Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/1/15

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/1/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Steve knocks on the door as they are locked in the supply closet asking for help while Joey stands outside the door. Kayla realizes she left her phone in her office. Steve tries his but his phone died. Kayla tells him that no one will hear them as everyone already went home. Joey leaves them locked in.

Nicole goes to the hospital where Daniel's friend Finn greets her. Nicole asks where Daniel is. Finn tells her that he's preparing for surgery. Finn claims to have taught Daniel everything he knows. Nicole doesn't believe him but Daniel comes out and says it's true.

JJ greets Gabi at the police station as she brought Thanksgiving leftovers. Gabi mentions Arianna being with Rafe. JJ asks if she's free. Gabi feels strange having free time. JJ invites her to go get a drink. Gabi asks if it's like a date.

Theresa packs her bags at the Kiriakis Mansion and prepares to leave as Brady comes home. She tells him that she will be back in the morning to pack Tate's stuff. Theresa guesses this is goodbye.

Daniel and Finn joke with Nicole. Finn calls Daniel a lucky man. Nicole says she's lucky and asks Daniel if he's talked to Victor since Thanksgiving. Daniel planned to call him after surgery. Nicole tells Daniel that she has a Basic Black meeting at the Pub so they will catch up later. Nicole exits. Daniel asks Finn what he's up to.

JJ tells Gabi that it's not a date as he's not ready. Gabi talks about still getting used to things so she's not looking for anything either. They exit together to go get a drink.

Theresa thanks Brady for letting her stay there. Brady informs her that he rented her a townhouse nearby and will be ready in a few days. Theresa tells him that they can work out a visiting schedule for he and Tate. Brady admits he will miss seeing him in the mornings. Brady tells her that he's really sorry about this. Theresa tells him not to be as he's been so great while she was never really welcome in the house. Brady is glad she'll be out of Victor's line of fire. Victor then interrupts and questions him.

Kayla complains that she was supposed to be giving a speech at a fundraiser. One of the chemicals spilled from the shelf making Kayla feel dizzy. Steve insists on cleaning it up himself.

Victor opens the door for Theresa to leave. Brady offers to help her with her bags but Theresa leaves on her own. Victor remarks good riddance. Brady follows him into the living room and asks if he's happy now. Victor calls it a start. Brady argues that he never gave her a chance. Victor calls her a parasite and his drug buddy. Brady insists that he's changed. Victor tells him that he's working on Bo's funeral. Brady asks if Victor thinks Bo would've thrown Theresa out, pointing out that he is her uncle. Victor responds that Bo wasn't responsible for her upbringing and he doesn't want to hear a lecture. Brady thinks Victor is taking his hurting out on Theresa. Victor feels he can leave it alone now that Theresa is gone. Victor tells Brady that he will handle things until he comes to his senses. Brady questions what's wrong with him.

Finn tells Daniel that he's not up to anything but Daniel says he sees the way he looks at Nicole. Finn claims he wouldn't. Daniel tells him that he's watching him as he walks away. Finn remarks for him to keep watching everything he does.

Nicole goes to the Pub and meets Kate. Kate talks about their launch being New Year's Eve and not having a spokesperson. Nicole points out Paul, who is sitting at the bar, and asks about her working with Paul before. Kate brings up Justin hiring Paul and wanting to break up Sonny and Will. Kate comments that she thought that was the worst that could happen to Will. Nicole asks if she's sure she wants to be working. Kate insists and seems interested by getting Paul to work with them.

JJ and Gabi sit together in the Pub, going over the menu. Gabi brings up how she used to work here and meeting Nick. JJ asks her about school. Gabi doesn't think she will go back. JJ feels the same from missing Paige. They agree that this is like a first date and joke that they aren't doing so good.

Kayla starts to panic about being stuck in the closet as Steve tries to calm her down.

JJ and Gabi bond over music as JJ is impressed by her diverse taste.

Nicole and Kate talk to Paul about wanting him involved in their line. Paul points out that most of their lines are for women. Kate responds that she has an idea as she looks over at Gabi.

Victor warns Brady to watch his tone. Brady says he can't send him to his room. Victor talks about protecting him. Brady asks if he doesn't think he can handle his own life. Victor calls Theresa a drunken mistake that he kept around. Brady points out that they are both sober and he wanted her to stay. Victor feels he's a fool when it comes to women. Brady calls it not his choice. Victor declares he will keep his family safe and he wants Brady to cut Theresa loose. Brady points out her being the mother of his son. Victor wants him to sue for custody so Tate can be raised right without her influence. Brady yells at him to stop.

Theresa walks through the town square and finds Anne at a table. Theresa invites her to go get a drink which Anne calls a joke. Theresa mentions texting her and wants to stay with her for a couple of nights. Anne questions her asking for a favor. Theresa asks why she's being like this. Anne tells her that they aren't friends anymore.

Kayla tries yelling for help until Steve stops her and plays his harmonica while singing to make her laugh.

Paul likes Kate's idea and says it gives them more flexibility as JJ and Gabi continue their conversation nearby. Kate interrupts and says it's good to see them enjoying themselves. Kate asks Gabi if she thought any more about the modeling job. Gabi says she's been busy but Kate says that offer is off the table while she has a new offer to be the spokesperson of Basic Black along with Paul. Gabi can't believe it and is excited. Kate says the launch is in two weeks and has Gabi and Paul sit with her and Nicole.

Kayla tells Steve that he's ridiculous. They joke about Kayla's book club while she praises Steve's musical talents. They continue to laugh together. Steve tells her about he and John planning to open up a private investigator shop. Steve calls it the two amigos which Kayla jokes it's supposed to be three. Steve gets sad and says if Bo was here it would be.

Theresa tries to apologize to Anne but she doesn't want to hear it, guessing Victor kicked her out. Theresa wants to go home and talk but Anne says she won't manipulate her. Anne tells her that she wants nothing to do with her. Anne says they were friends when Theresa was fun. Theresa says she still is. Anne says she'll text her or maybe she won't get to it. Anne brings up Theresa not calling or texting her back. Anne feels used and tells Theresa that she's out. Anne then walks away.

Brady tells Victor that there is no way he would take Tate away from his mother. Victor thinks he should if he cares about his well being. Brady questions what Victor would teach Tate. Victor doesn't want to hear this. Brady feels that Victor sees him as a troubled child. Victor wants him to do more with the company. Brady tells him to back off his personal life. Victor isn't sure he can trust his judgment and encourages him to dump Theresa but he refuses. Brady says they will just agree to disagree. Victor says if Brady wants to be treated like an adult, he must choose between the family and Titan or Theresa.

Finn jokes with Daniel about the surgery. Daniel tells him anyone could've done that, even a nurse which a nurse nearby overhears. Daniel goes to finish up the operation. Finn introduces himself to the nurse and asks her to show him around town.

Theresa follows Anne, saying she had no idea she was so hurt and angry. Theresa insists she meant to call her back but was busy. Theresa apologizes for being all about herself and being a lousy friend. Theresa wants to try to make it up to her but Anne walks away.

Brady asks Victor if he's sure he wants this decision now instead of after Bo's funeral. Victor tells him he won't change his mind. Brady thanks Victor for letting him stay as long as he has. Victor tells him to stop talking like a guest. Brady thinks it's about time he grows up and leaves home. Victor tells him that he's always welcome here. Brady points out that it's as long as he follows his rules. Brady refuses to abandon Theresa and tells Victor that he should know being Tate's mother makes her family as he exits.

Kayla starts getting cold in the closet so Steve puts his jacket on her and helps her warm up then they end up kissing.

Daniel and Finn prepare to leave the hospital as Daniel is sorry about his comment to Mona the nurse. Daniel talks about his plans for dinner with Nicole. Finn questions him being happy with one woman from now on. Daniel says you see it with the one but Finn can't imagine settling down. Daniel comments that settled isn't really something with Nicole as he exits.

Kate and Nicole go over plans with Paul and Gabi. Theresa comes in and joins while JJ sits nearby. Theresa mentions new designs. Kate wants to get Gabi to a stylist. JJ tells Gabi he'll catch her later and exits as Kate continues asking about plans.

Steve and Kayla continue kissing until the janitor comes to open the supply closet. Kayla thanks him and rushes out as Steve follows.

Gabi catches up to JJ in the town square. Gabi apologizes and says she should've told them to talk about it tomorrow. JJ understands and says he just left as it's not his thing. Gabi jokes about him not showing to her big events. JJ tells her that it's a long way out for him. Gabi understands. JJ says they will see. JJ jokes that maybe they can hang out when she's not an international star. Gabi suggests no more talking about work tonight. They agree and hug.

Daniel joins Nicole at the Pub. Nicole asks where Finn is. Daniel says he's just a player. Nicole insists she can handle him. Daniel says he's not going anywhere. Daniel adds that he's a decent guy deep down. Finn then enters the Pub with the nurse Mona. He tells her that he would've taken somewhere more elegant since it's her birthday. Daniel and Nicole exit together which Finn watches.

Brady finds Theresa in the town square. She asks if he's okay and what happened. Brady tells her it's a good thing. Brady informs her that he's moving in with her at the new townhouse. Theresa asks what made him decide to move. Brady tells her that he had it out with Victor so he will also be looking for a new job. Theresa feels a lot happened in the last hour. Brady mentions not knowing where she'd be staying. Theresa says she just checked in to some place. Brady notes her bag having all microwaveable food as he jokes with her. Brady tells her to go to the Salem Inn and he'll set her up with a suite and room service. Theresa tells him that she will pay him back. Brady says she doesn't have to but Theresa doesn't want to be a charity case anymore. Theresa says she should have money coming in with her new designs. Brady tells her that he has faith in her.

Steve and Kayla joke about being caught in the closet. Kayla thanks him for making her laugh and taking her mind off Bo for a little while. Joey hides around the corner and peeks out. Joey then sends a text to the mysterious number that there was success and gets a response that it's time to take the next step. Joey smiles as Steve and Kayla exit together.

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