Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/4/15

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/4/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Brady brings Theresa to their new townhouse. Theresa is happy it's not the Kiriakis Mansion and no Victor but just them and Tate. Theresa is so grateful they get to start again.

Roman goes to the Pub and sits with Caroline. Caroline knows he came to check on her but says she's stronger than he thinks. Ciara enters and hugs her. Ciara asks Roman if he's talked to Hope since the funeral but he hasn't. Ciara tells him that she's really worried about her.

Hope aims her gun at Seth until Rafe interrupts and stops her. Hope says she wants Seth to talk and demands to know who is responsible for Bo's death.

Ben chokes Chad with the rope as Abigail cries for him to not do this because she wants Collin to have a father. Ben yells at her to make Collin stop crying. Ben lets go of Chad and pulls the gun back out. Chad tells Ben to let them go and just kill him. Ben then ties Chad's hands behind his back while ordering Abigail to get the baby ready to travel.

Theresa tells Brady about wanting to paint Tate's nursery. Brady agrees and brings up when they first discovered she was pregnant. Brady apologizes for the way he treated her then. Theresa jokes about painting the living room. Theresa admires the fireplace as Brady hugs her and they begin kissing.

Caroline asks Ciara what's going on with Hope. Ciara responds that she's obsessing over work. Caroline thinks she should be on leave. Roman and Ciara note they both couldn't convince her. Ciara worries about everything that has happened. Ciara cries that she thought she and Hope were supposed to help each other through this but she feels like she doesn't even know her anymore.

Hope demands to know who Seth is working for but Rafe pulls her away and takes her out of the room. Rafe tells Seth to understand that they aren't after him but his boss. Rafe says they will let Seth go if he speaks but Seth mocks them, threatening him with jail. Rafe apologizes for what just happened as Hope is grieving. Seth responds that it's not his problem. Rafe tells him he's not leaving. Seth demands his attorney to tell him what just happened. Rafe lets him go for now then. Seth adds that he'll still be hearing from his attorney as he exits. Hope warns Seth not to go back to the Martin Mansion. He calls it a free country. Hope tells him this is far from over. Hope says they could've done this the easy way but now she'll get her answers no matter what. Seth then exits the station.

Brady and Theresa continue kissing on the floor and begin to undress.

Caroline tells Ciara that everyone deals with loss differently. Ciara doesn't understand why Hope is pushing her away. Ciara is glad to have Caroline. Caroline tells her that she can come to her any time but thinks she should try Hope again. They hug goodbye. Roman gives Caroline a money clip that Victor dropped and hugs her goodnight. Roman then walks Ciara out of the Pub. Caroline then has a vision of Victor having a heart attack and drops her dish in shock.

Hope doesn't want Rafe's help and argues that she wasn't going to kill Seth but was just about to get him to crack before Rafe came back in. Rafe worries about her. Hope tells him that she's worried about her whole family as long as the person responsible for killing Bo is still free. Hope questions why Seth Malcolm came to Salem but says they'll never find out now. Rafe suggests maybe they would have if she was more patient. Hope argues that they don't have forever. Hope promises to get justice for Bo. Rafe remarks that's not what Bo wanted. Hope questions what Bo told him.

Ben pulls Chad up while telling Abigail to hurry up getting Collin ready. Ben puts Chad on the bed and keeps the gun aimed at him. Abigail tells Ben they are ready. Ben then orders Abigail to handcuff herself to Chad. Abigail is confused, thinking that he was letting them go. Ben tells her to just do what he says.

Brady and Theresa lay together after having sex. Brady gets a text from Victor, wanting to finalize his exit from Titan. Theresa tells him that she's sorry as she never meant for him to lose his job. Brady knows and says he wasn't going to let his son's mother be treated like crap. Brady says people make mistakes. Theresa adds that Victor won't be able to run the company without him. Brady says it'll be fine. Theresa suggests Brady take a more active role in Basic Black. Brady encourages Theresa to handle Kate and they can be successful. Theresa brings up ordering furniture for their place. Brady tells her that he trusts her as they kiss.

Ciara visits Bo's grave and talks about thinking she'd never see him again until he came back. Ciara apologizes for giving up on him and asks why he had to die.

Hope begs Rafe to tell her what Bo said to him. Rafe admits that Bo came to him and asked him to look out for her. Hope cries about him not telling her. Rafe tries to explain that he promised him. Hope argues that she doesn't need anyone to look after her. Rafe knows she's strong. Hope insists that what she's gone through is nothing compared to what Bo went through so he won't keep her from getting justice for him. Rafe feels she's in no condition and threatens to tell Roman if she forces him to. Hope asks how one can ruin what's already been destroyed.

Abigail tries to convince Ben that Collin needs her to eat. Ben picks her up and puts her next to Chad. Ben says it's just what they wanted. Chad repeats what Abigail said about the baby needing her. Abigail begs Ben not to do this but he cuffs her to Chad. Ben points the gun at them and declares the baby will be fine. Ben adds that he will be fine as he's very good at disappearing but they will not be fine. Ben picks up a bottle of gasoline and says it just happened to be there so it's meant to be.

Brady goes to see Victor about leaving Titan. Victor stops him from signing and asks if he's absolutely sure. Brady assures that he's made up his mind and isn't about to change it. Victor calls it a matter of time before he realizes his terrible mistake. Brady tells Victor that he made the mistake and is too proud to admit it. Brady suggests he apologize to Theresa but Victor calls it the truth. Victor argues that Brady is throwing away everything. Brady cuts him off. Victor mocks Brady thinking he's falling in love. Victor declares that Theresa will be Brady's downfall.

Rafe promises Hope that her life is not destroyed and she has so much to live for. Rafe thinks it would help if she talked to someone but Hope says it won't. Rafe encourages her to talk to Marlena but Hope says no. Hope refuses to share her grief with anyone. Hope asks if it's not okay to be sad and angry. Rafe says she should be but she needs to figure out a way to go on. Hope needs to know who is responsible for Bo's death. Hope tells Rafe that he's absolved of whatever promise he made to Bo to take care of her. Rafe tells Hope that she's his friend and partner so he cares about her very much. Hope tells him to back off if that's true. Rafe stops her from leaving and asks for her gun but Hope says he's not her superior and walks out. Rafe then calls Roman and says they have a big problem.

Brady reminds Victor that Theresa is the mother of his great grandson so he's obligated to try and make this work. Victor brings up Brady being raised by a single father for the most part and turning out alright. Brady says he's done letting Victor control his life. Victor asks about the last time he was with Theresa with drugs and drinking. Brady blames himself for that. Brady understands it's hard to imagine him forgiving Theresa. Brady knows he's trying to protect him but he needs to live his own life so he needs to put some distance between them. Brady signs his release from Titan and hands it to Victor. Victor wishes him luck, adding that he's going to need it. Brady is sorry things had to end this way and exits. Victor goes to his phone and calls his son Phillip, leaving a message to call him as he needs him to come back to Salem right away.

Hope goes home and sits down with her gun while looking at a photo of Bo.

Abigail tries to get through to Ben, talking about when they first met and fell in love while Ben's back is turned, packing his bag. Ben tells Abigail that she destroyed the guy she first met as Chad tries to escape being tied up. Ben tells Abigail that all he ever wanted was for her to love him. Ben says he gave her so many chances but she had to go and ruin everything with Chad. Abigail apologizes and says she hates herself for that, wishing she could do it over again. Ben believes she would've chose Chad in the first place. Ben says it couldn't be any more clear that she wants to be with Chad so now she can be. Ben pulls out a lighter as Chad continues struggling with the rope.

Brady returns to Theresa with dinner. Theresa promises to learn how to cook while Brady says he's the one hunting for a job. She asks how it was with Victor. Brady admits it was hard as he had been a mentor to him through all the tough times. Brady knows he made the right move as he holds Tate.

Seth sits in the town square on the phone, saying he was picked up by the police so they know of his involvement with Bo Brady but he kept his mouth shut. Seth says he had to threaten legal action to make sure they didn't detain him. Seth adds that they don't know they are connected but wanted to know who he was working for. Seth asks what he wants to do as Rafe walks by.

Ciara goes home and asks Hope what she's doing. Hope says she's just cleaning her service weapon. Ciara asks if they can talk about earlier. Hope hugs her and says she would love that. Roman arrives and asks Ciara if he can have a word with Hope so she heads upstairs. Hope guesses he talked to Rafe which Roman confirms he did.

Abigail continues begging Ben not to do this as Ben pours gasoline over the bed and says this is all her doing, not his. Ben picks up Collin as Chad asks him not to do this and Abigail continues begging. Ben lights the lighter and tosses it on to the bed, lighting it on fire as Abigail and Chad struggle. Ben tells Collin to say goodbye to his ex mom. Chad and Abigail scream with the bed on fire as Ben leaves the cabin with Collin.

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