Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 12/2/15

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 12/2/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Roman, Kayla, and Caroline talk at the Pub about Bo's funeral. Kayla mentions that Kimberly can't get a flight to make it to the funeral. Caroline says she'll be with them in spirit as she heads to the kitchen. Steve arrives and greets them then breaks down in tears as Kayla hugs him.

Chase visits Aiden's grave and talks about Bo's funeral being today. Chase mentions Aiden not having a funeral because everyone hates him. Chase feels everyone hates him too but Ciara appears and tells him they don't.

Hope goes to the police station and meets Claudia, the woman who pretended to be Britta's daughter. She thanks her for paying for her plane ticket as Hope explains her relation to Bo. Claudia asks about the reward for information on the people who kidnapped Bo. Hope questions her about lying to Bo. She offers to help in any way she can. Hope informs her that she's under arrest. Claudia argues as Hope handcuffs her and reads her rights.

Chase tells Ciara that she should be with Hope but Ciara tells him that Hope is at the station. Ciara apologizes for going off on Chase before. Ciara knows how he feels now with her dad gone. Chase tells her that he's really sorry about her dad. Ciara invites him to come to Bo's funeral with her but Chase doesn't want to see people who see Aiden in him. Chase argues that she just feels sorry for him. Ciara says he's her friend and asks him to come with her as they exit together.

Claudia argues Hope that she didn't know the men were going to kidnap Bo. Hope threatens her with the charges and reveals to her that she's going to Bo's funeral. Claudia thought he got away. Hope explains that Bo had cancer and didn't get treatment because he was in chains. Hope warns her to start talking about who hired her and kidnapped Bo. She says she never saw the men as it was all done by phone. Hope accuses her of costing Bo his life and threatens her with prison. Claudia would rather die in prison than have those men after her. Hope says she got her here to make her understand. Claudia asks if she wants to know what they did to her for talking to Steve. Claudia then shows her hands, revealing they cut off one of her thumbs.

Abigail tries to get her baby to stop crying and tells Ben that she doesn't know what he needs. Ben tells her that he can't bring him to a doctor as they are snowed in the cabin. Abigail is sure paramedics could get through and argues that they have to get their son what he needs.

Steve and Kayla sit together at the Pub where Steve tells her that he needs her with him today.

Hope tells Claudia that she must have seen the guy who did this to her and asks what he looked like. She is surprised that's all she has to say. Rafe enters and asks what's going on. Hope tells Rafe that she's questioning a suspect. Rafe questions no counsel being present. Rafe offers to get her some water and uncuffs her. Rafe tells Claudia that they can't protect her unless they know what she knows. Claudia explains that a man started following her after she talked to Steve and then he cut off her thumb while threatening her about talking to anyone about him. She says they better protect her. Rafe asks if she could describe the man who did this to her. She responds that she could never forget that face. Rafe goes to get a sketch artist. Claudia asks Hope if she wants to keep her safe as well.

Ben believes the baby is doing just fine as he holds him. Abigail worries that Ben is still holding the gun while holding the baby. Ben says he can't let go of that or she might try to get away. Ben brings up the baby not having a name yet. Abigail asks him not to take him away from her. Ben mentions Jordan always picking his name when they were on the run while he always wanted to use the name Collin so they agree to name the baby Collin. Abigail asks Ben to please get them out of there.

Claudia is escorted away as Rafe returns to Hope and reminds her of the funeral. Hope says the best way to honor Bo is to catch who took him away from them. Hope says it's great if Rafe wants to help but if not, she'll handle it herself. Rafe tells her that he would do anything for her but has to get to the funeral. Hope doesn't know if she can face it. Rafe tells her that her children need her so she needs to go. Hope agrees and exits as Rafe then follows out.

Bo's funeral begins with Steve, Shawn, Abe, Roman, Rafe, and John carrying the casket then joining Hope, Ciara, Caroline, Kayla, Victor, Maggie, Belle, Claire, Theo, and Marlena. Chase arrives and takes a seat as the priest says begins the ceremony. Everyone goes forward and places a rose on the casket as they cry. Hope stands last as everyone begins to leave. Hope remains alone staring at the casket with tears in her eyes before placing her rose down. Hope smiles as she imagines Bo joining her side. Hope then looks ahead and walks away.

Everyone goes to the Pub after the funeral. Victor talks with Marlena then goes to check on Caroline. Chase and Ciara talk about it being so quiet and sad. Chase doesn't think he can be here. Ciara thanks him for coming as they hug and Chase exits. Victor sits with Caroline as she is looking at an old photo album of Bo. Caroline regrets Bo being sent after that drug. Victor asks if they were supposed to let her forget who he was. Caroline wishes she knew he was sick. Victor calls her visions a special connection between mother and son since he made it back to them. Victor assures her that it's not her fault.

Chad goes to Mammoth Falls midwife services and in to Wendy's office.

Abigail asks Ben if they can get their son to a hospital. Ben gives him back to Abigail. Abigail puts the baby down and Ben then pulls his gun on her. Abigail argues that the baby needs her. Abigail tells Ben that he can't take care of him without her so he needs her.

Abe joins Victor and Caroline looking at the photo album. Ciara comes over and tells Caroline that Chase left and she doesn't know where Hope is so she doesn't know what to do. Caroline assures that Hope will deal with this. Caroline stands up and declares that Bo lived the life he wanted. Caroline jokes that Bo would say this party is tanking. Caroline decides they should celebrate Bo's life and makes everyone laugh. Roman pours a drink for Caroline to toast to Bo.

Chad searches Wendy's office then finds Ben's phone number on a notepad and exits.

Ben lies on the bed as Abigail looks over and sees he's not holding the gun. Abigail walks over to him and asks if he's been thinking about what she said. Abigail sits next to him but Ben grabs the gun and orders her not to touch him or even come near him as he holds the gun at her again. Ben says he can't even stand to look at her anymore.

Theo approaches Ciara and tells her that he's really sorry about her dad. Ciara thanks him and tells him that Bo thought he was great. Theo recalls him always being nice. Theo knows she must be really sad. Ciara mentions that he knows what this is like, losing his mom. Theo encourages that it does get better. Ciara kisses him on the cheek and thanks him for coming as she goes to talk to Claire. Claire talks about never getting a real chance to know Bo. Shawn interrupts to talk to Claire so Ciara goes and sits with John and Marlena. Claire points out Belle being alone and thinks they should talk but Shawn says they already talked. Shawn reveals that Belle has decided she wants to move back to Salem with Claire. Shawn says he can't give up his life in Maine so he's leaving tonight. Claire is shocked as Shawn encourages that she will visit all the time. Shawn knows it's sudden but says it's been decided. Claire brings up that it's almost Christmas. Shawn jokes with her but she says she can't do this if he's leaving as he hugs her. Shawn tells her to never forget that he loves her.

Steve returns to Bo's grave and cries as Kayla joins him.

A cop gives Hope the sketch of the man Claudia described. Hope states that she will get him.

The man in the sketch is sitting in the town square having a drink.

Belle walks in to the town square and says she hopes she's doing the right thing. She gets a text from Sami that it's her lucky day. Belle says yeah right and walks off.

Kayla and Steve cry together at Bo's grave. Kayla tells Steve that Bo loved him like a brother. Steve declares he's on his own now. Kayla tells him that he doesn't have to be. Kayla thinks Bo would be happy that something good came out of today as they hug.

Rafe returns to the station and asks Hope about not showing up at the Wake at the Pub. Hope shows Rafe the sketch. Rafe tells her that everyone at the Pub is worried about her. Hope says they don't need to be as going after this man is her way of dealing with it. Hope asks Rafe for his support because she won't rest until she gets justice for her family. Hope then walks out.

Ben holds Abigail at gunpoint as she tries to reason with him. Abigail insists that he needs her to feed the baby. Ben asks why he should believe a word she says when all she's ever done is sneak around behind his back. Ben declares that is never ever going to happen again because he's taking his son and leaving to make sure he never knows what a lying slut his mother was. Abigail cries and begs him not to do this. Chad then bursts in to the cabin and Ben turns the gun towards him.

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