Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/3/15

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/3/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Hope sits at home with her tablet as Ciara comes home and asks if she's okay. Ciara looks at the sketch that Hope is looking at.

The man in the sketch enters the Martin Mansion where Julie greets him, hoping he enjoyed the suite. Julie explains that she and Doug just recently purchased the property but are behind after a death in the family. She mentions Bo being a local hero and that he'll never have the chance to meet him.

Belle talks on the phone leaving a message for Sami, who promises not to tell anyone but questions where she got $250 million dollars and putting it in an account with her name on it. Belle goes to leave the Pub but Marlena arrives and asks what's wrong.

Rafe instructs Lani at the station about the snowstorm. Jennifer arrives and tells Rafe that she's worried about not hearing from Abigail as she would've come home after hearing about Bo. Jennifer thinks something is wrong and notes that Rafe is worried too. Jennifer asks what is going on.

Ben holds Chad at gunpoint after he burst into the cabin and warns him not to take another step or he's dead.

Hope informs Ciara that the sketch is for a case she's working on. Ciara questions her going back to work so soon. Hope tells her that she's doing her damnedest to find out who kept Bo from them and cost his life. Ciara asks why it matters since it won't bring Bo back. Ciara thinks it's just made Hope obsessed and she doesn't care about anything else. Ciara shouts that she can't stand what this is doing to Hope and rushes upstairs.

Rafe takes Jennifer to the interrogation room and tells her that Chad has come by asking about Abigail more than once. Rafe assures her that he's not taking this lightly but he hasn't had a lot to go on other than being able to track them. Jennifer wants to go to Mammoth Falls and find them.

Chad tells Ben that he's not here to hurt anyone. Ben tells Chad that he braved the storm because he can't keep his hands off his fiancee who just gave birth. Ben brings up knowing the times that Abigail cheated on him with Chad. Chad tells Ben that he's clearly won since he has the baby. Ben calls it never a contest. Chad brings up the baby being born early and asks if he's seen a doctor. Ben yells at him to shut up and warns him about acting like he's not doing what's best for his son. Ben declares that it is all about Abigail and that Chad ruined everything.

Belle tells Marlena that everything is weird and she feels terrible for Shawn. Belle feels she just makes everything worse for him. Marlena encourages her. Belle points out that they all loved Bo. Marlena offers to cancel her meeting so they can have coffee and catch up but Belle gets a text from Sami to go to the park and wait so Belle exits.

Rafe tells Jennifer about the major snowstorm so Ben and Abigail won't be going anywhere. Jennifer questions having to just wait. Rafe doesn't want anyone else getting hurt since Chad insisted on driving through the storm. Jennifer doesn't like the sound of it. Rafe encourages her to stay calm. Jennifer worries about Abigail having her baby and doesn't want to believe that Ben will hurt her. Rafe notes that Ben was never violent with her before. Rafe says he'll be in touch and tells her to call if she needs anything. Jennifer then exits the station.

Ben orders Chad to shut the door to the cabin so he does. Ben warns Chad that he might be the last person he ever sees. Chad asks him to let Abigail and the baby go and take it out on him. Ben asks why he shouldn't take it out on them both after what they did to him. Ben demands Abigail give him the baby so she does. Ben holds the baby while keeping the gun aimed at Chad as Abigail cries. Ben asks why the child should have to know about his lying slut of a mother or the man who ripped apart their happy family. Abigail tells Ben that he doesn't have to do this. Ben asks why not. Ben says he and baby Collin could just disappear and start over like he's done a dozen times before and no one will find them. Chad tells Ben that he's wrong.

Belle goes to the park where an old friend named Marin approaches. They catch up and Marin explains that Sami isn't coming but asked her to meet her as she is a CPA now. Belle questions where Sami is and why she deposited all that money into an account with her name on it. She suggests Belle sit down.

Rafe finishes a call about trying to find Abigail as Hope arrives at the station. Rafe asks what Hope thinks about Ben. Hope asks what's going on. Rafe tells her that Jennifer is worried about Abigail but he's sure it's nothing to worry about. Rafe is surprised to see Hope here and thinks she should take some time off. Hope shows Rafe the sketch of the man and found his name is Seth Malcolm from Wales while his last residence was where Steve found Bo. Hope reveals that she found out he flew to Salem two nights ago so he must still be here. Hope talks about having his credit card tracked but worries that it almost seems too easy. Rafe reminds her to be careful. Hope feels Bo is guiding her as she will not have Bo's death be in vain.

Julie pours tea for Seth and asks him about relocating to Salem. Jennifer arrives so Julie steps out to talk with her. Julie thanks her for coming over. Jennifer notes it's been a long day. Julie asks if everything is alright. Jennifer hopes so.

Chad tells Ben that he tracked him down and the cops are on to him so they are on their way. Ben questions them not coming with him. Chad says they are coming as soon as the storm is over. Ben says he'll be gone by then. Chad warns that he can't go in to the storm with the baby. Ben points out that Chad did and argues that he's not tougher than him. Chad suggests Clyde can help Ben out of this. Ben reminds him that Clyde's in jail. Ben says what happened in Florida was to protect him because Clyde was a good father. Chad reminds Ben about being a father and that protecting the kid comes first. Chad points out Ben growing up without a mother and not wanting to do that to his son.

Julie encourages Jennifer about Abigail being in love. Jennifer hopes she's right. Jennifer doesn't want to disturb her guest so she offers to go talk to Doug. Julie asks Jennifer about uploading photos from her phone. Jennifer takes her to show her the app. Seth remains looking through his tablet and at the news article on Bo's funeral.

Rafe tells Hope that he would do anything for her but not at the risk of her life and safety. Hope responds that she cannot go on until she's done this. Hope gets a call and tells them to call back without taking no for an answer. Rafe suggests sending a squad car if they find the guy but Hope insists that she can do this. Hope vows to handle this personally, telling Rafe thanks but no thanks and that she'll let him know if she needs his help. Lani checks in with Rafe on Mammoth Falls. Rafe tells her to stay on it. Hope gets Seth's credit card tracked and finds out that he's at the Martin Mansion with Julie. Rafe decides he's going with Hope. Rafe tells Lani that he's going with Hope and instructs her to check in at Mammoth Falls and on Chad as soon as roads are clear.

Marin explains to Belle that Sami and the kids had to leave the country abruptly and that Sami felt Belle was the best person to trust with the money but she doesn't have much more information. Belle wonders why her and figures she's her only friend. Marin encourages Belle about Sami turning to her as a sister. Marin asks if Sami can count on Belle.

Lani finishes a call as JJ arrives and asks if Rafe is still there. Lani tells him that he just left on a case and she's on her way to Mammoth Falls. JJ questions why. Lani says she can't discuss a case but JJ insists since he's in the academy. JJ asks if it has something to do with Abigail. Lani explains that Ben was seen there but there's a snowstorm that didn't stop Chad. JJ declares that he's going with her but Lani says no.

Chad talks about everyone thinking he was the killer but he didn't go to jail because Stefano knew the system. Chad offers to help Ben if it gets them all out alive. Chad tells Ben that the cops think Aiden was the necktie killer so they don't have any hard evidence against Ben. Chad warns that if Ben hurts any of them then there will be no doubt it was him. Abigail thinks he's right. Chad tells Ben that the choice is his on if he wants his son to remember him as a man acquitted on bogus charges or a monster who killed his mother. Chad asks Ben to put the gun down, adding that this is his last chance.

Lani promises JJ that she will take care of this. JJ questions her going without backup. Lani assures that she's fine. JJ insists on going with her but Lani refuses and says she can't argue. Lani then gives in, warning JJ that he'll be in trouble if she gets in trouble for it as they exit.

Rafe and Hope go to the Martin Mansion. Rafe talks about Doug and Julie buying it and turning it in to a bed and breakfast. Julie comes down and greets them. Hope tells her that they are on official business. Julie questions her working. Hope brings up Seth. Julie mentions him being their first and only guest so far. Hope says they need to ask questions about a case. Julie worries as Hope asks what room he's in. Seth then enters and assumes they are more guests. Hope introduces herself and Rafe, saying they would like to ask him some questions. Seth offers to sit down but Rafe suggests going to the station. Seth asks if he needs an attorney. Hope calls it strictly routine and that it won't take long. Seth mentions only being in town for two days so he can't imagine why they want to question him. Hope says they will explain on the way as they exit with him.

Ben questions taking Chad's word that he will help him. Abigail believes Ben wants to do the right thing for his son and knows he would never hurt Collin. Abigail tells Ben that all he has to do is let them go.

Marlena calls Sami and leaves a message that it's okay for her to call as John made sure the lines are not tapped. Marlena adds that she's worried about her and the children so she wishes she would call to let her know everything is okay. Marlena promises to make sure they are safe if she does come home. Marlena adds that she could also return the money she took from the DiMeras so that nobody else gets hurt.

Belle tells Marin that Sami didn't leave her much choice. Marin says she will transfer the money elsewhere if Belle can't keep her mouth shut but Belle agrees to do it.

Rafe and Hope bring Seth to the station. Rafe doesn't want Hope alone with him as it's too dangerous. Hope remarks that she might kill him with her bare hands so Rafe goes in with her. Seth asks what he's doing here. Hope asks he extent of his involvement with Claudia and Bo, as well as who hired him so they can work out a deal.

Ben tells Abigail that all he ever wanted was to make a good life for her and be a good husband and father. Abigail tells him it's not too late but Ben says it's far too late for them. Abigail says it's not for him and Collin or his future. Abigail tells Ben to make the right decision. Ben gives Collin back to Abigail while keeping the gun on Chad. Ben yells at Abigail not to look at Chad. Chad takes the opportunity to grab Ben and they struggle over the gun until Ben hits him in the head, knocking Chad out.

Belle goes to Marlena's. Marlena asks if she's alright as she doesn't seem herself. Belle says she's just upset about Shawn. Marlena thought it might be more but Belle says she isn't twelve years old anymore so she doesn't need to tell her everything going on in her life. Belle adds that if she has problems, she'll handle it herself as she exits the room.

Jennifer walks through the town square and thinks back to Abigail not being at Hope's wedding and then the last time she spoke to Abigail on the phone where she said Ben was acting really strange. She then thinks back to talking to Chad about her worries regarding Abigail. Jennifer prays for God to watch over Abigail.

Abigail cries to Ben that this is going to end so badly. Ben says not for him as he should've dealt with this a long time ago. Ben tells her that whatever she and Chad had going on is not love but a sickness and the only way to cure it is to kill it. Ben remarks that even Abigail wouldn't get in bed with a dead man. Ben grabs a rope and ties it around Chad's neck then begins choking him as Abigail screams.

Seth tells Hope that he's never seen Claudia or Bo in his life. Hope tells him about Bo being her husband and how he died. Hope then brings up Claudia missing a thumb. Seth says he wishes he could help. Hope grabs him and says he's going to help. Rafe breaks it up and says Hope is just distraught. Seth tells them that he is a physician who spent his life saving lives and he came to Salem to retire. Rafe suggests starting over. Rafe goes over Seth matching the description but all he has to do is answer their questions. Rafe goes to get him some coffee. Hope pulls out her gun. Seth asks if Rafe is playing the good cop. Hope tells him that she is a grieving widow with good aim as she loads her gun and aims it at Seth. Hope asks if he's going to talk. He doesn't say anything as Rafe returns to see Hope with the gun pointed at Seth.

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