Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/30/15

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/30/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Hope follows Steve to his hotel room and wants to know details on him finding Bo. Steve tells her that it's over but Hope argues that it won't be over until everyone who tortured Bo pays for what they did.

Shawn sits with Claire in the Pub and tells her that he's glad she came. Claire brings up Belle being there as well and asks why they didn't go with her to John and Marlena's. Shawn responds that they thought it'd be best for her to go alone. Claire knows that something is wrong between Shawn and Belle.

Marlena questions Belle about her and Shawn getting a divorce. John thought everything was fine. Belle says they were fine for Claire's sake. John asks what Shawn did but Belle responds that everything that happened was her fault.

Andre talks to Stefano about trying to track his accounts but Stefano doesn't want to hear it. Andre insists that he had no idea what Sami was doing and that he's not trying to swindle his own father.

Chad walks through the town square on the phone with a hospital trying to find out if Abigail came in.

Ben returns to the cabin after burying Wendy as Abigail is with the baby. Abigail argues that the baby would've died without Wendy's help and that she didn't have to die. Ben declares that he can't afford to take chances on anybody he doesn't trust or anyone who doesn't trust him.

Steve tells Hope that the guys who tortured Bo have scattered all over the world now. Hope refuses to give up and brings up Bo never giving up. Hope accepts that Steve isn't going to help her. She asks him to keep this to himself and not drag Kayla in to it. Steve agrees to then warns her that she will draw fire if she starts asking questions. Hope wants him to protect her and tell her where to start. Steve tells her to start with Claudia, the woman who got Bo to Mexico by pretending to be Britta's daughter. Steve agrees to send her some files. Hope kisses him on the cheek and thanks him. She asks if he's sure he doesn't want to come with her since they always worked well together. Hope adds that she knows he wants to get them as bad as she does.

Chad goes to the station and checks in with Rafe, wondering where Ben could've taken Abigail.

Ben tells Abigail that he's not a bad person. Abigail continues to argue that Wendy helped their son live and asks about her family. Ben argues that he's looking after his family because Wendy could've gotten the FBI involved. Ben declares they can't stay here so they have to get out right now.

Steve tells Hope that he does want the people that tortured Bo as much as she does but his family is his priority just like hers is for her. Hope responds that she's doing this for her family as Shawn and Ciara need their father's death avenged. Steve thinks they need Hope more. Hope insists that Bo wants her to do this. Steve knows how he feels losing Bo but can't imagine what she's going through. Steve warns Hope that there may be things down this road that she's not ready to face. Hope responds that she's willing to take that chance as she exits.

Shawn tells Claire that she's right that he and Belle need to talk but Belle hasn't seen John and Marlena in a while. Claire understands it's a hard time. Shawn goes to check on Caroline. Ciara arrives and joins Claire. Ciara asks her if something's wrong. Claire thinks her parents are splitting up.

Belle talks to John and Marlena about trying to focus on their marriage but Shawn was busy all the time and Claire was growing up so Belle got involved with another man. Marlena thinks they just have a lot to work through and reminds her how they felt about each other. Belle thought they were soulmates but now thinks they were just dumb kids. Marlena gets a text. John asks if it's from her. Belle laughs and asks what Sami is up to now.

Andre apologizes to Stefano for not keeping him in the loop but says he was just trying to protect him after his heart attack. Andre laughs off the idea of him trying to take over the empire but Stefano confirms that is what he thinks, adding that it was stupid and dangerous.

Steve goes to Kayla's office and questions her being back to work already. Kayla didn't want to sit at home so she just came to work. Steve tells her that he got drunk and regrets it. Steve adds that he just talked to Hope and he doesn't know what to do as she's hellbent on revenge. Kayla offers to talk to her but Steve tells her no since she's mad about him telling her. Kayla calls it another thing she can do nothing about. Steve tries to comfort her but she tells him not to feel sorry for her. Kayla brings up the texts and says there is nothing they can do about those either. Steve believes they might not be threatening but someone trying to push them together. Kayla agrees it's possible but still feels it's weird. Steve says whoever it is has to know what they are doing every day but they don't have any idea who it is.

Claire tells Ciara that she's scared since her parents don't talk to each other. Ciara says all she wanted was her parents back together. Claire apologizes for talking about her problems. Ciara says it's okay as she knows what she's going through.

Shawn wants Caroline to rest but she insists on working and being around people. Caroline asks if Belle is going to stay since she hasn't had a chance to talk to her. Shawn informs Caroline that he and Belle aren't doing so good. Caroline encourages that every marriage has a bad patch but Shawn says it's a bit more than that as he doesn't know if he can even be around her anymore.

Belle complains that Sami is still upstaging her when she's not even here. Belle asks if Sami is alright. Marlena admits she's in a bit of trouble. John calls it just financial. Belle guesses it has to do with her last name. Marlena doesn't want to give her the details but Belle assumes it has to do with the DiMeras.

Andre tells Stefano that he wouldn't cross him and betray his family. Stefano says he sounds sincere but out of character. Andre insists that he's not trying to hurt him but solve the problem and discover the weakness in Sami's plan to extract revenge.

Rafe tells Chad that Justin is finally on board with the search. Chad worries that it could be too late and rants on Ben being a psycho. Rafe reminds him that he's the only one helping him. Rafe gets a call and asks if they are sure it's Ben. Rafe gets the name of a town.

Abigail tells Ben that they can't leave but Ben says they have to. Abigail argues that their son is too weak to survive. Ben accuses her of using their child to get what she wants. Ben worries that people will start to notice when Wendy doesn't come back. Abigail repeats that they can't leave as the baby won't make it in the cold. Abigail asks Ben to hold him so he does. Abigail adds that he looks like Ben and says she knows Ben is a good person. Abigail cries that's why she fell in love with him. Abigail asks him again to let them go for their son's sake. Abigail promises not to tell anyone what she knows or what happened. She swears to carry his secret with her. Ben asks if she means to the grave like Wendy.

Kayla complains about waiting for a text and not being able to do anything about it. Steve asks what she wants to do. Kayla says if it's someone trying to push them together, they can stage a big public fight. Steve jokes about her faking being mad at him. Kayla says she wouldn't be faking it as he's turned her life upside down. Steve jokes about pushing her buttons and asks what they have to fight about. Kayla suggests his drinking or immaturity. Steve thinks she's just on cloud nine with him back. Kayla jokes that she'll call him a smug son of a bitch and the whole town will agree as they laugh about it.

Hope goes home and puts away a family photo then loads her gun as Ciara comes home and questions what she's doing.

Abigail tells Ben that he can't do anything to her as her son needs her and won't survive without her. Ben stops her and blames her. Ben tells her that he loved her and would've done anything for her but she kept lying and kept having sex with Chad. Ben says her son deserves better than a lying, cheating, selfish whore of a mother. Abigail cries that she loves her son and she knows Ben is the reason she has him so she'll be forever grateful. Abigail repeats that the baby will never survive without her and he needs her. Abigail says Ben has to take care of her so she can take care of the baby. Ben agrees but states they have to do it his way which means leaving right now. Ben adds that if she says no, he will leave her there to die.

Steve suggests they take a walk to figure things out but Kayla says she has a meeting and needs to keep busy. Kayla's printer is out of paper so Steve says they should take that walk as they exit the office. Joey is hiding, watching as they leave.

Shawn tells Caroline about heading home. Caroline asks if Belle is going with him and thinks it sounds like running away. Caroline tells Shawn that he has to work things out. Shawn doesn't think they can. Shawn understands what it will do to Claire but he doesn't want to give false hope as they have tried to work things out. Shawn decides maybe it's his fault but he doesn't know. Caroline asks what happened. Shawn doesn't think she needs to know and declares it's just over. Caroline is sorry to hear that.

Andre finds Belle in the park and comments on Bo no longer being with them.

Ciara questions Hope having a suitcase. Hope tells her that she has to go away for awhile to take care of something. Ciara questions Hope missing Bo's funeral and what could be so important. She asks if it's about Bo.

Stefano talks on the phone, demanding to know if Sami left the country and where she went.

Ciara reminds Hope that they bury Bo tomorrow and she's leaving without telling her why. Ciara starts crying and questions having to go to the funeral alone. Hope hugs her and decides she's not going anywhere but she just has to be ready to go. Hope promises she's not leaving her today.

Ben tells Abigail that it's her choice to come with. Abigail feels she has to go in order to keep her baby safe. Ben corrects her that it's their baby and tells her to remember that. Abigail reminds Ben that no matter what happens between them, the baby comes first so she'll do whatever he says. Abigail asks him to promise to keep their son safe. Ben questions why she would even say that and what kind of man she thinks he is. Ben gives the baby back to Abigail and prepares to pack up. Abigail sees out the window that it is snowing and tells Ben so he steps outside and takes a look.

Rafe orders everyone on the search for Ben and tells Chad that Ben was spotted with Wendy. Chad worries about Abigail having the baby. Chad wants to go but Rafe tells him of the massive snowstorm so there is no way they are getting in tonight.

Belle tells Andre that she wants nothing to do with him ever and walks away.

Hope sits alone at home with her gun in hand. She imagines Bo appearing in front of her. Hope apologizes to him and says she knows she needs to punish those people for what they did to him but she can't leave Ciara as it will take time to heal. Hope adds that she needs to talk to Claudia but doesn't know how if she can't leave Ciara. Hope imagines Bo telling her to make Claudia come to her as the vision then disappears.

Steve follows Kayla to the supply closet to get paper for the printer. The door is then shut behind them and locked by Joey. Steve knocks on the door asking for help while Joey stands outside the door.

Ben tells Abigail that they have to go but Abigail worries about it still being too cold for the baby. Ben tells her to just shut up. Ben decides they aren't going now as he cuffs her back to the bed. Ben then tells her they are disappearing forever first thing in the morning. Abigail holds her baby and cries.

Chad questions Rafe waiting to see what happens and insists that something is really wrong with Abigail. Rafe argues that they have done all they can so they have to leave it up to the search but Chad declares he will go take Ben out himself as he storms out.

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