Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 11/25/15

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 11/25/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Rafe gets a visitor at the station and expects Gabi but it's Eduardo, who wishes him a Happy Thanksgiving.

John joins Marlena at home and wishes her a happy Thanksgiving. There's a knock at the door and Marlena reminds him not to say a word about Sami until they know what's happening. Brady and Paul arrive to wish happy Thanksgiving. Marlena asks about Theresa and Tate. Brady jokes about everyone only wanting to see the baby. John says they are just surprised he'd leave Theresa alone with Victor.

Maggie talks with Victor at home, reminding him that it's Thanksgiving but Victor is not in the mood and tells her to go on without him. Maggie hugs him as Victor says he feels anything but thankful today.

Caroline, Shawn, Joey, Doug, Julie, Kayla, Roman, JJ, Jennifer, and Eric set up for Thanksgiving at the Pub. Shawn asks Caroline if she's going to join them. Caroline says she has too much to do. Shawn tells her that they all miss Bo and convinces her to join them. Caroline thanks them all for being there. Roman hugs her and says they love her so much. Kayla hugs her and then Eric hugs her. Roman asks where Steve is, thinking he'd be here by now. Kayla assumes he had a rough night.

Steve wakes up with a bottle in his hand as his phone is ringing. Steve receives text messages asking if he had a rough night and bets the morning is even rougher, commenting on his hangover..

Hope prepares to leave home and calls for Ciara to not be late. Hope looks in the mirror and imagines Bo telling her to give him something to be thankful for today. Hope promises that she will. Hope says she will atone for giving up on him. Ciara comes downstairs and asks if Hope was on the phone as she heard her talking. Hope says no. Ciara tells her that Chase is in the car waiting. Ciara feels Hope seems better and different. Hope sends her to the car and goes to her phone.

Steve calls the number and tells them they are a coward hiding behind texts and to show their face. Steve then gets a call from Hope. Hope tells him to stay where he is as she'll be right there.

Eduardo wants to spend the holiday with his family but Rafe feels it's twenty years too late. Gabi then arrives with Arianna and greets them. Gabi says they are volunteering at the town square for Thanksgiving dinner with the homeless. Eduardo offers to help. Rafe tries to say no but Gabi says she would love that since they are short on volunteers so they exit together.

Justin brings Eve to the Kiriakis Mansion and apologizes for being late. Victor questions what the hell Eve is doing there.

Ciara and Chase go to the Pub where they greet Shawn and Caroline.

Steve drinks a bottle of water as Hope arrives at his hotel room. Steve calls it a rough night but assures he's sober now. Hope tells him that she needs his help going after the people who kidnapped Bo. Steve tries to say Bo was sick but Hope argues that he could've gotten treatment if he was found sooner so they killed Bo. Steve tells her that this is a mistake.

Paul tells John about talking to Eduardo who may be able to help him.

Eduardo, Rafe, and Gabi volunteer at the town square. Eduardo tries to talk about their lives but Rafe isn't interested. Gabi stops Rafe. Eduardo suggests he and Rafe get some things straight.

Victor tells Justin that his invite didn't say bring your own hooker. Justin sends Eve to wait in the living room and tells Victor that he's way out of line. Victor talks about Eve's past as a hooker. Eve meets Finn who is with Daniel, Nicole, and Maggie. Justin continues arguing with Victor. Eve rejoins them as Victor calls her a gold digger and reminds Justin he's barely separated. Eve offers to leave and let Justin be with his family but Justin says he lost his appetite. Justin wishes Victor a happy Thanksgiving and exits with Eve.

Hope wants Steve's help in going after them but Steve insists it's a mistake. Hope calls it justice not revenge. Steve doesn't think she's in any shape to do that. Hope argues the trail will go cold if they wait. Steve reminds her that her kids need her and they can do this later on. Steve asks her to take care of business here first.

Justin brings Eve home. Eve finds a note from Theresa asking where she is. Eve thought she would be with Brady today. Justin tells her that Brady went to John and Marlena's. Justin suggests inviting her over so she calls but gets her voicemail. Eve apologizes for ruining his Thanksgiving but Justin says it was all Victor. Eve guesses Justin wants to know why Victor called her a hooker but Justin says he doesn't need an explanation. Eve calls him the nicest thing to happen to her since she came to town as they kiss.

Brady apologizes for having to rush off as he wishes a happy Thanksgiving to John, Marlena, and Paul. Brady exits. Paul talks about having a half brother and gets why John wants to find his family. John asks Paul for more about Eduardo. Paul talks about Eduardo ditching his families but he came to Salem as Paige was his daughter but had another son Rafe. John decides he and Rafe will have a lot to talk about.

Eduardo tells Rafe that he can't change what he did or didn't do but he changed who he is. Rafe doesn't care. Eduardo says he won't stop trying until he does so Rafe walks off. Eduardo thanks Gabi for spending part of her day with him. Eduardo tells her he appreciates that and Arianna. Eduardo adds that he's grateful for all of them and hopes one day they can spend a holiday together as a family or at least friends. Eduardo then exits.

Steve and Hope go to the Pub and stop outside. Steve reminds her that everyone is expecting them, especially her. Hope tries to leave but Steve tells her that she needs to be here for Bo, her kids, and everyone in there who loved Bo too so they head inside. Hope hugs Ciara and Kayla. Hope sees Chase sitting alone and asks Ciara not to leave him. Hope hugs Shawn, who tells her that Caroline is trying. Belle then arrives with her and Shawn's daughter Claire. Everyone greets them as Shawn seems surprised that Belle came and they hug.

Justin and Eve are interrupted by a knock at the door. They assume it's Theresa but it's Eduardo. Eve questions what he's doing here. Eduardo says there is something he needs to speak with her about. Eve tells him that she's busy so he can call tomorrow. Justin tells her he has to get to the station and invites her with him but Eve says she'll just deal with Eduardo. Justin says he'll be back and kisses her goodbye as he exits. Eve tells Eduardo to make it quick. He tells her it's about Paige..

Finn compliments Maggie on the food. Brady arrives, hoping he didn't miss the pie. Maggie says they are waiting on dessert. Brady meets Finn. Brady asks about Theresa. Maggie tells him that she didn't join them. Brady questions why not. Victor says the table was full and calls Theresa a trashy baby momma. Victor then stops and calls himself an ass that ruined the entire day for everyone. Brady understands everyone is having a hard time this year. Victor decides maybe he should try to honor Bo instead of embarrass his family. Victor apologizes to everyone.

Shawn introduces Joey to Claire. Eric hugs Claire and Belle as does Caroline. Belle hugs Hope and tells her she's so sorry. Hope is glad they are there. Caroline announces dinner is ready but wants to toast before they eat. Everyone surrounds the table and grabs a glass. Caroline points out an empty chair at the table that they all feel as Bo leaves a big hole but also left many gifts to treasure. Caroline brings up that Bo saved her life so she can never repay that gift but she can love all of them for him which is how they keep him alive.

John tells Marlena and Paul that they have lost too many people in this town lately but some people never leave them no matter what like Bo. Marlena adds Will too as they toast.

Victor makes his toast, saying Bo was a better man than he could ever manage to be.

Caroline finishes her toast to Bo, who she calls larger than life. Everyone raises their glass to Bo Brady as they sit down to begin Thanksgiving dinner.

Gabi thinks she and Rafe should talk. Justin walks by. Rafe tells him about Chad coming by and thinking Ben was behind the necktie killings. Rafe explains how Ben didn't seem right last time they talked. Justin encourages him. Rafe asks if he's okay with the APB out. Justin talks about being wrong last time he didn't believe in Rafe. Justin tells him to let him know what he comes up with as he walks away.

Eduardo wants to give back a piece of Paige to Eve by starting a music program in Paige's name that he wants Eve to run. Eve accuses him of buying off his guilt. Eduardo wants to do the right thing as Paige loved music and Eve can have music back while keeping Paige's memory alive. Eve calls it pretty but too little, too late so Eduardo exits. Eduardo tells her that he won't proceed until he hears from her.

Ciara introduces Claire to Chase. Roman praises Caroline's toast. Hope sits alone staring off. Kayla joins her and asks how she's doing. Hope says she's as well as she can. Kayla suggests Hope take Ciara on a vacation for time to heal. Hope responds that everyone needs to worry less about her. Hope goes to Steve and asks if he told Kayla what they talked about. Hope adds that she won't be able to stop her any more than he will.

Justin returns to Eve, apologizing for taking long and asks what Eduardo wanted. Eve tells him it was nothing and she doesn't want to talk about it as they continue kissing.

Gabi suggests Rafe take a break and gives Arianna to him. Gabi asks if she can say something about their father. Gabi knows he's done terrible things in the past but thinks he deserves a second chance. Gabi compares it to herself getting a second chance. Gabi brings up Eduardo saying he's changed and staying in town so she thinks he deserves a chance. Rafe doesn't know. Gabi says they are grown up so he can't hurt them anymore but he's the only father they've ever had. Gabi thinks that if Rafe doesn't try, they'll never know. Gabi says they can try to make it work and if it doesn't then they can tell him to go away. Rafe knows it's Thanksgiving so he understands everyone wants to be with their family. Rafe tells Gabi to do what she has to do but he can't. Gabi calls it progress. Eduardo walks by and sees them from a distance.

Victor talks with Maggie about memories of Bo. Maggie tells him it was a blessing that he got to know Bo. Victor feels it was still too damn short.

John uses his tablet. Marlena questions him working now. John notes that Eduardo could know something about his parents. Their daughter Belle then arrives, surprising Marlena and John. She hugs them as they are sorry it's such a sad time. Marlena asks about Shawn but Belle reveals that they are getting a divorce.

Shawn helps Caroline clean up. Hope tells Steve that she can't make him help her but he better not get in the way. Steve says he loved Bo as much as anyone else and questions her having to threaten him. Hope brings up him telling Kayla. Steve says he's worried about her and holding out on Kayla doesn't help. Hope says it can make things harder for her but she won't stop. Steve gets it and says he won't be a part of it but tells her to do what she's got to do. Hope responds that she will as she imagines Bo giving her a look of approval.

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