Ciara and Chase sit together at the Pub. Ciara complains about how Hope is acting. Chase feels that Hope just sees Aiden when she looks at him. Chase informs Ciara that he plans to leave town as he has an aunt who lives in Chicago. Ciara tells him not to as everything he needs is right here.

Ben leaves the cabin with Colin, leaving Chad and Abigail tied up and the bed on fire. Abigail screams but Chad promises her they will get out together. Abigail cries that she's never going to see her son again but Chad yells that she will.

Hope tells Roman that she knew what she was doing. Roman warns her that it was illegal. Hope argues that Seth was her only chance to find out what happened to Bo. Roman doesn't think Bo would like this. Roman reminds her of their responsibilities. Hope questions how Roman can talk about rules after losing his brother. Hope tells him that all she cares about is making those bastards pay for what they did to Bo. Roman reminds her of how the system works. Hope decides she has no choice then but to quit.

Rafe tells Seth that he checks on people to make sure things stay peaceful. Seth warns that he's barking up the wrong tree as he's the victim in all of this. Seth makes one final offer to drop charges against Hope if she and Rafe leave him alone. Rafe responds that it sounds doable as long as he keeps clean otherwise what happened will seem like a picnic. Rafe then walks away. Seth goes back to his phone call.

Chase questions Ciara not wanting him to go. Ciara convinces him that this is his home now. Chase feels he's a bad memory for everyone. Ciara assures that he's not his father and she wants him here. Ciara tells Chase that she cares about him. Theo then enters the Pub and she greets him.

Chad and Abigail continue to struggle until they break free. Chad picks Abigail up and carries her away.

Ben brings Colin to a hotel room and tries to stop him from crying. Ben tells him no more mommy but daddy's here. Ben lays him on the bed, telling him he will be fine. Ben exits the hotel room, leaving the baby on the bed.

Roman refuses to accept Hope's resignation. Hope tells him that she can't be trusted on the job. Roman thinks she just needs a break and to rest. Hope insists that she's not going to change her mind as her only job is to find out who was responsible for Bo's death any way she can. Roman decides he has no choice then but to temporarily suspend her effective immediately. Hope tells him to do what he has to do and she will too.

Chad carries Abigail out into the snow and tells her they are safe. He places her down and puts his jacket over her, encouraging her to stay with him. Paramedics arrive to give Abigail oxygen. Chad confirms no one else is inside as the medics tell him that the cops are on their way. They try to convince Abigail to rest as she panics about her baby.

Ben returns to Wendy's office to get items for the baby but Lani and JJ show up so Ben hides in the closet. Lani and JJ enter, noting the door was unlocked and talk about it being the last place Ben was spotted.

Theo tells Ciara that he's been looking for her as he made her a mix of music for her with all of her favorite bands, hoping to cheer her up. Ciara thanks Theo as Chase then abruptly exits.

Seth talks on the phone, saying they had an agreement. He warns that he earned that money spending a year of his life trying to get Bo to talk. Seth adds that he knows he failed. Seth says he will try but it's hard with the police breathing down his neck. He says he understands and he'll do it as now he knows where he stands then hangs up.

Roman reminds Hope that he has to take her guns and badge since she's suspended so she hands them over.

Lani and JJ search Wendy's office as JJ worries about Abigail going in to labor early and not being at a hospital. Lani decides they will continue checking down the street. They then spot footprints on the floor and pretend to leave. Ben sneaks back out of the closet and goes to leave only to get caught at the door by Lani and JJ. Lani holds her gun as JJ asks Ben where Abigail is. Ben tries to grab Lani's gun but JJ hits him and Lani holds him at gunpoint, ordering him not to move. Lani reads Ben his rights as he is handcuffed. JJ demands to know where Abigail is. Ben remains silent. JJ grabs Ben but Lani forces him off. Lani declares she's getting Ben back to Salem without a mark. Ben mutters that she's gone. JJ questions him. Ben says he didn't do anything wrong. JJ warns that he better not have and asks where his sister is. JJ and Lani decide something is off with Ben. JJ tells Lani to go ahead and take Ben back to Salem while he stays around here. JJ hears the sirens so Lani suggests checking on them in case it's related. Lani escorts Ben out.

Chase remains outside the Pub as Theo sits with Ciara and asks what's wrong with Chase. Ciara tells Theo that Chase is having a hard time and tells him to be nice to him. Chase watches through the window.

Chad tries to keep Abigail calm but she wants to start looking for her baby. Abigail worries that Ben could have gone anywhere. Chad assures her that Ben won't hurt her son and hugs her as JJ finds them. Abigail runs up and hugs JJ. JJ asks if they were in the fire which they confirm. JJ informs them that he and Lani arrested Ben. Abigail asks if he saw her baby but JJ is confused. JJ says that Ben was alone but was stealing baby supplies. Abigail worries that they have to find the baby. JJ notes that Ben was acting really weird. Chad calls him insane. Abigail feels he must be close by. Chad encourages that the police will get right on it. Abigail says they might not know where to look. Abigail wants to talk to Ben herself and asks where he is. JJ tells her that Lani took him back to Salem. Abigail worries that Colin will die alone. Abigail feels that she can get through to Ben because he loves his son.

Lani brings Ben to the police station to Rafe and Roman. Roman asks Ben to explain breaking in to a doctor's office. Rafe asks where Abigail is but Ben remains silent. Roman asks Lani if he said anything but she says she read his rights and he said nothing. Ben mumbles as Lani explains that Ben was caught trying to steal baby supplies. Roman brings up Abigail almost being due. Lani mentions JJ being there which Roman questions. Lani explains that JJ was really set on going for his sister and that he was the one who figured out Ben was hiding in the closet. Roman guesses it was good that he went along then but advises her to leave that out of the report. Rafe gets a call from Chad. Rafe confirms Ben just got there. Chad confirms to Rafe that Ben was the necktie killer and explains that he was holding Abigail hostage then tied them up and set the place on fire, leaving them to die but they escaped and are safe now. Rafe puts Chad on speaker so Roman can hear. Chad repeats that Ben admitted everything to Abigail about being the necktie killer. Chad confirms that Abigail had her baby premature. Rafe asks how they can help. Chad tells him that Abigail is going out of her mind but the police want her to stay. Chad puts Rafe on the phone with the police there. Lani tells Roman that she didn't know Abigail had her baby when she decided on bringing Ben back to Salem to finish the arrest. Lani says she should've kept Ben there and made him tell her where the baby was but Roman doubts he would've been much help.

Abigail tells Chad that she has to go find her son. Chad tries to convince her that he must be safe and they are going to find a way to connect her to Ben so he can tell her where Colin is. Abigail starts to worry that it could be too late or what could've happened to him. Chad tries to keep her calm. The police give her permission to leave. JJ tells her they will make sure she gets in to see Ben. Abigail wonders if she should stay and look for her son. JJ says he'll stay and call if he hears anything. She hugs JJ and then rushes off with Chad.

Hope pulls out a hidden lockbox in her home revealing an extra gun.

Theo has Ciara listen to the music mix while he gets a text message calling him a freak.

Seth returns to his hotel room where Hope is waiting inside with her gun.

Rafe brings Ben to the interrogation room, saying he needs to know where he left the baby. Ben thinks back to leaving the baby in the hotel room. Ben starts talking like he's a kid about to get in trouble with his dad.

Abigail and Chad enter the station looking for Ben. Roman directs them to the interrogation room but notes that Ben isn't making much sense. Chad offers to go in with her but Abigail says she has to be alone while Roman assures she'll be safe. Abigail enters the room so Rafe steps out.

Ciara asks Theo what's wrong but he says it's nothing. Ciara thanks him for the music.

Rafe doesn't think Ben will be much help. Roman says they have to let Abigail try. Roman tells Rafe about his talk with Hope and that he temporarily suspended her. Rafe tells Roman that he will be back in time to deal with Ben as he exits.

Hope surprises Seth from behind with her gun to his neck and warns him not to move. Seth asks if she's going to arrest him. Hope responds not today as she shocks him with a taser. Hope remarks that there's no more rules.

Ben sees Abigail and thinks back to setting the cabin on fire. Ben thinks Abigail is a ghost and starts to panic. Abigail tells him that he didn't kill her and she really wants to hold her son again. Abigail talks about knowing how much Ben loves Colin and asks him where her son is.

Colin remains in the bed of the hotel room where Ben left him.

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