Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 11/24/15

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 11/24/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Andre questions the knocked out guard where Sami is. John knocks Andre down and takes the flash drive back as he and Marlena exit.

Chad breaks in to Ben and Abigail's apartment, wondering where Ben took her as he searches the place.

Abigail continues complaining that it's too soon as Wendy tries to coach her through the birth.

Victor tells Steve to give the news about Bo as he enters. Steve reveals that Bo is dead. Victor questions him. Maggie starts to cry as Steve reveals Bo had a brain tumor. Victor calls it ridiculous as they just saw him and he doesn't believe it. Steve doesn't know what to say as he explains Bo was sick when he came home so Kayla had him checked out. Steve cries that Bo was like a brother to him so he thought he should be the one to tell Victor. Steve adds that Kayla will fill him in on the medical details. Steve tells them he's so sorry as he exits. Maggie cries and hugs Victor.

Roman asks Kayla what's wrong. Kayla responds that it's Bo. Caroline asks what about him. Kayla reveals that he had a brain tumor so there was nothing anyone could do. Kayla hugs Caroline and tells her that she's sorry but Bo is gone. Shawn doesn't believe it as Bo said he was fine. Kayla explains that Bo didn't want anyone to know the tumor was inoperable so no one would feel sorry for him. Caroline sits down crying. Roman wonders if it's because of what Bo went through locked up. Kayla guesses it could have made it worse. Shawn asks where Hope is. Kayla tells him that Jennifer is checking on her. Shawn asks what about Ciara as Ciara enters the Pub and asks what's going on.

Jennifer goes to Hope's and calls out for her, saying that Kayla told her what happened. Jennifer heads upstairs. Hope lies alone sadly in her bed.

Shawn takes Ciara out of the Pub. She asks what's going on as everyone seemed serious like something happened. Shawn tells her that something has happened.

Caroline says they just got Bo back. Roman worries about what this will do to Ciara. Kayla talks about how much Ciara missed Bo and believed in him. They approach the door as Shawn breaks the news to Ciara and she breaks down crying.

Jennifer knocks on Hope's bedroom door and begs her to say anything but gets no response. Jennifer says she needs to know she's okay and threatens to have someone break the door down. Hope yells for her to leave her alone but Jennifer argues that she shouldn't be alone. Jennifer wants to be with her as she's worried about her. Hope yells that she's fine and can handle it on her own. Hope asks her to just go away as she cries in bed.

Victor recalls feeling Bo was trying to say goodbye at his welcome home party. Maggie agrees that there was some sadness in his voice. Victor wishes he would've told him, believing he could've helped him with the best medical care but now it's too late. Victor feels he has to do something for his son. Victor vows to find who kidnapped him. Maggie tells him that won't bring Bo back so he should take care of himself. Victor declares he will look after Caroline for Bo and he's going there now. Maggie decides to go with him.

Ciara decides she has to see Hope. Caroline, Roman, and Kayla encourage her. Ciara hugs them and leaves the Pub with Shawn. Kayla decides to check in with Steve.

Steve sits outside with a drink when his phone rings.

Chad continues searching Ben's apartment and starts remembering the details of their fight. Chad goes in on the spot where he was knocked out and comes to a realization as he then rushes out of the apartment. Chad goes to the police station and tells Rafe that he remembers accusing Ben of being the necktie killer but he can't remember if Ben admitted to it. Rafe says it's not a lot to work with and questions Chad's accusations. Chad insists that it makes sense. Chad argues that Aiden had no reason to frame him but Ben did. Chad declares that Ben killed those people and now has Abigail.

Abigail continues pushing through and gives birth to her son which makes Ben happy.

Andre joins Stefano in the living room, where he shows him what he found from Sami. Andre complains that it's impossible since Sami didn't have access to the bank accounts and was locked in the room but Stefano points out that she escaped.

Ciara and Shawn go home. Ciara asks Jennifer where Hope is. Jennifer tells her that she's upstairs locked in her room. Shawn encourages just being there for Hope. Ciara cries that she needs her. Jennifer tells her to just give her some time as they hug.

Hope remains in bed, crying that she just got Bo back and now has lost him all over again. She repeats that it's not fair. Hope imagines Bo appearing and telling her not to cry.

Steve sits outside playing his harmonica. He picks up his phone and sees Kayla called. Steve says he doesn't want to hurt her. Steve then gets a secret message saying they are sorry to see him in so much pain. Steve gets up and yells for whoever to come out but nobody answers. Steve says they better leave him the hell alone as he sits back down and continues drinking.

John and Marlena hug after hearing the news. Marlena doesn't know how Hope will get through this. Marlena gets a text from Sami that says she's safe and that she won.

Jennifer tells Ciara to call if she needs anything. Ciara thanks her. Jennifer invites them to the Pub but Shawn says they're going to hang out here for awhile. Jennifer tells them that she loves them and hugs them goodbye as she leaves. Ciara asks Shawn how they are going to help Hope. Shawn responds that they have to be strong themselves.

Hope continues to imagine Bo and cries that she should've searched for him and found a better treatment in time. Hope cries that she's sorry and will never have a chance to make it right. Hope imagines Bo telling her that she can make things right.

Rafe brings Chad into the interrogation room. Chad continues to argue what motive Aiden had to kill those people. Rafe explains that it was a smoke screen for his plan to kill Hope. Chad argues that Aiden followed the pattern and asks Rafe if he really believes Aiden would kill those people to get to Hope. Rafe says that's the consensus but admits it would be a huge risk. Chad takes that as Rafe believing him.

Abigail holds her baby. Ben takes him and holds him, making Abigail nervous. Abigail asks for him back but Ben tells her to wait her turn. Wendy tells Ben that the baby needs to be checked at a hospital. Ben says he'll be fine. Wendy argues that the baby needs a doctor. Ben warns her not to tell him what his son needs. Ben tells Wendy that her job is over so she asks what happens now. Abigail tells Ben to let her go since she helped them and hasn't done anything wrong. Ben points out that she was bossy and knows they are here. Ben decides she knows too much.

Jennifer goes to the Pub and tells Roman, Caroline, and Kayla that Hope locked herself in her room and wouldn't come out so she had to talk through the door. Jennifer understands from when Jack died. Roman asks how Caroline is doing. She says she'll be okay. Victor and Maggie arrive. Caroline breaks down crying when she sees Victor as he hugs her.

Hope asks what she can do to make it right. Her imagination of Bo tells her to believe in all that was important to him and that none of this would've happened if someone didn't hold him prisoner. She asks what she can do about it. He says she knows and her dream fades away.

Marlena texts Sami about Bo and she's distraught. Marlena tells John that she said she will get back to them. Marlena wonders what to do now. John says Sami made her decision and they couldn't talk her out of it. Marlena wonders if she really did succeed in robbing Stefano again. John says she's always been there to support Sami so all she can do now is have faith that she can take care of herself because she knew what was at stake. Marlena is not sure she did know as John hugs her.

Victor mentions speaking with Chelsea who is with Billie. Maggie informs Kayla that Steve is the one who broke the news but they don't know where he went. Victor thinks they should start making arrangements but Roman notes that Hope is in no condition to make any decisions. Shawn and Ciara return to the Pub and hug Victor. Jennifer hugs Caroline.

Rafe tells Chad that he still has to look at it from the police point of view. Rafe points out that Chad only has half of his memory. Chad yells that he wants Rafe to find Ben however he can because he's sure he is the killer. Chad begs Rafe to do whatever he can to help Abigail before it's too late.

Abigail asks Ben not to hurt Wendy as their baby wouldn't be born without her. Ben says he appreciates that as he has a little boy now. Ben gives the baby back to Abigail. Ben then pulls out his gun. Wendy tells him that he doesn't have to do this as Ben takes her outside of the cabin. Abigail holds her baby as she hears the gunshot fired outside.

Marlena can't believe her daughter is a fugitive. John says it appears that way. John says it's satisfying that she stuck it to the DiMeras but she could be facing major charges now. Marlena isn't sure if Stefano will press charges as to not involve the authorities. They note that could mean Stefano will want to handle it himself.

Andre apologizes to Stefano and says he will fix it. Andre points out that Sami took the liquid assets but not other holdings. Andre knows he should've alerted him earlier but promises to track Sami down. Stefano declares that Sami will regret what she has done.

Chad tells Rafe that he needs his help. Chad brings up Ben's anger issues. Chad points out Rafe knowing he was innocent and asks what his gut says about Ben. Rafe makes a call to put an APB out on Ben.

Ben goes back in to the cabin. Abigail questions how he could do that. Ben tells her that he'll do anything to protect them. Ben then cuffs Abigail back to the bed and takes the baby from her as she cries.

Kayla calls Steve again but he doesn't answer.

Steve continues drinking outside the town square. Hope finds him and says she needs his help as she's going after the people responsible for Bo's death. Hope asks Steve if he's with her.

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